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Magic is natural. It is a harmonious movement of energies to create needed change. If you wish to practice magic, all thoughts of it being paranormal or supernatural must be forgotten.
Scott Cunningham (Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner)
We do not sleep,” said Aya. “These bodies do not require it. All they need is food to provide them with energy. Sleep is not needed.
Steven Decker (Child of Another Kind)
My parents had torn through my innocence and left me with a tar-like substance that was corrupting what was left of me. I could feel it at night; slithering and curling around my soul as it slowly devoured me. It was draining my energy and replacing it with an evil I was afraid to confront.
J.D. Stroube (Caged in Darkness (Caged, #1))
Energy never dies. It was a theory spanning cultures, science, and theology.
M.R. Noble (Dark Eyes: White Lies (The Dark Eyes #2))
I was caged within a four dimensional cube that eclipsed the world around me in an icy mist. I screamed; begging someone, anyone to hear my pleas, but my voice had been extinguished and left me with a slight wheeze from what little oxygen I had. I could glimpse the field of energy as it shrank through the safety of my circle to envelop me in a blazing grip. I was alone; unbearably separated from my haven.
J.D. Stroube (Caged in Darkness (Caged, #1))
If energy never died, I now knew that love didn’t either; it could only be transformed.
M.R. Noble (Dark Eyes: White Lies (The Dark Eyes #2))
I knew we were not alone, but there was something in the air, something good and pure that reassured me. It’s a beautiful energy, and has been with me ever since.
Caroline Mitchell (Paranormal Intruder)
My power grew angry that it was confined to my petite frame and pulled against my taut skin. Growing bolder, it tore through my skin to lay flat against my outer edge. The glowing energy began to solidify against my flesh; it lengthened to mold itself to my frame and contained me in a transparent cocoon. I flexed my fingers against the waxy surface and began to panic. I was cut off from my coven now and could not feel their thoughts. I could see the panic on their faces as I fell onto my side to convulse.
J.D. Stroube (Caged in Darkness (Caged, #1))
You are like the beach at dawn when the fog comes in; each of those things is lovely on its own, but together, they can be magical.
Deborah Blake (Dangerously Divine (Broken Riders, #2))
He radiated calm, his energy peaceful, surrounding her in a cocoon of tranquility. He made her feel safe, wrapped up in their world together, even though she knew neither of them was.
Christine Feehan (Shadow Warrior (Shadow Riders, #4))
To sore make bad energy, make innocent cry, Aisyx no spread pain plague.
Poppet (Aisyx (Neuri, #3))
How can you love me if you don’t even know me?” He lifted my arms around his neck and placed his hands on the small of my back. “I know you, Jade. You’re witty and stubborn, like when you wanted to get rid of me at the bar in San Diego. And you’re sweet and caring, like when you talked to my mother at the hospital. And you can drink like a sailor. ” He chuckled. “And you hardly ever blush, but when you do it’s like the sunshine.” Then, he whispered in my ear with a husky voice, “And you make love with your soul.” Peter gave my earlobe a quick nibble. “I couldn’t care less about energy. It might have brought us together, but I only care about you. I want to spend the rest of my days with you; no matter if it’ll be ten or ten thousand.” Despite myself, I felt my eyes burn from tears I wasn’t ready to shed. Still, I couldn’t say it. “Peter...” I kissed him with all the tenderness I found in my heart and said, “the tub is about to spill.” “Oh, shit.” He jerked away from me, turned the water off and unplugged the tub, then hugged me again with wet hands. “All we need is time, Jade. You’ll see this love is real.
Denyse Cohen (Witch's Soulmate)
You are a spitfire of a woman, do you know that? You remind me of a horse that hasn't been broken yet. All skittish and full of wild energy." "Are you for real?" Her jaw fell open. "Did you just compare me to a horse?
Sara Humphreys (The Good, the Bad, and the Vampire (Dead in the City, #4))
Saw a show on Discovery Channel that talked about how energy and matter can't be destroyed. It can only change and that got me thinking that maybe there is something more than just this life. Dying might just be a transformation of energy.
Joshua Jones (The Cell)
As the soil of a garden is richer and as the harvest of the garden bears healthier nourishment from the decay of leaf matter and banana peel and egg shell and human hair and chicken bone and fireplace ash, so the accumulation of death in teh ground of a city implants therein energies and powers.
Tim Gilmore
There won’t be any rat brains in Haven. Put that image out of your mind. We’re completely self-sufficient in energy and water and food. The refugees will put some strain on us but we have enormous reserves. Mac, Nick, and I are used to military planning and—well, we planned for a siege right from the start.” Oh no. Her breath blocked in her chest. Her hand slid from his and her back hit the chairback with a thud. “You knew this was coming?” she whispered. The words would barely come out between numb lips. “You knew and you didn’t stop it?” He grabbed her hand back. “No, God no. We didn’t plan for this. For a massive outbreak of a deadly virus, no.
