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At the moment of death, the soul's impressions are similar to those of initiates in the ways of the Great Mysteries. First they rush along blindly, twisting and turning, on an endless, anxious journey through the shadows. Then, just before the end, their fear reaches its height. Bathed in cold sweat, they shiver and tremble, utterly terrified. This phase is almost immediately followed by a return to the light, a sudden illumination. They are surrounded by a marvelous glow and move through pure places and meadows ringing with voices and dancing. Sacred words inspire religious respect. The perfect initiate is free to celebrate the Mysteries.
Bernard Werber (Empire of the Ants (La Saga des Fourmis, #1))
Your headscarf is so pretty, Kiki. I love that color…. But I mean… nobody pressured you to start wearing it, right? Your father or somebody? Nobody’s going honor kill you? I’m just concerned." Nakia responds, “Actually my dad wants me to take it off. He thinks it’s a phase.
G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson Vol. 1)