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either they’re trying to upsell you a fifty-quid-a-head artisanal pork pie (serving this week: Peppa Pig’s Uncle Bertie’s left haunch, marinaded in a drizzle of preschoolers’ tears) or
Charles Stross (The Delirium Brief (Laundry Files, #8))
A Maria Teresa, editor preparata e cortese, che ha disciplinato e affinato i miei scritti. A Peppa Pig che ha ispirato questo mio libro. Alle persone detenute di tutte le carceri nella speranza che trovino la forza di resistere e la voglia di farlo.
Totò Cuffaro (L'uomo è un mendicante che crede di essere un re (Italian Edition))
Both the lady and Nina looked at Clare, who was, Nina realized, wearing Peppa Pig pajamas with a long pink slip over the top. The kind of slip Elizabeth Taylor wore in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; the kind with lacy bits and straps. “And very nice you look, too,” said another woman, who looked vaguely familiar. “I bet that’s your favorite dress.” “It is,” beamed Clare, glad someone was on the ball this evening. She turned back to Nina. “These are the Franceseses.” She stumbled over the pronunciation, and tried again.
Abbi Waxman (The Bookish Life of Nina Hill)
Peppa. If you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots.
Kevin Crocker (Full Series Peppa Pig Story Funny Childrens Books: VOL 1 Full Story edition)
No such thing as a happy family, she thought. We're all sold a lie. Adverts and sitcoms - even bloody peppa pig. Familiar were just strangers, bonded to each other by accidents of birth and misplace duty.
C.J. Tudor (The Other People)
peppa pig is cool
Peppa Pig
The little ones eat their meal, which at times requires us to coax, plead or threaten, spewing old chestnuts such as, ‘There will be no dessert for you, young man,’ and ‘Do you think dragons leave food on their plates?’ ‘Dragons don’t use plates.’ ‘I know they don’t use plates, I know that. I’m just saying … could you please just finish it.’ After their meal is eaten, sort of, the little ones are allowed to watch a bit of television. Dragons for him, Peppa Pig for her. (There is no question that my wife and I, along with many parents, wish the creators of that irritating animated swine a slow death, but they are so rich they have probably purchased immortality. And yet at the same time said pig allows us respite for half an hour or so every day. May God bless those creators.) While the little kids are immersed, I begin to make culinary preparations for the next ‘sitting’. TV time has ended, and we usher the little ones to bed. As usual the two-year old is screaming between gulps of her bottle because she has had to leave her beloved pink porcine pal. After settling her into her cot, we then take turns reading about dragons to the five-year-old, who proceeds to tell us he’s hungry, so we begrudgingly make him some toast and say something like, ‘I told you to eat your dinner. This is the last time.’ And it is. Until tomorrow.
Stanley Tucci (Taste: My Life Through Food)
2012 episode of Peppa Pig was banned from Australia as the central message that spiders were not to be feared was deemed "inappropriate for an Australian audience".
Matt Panta (Countries of the World: Trivia of all countries in the world (Facts and Trivia around the World Book 1))
Cuando le pregunta a su hija por qué se refiere a él de esa manera, recibe esta respuesta: «Peppa le dice así a Papá Pig». Resultó ser que las caricaturas consumidas por la nena —en este caso, Peppa Pig— ridiculizaban la figura paterna y mostraban escenas en las que la protagonista trataba así a su padre.347
Agustín Laje (Generación idiota: Una crítica al adolescentrismo)
I knew it was bad. When my jeans screamed in protest that’s one thing— I can blame the dryer. But when my toddler comes in and slaps me on the belly, giggles and calls me “daddy pig” that’s an entirely different story. That pink, pain in the arse, Peppa is officially barred from the house.
Shauna Richmond (Screw you too!)
Ohh, what are you knitting?” Sandra asked Angie, deftly changing the subject. “It’s an anatomically correct model of a human uterus,” Angie replied. “I’m giving it to Dawn as a consolation prize.” My head snapped around to stare at her in horror. “What?” Angie snort-laughed. “Kidding. It’s a Peppa Pig for one of my nieces.” Sandra’s lip curled in an expression of distaste. “I rue the day that bacon-limbed hellspawn entered the children’s television landscape. It’s all I hear in the pediatric ward all day long. That precocious, insufferable little pig haunts my dreams.
Susannah Nix (Mad About Ewe (Common Threads, #1))
nessun gioco potrà mai eguagliare una pozzanghera, questo me l’ha insegnato Peppa Pig.
Enrica Tesio (La verità, vi spiego, sull'amore)