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Williams is to funny what the Energizer Bunny is to batteries
Emily Herbert (Robin Williams - When the Laughter Stops 1951-2014)
A few years ago, I read an article saying that the mortality rate for comedians is higher than those serving in the military. How heartbreaking is that? When we think of comedy, we think funny, light, and uplifting, never considering those for whom the burden was too much, like Robin Williams, Richard Jeni, Drake Sather, or Charles Rocket.
Jen Lancaster (Welcome to the United States of Anxiety: Observations from a Reforming Neurotic)
Be there when they need you, and keep being there when they stop being funny. Every time they make a joke around you, they're doing it because they instinctively and reflexively think that's what they need to do to make you like them. They're afraid that the moment the laughter stops, all that's left is that gross, awkward kid everyone hated on the playground, the one they've been hiding behind bricks all their adult life.
David Wong