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She was afraid of John Faa, and what she was most afraid of was his kindness.
Philip Pullman (The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials, #1))
Alex the pilot heaved a sigh and said, “I am required by FAA regulations . . . blah blah . . . seat belt . . . blah . . .
Thea Harrison (Serpent's Kiss (Elder Races, #3))
Jeg gik Dag efter Dag i Aaserne med Æsop ved min Side og jeg ønsket intet heller end at faa vedbli at gaa der Dag efter Dag, skjønt det endnu laa Sne og bløt Sørpe over den halve Mark.
Knut Hamsun (Pan)
Det kan regne og storme, det er ikke derpaa det kommer an, ofte kan en liten Glæde bemægtige sig en paa en Regnveirsdag og faa en til at gaa avsides med sin Lykke. Man stiller sig da op og gir sig til at se ret frem, nu og da ler man tyst og ser sig omkring. Hvad tenker man paa? En klar Rute i et Vindu, en Solstraale i Ruten, en Utsigt til en liten Bæk og kanske til en blaa Rift på Himlen. Det behøver ikke at være mere.
Knut Hamsun (Pan)
The meaning of our lives is to justify where our bosses spent their budget.
Lisa Schaefer (Budget Justified The Waste Fraud and Abuse of Government Workers)
Men kjære betenk, De har Fordel af Sagen Jeg skal faa Dem aabnet og lagt for Dagen Hvad jeg navnlig vil søge er Sædet for Drømmene og forresten gå Dem kritisk efter i Sømmene
Henrik Ibsen (Peer Gynt)
A great example of Guiding Structure is the “Sterile Cockpit Rule” that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) instituted in 1981. Most airline accidents happen below ten thousand feet, where distractions can be deadly. Above ten thousand feet, pilots can talk about anything they want, but below ten thousand feet, the only discussion permitted is about information directly related to the flight in progress. By eliminating distractions, the Sterile Cockpit Rule reduces errors and accidents.
Josh Kaufman (The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business)
Between 8:25 and 8:32, in accordance with the FAA protocol, Boston Center managers started notifying their chain of command that American 11 had been hijacked.At 8:28,Boston Center called the Command Center in Herndon to advise that it believed American 11 had been hijacked and was heading toward New York Center’s
grader. After the first snow fell the state road crews stopped where the national park boundaries began. But it was a wonderful park, rich in mountains, for it took in parts of the Mentasta, Nutzotin and Chugach ranges, as well as supporting the entire Quilak range. It boasted several hundred miles of coastline along Prince William Sound, site of one of the richest salmon fisheries in the world, and you could always fly in to fish, if you could fly, or could afford to pay someone who did. A shame that so few could, Park rats told each other, some even with straight faces. There were dozens of airstrips within the Park, some sworn to by FAA charts, but between the time the chart was printed and the time the pilot with a ruptured oil line looked for them they would be overgrown by a hungry forest or eroded out of existence by a change of course in the Kanuyaq.
Dana Stabenow (A Cold Day For Murder (Kate Shugak #1))
These books are no lollipops...!
Faas Kramer
Are you a scallywag?
Steven Magee
To blow the whistle or not to blow the whistle, that is the question.
Steven Magee
You can rely on the governments incompetence.
Steven Magee
In the near term, drones, which can operate on a three-dimensional plane, could add yet another layer of efficiency to Amazon’s fulfillment centers (where the FAA has no jurisdiction), augmenting the robots already rolling around the floor transporting goods.
A wicked mind is a wonderful compliment to a writer...
Faas Kramer
SpaceX, for example, would have written down all the steps needed to replace a filter—put on gloves, wear safety goggles, remove a nut—and then want to alter this procedure or use a different type of filter. The FAA would need a week to review the new process before SpaceX could actually go about changing the filter on the rocket, a lag that both the engineers and Musk found ridiculous.
Ashlee Vance (Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future)
The Imagine Network has already agreed to pay the FAA fines for this one-time display of the unedited footage,
Mira Grant (Rolling in the Deep (Rolling in the Deep, #0.5))
After seeing the passenger cabin of the Boeing 737 Max that I flew on, I was not surprised when one fatally crashed shortly afterwards, killing everyone on board.