Lisa Marie Rice (Breaking Danger (Ghost Ops, #3))
Paranormal experiences are just energy manifesting itself in some way: a flashlight flickering on when you haven’t pressed the button; a vision during an electrical storm; your cell phone ringing, and no one on the other end of the line. A surge of energy pulsed through networks to give me a message—I just can’t tell who’s sent it.
Jodi Picoult (Leaving Time)
Jenny sensed the energy of the cosmos. It was like a harmonious orchestra vibrating the universe into existence.' Broken Mirror by Oliver Rixon
Oliver Rixon (Broken Mirror)
Her music ran through him with electric energy, more joyous than anything he could remember and more painful than silver.
Thea Harrison (Spellbinder (Moonshadow, #2))
I had lost my connection with the universal energy and gained in its place precognition, visions, and a healing gift I could not control.
Deborah Blake (Dangerously Divine (Broken Riders, #2))
Alana's eyes fell shut. She'd always thought that the Great Energy was the most peaceful place to be, but being held by Robin brought her a contentment she hadn't thought possible. I'm home.
Jae (Good Enough to Eat (The Vampire Diet, #1))
I've been deflecting Calypso's blushes all day. I don't have the energy to deflect yours," he said through clenched teeth. "So either block or strip." -- The Twelfth House ~ The Elementals Book I
T.L. McCallan (The Twelfth House (The Elementals, #1))
Armani froze to the spot, unable to move. Her breath tightened in her lungs, shivers of awareness ran down her spine, the sudden energy zipping through her body announcing the shimmer of recognition.
Suzan Battah (BaSatai: Outside In # 1)
Think of mental energy as broadcasting on a certain wavelength,” he tried to explain. “People with powers of the mind can tap into that wavelength…” “That’s all fine and good,” I nodded, “but evidently my transmitter is broken. Or much more likely…I never had one in the first place.” “Ah, yes,” he nodded unenthusiastically, “and your nose is mounted upside-down.” “Excuse me?” My forehead creased. “I do wish you would quit contradicting me,” he let out a tired sigh. “It’s insulting…and highly annoying.
M.A. George (Relativity (Proximity, #2))
I took a deep breath and kept my focus fixed on her. "Making me chase you wouldn't be a good idea right now, flower," I stated, fully aware of my Wolf. "No, it wouldn't, but you need to stay over there," she said firmly. My brow furrowed. "Why?" "Because, if you come near me, I will want to kiss you," she said, nibbling her lower lip the way I wanted to. "Well good, because I want to kiss you too." I moved back the way I had come, and so did she. "Clare—" "No, not good." She shook her head. "Kissing leads to touching, or grinding, or"—she shuddered as her energy suggestively brushed against mine— "or petting, and almost stripping.
Elizabeth Morgan (She-Wolf (Blood, #0.5)))
spirits are composed of weak energy and are not capable of manifesting themselves into sound or sight until they come in contact with a greater amount of energy that they can borrow or take altogether. The presence of an energy source gives them the ability to manifest as sight or sound. This is key to understanding the paranormal.
Zak Bagans (Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew)
There have been times during my life when I have wish to be a boy again, not to have the energy and perfect health of youth, but know once more the innocence and the delight in even the smallest of things that we often fail to feel full strength as the years drift by. What is easy to forget, however, until you apply yourself to the task of memory, is that childhood is a time of fear, as well; some of those fears are reasonable, others irrational and inspired by a sense of powerlessness in a world where often power over others seems to be what drives so many of our fellow human beings. In the swoon of childhood, the possibility of werewolves is as real as the school yard shooter, the idea of vampires as credible as the idea of a terrorist attack, the neighbor possessing paranormal talents as believable as a psychopath.
Dean Koontz (The City (The City, #1))
It is the sheer weight of the robot that makes us feel we are living in a ‘wooden world’. We can see for example that the moment Ouspensky or Ward returned from the mystical realm of perfect freedom and found themselves ‘back in the body’ they once again found themselves saddled with all their boring old habits and worries and neuroses, all their old sense of identity built up from the reactions of other people, and above all the dreary old heaviness, as if consciousness has turned into a leaden weight. This is the sensation that made the romantics feel that life is a kind of hell — or at the very least, purgatory. Yet we know enough about the robot to know that this feeling is as untrustworthy as the depression induced by a hangover. The trouble with living ‘on the robot’ is that he is a dead weight. He takes over only when our energies are low. So when I do something robotically I get no feedback of sudden delight. This in turn makes me feel that it was not worth doing. ‘Stan’ reacts by failing to send up energy and ‘Ollie’ experiences a sinking feeling. Living becomes even more robotic and the vicious circle effect is reinforced. Beyond a certain point we feel as if we are cut off from reality by a kind of glass wall: suddenly it seems self-evident that there is nothing new under the sun, that all human effort is vanity, that man is a useless passion and that life is a horrible joke devised by some demonic creator. This is the state I have decribed as ‘upside-downness’, the tendency to allow negative emotional judgements to usurp the place of objective rational judgements. Moreover this depressing state masquerades as the ‘voice of experience’, since it seems obvious that you ‘know’ more about an experience when you’ve had it a hundred times. This is the real cause of death in most human beings: they mistake the vicious circle effects of ‘upside-downness’ for the wisdom of age, and give up the struggle.
