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Last year I built a Courage Machine, but I thought it might be noisy and was too afraid to turn it on. So I coated it with glue, covered it with cat hair, mounted it on my wall, and started claiming it was an exotic animal I killed on a Safari in Africa. I'd like to believe people believe me, on account of it being so strange that it has to be true.
Jarod Kintz (This Book is Not for Sale)
I have a hatred of the taming of animals, especially large ones that are so contented in the wild. I abominate circus acts that involve big befooled beasts--cowed tigers or helplessly roaring lions pawing the air and teetering on small stools. I deplore zoos and anything to do with animal confinement or restraint.
Paul Theroux (The Last Train to Zona Verde: My Ultimate African Safari)
The elephants we have seen taunted and tormented and slaughtered by the likes of Safari Club do not have time to wait while the world's ethicists work out some centuries-long paradigm shift in moral thought.
Matthew Scully (Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy)
Vikrant : "I want to taste honey pot, You are shy, free yourself, like an animal, feel like an animal, they don't know sin. Do they?
Himmilicious (Lemon Tea and White Safari)
The Swahili word safari means journey, it has nothing to do with animals, someone ‘on safari’ is just away and unobtainable and out of touch.
Paul Theroux (Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Cape Town)
How much does an elephant weigh?
Rhonda Patton (African Safari with Ted and Raymond)
She asked another question: "What does it matter if the rhinos die out? Is it really important that they are saved?" This would normally have riled me... but I had come to think of her as Dr. Spock from Star Trek - an emotionless, purely logical creature, at least with regards to her feelings for animals. Like Spock, though, I knew there were one or two things that stirred her, so I gave an honest reply. "... to be honest, it doesn't matter. No economy will suffer, nobody will go hungry, no diseases will be spawned. Yet there will never be a way to place a value on what we have lost. Future children will see rhinos only in books and wonder how we let them go so easily. It would be like lighting a fire in the Louvre and watching the Mona Lisa burn. Most people would think 'What a pity' and leave it at that while only a few wept
Peter Allison (Whatever You Do, Don't Run: True Tales of a Botswana Safari Guide)
3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Galapagos Islands Are you have been planning to spend their vacation in most of the beautiful place in the world. Then the Galapagos Islands is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The famous archipelago in the Pacific Ocean is a demand and desired destination for travelers all around the world. The Galapagos isn’t probably the easiest and cheapest accessible place in the world but still attracts huge numbers of visitors, although there is a limit on how many people can arrive in the Galapagos. These are not budget-friendly travel destination Islands, but there are some ways how to arrange your week in paradise from cruising the living onboard and archipelago to making the day trip from one of the islands. You have most already heard or read all superlatives Galapagos Island can offer many visitors. But if you hesitate if the time and money will be worth it, we’ve put a list of three reasons why we should visit the Galapagos Islands. After reading these reasons, we believe that there won’t be any hesitation. The Galapagos Legend should be on every traveler. Pristine beaches You come to Galapagos Island to see fantastic wildlife but firstly mention the beaches. The stretches of fine white sand are on every island, and although you won’t have that much time to relax and lay down here just because of that there is so much to do, so we are looking at you sea lions only walking on those beaches from one to another end is a great unforgettable experience. Never expect deck chairs, bars, or umbrellas beaches on the Galapagos have nothing familiar with those touristy and crowded places form travel catalogs. Wildlife When we think and talk about the Galapagos Islands, we have a suspicion that the wildlife would be something marvelous and unique. What we never know was that these superlatives would get a new dimension on the Galapagos. All the wildlife animal species from iguanas, birds, tortoises, sea lions crabs to fish are incredible, and nothing can make you on their natural behavior that is dissimilar from the animal's behavior we know from our countries. The Galapagos animals never feel fear human at all, so you can get close to them and take images of a lifetime. Island hikes There are many designed ways on islands of Galapagos that will help you to walk through a unique landscape and will also help you to understand the evaluation process better, evaluation of not only the islands but also of the flora and fauna which live here in unbelievable symbiosis. The hikes are short, so visitors are allowed to walk on the island on their own so that you want a certified guide to show you around. Hikes were one of the best activities we did on the Galapagos as it combined the exploration of almost barren volcanic islands and watching wildlife. Galapagos Legend help you plan the trip you have dreamed about. You can choose onshore activities that cater to your interests, from a wildlife safari to a side trip to the fabulous annual Carnival in Rio, Brazil. As you stay on shore before and after your trip, you have the option of staying at a delightful boutique-style hotel or in a 5-star hotel setting.
