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Courtney was astonishingly reckless. A kid without reck was a dangerous thing. Other children in the play park yelled and screamed and laughed but Courtney was merely determined to test everything, including herself, to the limits, like a dogged little crash-test dummy.
Kate Atkinson (Started Early, Took My Dog (Jackson Brodie, #4))
You are perhaps wondering, as I did, why they don’t use crash test dummies. This is the other side of the equation. A dummy can tell you how much force a crash is unleashing on various dummy body parts, but without knowing how much of a blow a real body part can take, the information is useless.
Mary Roach (Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers)
He has his father’s distinctive good looks, like a badly made crash test dummy. He also smells like a funeral parlor, but that may be incidental.
John Connolly (A Game of Ghosts (Charlie Parker, #15))
It was not until 2013, for example, that scientists realized women’s bodies metabolized certain sleeping pills far more slowly than men, resulting in a dramatic reduction of the dosage instructions for women. Astonishingly, it was also not until 2013 that Swedish researchers created the world’s first female crash test dummy, meaning that all previous car designs had been based on best protecting the male form from injury.
Laura Bates (Misogynation)
Man was considered until the 20th century to include women by implication. They were referring primarily to males. It is now frequently understood to exclude women. This had real consequences. They are endless, but a few come to mind. Heart attacks were described by how they affected men, so that women's symptoms were less likely to be recognized and treated. A situation from which many women died. Crash test dummies replicated male bodies, meaning that vehicular safety design favored male survival and women died at higher rates. The Stanford Prison experiment of 1971 presumed that the behavior of young men at an elite university could be universalized to stand for that of all humanity.
Rebecca Solnit (Recollections of My Nonexistence: A Memoir)
I am a professional crash test dummy!
Steven Magee
Crash-test dummies were first introduced in the 1950s and for decades they were based around the 50th-percentile male. Today, the most commonly used dummy is 1.77 m (5 ft 10 in) tall and weighs 76 kg (168 lb), significantly taller and heavier than an average woman. The dummy also has male muscle-mass proportions and a male spinal column. As a result, female drivers are endangered in so many aspects. Men are more likely than women to be involved in a car crash, which means they dominate the numbers of those seriously injured in them. However, when a woman is involved in a car crash, she is 47% more likely to be seriously injured and 71% more likely to be moderately injured, even when researchers control for factors such as height, weight, seatbelt usage, and crash intensity. She is also 17% more likely to die.
Nayden Kostov (323 Disturbing Facts about Our World)
Most IoT devices that lack security by design simply pass the security responsibility to the consumer, thus, treating the customers as techno-crash test dummies. James Scott, Senior Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology
James Scott, Senior Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology
Obama Talks to Auto-Worker's Union [10w] "We shall increase auto-industry employment by using live crash-test dummies.
Beryl Dov
It was a chicken. He had flown through the hole in the ceiling, and was flapping down. But he didn’t stop at my floor. He went straight through the hole where the blue block had been. He kept on falling and flapping, all the way down into the treasure room. It looked like my test dummy had found me. He landed gently on the gray square.     Nothing happened. I exhaled with relief.   And then…KABOOM!  Yep, I guess I was right after all. It WAS a booby trap. I thanked my lucky stars that I hadn’t tried it out myself. But then I felt kind of bad for the chicken. That brave (and bird-brained) chicken had saved my life! I will forever remember that chicken as Buster, my crash-test dummy. (I think “dummy” may be an especially accurate description in this case.)   Sadly, the chests didn’t make it. There was only a giant crater where they used to be. So long riches and possibly cookies. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. *sigh*   Monday   Good News: I have five emeralds. Bad News: I think another librarian doesn’t like me.   Whew! My pack mule days are finally done. Over the past couple of days, I gathered the last ten blocks of wool I needed to trade for a saddle, and dragged them back to the village. Then, one-by-one I grabbed the blocks of wool from the library, and gave them to the farmer. I don’t think the librarian was too pleased with me. She strung together about nine “Hurrrs” while I removed my blocks of wool. I’ve never heard villagers speak so much. In my experience, that’s usually not a good thing. (Think: Mr. Rimoldi.)   Anyway, it was totally worth it. My wooly trade with the farmer went down without a hitch. Tomorrow I get a saddle!
Minecrafty Family Books (Diary of a Wimpy Steve series: Horsing Around! (Book 2): Unofficial Minecraft Books (Minecraft Books for Kids))
He was life’s crash test dummy this week.   ~~
Kris Michaels (Jasmine (Kings of Guardian #6))