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James - "Are you paying attention or just trying to make me look like an idoit?" Elizabeth - "Oh, I'm definately paying attention. If you look like an idiot it has nothing to do with me.
Julia Quinn (How to Marry a Marquis (Agents of the Crown, #2))
It's just that I don't think friends tie friends to the bedpost." James choked on his tea. "Caroline, you have no idea.
Julia Quinn (To Catch an Heiress (Agents of the Crown, #1))
Click. The door swung open. "Three," James said with a slightly self-satisfied smile. "Well done," Caroline said. He smiled back at her. "I've never met a woman or a lock that didn't love me.
Julia Quinn (To Catch an Heiress (Agents of the Crown, #1))
James started to laugh. His chin hurt where she'd smacked him twice, his foot throbbed where she'd stepped on it, and his entire body felt as if he'd swum through a rosebush, which wasn't as far off the truth as it sounded. Yet still he started to laugh.
Julia Quinn (How to Marry a Marquis (Agents of the Crown, #2))
Our whole American way of life is a great war of ideas, and librarians are the arms dealers selling weapons to both sides
James Quinn
AS IT TURNED out, Rylann wasn’t quite as good as she’d thought she was. Over the last five years she’d prosecuted cases, she’d become quite skilled at reading defendants and their lawyers at the initial court appearance. Given Quinn’s obvious nervousness, she’d originally predicted that his lawyer would be calling her within two weeks to negotiate a plea agreement. Instead, it took him two weeks and three days to make that call.
Julie James (About That Night (FBI/US Attorney, #3))
She not no fool, Lilith tell herself. She not a sleeping princess and Robert Quinn is not no king or prince. He just a man with broad shoulders and black hair who call her lovey and she like that more than her own name. She don’t want the man to deliver her, she just want to climb in the bed and feel he wrap himself around her.
Marlon James (The Book of Night Women)
My dearest Mary, Both my words and my conduct at our last meeting were ungentlemanly - born of haste and high emotion, rather than friendship and good judgement - and yet I cannot find it within me to apologize. I am glad I kissed you; glad to have revelled in your scent, your taste, the touch of your hands; glad, even, to have quarrelled with you because during those moments of anger, I was in your presence. Mary, you are the most singular woman I know: intelligent, brave and honest, and I crave your friendship. I confess to only the haziest notion of what I ask, having never been friends with a woman before. My friendships are male and conventional; pleasant and without distinction. But a friendship with you would be a bright, new, rare thing - if you would do me the honour. I expect that what I ask is impossible. But it is sweet to dream, Mary, and thus I tender one last, insolent, unapologetic request: write to me only if you can say yes. Yours, James
Y.S. Lee (The Traitor in the Tunnel (The Agency, #3))
She Looked doubtful."If you insist." "I do." "Very well." With barely a moment for either of them to prepare, she drew back and let fly.Before James had any idea what was happening, he was sprawled on the ground, and his right eye socket was throbbing. Elizabeth, rather than displaying any sort of worry or concern over his health, was jumping up and down,squealing with glee. "I did it! I really did it! Did you see it? Did you see it?" "No," he muttered, "but I felt it".
Julia Quinn (How to Marry a Marquis (Agents of the Crown, #2))
You'd never have gotten it right. You have to hit the door just so. It took me weeks to learn." "And what were you doing sneaking out at night?" he demanded. "I fail to see how that is your business." "You became my business when you took up residence in my house." "Well, I wouldn't have moved in if you hadn'tkidnapped me!" "I wouldn't have kidnapped you if you hadn't been wandering about the countryside with no thought to your own safety." "I was certainly safer in the countryside than I was at Prewitt Hall, and you well know it." "You wouldn't be safe in a convent," he muttered. "If you two lovebirds can stop snapping at each other," James cut in, "I'd like to search the study before Prewitt returns home." Blake glared at Caroline as if this entire delay were her fault, causing her to hiss, "Don't forget that if it weren't for me-" "If it weren't for you," he shot back, "I would be a very happy man indeed." "We are wasting time," James reminded them. "The both of you may remain here, if you cannot cease your squabbling, but I am going in to search the south drawing room." "I'll go first," Caroline announced, "since I know the way." "You'll go behind me," Blake contradicted, "and give me directions as we go along." "Oh, for the love of Saint Peter," James finally burst out, exasperation showing in every line of his body. "I'll go first, if only to shut the two of you up. Caroline, you follow and give me directions. Blake, you guard her from the rear.
Julia Quinn (To Catch an Heiress (Agents of the Crown, #1))
Quinn Berkeley is unlike anyone I have ever met. He is the eighth wonder of the world. Scrap that-he is my first and only wonder of the world.
Monica James (Something Like Redemption (Something Like Normal #2))
As soon as Quinn slides his finger off my lips, and I’m free to speak, it’s out before I can stop myself. “Well, I hope you got checked for STDs, as you’re probably a poster child for VD after consorting with that tramp.
Monica James (Something like Normal (Something like Normal, #1))
Quinn starts to laugh as he gets out of the car. I follow, locking it behind us. “It’s not so bad. Grandma always bought me ice cream though.” He looks up at me and bats his eyes. I shake my head. “Of course she did,” I say as I throw my arm around him. We walk toward the lion’s den, the James men, brave… and incredibly stupid.
Heidi McLaughlin (My Unexpected Forever (Beaumont #2))
I'm too sexy for a grocery store. John Carter Quinn
Leigh James (Liberty At Last (The Liberty Series, #2))
Don, a CPA, kept a log of the first 100 horses that had been touted by insiders as ready to win and absolutely good things. Exactly six had won. We could have done as well by consulting a table of random numbers.
James Quinn (The Complete Handicapper: You Can Beat the Races!)
The lesson, to avoid the hot tips of the insiders with a vengeance, is passed along fervently
James Quinn (The Complete Handicapper: You Can Beat the Races!)
None arrives at the races, purchases Daily Racing Form, and within minutes begins to play.
James Quinn (The Complete Handicapper: You Can Beat the Races!)
At first, Eli couldn’t make heads or tails of the star patterns, but as he watched, one grew closer and closer. As the planetary objects within the system came into focus, he realized the path was heading straight toward… “That’s Earth!” Quinn’s face went pale. She straightened to stand up.
Joshua James (Annihilation! (Outcast Starship #1))
And put me down.” James kept walking, his arm a vise under her ribs.
Julia Quinn (How to Marry a Marquis (Agents of the Crown, #2))
James climbed in and pulled a hunk of bread from a satchel on the seat. "What the devil is going on?" "Mmmble nnn munchke." "I beg your pardon?
Julia Quinn (To Catch an Heiress (Agents of the Crown, #1))
The most curious garden burial was marked by a short, square stone with no identifying name, merely the number 5232. Beneath it three amputated legs had been interred, all from Union soldiers treated at Judiciary Square Hospital in May 1864. One of the legs belonged to James G. Carey, a private in the 106th Pennsylvania Infantry, who not only survived his operation but lived until 1913; the fate of the second solider, Arthur McQuinn, 14th U.S. Infantry, is unknown; the third, Sgt. Michael Creighton, a native of Ireland in the 9th Massachusetts Infantry, survived his amputation for two weeks but died on June 9, 1864. He was interred in the Lower Cemetery the next day, separated from his left leg by more than half a mile, which makes him the only person at Arlington with two
Robert M. Poole (On Hallowed Ground: The Story of Arlington National Cemetery)
Wallace Wimple appears for the first time as the man who inadvertently switches coats with McGee. Wilcox, through Quinn’s craftiness, unleashes a drawn-out plug like a sentence in a Henry James novel just to say he does not know Wimple.
It just seems like . . . I mean, I’m seventeen. Wouldn’t I know by now if I liked girls?” I try to picture it, liking Quinn. It’s silly to act like it would mean the same thing as it means now, even if already we spend so much time together. James and I spend plenty of time together, and I’m not in love with her. Liking Quinn would be completely new territory.
Amy Spalding (We Used to Be Friends)
Good Morning to you," the marquis said. "Where is Caroline?" "Damned if I know, but half the ham is missing so I imagine she's come and gone." James whistled. "Mrs. Mickle certainly outdid herself this morning, didn't she? You should have had Caroline move in sooner." Blake shot him an irritated glance. "Well, you must admit that your housekeeper has never gone to such great lengths to keep YOU so well fed.
Julia Quinn (To Catch an Heiress (Agents of the Crown, #1))
Before setting off for Jaure, Medendorp radioed regimental headquarters. Using the code words that the regiment had established for the villages along the route, which the men had named after cities in Michigan, Medendorp informed Colonel Quinn that Keast would remain in Laruni. “Starting for Holland,” Medendorp said, referring to Jaure by its code name. “Keast has bad knee. He is staying at Coldwater (Laruni) with fifty men. Received supplies.
James Campbell (The Ghost Mountain Boys: Their Epic March and the Terrifying Battle for New Guinea--The Forgotten War of the South Pacific)
Onun gözlerini görmesine gerek yoktu; okyanustan daha mavi olduklarını biliyordu. Onun sesini duymasına da gerek yoktu; sesinin güneş sıcaklığı gibi üzerine vuracağını biliyordu. ... haklıydı. Poppy onu tanıyordu. Andrew James sadece var olmakla yetinmiyordu. Yaşıyordu.
Julia Quinn (The Other Miss Bridgerton (Rokesbys, #3))