Chaz had proudly informed her that he was a biologist, and that he was attending a convention of distinguished scientists working to save the Everglades. He’d further confided that he was supposed to be taking a VIP safari tour of the Animal Kingdom but was instead sneaking out to play Bay Hill, the favorite hometown golf course of none other than Tiger Woods. Joey had been attracted to Chaz not only by his good looks, but by his involvement in such a lofty mission as rescuing Florida’s imperiled wilderness from greedy polluters. At the time he’d seemed like a fine catch, though in retrospect Joey realized that her judgment had been skewed by previous disappointments. Before meeting Chaz, she had been dumped in chilly succession by a tennis pro, a lifeguard and a defrocked pharmacist, a grim streak that destabilized her self-esteem as well as her standards.
Carl Hiaasen (Skinny Dip)
Berita menyenangkan buat anda fans photografi sekaligus juga penggemar satwa. Ya, Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) Grup kembali mengadakan lomba photo satwa paling besar di Indonesia, yaitu International Animal Foto Competition (IAPC) 2019. dilansir dari Penyelenggaraan IAPC 2019 ini akan jadi gelaran ke-29. Setiap gelaran tentunya akan tetap jadi yang spesial buat beberapa penggemar photografi. Oleh karenanya, Taman Safari Indonesia dengan teratur mengadakan moment tahunan ini semenjak 1990. Deputy Director Taman Safari Indonesia Hans Manansang, menjelaskan jika IAPC bukan sebatas lomba photo biasa, sebab ada pesan yang ingin dikatakan pada warga. Menurut dia, nelalui perlombaan photo yang tampilkan satwa, diinginkan warga dapat lebih perduli pada satwa-satwa yang mulai terancam punah. Ditambah lagi satwa-satwa endemik Indonesia. “IAPC ajak warga supaya semakin cinta dengan satwa,” kata Hans Manansang, pada TIMES Indonesia, Minggu (21/7/2019). Hans menjelaskan jika pada perlombaan photo satwa tahun ini, TSI menggandeng Canon jadi sponsor sah IAPC, id-photographer, satu diantara komunitas photografer paling besar di Indonesia, dan Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup serta Kehutanan Republik Indonesia. "IAPC 2019 dibagi jadi dua kelompok; TSI serta umum. Kelompok TSI ditujukan buat peserta yang mengirim hasil karya photo yang diambil di semua ruang TSI Grup (Taman Safari Bogor, Taman Safari Prigen, Bali Safari & Marine Park, Batang Dolphins Center, Royal Safari Garden & Resort, serta Jakarta Aquarium)," katanya. "Sedang untuk kelompok umum, buat peserta yang lakukan pengambilan foto satwa dimana juga tidak hanya TSI. IAPC akan berisi beberapa pekerjaan seperti workshop photografi, animal foto hunting serta pekerjaan menarik yang lain. Buat Anda yang eksis di Instagram, ada lomba photo spesial Instagram bertopik Saya serta Satwa," kata Hans Manansang. Dengan keseluruhan hadiah beberapa ratus juta rupiah ditambah produk camera Canon, Taman Safari Indonesia ajak penggemar photografi untuk turut lomba photo satwa, International Animal Foto Competition 2019, yang akan start pada 27 Juli 2019 akan datang di Jakarta Aquarium, Neo Soho Central Park, sampai acara puncaknya (awarding) pada 2 November 2019 di Royal Safari Garden, Bogor. Info selanjutnya serta pendaftaran, silahkan datangi
You'd be such a good mom!" This statement is at best condescending and at worst patently false and potentially dangerous. It's like telling a friend who you know has a paralyzing fear of wild animals that she would make a great game warden. Seriously, she should just shake off her deep-seated anxiety and guide some poor, innocent family on a safari. I'm sure you'll do fine!
Jen Kirkman (I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids)
Going from one to two children is like going from owning a dog to running a zoo, and going from two to three feels like we’re on a safari, where the animals can attack us at any time.