Steven Magee
It is reasonable to think that the health and well-being of your family will eventually be damaged by the effects of corporate government deregulation.
Steven Magee
On September 11, 2001, the FAA’s “no-fly list” included a grand total of twelve names.25 By contrast, the State Department’s so-called TIPOFF terrorist watchlist included sixty thousand names. Yet the FAA’s head of civil aviation security didn’t even know that the State Department list existed.26 Two names on that State Department list were Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, both on board Flight 77.
Mitchell Zuckoff (Fall and Rise: The Story of 9/11)
Sitting on top of an electrical outlet and having radio frequency WiFi devices charging their batteries while streaming wireless movies is a very undesirable dynamic for the biological health of the passengers and aircraft crew.
Steven Magee
The problem is not Boeing, it is the corrupt government regulator.
Steven Magee
When I flew on a Boeing 737 Max and saw that there were electrical outlets in every seat and the entertainment system was wireless radio frequency WiFi streaming to passenger mobile devices, I became very concerned about the health and safety of these new airplanes.
Steven Magee
In mid-2014 Amazon was asking the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for permission to fly drones on its own property for research purposes. This was the latest act in CEO Jeff Bezos’s obsession with fast delivery to individual customers. The
Ram Charan (The Attacker's Advantage: Turning Uncertainty into Breakthrough Opportunities)
Poor Fa'a," I said, although my answer was more reflexive than anything else. He was a good, kind person, and although I thought he was being melodramatic, I appreciated his compassion. In the absence of action, Poor Fa'a seemed to be the only thing to say.
Hanya Yanagihara (The People in the Trees)
Det var en glad Dag før ham, han hadde ikke rikere Glæder end naar han kunde gjøre godt på denne Maate og hævde Lærdommens og Bokens Overlegenhet, det var hans Levebrød og hans Lidenskap. En Lidenskap skal Mennesket ha, somme trodser Ild og Vand for at faa bøie Verber.
Knut Hamsun (The Women at the Pump)
Skulde nokon By faa Præmi, fyredi han var den styggaste, saa kom Hammerfest til at bera Prisen, denne Byen, ihopknodad av Liver, Lyse, Mur og Stein. Men om byen er stygg synes han godt om innbyggerne.
Kristofer Janson
If Tesla autopilot cars were airplanes, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would have grounded them.
Steven Magee
Be careful, Detective, or the grindylows will nab you!’ The young woman’s voice had a musical quality like the trilling of birdsong. Lavender spun around. Laurel Faa Geddes stood behind them. She had appeared out of nowhere—as silent as a padding cat. One silver-ringed hand rested lightly on her hip. She grinned. Her vivid blue eyes sparkled mischievously. ‘I’m not familiar with the grindylows, Miss Geddes.’ Lavender smiled. ‘Perhaps you’d care to enlighten me?’ She pointed a grimy finger towards the reeds at the edge of the brackish pool. ‘They live down there, in the watter. They’ve long, sinewy arms and grab you to drown you, if you’re not careful.’ ‘Sounds like a few of the trollops I’ve met down the London docks,’ Woods observed.
Karen Charlton (The Heiress of Linn Hagh (Detective Lavender Mysteries, #1))
Boeing is a classic example of what happens to a company when the general public becomes aware that it has serious quality control issues, safety problems, and a dangerous lack of government regulation.
Steven Magee
My message to Boeing is this: I am watching you.
Steven Magee
Stephen Paddock had a pilot's license and flew small airplanes in the past. The altitudes that he flew at and whether he used oxygen above 10,000 feet in un-pressurized planes to prevent Cerebral Hypoxia from occurring is unknown. The highest altitude that he has been exposed to in an un-pressurized environment is a mystery. In 2017 he committed the worst mass shooting in modern USA history, killing many and wounding hundreds.
Steven Magee
The deregulation of the Boeing 737 Max occurred during the Obama administration and the tragic fatal fallout of deregulation occurred during the Trump administration.
Steven Magee
There are numerous types of oxygen available for purchase. These are industrial oxygen – generally for welding and not suitable for human consumption, aviation oxygen – regulated by the FAA rules, medical oxygen - regulated by the FDA and DOT. It was unclear what type of oxygen was inside the oxygen cylinders that employees were using at the summit of Mauna Kea and most employees assumed it was medical oxygen for treating their medical conditions.
