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The Supreme Leader’s voice was flat. “You have compassion for her.” “No—never. Compassion? For an enemy of the Order?” “I perceive the problem,” Snoke intoned. “It isn’t her strength that is making you fail. It’s your weakness.” The rebuke hurt, but Ren didn’t show it.
Alan Dean Foster (The Force Awakens (Star Wars: Novelizations #7))
Luke Skywalker is dead, passing on his knowledge and the mantle of the last Jedi to Rey. The Resistance has been all but wiped out; Snoke is gone; and Kylo Ren — now Supreme Leader Ren — is more broken than ever, Driven by conflict through the unlikely bond that he forged with Rey.
chris terrio
A real stormtrooper is the extension of the First Order, of Supreme Leader Snoke’s will, nothing less.
Greg Rucka (Star Wars: Before the Awakening)
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Why are Supreme Leader Snokes and Darth Mauls such great deals? Because they are half off
Giggles A. Lott and Nee Slapper (Star Wars: The Jokes Awaken)