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New years will keep coming in our lives as long as we live, but how do we manage to live with prosperity in that every new year and help others around us do the same. Isn’t that what we should plan and celebrate? So, let’s celebrate the inception of improved us, not the new year.
Mohith Agadi
In her book The Government-Citizen Disconnect, the political scientist Suzanne Mettler reports that 96 percent of American adults have relied on a major government program at some point in their lives. Rich, middle-class, and poor families depend on different kinds of programs, but the average rich and middle-class family draws on the same number of government benefits as the average poor family. Student loans look like they were issued from a bank, but the only reason banks hand out money to eighteen-year-olds with no jobs, no credit, and no collateral is because the federal government guarantees the loans and pays half their interest. Financial advisers at Edward Jones or Prudential can help you sign up for 529 college savings plans, but those plans' generous tax benefits will cost the federal government an estimated $28.5 billion between 2017 and 2026. For most Americans under the age of sixty-five, health insurance appears to come from their jobs, but supporting this arrangement is one of the single largest tax breaks issued by the federal government, one that exempts the cost of employer-sponsored health insurance from taxable incomes. In 2022, this benefit is estimated to have cost the government $316 billion for those under sixty-five. By 2032, its price tag is projected to exceed $6oo billion. Almost half of all Americans receive government-subsidized health benefits through their employers, and over a third are enrolled in government-subsidized retirement benefits. These participation rates, driven primarily by rich and middle-class Americans, far exceed those of even the largest programs directed at low income families, such as food stamps (14 percent of Americans) and the Earned Income Tax Credit (19 percent). Altogether, the United States spent $1.8 trillion on tax breaks in 2021. That amount exceeded total spending on law enforcement, education, housing, healthcare, diplomacy, and everything else that makes up our discretionary budget. Roughly half the benefits of the thirteen largest individual tax breaks accrue to the richest families, those with incomes that put them in the top 20 percent. The top I percent of income earners take home more than all middle-class families and double that of families in the bottom 20 percent. I can't tell you how many times someone has informed me that we should reduce military spending and redirect the savings to the poor. When this suggestion is made in a public venue, it always garners applause. I've met far fewer people who have suggested we boost aid to the poor by reducing tax breaks that mostly benefit the upper class, even though we spend over twice as much on them as on the military and national defense.
Matthew Desmond (Poverty, by America)
It doesn't matter who you are or black or white Jesus loves you and it doesn't matter who is against your way. God said I have a plan on his/her Life not to harm or destroy but to give hope and future. I sincerely believe 2021 is going to be a supernatural year in your life.
Sterry Ks
Ram Charan, the well-known Indian management guru, became world-famous because of his book by the same name — Execution. In it, he says, "Execution is the key through which every CEO opens his door to success." Without this, the goal cannot be reached. Even Swami Chinmayananda phrased it beautifully, "Plan out your work and work out your plan.
Radhakrishnan Pillai (Corporate Chanakya, 10th Anniversary Edition—2021)
In August 2016, Ford announced plans to bring a Level 4 selfdriving car—without pedals or a steering wheel—to market by 2021.
Hamish McKenzie (Insane Mode: How Elon Musk's Tesla Sparked an Electric Revolution to End the Age of Oil)
coal still represents almost 60 percent of China’s total energy supply. “China is not going to abandon coal,” said a senior official. “China is different from Europe. China is a developing country. We need to maintain our consumption, but it also means good use of coal, cleaner coal.” China’s new Five Year Plan (2021–2025) puts a renewed emphasis on coal for energy security and calls for “safe and green coal mining” and “clean and efficient” coal-fired plants.
Daniel Yergin (The New Map: Energy, Climate, and the Clash of Nations)
the lab’s essential public health functions could be compromised during the move and if the lab had fewer employees. The lab, now at a former Devon Energy Corp. field office building next to a cow pasture in Stillwater, has struggled to keep its top director and other key employees. Delays to get test results for basic public health surveillance for salmonella outbreaks and sexually transmitted infections have shaken the confidence of lab partners and local public health officials. As a new coronavirus emerges going into winter, the lab ranks last in the nation for COVID-19 variant testing. Many employees, who found out about the lab’s move from an October 2020 press conference, didn’t want to relocate to Stillwater. Those who did make the move in the first few months of 2021 found expensive lab equipment in their new workplace but not enough electrical outlets for them. The lab’s internet connection was slower than expected and not part of the ultra-fast fiber network used across town by Oklahoma State University. A fridge containing reagents, among the basic supplies for any lab, had to be thrown out after a power outage. Meanwhile, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services finalized a correction plan after federal inspectors, prompted by an anonymous complaint, showed up unannounced at the lab in late September. “Although some aspects of the original report were not as favorable as we would have liked, the path of correction is clear and more than attainable,” Secretary of Health and Mental Health Kevin Corbett said Tuesday in a statement about the inspection. “We are well on our way to fully implementing our plan. (The Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services) has confirmed we’ve met the requirements of being in compliance. We are looking forward to their follow-up visit.” In an earlier statement, the health department said the Stillwater lab now “has sufficient power outlets to perform testing with the new equipment, and has fiber connection that exceeds what is necessary to properly run genetic sequencing and other lab functions.” The department denied the lab had to throw out the reagents after a power outage.
