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Zag when they think you'll zig.
Richard Powers (Orfeo)
I chop the broccoli into pieces with ZigZag Knife, sometimes I swallow some when Ma's not looking and she says, "Oh, no, where's that big bit gone?" but she's not really mad because raw things make us extra alive.
Emma Donoghue (Room)
The bluff on which Natchez sat was huge, and the road zigged and zagged and curled and twisted and dropped— like something Dr. Seuss might have imagined in a book titled The Cat in the Hat Drinks Blood.
Faith Hunter (Blood Trade (Jane Yellowrock, #6))
when the bullets are flying and the bombs are dropping, the ability to zig and zag is far more valuable than the capacity to figure out the calibre of the bullets and what kinds of planes are flying overhead.
Robert Herjavec (Driven: How to Succeed in Business and in Life)
Bonner leans his forehead against hers. Zig when they think you’ll zag. Creation’s Rule Number Two. What’s Number One? Els asks, willing to be this bent soul’s straight man. Zag when they think you’ll zig.
Richard Powers (Orfeo)
(1) First, give yourself permission to be a contrarian, to flout convention, to follow the unsafe path, to zig when everyone else zags; then (2) take some action to get going. Allow yourself to try; then try.
Linda Rottenberg (Crazy Is a Compliment: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags)
When everyone zigs, zag
Stephen Anderson
A billion lifetimes to choose, and never anything on TV...
Zig Zag Claybourne (Historical Inaccuracies)
He touched me. He… he whispered things in my ear, things I never would’ve expected to affect me the way they did. I feel like I lose control when I’m near him. I’m like a leaf fluttering in the wind—when he zigs, I zag. He talks and I jump. He walks and I turn into a blithering idiot. I admit it, I’m clumsy, but when I find myself near him…” He didn’t have the courage to finish the sentence. With a sudden lump in his throat, he added: “I don’t want to hope, and I certainly don’t want to delude myself. Damn it, the thought of deluding myself terrifies me!” “I think I know what your problem is.” “And what would that be?” He sat up, offering a sly smile. “You’re hopelessly in love with him.
Valentina C. Brin (Rise of a Nobleman (Possession, #1))
If you're not called crazy when you launch something new, it means you're not thinking BIG enough.
Linda Rottenberg (Crazy Is a Compliment: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags)
God was grumbling his thunder and playing the zig-zag lightning thru his fingers.
Zora Neale Hurston (Jonah's Gourd Vine)
But once there were children, you couldn’t zig where you had zagged. It was nothing but a parlor game, once you had children.
Anna Quindlen (Alternate Side)
Most people think in curves and zig-zags. For example, they start from a thought like: I wonder how I can become very rich, and then proceed along an uncertain course which includes thoughts like: I wonder what’s for supper, and: I wonder who I know who can lend me five dollars?
Terry Pratchett (Moving Pictures (Discworld, #10))
Quentin found himself staring at the end of his Brakebills careers across the perilously slender gap of only two months of time. It was like he'd been wending his way though a vast, glittering city, zig-zagging through side streets and wandering through buildings and haunted de Chrico arcades and little hidden piazzas, the whole time thinking that he'd barely scratched the surface, that he was just seeing a tiny sliver of one little neighborhood. And then suddenly he turned a corner and it turned out that he'd been through the whole city, it was all behind him, and all that was left was one short street leading straight out of town.
Lev Grossman (The Magicians (The Magicians, #1))
Life is a River" Life is a river zig zag it goes on flowing myriad memories quench thirst in the swirling waves of life! Life has its own colour a mingling of blue, green, black and white sweeping away all happiness and sadness in the cascading bubbles of tears and delight Life shares its own wisdom to keep on flowing is its only zeal whether it be summer or winter life will keep on flowing but never still Life is a river it flows at its own pace sometimes it may have no direction and this is life's story and grace! - Poet Manjushree Mohanty Translated from Odiya to English by Poet Avijeet Das
Manjushree Mohanty
People are different. We can’t paint everyone with the same brush. Some people will Zig and some people will Zag. That doesn’t mean one is right and the other is wrong. There really is no universal standard of “normal”. In many cases, the ideals of “normality” are not attainable. They are simply not realistic. Allow people to be different.