Steven Magee
suicide hijackings. 50 The FAA set and enforced aviation security rules, which airlines and airports were required to implement.The rules were supposed to produce a “layered” system of defense.This
ahead of ICAO audit By Tarun Shukla | 527 words New Delhi: India's civil aviation regulator has decided to restructure its safety board and hire airline safety professionals ahead of an audit by the UN's aviation watchdog ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) announced its intent, and advertised the positions on its website. ICAO told the Indian regulator recently that it would come down to India to conduct an audit, its third in just over a decade, Mint reported on 12 February. Previous ICAO audits had highlighted the paucity of safety inspectors in DGCA. After its 2006 and 2012 audits, ICAO had placed the country in its list of 13 worst-performing nations. US regulator Federal Aviation Authority followed ICAO's 2012 audit with its own and downgraded India, effectively barring new flights to the US by Indian airlines. FAA is expected to visit India in the summer to review its downgrade. The result of the ICAO and FAA audits will have a bearing on the ability of existing Indian airlines to operate more flights to the US and some international destinations and on new airlines' ability to start flights to these destinations. The regulator plans to hire three directors of safety on short-term contracts to be part of the accident investigation board, according to the information on DGCA's website. This is first time the DGCA is hiring external staff for this board, which is critical to ascertain the reasoning for any crashes, misses or other safety related events in the country. These officers, the DGCA said on its website, must have at least 12 years of experience in aviation, specifically on the technical aspects, and have a degree in aeronautical engineering. DGCA has been asked by international regulators to hire at least 75 flight inspectors. It has only 51. India's private airlines offer better pay and perks to inspectors compared with DGCA. The aviation ministry told DGCA in January to speed up the recruitment and do whatever was necessary to get more inspectors on board, a government official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. DGCA has also announced it will hire flight operations inspectors as consultants on a short-term basis for a period of one year with a fixed remuneration of `1.25 lakh per month. "There will be a review after six months and subsequent continuation will be decided on the basis of outcome of the review," DGCA said in its advertisement. The remuneration of `1.25 lakh is higher than the salary of many existing DGCA officers. In its 2006 audit, ICAO said it found that "a number of final reports of accident and serious incident investigations carried out by the DGCA were not sent to the (member) states concerned or to ICAO when it was applicable". DGCA had also "not established a voluntary incident reporting system to facilitate the collection of safety information that may not otherwise be captured by the state's mandatory incident reporting system". In response, DGCA "submitted a corrective action plan which was never implemented", said Mohan Ranganthan, an aviation safety analyst and former member of government appointed safety council, said of DGCA. He added that the regulator will be caught out this time. Restructuring DGCA is the key to better air safety, said former director general of civil aviation M.R. Sivaraman. Hotel industry growth is expected to strengthen to 9-11% in 2015-16: Icra By P.R. Sanjai | 304 words Mumbai: Rating agency Icra Ltd on Monday said Indian hotel industry revenue growth is expected to strengthen to 9-11% in 2015-16, driven by a modest increase in occupancy and small increase in rates. "Industry wide revenues are expected to grow by 5-8% in 2014-15. Over the next 12 months, Icra expects RevPAR (revenue per available room) to improve by 7-8% driven by up to 5% pickup in occupancies and 2-3% growth in average room rates (ARR)," Icra said. Further, margins are expected to remain largely flat for 2014-15 while
Bodø, Mandag 14. Februar 1916 Kjære Marie, Jeg faar dette avsted med ”Barøy” som kommer hit først i Eftermiddag og gaar til Hamarøy Gud vet naar. Nu har jeg kjøpt forskjellige saker til de Smaa. Kjære, lat dem først faa se på dem efter Tur og saa trække dem op. Og saa lægger du hver undersøkt Ting bort før du tar fat paa en ny. Tilslut vil de se paa alt igjen efter Tur... Kjære, lat dem nu ikke bryte istykker disse dyre Sakerne straks. Faar de Tilsyn saa har jeg Erfaring for at de varer længe. Saa har jeg kjøpt Appelsiner, Druer, Æpler osv, søt Kjeks, Chokolade. Desuten noget Ost, saapas at ogsaa Pikerne maa faa av den iblandt. Sveitserost findes ikke. (Av Mysosten maa Pikerne faa sit eget Stykke at søle med.) Jeg gaar nu ut og ser om jeg faar Blusetøiet og Klæde til Bordduken... Din Knut
Knut Hamsun (Selected Letters 2: 1898-1952)
Min Fader havde det Held efter en meget tarvelig Undervisning at blive antaget som Skriverdreng hos Stiftamtmanden. Denne, W. J. A. Moltke, der senere fik Grevetitel, fik den kjønne og raske Dreng kjær, og da han 1815 blev forflyttet til Sjælland, tog han ham med sig, og antog det unge Menneske, der imidlertid havde naaet at faa Dansk juridisk Examen, som sin Fuldmægtig.
