Pepe Le Pew Quotes

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You know, most men would get discouraged by now. Fortunately for you, I am not most men!
PePe Le Pew (Stink of Love: Pepé Le Pew's Guide to L'Amour)
Where are you, my little object of art? I am here to collect you.
PePe Le Pew (Stink of Love: Pepé Le Pew's Guide to L'Amour)
The name of Pepe Le Pew’s love interest is Penelope Pussycat
Adam Anderson (Fun Facts to Kill Some Time and Have Fun with Your Family: 1,000 Interesting Facts You Wish You Know)
You might be playing hard to get, but we both know where this is going to end up,” he said, once again invading her space bubble as if she were in a Pepe Le Pew cartoon in which she starred as the unfortunate cat with a white stripe painted down her tail. “You, me, the moonlight…” “And my vomit all over you,
Annabel Joseph (Bound, Spanked and Loved: Fourteen Kinky Valentine's Day Stories)
The goateed Sandy Duncan bustled over again. He spoke with a French accent that sounded about as real as Pepe LePew’s. “Monsieur Zuckermahn?” Norm
Harlan Coben (One False Move (Myron Bolitar, #5))