Akiroq Brost
Even if your company continues to thrive, your ability to survive in it depends on your capacity and willingness to innovate. Job security these days depends on the same qualities that make good entrepreneurs: agility, imagination, persistence, execution. To put it another way, adapt from within or you may be forced to adapt from without. Become
Linda Rottenberg (Crazy Is a Compliment: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags)
No, she had no belief--none. She was completely alone with herself. The world was empty for her, but she didn't know it.
Madison Smartt Bell (Zig Zag Wanderer: Stories from Here, Stories from There)
Status quo is Sturm und Drang. Or
Linda Rottenberg (Crazy Is a Compliment: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags)
Maybe that's what life was. You zigged and you zagged and zigged and zagged some more.
Benjamin Alire Sáenz (The Inexplicable Logic of My Life)
was playing with friends: Batman and Robin team up with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock against the Joker and Penguin plus henchmen.
Zig Zag Claybourne (Historical Inaccuracies)
Proceeding by loops and zig-zags, we now and then arrive just where we ought to be.
George Eliot
While you are ticking, someone is tocking... zigging.... zagging... remember to just Be You!
Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino (Percolate: Let Your Best Self Filter Through)
Nothing could have been prevented. But still you know that somehow something wasn't watching. Something let attention lapse, releasing everything that follows, as the weight falls from the air.
Madison Smartt Bell (Zig Zag Wanderer: Stories from Here, Stories from There)
Тайнствените изживявания могат да се окажат незабравими, но същевременно - и това е парадоксалното - подробностите, които си спомняме от тях, често са незначителни, несвързани и дори глупави. Изменчивата ни памет запечатва като с нагорещено желязо в спомените ни определени усещания, но в същото време не позволява те да са най-подходящите за едно обективно описание на цялостното събитие.
José Carlos Somoza (Zig Zag)
The constitutional disease from which I suffer,” wrote the philosopher and psychologist William James, “is what the Germans call Zerrissenheit, or torn-to-pieces-hood. The days are broken in pure zig-zag and interruption.
Dani Shapiro (Hourglass: Time, Memory, Marriage)
Kaylee, For over a hundred years, magicians have been pulling objects out of hats. Rabbits, flowers... It's become such a famous trick that rabbits are known to represent magic in general. I'm a magician. I've been pulling things from hats since I learned the trick at ten years old. It's all about sleight of hand. Misdirection. Distraction. What people don't really know is it isn't the magician that makes the trick magical. It's the object. What is a zig-zag box without the blades? What is a cage without a dove? The object is the spark--the real reason why the illusion is worth seeing, worth doing, worth discovering. Sometimes magicians lose their rabbits. They get lost in the act, or the magician makes a mistake and has to coax the rabbit back out. Because without the rabbit, the trick is useless. Without the rabbit, the hat becomes insignificant. Kaylee Elizabeth Sperling, you are the rabbit to my hat, and I love you. Please forgive me for losing the spark in your trick. I will do whatever I can to make it up to you, starting with this deck of cards. 52 reasons why I love you. And I could fill another deck. Perhaps two more or three. Whatever it takes to coax my rabbit back out. -Nate
Cassie Mae (True Love and Magic Tricks (Beds, #0.5))
He had dipped his right forefinger in his own blood and had written a single word on the blue tiles above the tub, written it in two huge, staggering letters. A zig-zagging bloody fingermark fell away from the second letter of this word – his finger had made that mark, she saw, as his hand fell into the tub, where it now floated. She thought Stanley must have made that mark – his final impression on the world – as he lost consciousness. It seemed to cry out at her: Another drop fell into the tub. Plink. That did it. Patty Uris at last found her voice. Staring into her husband’s dead and sparkling eyes, she began to scream.