Johan Louis Ussing (Af mit Levned)
A good book is one that you simply cannot put down..!
Stories that will tickle your imagination, shock your mind and touch your heart...
Faas Kramer
Men ville mand imidlertid spørge dem saa, Hvor lyckes i Fisket? Hvad kan i vel faa, De svarer dig hogtet i bogte; Part svarer: det er saare lidet vi faar, Part svarer: Vi foer om alt Havet i Gaar, Sled neppe saa mange vi kaagte.
Petter Dass (The Trumpet of Nordland)
Men dersom Nordfarernes Troe var saa stoer, De kunde faa Bergen henfløttet i Noer, Ved ongefahr hundrede Miile; Hvor skulle den ganske Nordlendingens Tract, Af inderste Hierte sig fryde med Magt, Med lystige Ansigter smiile.
Petter Dass (The Trumpet of Nordland)
Sida ay cunto cayil un keenta u jirto siddaa o kale ayaa buug barar iyo cayil un keeno u jiraan oo faa'iido kale aan laheyn. Just like there is junk food there is also junk books.
I have probably seen the airline belt buckle demonstration 400 times, maybe more. They won’t even start the airplane safety demonstration until everyone has their seat buckle on. That's weird. Here’s my suggestion. We are all savvy, digital travelers, tracked by the FAA by our drivers licenses (used for operating automobiles, where we also have seatbelts). We shouldn’t be penalized (or paralyzed) by watching the darn seatbelt buckle demo after we’re already buckled in. Create boarding group “R” for Rookie. Before boarding, everyone who hasn’t flown 5 times within the last 10 years has to get in a room in the departure lounge to have the mandatory seatbelt buckle demo privately, including the “helpful” tips about the direction of roller board wheels (pointing out), and how to pull the strap and inflate the life vest.
Jon Obermeyer
the FAA, has a list of zones or states which are “unapproved.” Airlines from those areas or states are forbidden from entering US airspace but, incredibly, the FAA will not specify the airlines, which is not much use to you, the fare-paying passenger, as you plan your travel abroad. The European agency, however, regularly updates the list and tells you outright the names of the companies they say are not up to standard.
Glenn Meade (Seconds to Disaster)
Con=tiin\a singur[t[\ii ]l ]nso\e=te ]ntre planurile celor dou[ lumi.P`lp`irile palide ale existen\ei pure ]i aduc ]ndemnuri =i speran\e.}ntre infinitul trecutului =i infinitul viitorului sufletul =ov[ie ca ]n fa\a unei imense por\i ]nchise162
To be sure, there's a warm passion behind what you say. But if you give in to that passion, friends, you're doing what I always warned you agin: you're a placing the satisfaction of your own feelings above the work you have to do... Don't you worry that John Faa's heart is too soft to strike a blow when the time comes. And the time will come under judgement. Not under passion.
Philip Pullman
This is another part of the special expertise of the ST. The CIA would use secrecy and need-to-know control to arrange with a Cabinet-level officer for the cover assignment of an Agency employee to that organization, for example to the Federal Aviation Administration. The Cabinet officer would agree without too much concern and quietly tip off his manpower officer to arrange a “slot” (personnel space) for someone who would be coming into a certain office. He would simply say that the “slot would be reimbursed,” and this would permit the FAA to carry a one-man overage in its manning tables. Soon the man would arrive to work in that position. As far as his associates would know, he would be on some special project, and in a short time he would have worked so well into the staff that they would not know that he was not really one of them. Turnover being what it is in bureaucratic Washington, it would not be too long before everyone around that position would have forgotten that it was still there as a special slot. It would be a normal FAA-assigned job with a CIA man in it.
