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Attitudes towards menstrual blood in contemporary Western culture still circle around the subject with a mixture of denial and horror, advertisements for sanitary products typically use blue liquid in an attempt to sanitize the reality of blood, weary old jokes circulate about not trusting anything that bleeds for seven days and does not die. Menstrual blood is constructed either as something that requires a hygienic makeover or as something unnatural and obscene, a further indication of the horrors of sexual difference and the threatening ‘secrets’ of the female body.
Ruth McPhee (Female Masochism in Film: Sexuality, Ethics and Aesthetics (Film Philosophy at the Margins))
The case which I reported on September 26, 1901, was really the last which occurred in Havana. Of course we did not know it at the time, but this case marked the first conquest of yellow fever in an endemic center; the first application of the mosquito theory to practical sanitary work in any disease.
William Crawford Gorgas (Sanitation in Panama (Classic Reprint))
In literature Charles Dickens became the standard bearer for sanitary reform. Early in his career Dickens had bitterly opposed Chadwick and the New Poor Law, which he caricatured in Oliver Twist. From the early 1840s, however, he became a lifelong convert to sanitation as expounded by Southwood Smith and to its practical application in the reform program of Chadwick, his former bête noire. As
Frank M. Snowden III (Epidemics and Society: From the Black Death to the Present)
Only sanitary art could reach the highest ideals of beauty, Ruskin theorized. Rembrandt’s canvases, Ruskin specifically objected, were “unromantic and unhygienic.” By contrast, he extolled J. M. W. Turner’s landscapes for their bright colors extending even to white, and for their direct depiction of sunlight. Such work, according to Ruskin, was modern, hygienic, and romantic. Sanitation helped to further a change of style and sensibility in the arts, associating modernity with clarity of line, bright tones, and vivid colors. All that was dark was dirty, stinky, and abhorrent.
Frank M. Snowden III (Epidemics and Society: From the Black Death to the Present)
In both the old and the new quarters a pitch of foulness and filth was reached that the lowest serf's cottage scarcely achieved in medieval Europe. It is almost impossible to enumerate objectively the bare details of this housing without being suspected of perverse exaggeration. But those who speak glibly of urban improvements during this period, or of the alleged rise in the standards of living, fight shy of the actual facts: they generously impute to the town as a whole benefits which only the more favored middle-class minority enjoyed; and they read into the original conditions those improvements which three generations of active legislation and massive sanitary engineering have finally brought about.
Lewis Mumford (The City in History: Its Origins, Its Transformations, and Its Prospects)
When you prepare your food yourself, you can ensure that food is handled carefully and prepared in the most sanitary way. You will not worry about whether it was cooked properly or if the ingredients used were no longer fresh, or even if the cooking utensils utilized were properly sanitized. This decreases your risk of illnesses or medical issues which may arise from improper food handling and unsafe preparation.
Selena Lancaster (Gastric Sleeve Cookbook: MAIN COURSE - 60 Delicious Low-Carb, Low-Sugar, Low-Fat, High Protein Main Course Dishes for Lifelong Eating Style After Weight ... (Effortless Bariatric Cookbook Book 2))