Stephen King (It)
Hari ini, ia tumbuh dan berkembang menjadi apa saja Jika putih, esok ia akan merah, atau mungkin jingga Jika lurus, siapa tahu nanti akan berbelok, bahkan zig-zag Namun adakalanya perasaan hanyalah perasaan Tumbuh, untuk sekedar tumbuh Putih, untuk sekedar putih Lurus, untuk sekedar lurus Hingga mati begitu saja. -Jodoh Tak Jadi
A Congreve clock?’ Captain Petersen was puzzled. ‘It’s a clock that keeps time by a steel ball running on a zig-zag track down an inclined plane,’ Keith told him. ‘Only it doesn’t keep very good time. It takes thirty seconds for the ball to run down one way — then the plane tilts and it runs back again. It’s quite fascinating to watch.
Nevil Shute (Trustee from the Toolroom)
But he said that his general optimism about the shape of American history remained unchanged. “To be optimistic about the long-term trends of the United States doesn’t mean that everything is going to go in a smooth, direct, straight line,” he said. “It goes forward sometimes, sometimes it goes back, sometimes it goes sideways, sometimes it zigs and zags.
Ta-Nehisi Coates (We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy)
I thought of kissing Astrid under the fire escape. I thought of Norm’s rusty microbus and of his father, Cicero, sitting on the busted-down sofa in his old trailer, rolling dope in Zig-Zag papers and telling me if I wanted to get my license first crack out of the basket, I’d better cut my fucking hair. I thought of playing teen dances at the Auburn RolloDrome, and how we never stopped when the inevitable fights broke out between the kids from Edward Little and Lisbon High, or those from Lewiston High and St. Dom’s; we just turned it up louder. I thought of how life had been before I realized I was a frog in a pot. I shouted: “One, two, you-know-what-to-do!” We kicked it in. Key of E. All that shit starts in E.
Stephen King (Revival)
Your alarm’s about to go off in ten minutes,” Caden called from the doorway. He had a cup of coffee in hand and wore only jeans. I tried to keep my eyes front and center, but I lost. The tattoos were a nice little zig-zag pattern, pulling my gaze down, all the way down. Caden’s slow, smooth chuckle told me he knew what I’d just done. My cheeks only warmed a little. I shot him a look, falling back to the pillow. “I feel like this should be the first skip day of my school career.” “You’ve never skipped before?” I shook my head, rolling it side to side on the pillow. “Am I missing out? Should I embrace my inner deviant?” He smirked. “You can skip a class for any reason in the world. It’s your life.” I sat up, eyeing that coffee. “You were supposed to be the bad influence.” His eyebrow lifted. “I’m not selling it enough?” He lifted his cup. “You want some coffee?” “I’m wondering if today is the day I try coffee too.” “You’ve never had coffee?” “I’m beginning to think I’m lame.” I thought about it. “Really lame.” “You slept at some guy’s house last night. Think of it that way.” His smirk was back. “Not so lame now.” I could do one better. “I slept at a fraternity house.” “And you drank beer.” “It was the second night in a row that I drank beer.” “See? Not so lame after all.” “You’re right.” I sat up. “I’m halfway to total badass.
Tijan (Anti-Stepbrother)
Нищо не беше в състояние да събуди тревога сред тази природа, преизпълнена с живот и светлина, мислеше мъжът, при все че необяснимо защо точно тази мисъл като че ли пораждаше безпокойство. Може би заради контраста между това, което виждаше и онова, което знаеше, че може да се случи; заради хилядите начини, чрез които случайността (или нещо по-лошо) беше способна да помрачи и най-щастливото усещане. Не че мъжът беше песимист, но вече бе на възраст и натрупалият опит го караше да посреща с подозрителност всяка ситуация, която създаваше привидност за рай.
José Carlos Somoza (Zig Zag)
(...) [H]e removed his shoe and discovered a flattened black mass of chewing gum embedded deep in the zig-zag tread of the sole. Upper lip arched in disgust, he was still picking, cutting and scraping away with a pocket knife as the train began to move. Beneath the patina of grime, the gum was still slightly pink, like flesh, and the smell of peppermint was faint but distinct. How appalling, the intimate contact with the contents of a stranger's mouth, the bottomless vulgarity of people who chewed gum and who let it fall from their lips where they stood.