L. Fletcher Prouty (The Secret Team: The CIA & its Allies in Control of the United States & the World)
A FAAS KRAMER book is like anti-gravity, you cannot put it down...!
Faas Kramer
Aside from a few too many ignorant knob-heads, the world is a wonderful place to be...
Faas Kramer
If NASA was an airline, the FAA would have shut it down.
Steven Magee
Hiring and paying ones own regulators is as easy as hiring a private rent-a-cop. In Canada, for about $100 million, the financial industry can fund any of our Securities Commissions, and the ability to then obtain exemptions to the law from the regulator, is by itself worth hundreds of billions. Just ONE exemption to the law, can earn billions. Capturing and funding regulators is the simply best (but corrupt) investment any industry can make. Another example comes to us from Boeing in late 2019, with the 737 Max, and the news that Boeing’s influence over the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA ) was powerful enough to allow Boeing itself to legally approve its own aircraft, which is like being able to mark your own exams…(or print your own money).
Larry Elford (Farming Humans: Easy Money (Non Fiction))
Trick #1 for Farming Humans is the ability to invisibly commit crime. Chapter 1, Page 9, Ring of Gyges Trick #2 for Farming Humans is to allow professionals to create rigged systems or self serving social constructs. Chapter 4, page 28 (Lawyers who serve corporate interests are often incentivized to assist in harming the society to increase their own security. SEC, Bernie Madoff, Corporations as invisible friends, Money laundering assistance) Trick #3 in Farming Humans is making it legal for insider manipulation of public markets for private gain. (Boeing CEO) page 32 Trick #4 for Farming Humans is Justice prefers to look only down…rarely up towards power. Chapter 5, page 33. Trick #5 for Farming Humans is “let us create the nation’s money”. What could go wrong? Found in Chapter 7 on page 38. Trick # 6 in the game of Farming Humans, to create something which gives a few men an elevated status above the rest. Southern Pacific Railroad taxes, to Pacific Gas and Electric deadly California fires, to Boeing aircraft casualties. Paper “persons” cannot be arrested or jailed. Trick #7 for Farming Humans is a private game of money creation which secretly “borrowed” on the credit backing of the public. Chapter 9, page 51. Federal Reserve. Trick #8 for Farming Humans is seen in the removal of the gold backing of US dollars for global trading partners, a second default of the promises behind the dollar. (1971) Chapter 15, page 81 Trick #9 for Farming Humans is being able to sell out the public trust, over and over again. Supreme Court rules that money equals speech. Chapter 16, page 91. Trick #10 for Farming Humans is Clinton repeals Glass Steagall, letting banks gamble America into yet another financial collapse. Chapter 17, page 93. Trick #11 for Farming Humans is when money is allowed to buy politics. Citizens United, super PAC’s can spend unlimited money during campaigns. Chapter 18, page 97. Trick #12 for Farming Humans is the Derivative Revolution. Making it up with lawyers and papers in a continual game of “lets pretend”. Chapter 19, page 105. Trick #13 for Farming Humans is allowing dis-information to infect society. Chapter 20, page 109. Trick #14 for Farming Humans is substitution of an “advisor”, for what investors think is an “adviser”. Confused yet? The clever “vowel movement” adds billions in profits, while farming investors. Trick #15 for Farming Humans is when privately-hired rental-cops are allowed to lawfully regulate an industry, the public gets abused. Investments, SEC, FDA, FAA etc. Chapter 15, page 122 Trick #16 for Farming Humans is the layer of industry “self regulators”, your second army of people paid to “gaslight” the public into thinking they are protected.
Larry Elford (Farming Humans: Easy Money (Non Fiction))
While critics remain doubtful, the head of the FAA’s drone-integration department recently said that drone deliveries may be “a lot closer than… the skeptics think. [Companies are] getting ready for full-blown operations. We’re processing their applications. I would like to move as quickly as I can.
Peter H. Diamandis (The Future Is Faster Than You Think: How Converging Technologies Are Transforming Business, Industries, and Our Lives (Exponential Technology Series))