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It seems hard to live without the person whom you love the most. One will never know about the fear of losing someone until you fall in love. Love is a lovely emotion which does have some sour taste as well, and sometimes it pinches your tongue as well when everything goes in a wrong way. A boyfriend is a particular person for every other girl. A woman imagines her whole life with a single person to whom she will marry, with whom she will make love and babies too. Sounds so sweet. But what happens when your boyfriend is going to become the husband of another woman. A feeling of jealousy will arise in any woman. To destroy a Marriage, all you need inside yourself is guts and courage; if you are brave enough, then proceed for further. You must have enough courage to destroy a Marriage. But the question rises whom Marriage you want to destroy with whom or for whom you want to break a commitment. One of the most challenging things in the world is destroying a Marriage because you did not make for such evil works, especially if the meeting is your closet one. Your wardrobe one- your boyfriend, you do not want to do such evil action, but you also do not want to live without him to see him with another woman for a whole lifetime together. There must be a lot of reasons behind it, why a person wants to break a Marriage. Such as You can’t see your man with another woman You can’t live without him You already fix your marriage with your boyfriend You do not want to let him go Both of you made many promises of living together for a whole lifetime You do not want to lose him at any cost because you love him deeply and passionately These are all the reasons as mentioned earlier why a woman wants to break a Marriage. Apart from all of such reasons, there is one more reason behind it, which is revenge. Yes, by breaking a Marriage once can take the revenge. But we would like the advice you do not go for this option or if you still want to go for it then get ready for the karma cycle These rituals must perform on those persons who are suffering from it. Do not evilly use these prayers. Use it for your good and other’s good as well How To Break Marriage? First, we would like to suggest you do not go for this way. Try to talk to your boyfriend make him understand your words so you will not commit any wrong thing. You must be a proper Muslim who do all five times prayer. Get up in the midnight and take a bath with cold water. Take a wudu and read Tahajjud and salah While doing prayer, do not think about any negative factor, think positive. Open holy book of Qur’an after a complete reading of Tahajjud and find Surah Ikhlaas. Read this dua and make a wish to Allah to break your boyfriend’s marriage. Perform this ritual until you see the positive results. For more details, Reach us at: Email: [email protected]
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