Ian McEwan (Amsterdam)
To give a recipe for getting a rough idea, in case you want to, I recommend the following procedure. Select a flat ten-acre ploughed field, so sited that all the surface water of the surrounding country drains into it. Now cut a zig-zag slot about four feet deep and three feet wide diagonally across, dam off as much water as you can so as to leave about a hundred yards of squelchy mud; delve out a hole at one side of the slot, then endeavour to live there for a month on bully beef and damp biscuits, whilst a friend has instructions to fire at you with his Winchester every time you put your head above the surface.
Bruce Bairnsfather (Bullets and Billets)
And so begins the strangest campaign in military history : a competent general and a seasoned army of eighty thousand men chased like deer, in their own country, by an invader who used his vastly smaller forces more like a pack of hunting dogs than men; laying them on the scent rather than mapping routes, caring no more for their feelings, their fatigues, their lives, than a hunter who is rather fond of a good dog. Up and down the map of East Germany they ran, hunter and hunted, in an Alexandrian zig-zag of the best manner. The only strategical question in Charles’ science was “ Where are they ? ” Never, “ How many ? How entrenched ? ” At last Charles had made war into what schoolboys dreamed it ought to be.
William Bolitho (Twelve Against the Gods)
It is a queer weapon, a shotgun. Every effort to secure additional range is well paid for. A bird may be going away at tremendous speed, "burning the air" as a youngster would put it. Seemingly nothing but chain-lightning, which zig-zagged a bit, could stop him. A crack of the gun and that wild flier is dead in the air, a full forty yards away. Right then the conviction comes to us that man never made another weapon so deadly as the shotgun. However, go back another forty yards, set the bird up on the limb of a tree and you might shoot at him all day and not kill him. The shotgun is a deadly weapon but its range is strictly limited and we are ourselves pretty well convinced that nothing less than a two-inch cannon will regularly kill single game-birds at one-hundred yards, with any kind of shot that can be put in the gun.
Charles Askins (Shotgun-Ology: A Handbook Of Useful Shotgun Information)
Quietly, quietly, all the lines of the plan of the great Castle melted one after another. Quietly, quietly, the ruled and cross-ruled countenance on which they were traced, became fair and blank. Quietly, quietly, the reflected marks of the prison bars and of the zig-zag iron on the wall-top, faded away. Quietly, quietly, the face subsided into a far younger likeness of her own than she had ever seen under the grey hair, and sank to rest.
We don't kill for no reason. As he spoke, the hummingbird pulsed between his palms like a heartbeat, whirred into the air and flew.
Madison Smartt Bell (Zig Zag Wanderer: Stories from Here, Stories from There)
Here, when you looked into darkness, there was God.
Madison Smartt Bell (Zig Zag Wanderer: Stories from Here, Stories from There)
In your love, my salvation lies.
Madison Smartt Bell (Zig Zag Wanderer: Stories from Here, Stories from There)
Neaten the edges by zig-zagging. Do NOT zig-zag the seams
Prime Publishing (11 Sewing Room Ideas: How to Organize Your Room)
Just when I think she can't possibly stun me silent again, she proves me wrong. It's like she's a bag of zigs and zags, and I prepare for a zag, only to get hit with a zig, which has me reworking my words and looking like a complete fucking moron much too often.
C.M. Owens (Axle's Brand (Death Chasers MC, #3))
The real love only can be found in the hearts of simple people, the people who play zig-zag in love affairs claiming and pretending affection in the way of only writings to everyone; they can hardly be fair, trusted, and faithful. True love does not have hidden ways, lover speaks straight and in a direct, blunt manner, in the face of the entire public.
Ehsan Sehgal
One of the biggest challenges implementing agile is the reward system. For example, individual salary scales and rewards can be decoupled from the function and substituted by group valuation rewards linked to the capacity of both the employee and/or the team. Or, it is possible to make a distinction between the fixed salary and flexible performance bonus, detached from the annual budget and not considered a personnel expense. The reward system is always the last to change, but it is crucial to include this subject in the initial conversations with the different stakeholders around agile projects.
Lisbeth Claus (#ZigZagHR: Why the Best HR is No Longer HR)
the Misses of the house
Zig Zag Claybourne (Historical Inaccuracies)
a Congressman walks into a bar with his penis hanging out. There’s no joke.
Zig Zag Claybourne (Historical Inaccuracies)
You naughty boy!  You’ve been living in my knickers all this time,
Zig Zag Claybourne (Historical Inaccuracies)
Steak was a thick piece of meat with muscles in his lips, and club fingers.
Zig Zag Claybourne (Historical Inaccuracies)
screamed, feinted, sprayed blood
Zig Zag Claybourne (Historical Inaccuracies)
Your father's last words were touching." Elie's breath hitched. "You're lying." "Why would I do that?" He reached into his vest and withdrew a silver chain. Dropping the piece into Ellie's hand, she realized what is was- her mother's ring, on the chain her dad always wore around his neck. "Hold your gusto, darlin'," he drawled, breath hot on her neck. "I didn't kill him." Ellie shook her head, staring at the ring. "How dare you?" she whispered. Jutting her chin out, Ellie grasped the front of Terrence's shirt. "So help me God, I'll-" "Making threats are we, now?" His brows raised in mock fear. "You're not in a place to be doing that." Open handed, Terrence shoved straight finger's into Ellie's ribs, sending her to the ground. Pain zig-zagged through her torso, nearly making her vomit. Ellie glared up at North as she willed the air back into her lungs. "I will never stop fighting," she wheezed as the room drifted out of focus then back again. Terrence crouched next to her. "Just remember lover-boy the next time you think about getting in my way.
Ashley Nikole (Present History (Hands of Time, #1))
And at the risk of sounding like Andy Rooney on Sixty Minutes, have you ever wondered why we say fiddle-faddle and not faddle- fiddle? Why is it ping-pong and pitter-patter rather than pong-ping and patter-pitter? Why dribs and drabs, rather than vice versa? Why can't a kitchen be span and spic? Whence riff-raff, mish-mash, flim-flam, chit-chat, tit for tat, knick-knack, zig-zag, sing-song, ding-dong, King Kong, criss-cross, shilly-shally, see-saw, hee-haw, flip-flop, hippity-hop, tick-tock, tic-tac-toe, eeny-meeny-miney-moe, bric-a-brac, clickety-clack, hickory-dickory-dock, kit and kaboodle, and bibbity-bobbity-boo? The answer is that the vowels for which the tongue is high and in the front always come before the vowels for which the tongue is low and in the back.
Steven Pinker (The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language)
People have shapes.All we do and say and think and believe cuts outlines around us like a jigsaw.And sometimes, you run into a person who seems to fit right beside you in the picture.Someone who sticks out where you dent in and zigs where you zag.
Ben Stephenson (A Matter of Life and Death Or Something)
The real love only can be found in the hearts of simple people, the people who play zig-zag in love affairs claiming and pretending affection in the way of only writings to everyone, they can hardly be fair, trusted and faithful. True love does not have hidden ways, lover speaks straight and in a direct, blunt manner, in the face of the entire public.
Ehsan Sehgal
As a sensory device, the tendon organ is a close partner to the muscle spindle in the assessment of the specific activity of every one of my alpha motor units. The anulospiral element of the spindle measures the length of a muscle’s fibers, and the speed with which that length is changing. Adding to this information, the Golgi tendon organs measure the tensions that are developed as a result of these changing lengths. The degree of distortion in the parallel zig-zag collagen bundles is a precise gauge of the force with which a muscle is actually pulling on the bone to which it is attached. Such a gauge is really necessary in order to fully and accurately assess the net amount of work force actually being delivered by a muscle, as opposed to merely knowing now much and how fast it is lengthening or shortening. I can shorten my bicep exactly the same distance at exactly the same speed, whether there is a book in my hand or not, and my spindles will register identical information in either case. It is only the differing stress placed upon the tendon organ during the gesture which announces and evaluates the added weight of the book.
