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All our faults, vanities, idiocies, prejudices, cruelty. Do you really want augmented humans, superhumans, uploaded humans, forever humans, with all the shit that comes with us? Morally and spiritually, we are barely crawling out of the sea onto dry land. We're not ready for the future you want. Have we ever been ready? said Victor. Progress is a series of accidents, of mistakes made in a hurry, of unforeseen consequences.
Jeanette Winterson (Frankissstein: A Love Story)
For some people, the lure of travelling and exploration is just too strong to resist. I have jokingly called this the ‘Itchy Feet Syndrome’. Years ago, you would have been able to spot this person easily, as their passport would have been filled with exotic stamps and visas. Today, they are likely to have a mass of photos and travel stories uploaded onto their Facebook page or blog. So what makes some people reach for their passport at every opportunity? What inspires them to leave home and travel the world on a sailboat or in a converted van? Is it simply a need to explore and see what is around the next corner? Or is it a deeper desire to be free, to live a simpler life? On talking to many of the authors who have contributed their travel story to this anthology, it became clear that having ‘Itchy Feet’ is a real thing. Many have described how they felt this way from a young age, or even inherited this from their parents or grandparents. What is clear is that their desire to travel is so strong they cannot resist the attraction of the next new place or experience.
Alyson Sheldrake (Itchy Feet - Tales of travel and adventure: An anthology of travel stories (The Travel Stories Series))
uploaded to various video sites. In the comments section beneath one such website that posted video footage of Camp Century, one viewer wrote, “The machinery and the whole project makes me think of the Thunderbird animations.” Who knows, maybe the underground facilities in the popular British science fiction TV series Thunderbirds were inspired by Camp Century or other similar confirmed or rumored subterranean bases of the global elite.
James Morcan (Underground Bases (The Underground Knowledge Series, #7))
Note from the author Hey there! It’s me, your author of Diary of an Among Us Crewposer! I apologize for the time it took for me to upload a new book of this series and I promise that I will work faster to deliver you quality content. This time, I had a little of a family problem and then a vacation so I didn’t have that much time to brainstorm and type. I will be uploading more books, so don’t worry! There will at least be more than 5 books in this series, counting the past ones I have published. As you can see from the title, this is Part 1 of an ongoing quest for Morty to [censored]. Sorry about that. I couldn’t exploit the plot just yet, so read on! If you would like to contact me in some way, you can visit alexgao223@gmail.com and write some feedback or something! Thanks for choosing to read my book and I hope you enjoy it!
Alexander Gao (Diary of an Among Us Crewposter Book 3 Part 1 (Diary of an Among Us Crewposter Series))
In a series of experiments involving hundreds of subjects, Princeton psychologist Diana Tamir and three colleagues examined how people's recording of their experiences, through online comments or digital photographs, influenced memory formation in three different scenarios: watching a lecture on a computer, taking a self-guided tour of a historic building alone, and taking the same tour in the company of another person. "Media use impaired memory for both computer-based and real-world experiences, in both solo and social contexts," the researchers reported in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. "Creating a hard copy of an experience through media leaves only a diminished copy in our own heads." With social media allowing and encouraging us to upload accounts of pretty much everything we do, this effect is now widespread. A 2017 Frontiers in Psychology survey of peer-reviewed research on how smartphones affect memory concluded that "when we turn to these devices, we generally learn and remember less from our experiences.
Nicholas Carr (The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains)