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The cart slowed as they came to a place so dark and quiet that it seemed as if they had entered some remote forest. Peeking beneath the hem of the cart's canvas covering, Garrett saw towering gates covered with ivy, and ghostly sculptures of angels, and solemn figures of men, women, and children with their arms crossed in resignation upon their breasts. Graveyard sculptures. A stab of horror went through her, and she crawled to the front of the cart to where West Ravenel was sitting with the driver. "Where the devil are you taking us, Mr. Ravenel?" He glanced at her over his shoulder, his brows raised. "I told you before- a private railway station." "It looks like a cemetery." "It's a cemetery station," he admitted. "With a dedicated line that runs funeral trains out to the burial grounds. It also happens to connect to the main lines and branches of the London Ironstone Railroad, owned by our mutual friend Tom Severin." "You told Mr. Severin about all this? Dear God. Can we trust him?" West grimaced slightly. "One never wants to be in the position of having to trust Severin," he admitted. "But he's the only one who could obtain clearances for a special train so quickly." They approached a massive brick and stone building housing a railway platform. A ponderous stone sign adorned the top of the carriage entrance: Silent Gardens. Just below it, the shape of an open book emblazoned with words had been carved in the stone. Ad Meliora. "Toward better things," Garrett translated beneath her breath.
Lisa Kleypas (Hello Stranger (The Ravenels, #4))
Clapham Landscape Gardeners makes it easy to find reliable, professional local gardeners. One call is all it takes to book your service, and you’ll always have the opportunity to discuss your requirements for your appointment onsite with an expert before your service starts. Work from small teams of trained, professional local gardeners All tools needed to complete your gardening services are included in them You’re always covered by our full insurance and quality guarantees – even for heavy work like tree removal There’s no fee or obligation involved in our quoting process – ask for one whenever you want one Most of our gardening services include the removal of many litres of garden waste for free You can take advantage of a range of high quality gardening services made for everything from light weeding and pruning or garden maintenance, a little lawn care or lawn mowing, right up to high pressure jet washing, garden clearance, and full garden landscaping services to transform your garden into a verdant green paradise. Here are some services Clapham Landscape Gardeners offer: Garden Maintenance: these are things like weeding and pruning, lawn mowing, and lawn care. Tree Removal and Stump Grinding: have difficult trees removed from even the most tricky-to-access areas. Patio Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning: delivered using the most effective current technology, and ideal for those final finishing touches. Garden Landscaping: install new features of all kinds, including sheds, fencing, decking, and more. Junk Removal and Garden Clearance: get rid of unwanted junk in your outside area with ease.
Clapham Landscape Gardeners
GD Vans Luton offer a reliable man and van service in Luton and surrounding areas. Our friendly team strive to deliver a professional service, where we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our jobs. Some of the services available to our clients include the following: Man and Van, House Removal, Garden Clearance, House Clearance, Garage Clearance, DIY, Pick Ups, Gardening etc. We take pride in our work and our clients have the peace of mind knowing that we are a fully recycle friendly organisation. GD vans - Man and Van Luton 16 Woodcock RdLuton LU1 5SH, UK 01582 751950 Landline 07950 793026 Mobile
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