Deane Juhan (Job's Body: A Handbook for Bodywork)
For anyone who doesn’t know the sea I suppose it’s easy to frown and wonder what all the fuss and nerves are about: to ask how two modern ships with highly competent officers and in full sight of each other, both steaming on the same mean course, could possibly run the risk of collision. But it’s happened before, too often, even without the added stresses and strains of a critical zig-zag plan such as we were involved with. It’ll happen again when this war’s finished—maybe even more often as, presumably, merchant shipping increases in numbers and density. If there are any of us left to increase upon.
Brian Callison (A FLOCK OF SHIPS)
History doesn’t move in a straight line. It zigs and zags.
Pat Cunnane (West Winging It: An Un-presidential Memoir)
The Last Street of Tehean Facing the airport, all that's now left in my grasp is a crumpled land that fits in the palm of my hand. Facing wavering sunbeams— a sun that is angry and mute. All the way from the salt sands of Dasht-e Lut, it came, the dream that forced my fingers' shift, that set my teeth on edge. A muted breeze, whirlwind spun from sand dunes all the way, even through the back alley. Are you pasting together the cut-up fragments of my face to make me laugh? No longer than the palm of the hand, a short leap, exactly the length you had predicted. A huge grave in which to lay the longest night of the year to sleep. Sleep has quit our eyelids for other pastures, has dropped its anchor at the shores of garden ponds, has lost the chapped flaking of its lips, poor thing! Are you pasting together the cut-up fragments of my face to make me laugh? With scissors - snip, snip - they are severing something. The alphabet shavings strewn on the ground, are they the letters that spell our family name? With every zig-zag, you cage my mother's breath, her footprints fading in the shifting sands. Are you pasting together the cut-up fragments of my face to make me laugh? No. A strange land-shape form. I will not return. I left behind a shoe, one of a pair, for you to put on and follow after me. Translated from Persian to English by Franklin Lewis
Rosa Jamali (Selected Poems of Rosa Jamali)
was accepted that conduct with kitchen girls was much the same as needing to urinate or having additional hands to help with the ringing of the Abbey’s massive bell.
Zig Zag Claybourne (Historical Inaccuracies)
Sitcom Jesus had all the right ingredients but wasn’t funny enough for anyone to want to buy the entire first season on DVD.
Zig Zag Claybourne (Historical Inaccuracies)
Inquisitors steadfastly scourging themselves to increase the breadth and depth of their psychic probing.
Zig Zag Claybourne (Historical Inaccuracies)
Linda Rottenberg (Crazy Is a Compliment: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags)
These folks zigged when the rest of the world zagged. And once you cross the line, there's no coming back. Mark my words.
Jack Gantos
As a business owner, it's challenging to stand out in the crowd. My philosophy is get out of the massive crown and be a crowd of one. When everyone else zigs, I zag.
Pamela Wigglesworth
Not only scientific theory was condemned as the work of the devil. The devil also seems to have known a lot more about navigation than the bloodthirsty Men of God. Many (perhaps most) ships sailing the Mediterranean in the Middle Ages had Jewish navigators, for the Christian captains and crews were not supposed to meddle with the devilish science of mathematics. In the 10th century, Raud the Strong, a Viking chieftain, escaped the fanatical Christianizing king of Norway Olaf Trygvasson by sailing into the wind (i.e., maintaining a zig-zag course whose average advances against the wind); the pious king, who was better acquainted with witchcraft than with the triangle of forces, thereupon accused Raud of being in alliance with the devil, and when he finally caught him, he had him killed by stuffing a viper down his throat.
Petr Beckman (A History of Pi)
«Haz zig cuando todo el mundo haga zag».
Ken Robinson (El elemento: Prologado por Eduardo Punset)
Magpies are singular, excitable birds. Watch them in the examining sunlight: they split three ways. One stays in the field; he walks left, runs right, zig-zags, tires of his erratic pedestrianism, then flies for thirty yards, lands, starts over. He
John Lewis-Stempel (The Running Hare: The secret life of farmland)
Diamo e prendiamo e penetriamo in dolcezze incredibilmente complicate andando a zig zag da qualsiasi parte.
