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Ego can climb mount everest, not mount Kailash. Because Kailash is inside you. Climbing it means end of Ego. Why would ego go towards its own end? Ego is just happy listening to stories about Kailash and Shiva.
The country through which we had been travelling for days has an original beauty. Wide plains were diversified by stretches of hilly country with low passes. We often had to wade through swift running ice-cold brooks. It has long since we had seen a glacier, but as we were approaching the tasam at Barka, a chain of glaciers gleaming in the sunshine came into view. The landscape was dominated by the 25,000-foot peak of Gurla Mandhata; less striking, but far more famous, was the sacred Mount Kailash, 3,000 feet lower, which stands in majestic isolation apart from the Himalayan range.
Heinrich Harrer (Seven Years in Tibet)
Young Shani Deva was extremely attached to his mother. She became fatally Ill. To get a cure for her, he decided to climb mount Kailash and meet the supreme God. To climb higher and higher, he had to let go of all his baggages, including the baggage of attachment to mother. Then two things happened at the same time: God met him and his mother got cured. Attachment harms our loved ones, love heals them.
There are a lake and a mountain at the roof of the world where the air is thin and the clouds linger on cliffsides. These are places of wonder and the journey to see them will take many days. My cousin, Pallu, and I do not know if we will make it to these places or what drives us to go, but this is a journey we promised ourselves decades ago when we were still schoolgirls.
Kavitha Yaga Buggana (Walking in Clouds : A Journey to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar)
That the goddess comes to town with her children, leaving her reluctant-householder husband behind on Mount Kailash, makes Pujo a singular celebration of family values and domesticity, unlike the Kill Bill independence of Kali.
Indrajit Hazra (Grand Delusions: A Short Biography Of Kolkata)