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Patent attorney Greg Raymer is no drink of water, but there is a woman in his autograph queue (“My husband’s a great fan. You’ve inspired him, big-time”) who has munched herself into a wheelchair: arms like legs, legs like torsos, and a torso like an exhausted orgy.
Martin Amis (The Rub of Time: Bellow, Nabokov, Hitchens, Travolta, Trump: Essays and Reportage, 1986-2016)
Ty Inc.'s 1989 catalog had this on the back cover: "Warning: If anyone dare copy our creative designs and patents without written permission, ownership of your eternal soul passes to us and we have the right to negotiate the sale of said soul. Furthermore, our attorneys will see to it that life on Earth, as you know it, is not worth living.
Zac Bissonnette (The Great Beanie Baby Bubble: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute)
company is making a lot of money. Second, and more important, it would take a lot of the focus off of our company, and considering what we’ll be doing behind the scenes, we don’t need a lot of attention. The fact that Wally has found a hidden basement to put his real R&D lab in means we are less likely to be exposed, but the last thing we need is a lot of reporters trying to learn our secrets, and even worse would be the problem of industrial espionage. If we make it clear that we will license the technology, there’s not really going to be any point in anyone trying to steal it from us.” Allison nodded. “Okay, I see your points. What about patents? All of the stuff is patentable, right?” “It is, and I’ve already worked with one of the best patent attorneys in the world to get them filed on a global basis. It cost almost two million dollars altogether, but our corporation now holds patents on these designs and functions in every country. That was actually a little tricky, because some of the other appliance manufacturers have been working on some similar devices for a while, but we found loopholes that let us claim many of the functions entirely as our own. We did have to refer to some prior art, so there will be a relatively small amount of royalties to pay out each year.” “As long as we are protected,” Allison said. “Now, fill me in on my job here. What am I supposed to be doing?” “As COO, your job is to oversee our business operations, which includes reporting back to Noah on any issues or developments. I’ll actually handle most of that for you, but I want to brief you at least a couple times a week on what’s happening with the business. That way, if you find yourself in a position of having to answer questions, you’ll know what to say.” Allison grinned and looked at Noah. “Sounds like you have it all figured out,” she said. “This is actually a brilliant idea, Noah. Setting up a business like this to cover activities is very smart. It will also give us a way to receive payments for our services.” “Payments?” Noah asked. “I set this up so that we wouldn’t have to worry about getting a budget from the government.” Allison’s eyebrows rose. “You don’t think we’re going to work for free, do you? Every time we handle a mission, there will be a payment of half a million dollars. That’s the deal I worked out with
David Archer (Noah Wolf Series #17-19 (Noah Wolf #17-19))
Accessibility Guidelines by the Indian IP Office is a commendable step towards full and equal participation of IP attorneys with disabilities.
Kalyan C. Kankanala (Fun IP, Fundamentals of Intellectual Property)
Thank God! We IP attorneys no longer need to explain what we actually do.
Kalyan C. Kankanala (Fun IP, Fundamentals of Intellectual Property)
I have never understood why many Indian patent examiners treat attorneys as either rivals or inferiors.
Kalyan C. Kankanala (Fun IP, Fundamentals of Intellectual Property)
The IP profession stands out as an ideal career path for persons with disabilities, offering not just independence and self-determination , paving the way for a respectable and rewarding livelihood.
Kalyan C. Kankanala
For persons with disabilities, the Intellectual Property profession is a gateway to independence, autonomy, and an inclusive work environment that respects and values individuals from all walks of life, offering a path to a respectable and sustainable livelihood.
Kalyan C. Kankanala
The Intellectual Property field provides great opportunities for persons with disabilities, providing the twin benefits of professional independence and the chance to thrive in a diverse and inclusive environment, leading to a dignified and rewarding career.
Kalyan C. Kankanala