Jack Kerouac (On the Road)
Crazy Is a Compliment: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags.
Timothy Ferriss (Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World)
How did my brother get injured?"[Shot while running from their enemies] she demanded. Letting out a cat like hiss, she tried to pull the cuffs again. This time he was ready for it. Tensing his arm, he stood his ground and didn't allow himself to move. "He zigged when he should have zagged.
Stephani Hecht (A Feral Christmas (Lost Shifters #2))
The dichotomy that uncertainty presents, then, is both a serendipitous and deliberate opportunity to create something from nothing, to find opportunity where others see conclusion. After all, only from chaos can calmness emerge. There is chaos we deal with as individuals, teams, and organizations; chaos that presents itself at the most inopportune times, and requires you to zig when you’d rather zag. No matter where you are, chaos finds you, and if you don’t know how to deal with change as an individual or as an organization, then you get eaten, swallowed whole, and left for dead.
Jeff Boss (Navigating Chaos: How to Find Certainty in Uncertain Situations)
Successful creators engage in an ongoing dialogue with their work. They put what's in their head on paper long before it's fully formed, and they watch and listen to what they've recorded, zigging and zagging until the right idea emerges.
Robert Keith Sawyer (Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity)
Zig when the world expects you to zag
James Patterson
Upon patterned cushions that might have been honked, zig by zag, out of Ornette Coleman’s horn, the odalisque exposed her flesh to a society that had grown frightened again of flesh.
Tom Robbins (Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates)
As in any other year, life zigged and zagged according to the adventures my friend Serendipity laid at my feet. Like any other year I gathered the fleeting and magnificent experiences in my arms and accepted the small thrills and dangers excitedly, or calmly, for they formed an inseparable part of the iridescent extraordinary.
Pekárková Iva
And it was big enough that organized crime was split two separate ways. The west of the city was run by Ukrainians. The east was run by Albanians. The demarcation line between them was gerrymandered as tight as a congressional district. Nominally it followed Center Street, which ran north to south and divided the city in half, but it zigged and zagged and ducked in and out to include or exclude specific blocks and parts of specific neighborhoods, wherever it was felt historic precedents justified special circumstances. Negotiations had been tense. There had been minor turf wars. There had been some unpleasantness. But eventually an agreement had been reached. The arrangement seemed to work. Each side kept out of the other’s way. For a long time there had been no significant contact between them
Lee Child (Blue Moon (Jack Reacher, #24))
I was running, jumping, zigging, and zagging as crossbow boy fired arrow after arrow at me.
John P. Logsdon (Unhallowed (Sinister, #1))
As side-by-side we walked along this road, hemmed in by two loose stone-like walls, something running towards us in a zig-zag line passed us at a wild pace, with a sound like a frightened laugh or shudder.
J. Sheridan Le Fanu (Dickon the Devil)
Innovation is about zigging instead of zagging.
Leena Patel (Raise Your Innovation IQ: 21 Ways to Think Differently During Times of Change)
The Kingdom of God is within me. Blessed that He is ALWAYS with me, NOBODY can go against me. Graced that the Lord Christ Yeshua is my shepherd ~ there is NOTHING I shall want!
Albert Garcia (My Zig~Zag to Healing: Conquer Your Addictions, Heal Yourself & Your Relationships Through Divine Intimacy)
I’m going to take a chance. I’m going to unclip your leash, unshackle your harness. I’m going to let you chase and rove and zig-zag feverishly, to be your own unhuman and unprogrammable self, free as a fart.