Devon Energy
In my discipline, we affectionately refer to this sort of box (culture) as a zeitgeist, which literally translates to 'time ghost.' Unfortunately for any of you expecting spooky surprises, a zeitgeist doesn't refer to a literal ghost but is better understood as the 'spirit of the age,' although even this doesn't quite pin down its meaning. Think of any stereotype of any decade in the last century-from the Roaring Twenties, Flower Power of the sixties-any of these could certainly be said to illustrate the zeitgeist of that era. But zeitgeists can also be more specific than this, and its the SSDC that ends up developing a decent portion our zeitgeists, the sorts of zeitgeists that can be doubly hard to see outside of because they define more than just lifestyle practices. They define everything we think we know about our collective identities and our collective realities. Of relevance here is the zeitgeist of 'I know best about my body.' It's a lesson we teach people from almost before they can talk: 'You know your body,' 'Listen to your body,' and so forth. And while these are great truisms to teach our children about consent and empowerment as they grow older, they do come with blinders as they become our culture's zeitgeist. How can we really expect people to do a 180 on this logic all of a sudden in 2021?...It would be more productive of us to ask the broad cultural reasons that people resist such mandates, rather than scolding individuals for not conforming. Only then, I think, can we slowly begin to change our collective zeitgeists to those that encourage ownership and empowerment of our own bodies and also add in a healthy dose of 'Sometimes the body is silent' or 'Trust one's own body in collaboration with trusted experts' or something of the like. Ironically enough, the very denial of any shared realities that I mentioned in Lesson 20 is its own zeitgeist that has been gaining momentum for the last five years or so. I worry that this only allows the virus-or any other pathogen in our future-a foothold. Our divisions are their smorgasbord. How can we plan and strategize if we can't agree that we need to plan or strategize to begin with? This is one of the biggest hurdles we'll need to overcome to ensure humanity's long-term survival. It's possibly one of the most terrifying threats to humanity that I've seen in my lifetime-for if our only shared belief is that there is not shared beliefs, where do we go from there?
Kari Nixon (Quarantine Life from Cholera to COVID-19: What Pandemics Teach Us About Parenting, Work, Life, and Communities from the 1700s to Today)
We are starting the year again with goal setting and more importantly, talking about some of the learning points from what 2020 has to offer. We are also including an action plan and a great opportunity for you to set yourself up for 2021!
Australian Investment Education
La plupart du temps, d'ailleurs, les femmes qui ont un compagnon fermé sur le plan émotionnel expriment un profond désespoir. Quand Shere Hite a mené son enquête auprès de 4 500 femmes dans les années 1970, 98 % de celles qui étaient dans une relation avec un homme auraient souhait un « dialogue plus intime » avec lui ; elles auraient voulu qu'il leur parle davantage « de ses pensées, sentiments, projets, préoccupations, et qu'il les interroge sur les leurs ». Certaines disaient ne s'être jamais senties aussi seules qu'au cours de leur mariage ; d'autres en pleuraient, la nuit, aux côtés de leur époux endormi. Il n'est pas certain que les choses aient radicalement changé en cinquante ans (ni qu'elles soient très différentes de ce côté-ci de l'Atlantique). En février 2021, dans le courrier du cœur du site américain The Cut, baptisté « Ask Polly », une trentenaire britannique partageait les dispositions dans lesquelles elle se sentait après une rupture. Dans leur entourage, disait-elle, tout le monde les considérés, son ex-compagnon et elle, comme le couple idéal. Et pourtant, son désir d'intimité avait toujours été frustré. « Je pense qu'entretenir une relation profonde, intensément nourrie, avec une autre personne fait partie des plus grandes joies que l'existence puisse vous apporter », écrivait-elle. Elle estimait aussi que faire son propre « travail de l'ombre », essayer de se comprendre soi-même, était un des aspects « les plus fascinants et les plus urgents » du fait d'être en vie. Lui, en revanche ne comprenait pas ce qu'elle voulait de lui et trouvait qu'elle compliquait les choses inutilement. Autour d'elle, elle voyait un grand nombre d'autres couples dans lesquels la femme espérait elle aussi de son partenaire le même investissement émotionnel et réflexif que le sien - en vain. Elle en venait à ne plus jamais vouloir être en couple avec un homme « qui n'aurait pas suivi une thérapie », clamait-elle. (p. 204-205)
Mona Chollet (Réinventer l'amour: Comment le patriarcat sabote les relations hétérosexuelles)
Harvard-Westlake, one of the top private schools in Los Angeles, recently announced plans for “redesigning the 11th grade US History course from a critical race theory perspective.” A top New York City school, Fieldston, teaches a class called “historicizing whiteness,” and according to journalist Bari Weiss, the school’s physics classes no longer use the term “Newton’s laws,” opting instead for “the three fundamental laws of physics” in order to “decenter whiteness.” At a 2021 conference held by the National Association of Independent Schools, which sets standards for more than 1,600 independent schools in the U.S., participants were told that “failing to explore the intersection of STEM and social justice” constitutes an act of “curriculum violence.