Bernard O'Shea (My Wife is Married to a Feckin' Eejit)
How did Elliot die? You said it happened six years ago.” “Yeah, the kid got it in his fool head to go to Africa. He wanted to see the animals before they got wiped out by hunters like me. Interpol says he met a couple of girls in Cape Town, and the three of them flew off to Botswana for a safari.” “And what happened?” O’Brien drained his whiskey glass and looked at her. “They were never seen again.
Tess Gerritsen (Die Again)
Peter Allison is a safari guide who has spent much of the last twelve years leading wildlife-viewing and ecotourism trips in Africa, mostly Botswana. His love of animals led him to train as a safari guide in the early 1990s and soon thereafter he was hired by southern Africa’s largest operator to train all of their safari experts. Safaris he has led have been featured in magazines such as Vogue and Condé Nast Traveler. He has assisted National Geographic photographers and appeared on television shows such as Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures. Peter is also active with the Athena Foundation, a nonprofit conservation group. He is on the board of the Athena Foundation’s youth program, whose mission is to inspire young people to develop their interest in conservation. Originally born and raised in Sydney, Australia, he currently divides his time between Australia, California, and Botswana.
Peter Allison (Whatever You Do, Don't Run: True Tales of a Botswana Safari Guide)
Mary Ann Collins
Our first project, LIFE BEHIND BARS VOL. I is the most comprehensive photographic study to date of exotic and endangered animals and the necessity of their being kept in captivity for their own protection, and that of their species” declares Julian Starks.
Dorrance Publishing
My dream, thus mission in life is to travel the world and photograph beautiful, vibrant animals in all places and circumstances, free and confined”. Julian Starks
Julian Starks (Life Behind Bars Vol. 1)
OUR MISSION IS THE ANIMALS! Project Manager - Mary Ann Collins
Mary Ann Collins
DREAMS IN THEIR EYES "Julian’s work gives us a chance to look deeply and to sympathize with captive animals. His work should both captivate and haunt us. As stewards of this planet, we have an obligation to accept Julian’s invitation to have this experience. By so doing, we can hear these magnificent animals and give voice in our language to creatures that cannot speak it. We can all become wildlife advocates.
Benjamin Monarch, Wildlife Attorney
GIVING A VOICE “Julian Starks compassionately depicts animals who can only dream of the life they may have had if not for the thoughtless and cruel behavior of humans. We hope his beautiful images will inspire people to get active in whatever ways they can to help wildlife, from boycotting circuses with animal acts to refusing to have their photos taken with tiger cubs while on vacation. From talented photographers like Julian who document animals' plight to families who take the time to educate themselves before they buy that ticket, we can all make a difference for animals.
Christopher Merrow - PETA Fundraising Manager
OUR MISSION IS THE ANIMALS!" 'Life Behind Bars Vol. 1 - Project Manager Mary Ann Collins
Mary Ann Collins
Even after Wes’s full recovery and the opportunity to unwind on a Fijian surfing safari, the close call seemed to set Steve back emotionally. The devastation of losing his mother and then nearly losing his best friend weighed heavily on his mind. Steve was not worried about his own mortality and was always very open about it. But the recent events only gave him more cause to think about life and death. “I can’t even think of anything happening to you or Bindi,” Steve told me. “I just wouldn’t cope.” Seeing Wes lying in a hospital bed made Steve so emotional. It never ceased to amaze me how tough Steve was on the outside, but how deeply loving he was on the inside. He showed his feelings more than any man I ever met. Years after he lost his dog Chilli to a shooting accident (a local man accidentally killed her while he was hunting pigs), he still mourned. During our nighttime conversations, we spoke at great length about spirituality and belief. Steve’s faith had been tremendously tested. At times he would lash out and blame God, and sometimes he would proclaim that he did not believe in God at all. I knew he was just lashing out, and I’d try to use humor to get him back on track. “You can’t have it both ways,” I would gently remind him. When bad things happened to good people, or when innocent animals experienced human cruelty, it shook Steve to the core. His strong feelings demanded deep spiritual answers, and he searched for them all his life.
Terri Irwin (Steve & Me)
When man made fire, he lifted himself up, over, and above the animals. Fire is actually too good for people. Let us sit in front of one of these tiny, gleaming blazes and drink a little gin.
Robert Ruark (Horn of the Hunter: The Story of an African Safari)