Sara Baume (Spill Simmer Falter Wither)
With the Zigzags of life, " today I may feel down with the Zig, But plan to go up soon with the Zag." Lani-Dancing In The White Sand
Cynthia L. Matlock (Dancing In The White Sand)
Her chances of a decent marriage were about to be dashed—and all because of a ferret. Unfortunately Poppy Hathaway had pursued Dodger halfway through the Rutledge Hotel before she recalled an important fact: to a ferret, a straight line included six zigs and seven zags. “Dodger,” Poppy said desperately. “Come back. I’ll give you a biscuit, any of my hair ribbons, anything! Oh, I’m going to make a scarf out of you . . .” As soon as she caught her sister’s pet, Poppy swore she was going to alert the management of the Rutledge that Beatrix was harboring wild creatures in their family suite, which was definitely against hotel policy. Of course, that might cause the entire Hathaway clan to be forcibly removed from the premises. At the moment, Poppy didn’t care. Dodger had stolen a love letter that had been sent to her from Michael Bayning, and nothing in the world mattered except retrieving it. All the situation needed was for Dodger to hide the blasted thing in some public place where it would be discovered.  ... The ferret paused at a corner, checked to make certain he was still being chased, and in his happy excitement, he did a little war dance, a series of sideways hops that expressed pure delight. Even now, when Poppy wanted to murder him, she couldn’t help but acknowledge that he was adorable. “You’re still going to die,” she told him, approaching him in as unthreatening a manner as possible. “Give me the letter, Dodger.” The ferret streaked past a colonnaded lightwell that admitted sunshine from overhead and sent it down three floors to the mezzanine level. Grimly, Poppy wondered how far she was going to have to chase him. He could cover quite a lot of territory, and the Rutledge was massive, occupying five full blocks in the theater district. “This,” she muttered beneath her breath, “is what happens when you’re a Hathaway. Misadventures . . . wild animals . . . house fires . . . curses . . . scandals . . .
Lisa Kleypas (Tempt Me at Twilight (The Hathaways, #3))
Make this path as procedural as possible. Zig-zagging around the space is likely to be less productive.
Jim Kwik (Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life)
That was the trouble with guileless people: they could be very cunning.
Elly Griffiths (The Zig Zag Girl (The Brighton Mysteries #1))
The Magic Gang was led by the famous magician Jasper Maskelyne and for details of his war years I am indebted to a fascinating book called The War Magician by David Fisher (Cassell).
Elly Griffiths (The Zig Zag Girl (The Brighton Mysteries #1))
While hallways in normal buildings went in nice, straight lines, the CIA’s zigged and zagged to discombobulate any bad guys who might have happened to infiltrate the building. Unfortunately, they also were discombobulating to any good people who happened to be there as well.
Stuart Gibbs (Spy School Revolution)
Zig Zag is a 2 partner firm of accountants based in the centre of Bath. Our partners have medium and smaller firm experience and therefore understand the “joys” of owner managed businesses’. For a firm of our size we offer a high level of professional expertise, commercial and taxation nous, over a wide geographical area from the South West to the South East, including London.
Chartered Accountant
When in doubt ... zig zag!
Des Molloy
The understanding of nature’s complexity awaited a suspicion that the complexity was not just random, not just accident. It required a faith that the interesting feature of a lightning bolt’s path, for example, was not its direction, but rather the distribution of zigs and zags. Mandelbrot’s work made a claim about the world, and the claim was that such odd shapes carry meaning. The pits and tangles are more than blemishes distorting the classic shapes of Euclidian geometry. They are often the keys to the essence of a thing.
James Gleick (Chaos: Making a New Science)
Rose, lived on, polishing her silver and ironing her tablecloths as if preparing for a banquet that never quite materialised.
Elly Griffiths (Brighton Mysteries: Zig Zag Girl / Smoke & Mirrors / The Blood Card)
The luxurious bayside home of Mrs. Janine Grissom, recently disowned by the New England Grissoms for her appalling decision to consort with …well, they weren’t entirely sure whom, but anytime you’re consorting it’s a step down, screamed stupid, vindictive money.
Zig Zag Claybourne (The Brothers Jetstream: Leviathan)
If you read the life stories of successful people you admire, often you’ll find that somewhere along the way they zigged when they thought they were going to zag, but that someone in their life presented the opportunity to them.
Dana Perino (Everything Will Be Okay: Life Lessons for Young Women (from a Former Young Woman))
there’s a strength in innocence, but there’s also a strength in being devious.
Elly Griffiths (The Zig Zag Girl (The Brighton Mysteries #1))