Tim Urban (What's Our Problem?: A Self-Help Book for Societies)
There are those who become disenfranchised with the church because it is too synchronized with right-wing politics and those who become disenfranchised with the church because it is not synchronized enough. This is supported in our research, as 28 percent of the dechurched evangelicals we surveyed believe that the United States should be declared a Christian nation and that the success of the United States is part of God’s plan for the world. Let that sink in a bit. More than one-quarter of the dechurched evangelicals in our survey believe the United States should be declared a Christian nation and no longer attend church. Among this group of people, the United States is viewed as enjoying special favor with God similar to Israel in the Old Testament. Many believe the US Constitution is divinely inspired, on par with the Bible itself. According to a Pew Research study in 2021,15 nearly one in five Americans believes the Constitution to be a divinely inspired document. It does not seem like a stretch to conclude that this group has a higher commitment to God’s work in the political realm than God’s work in his church.
Jim Davis (The Great Dechurching: Who’s Leaving, Why Are They Going, and What Will It Take to Bring Them Back?)
People are unlikely to take steps toward solving a problem if they don't believe that it concerns them. But assuming there is knowledge of the Condition as well as sufficient Concern, the next question becomes: What do I do to fix it? This is the sage that most individuals and leaders want to jump to *first*, rather than last - - which would be a mistake. It is akin to a doctor prescribing medicine for symptoms (e.g. headache) without performing an examination to better understand the patients' underlying condition and whether the patient will comply with prescribed regimen. If the headache is caused by severe dehydration, for example, and the patient is given ibuprofen to get rid of the headache without any plan for rehydration, then the headache will recur - - not to mention the likelihood of more serious medical problems. In many ways, Strategy is the "easiest" of the five stages.
Robert Livingston (The Conversation: Shortlisted for the FT & McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award 2021)
If any of the news coverage had drawn blood, Meta wasn’t going to show it. Zuckerberg told the company’s People Planning team to bring him an aggressive hiring target for 2022. When they brought him an unprecedentedly ambitious plan to bring on 40,000 new staffers that year, Zuckerberg took the one-page document—known as “the napkin”—and then passed it back with a handwritten instruction to hire 8,000 more. “If we don’t hit these targets it’s game over,” Recruiting VP Miranda Kalinowski told the managers on her staff. To handle the deluge of hiring, Meta brought on an additional 1,000 recruiters between the last quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of the following year. Few of the new staffers would be slated to go into integrity work. Zuckerberg had declared that the company’s existing products were no longer its future, and Haugen’s document breach had solidified a sense that researchers and data scientists working on societal problems contained a potential corporate fifth column.
Jeff Horwitz (Broken Code: Inside Facebook and the Fight to Expose Its Harmful Secrets)
The Final Word by Stewart Stafford On the wall of a prominent jacks, Came anonymous, scurrilous attacks, Innuendo and defamatory jibes, Scrawled by cowardly scribes, Dared the executioner’s axe. And whoever wrote the indecent graffiti, Would never say it to the King in a meeting, He’d cry: ‘Off with their heads,’ Then sleep safely in bed, Having the final word takes some beating. And as they walked to an undignified death, No sarcastic words came from their breath, They were up for the chop, On the executioner’s block, And would plead it was all for a bet. So if you’ve ill words planned, Remember to keep them in hand, Or the butt of your jokes, Becomes your executioner’s host, And that’s the end of your brand. © Stewart Stafford, 2021. All rights reserved.
Stewart Stafford
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Corporate profits rise when labor costs fall. This is why Wall Street is so quick to pummel companies when they bump up wages. When Walmart announced in 2015 that it planned to increase its starting wage to at least $9 an hour, largely in response to public pressure, investors dumped the stock. Shares fell by 10 percent, erasing $20 billion in market value. It was the company’s biggest single-day loss on record. The same thing happened in 2021. After the retailer pledged to raise its average hourly wage to $15 to compete with Amazon and other companies that had responded to the Fight for $15 campaign, shareholders bailed, causing the stock to fall 6 percent on a Thursday morning. Investors were putting Walmart, and every other publicly traded company, on notice: If you raise wages, you’ll pay for
Matthew Desmond (Poverty, by America)
In August 2016, Ford announced plans to bring a Level 4 selfdriving car—without pedals or a steering wheel—to market by 2021. Other automakers have been working on similarly aggressive plans. Fiat Chrysler has partnered with Google’s Waymo to develop a fleet of self-driving hybrid minivans. GM, through its partnership with Lyft, has plans to bring Chevy Bolt robotaxis to the road as quickly as possible.
Hamish McKenzie (Insane Mode: How Elon Musk's Tesla Sparked an Electric Revolution to End the Age of Oil)