Colin Wilson (Beyond the Occult: Twenty Years' Research into the Paranormal)
Through paranormal investigation and communication with the souls of the deceased, you can add unwritten pages in history books through the voices that lived it. If you know what they went through emotionally then you’re putting your body and soul on the same historical plane with them. You are calibrating yourself to their time and spiritual energy. By knowing the history you can develop ways to get better evidence. You can think of paranormal investigation as a metal detector and the history is the battery. Without history to power you, finding treasure is nearly impossible.
Zak Bagans (Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew)
What'a wrong, Villa? Man, you look like shit!" Ramirez said from the driver's seat. The laughter in his voice only added to her misery. Great, now they were going to turn her into the butt of their jokes. Not bothering to reply, she lifted her hand and extended the middle finger. She was too tired to tell him to fuck off. A loud smack drew her attention. "What the hell was that for?" Ramirez complained, rubbing a hand over the back of his head, a deep frown creasing his forhead. "She does not look like shit."Trent growled, turned toward her, and winked. "She looks like Sleeping Beauty." "Yeah, um, I don't remember Sleeping Beauty looking like she got run over by the prince in the story." Slap. Her lips quirked, and a smile broke free. She knew what trent was doing, and she appreciated him for it. Fatique beat at her muscles. However , she was so horny that if Trent let her hump his leg, she'd find the energy from somewhere. "What the hell, you know I'm the one driving. Cut it out. I'm sorry, Villa. You know I still think you're hot." Slap. Erica swallowed the laughter threatening to choke her. "Now what?" Ramirez protested. "I said she looks hot." "I know, that's why I hit you." Trent sounded annoyed. "Oh man, you're in deep shit, bro. Seriously, I know you like her and all, but are you blind? Poor Villa might be hot but she looks like she hasn't slept in a week." He grinned at her through the mirror.
Milly Taiden (Wolf Protector (Federal Paranormal Unit, #1))
A rush of cold air blew against his face as he left her bakery. While he walked, Kaden tried to convince himself the date wasn't a big deal, but it was. The nervous energy swirling in his stomach gave him away. He'd never been on a date. Ever. He had met his wife the day they were bonded. He wasn't even sure of the proper protocol for a human date. His brothers had one-night stands, not dates. There was no way he could ask them. They'd never let him live it down. Perhaps he could find the answer on Google? With all he had learned since his arrival, he was confident he could figure this out. Besides, this was a date with Annabelle - the one human he had made a connection with. After everything they had been through, taking her out on a date should be easy. What could possibly go wrong?
Stacey O'Neale (Under His Skin (Alien Encounters, #1))
Electromagnetism is the force that causes the interaction of electrically charged particles in our world, which takes place in an electrically charged field. Other than gravity, nothing affects our existence more than electromagnetism. Electric fields, electric currents, generators, motors, batteries, transformers, magnetic fields, magnets, and the magnetosphere that surrounds the Earth are all forms of electromagnetism. It’s the force responsible for holding electrons and protons together in atoms, so it’s a building block for molecules and all life as we know it. If there’s one constant relationship in paranormal research it’s the connection between EMF and spirits, either intelligent or residual. Almost every time paranormal activity happens, there is an increase in EMF, so it’s imperative that we understand how it works with spirits and their energy. The leading theory is that ghosts emit electromagnetic energy and cause spikes in electromagnetic fields (EMF). The common belief is that they gather energy in and send EMF out. So there is a directly proportional relationship between spirits and EMF and a simultaneous inversely proportional relationship between spirits and available energy.
Zak Bagans (Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew)
I thought a lot about death. My death. I got used to the idea of dying. I always imagined it’d be peaceful, with slow-motion scenes and a nice background melody… like in a movie. But I was wrong. I was lost in the eerie quiet. It was cold and dark. My hair floated lightly in the air. No, not in the air, but in the water. Water surrounded me from every side. Frozen water that seemed to burn in my lungs. I was drowning and couldn’t breathe. I tried to swim. Desperately, I kicked my legs and waved my hands, but I wasn’t able to reach the surface. I felt all my energies slowly leave me. It was too dark, and I was tired, but I didn’t want to give up. I didn’t want to die. I tried to push harder with my feet, hoping to feel something solid underneath me, but there was nothing but the fluctuating light and darkness. It swallowed me and I didn’t know what to do. I had always been afraid of two things in my life, water and darkness, so I wondered how the hell I had ended up here. My head was spinning due to the lack of oxygen. I kept fighting, but every cell in my body screamed to let it go. I had to breathe, so I opened my mouth and inhaled strongly. Water came into my lungs, but it had stopped hurting. I no longer felt anything when my body became numb and the darkness devoured me.
A.C. Pontone (Flames of Truth (The Lost Fae, #1))
Time changed in an instant. One minute, you’re drinking a beer with your friends, talking about the increasingly scary storm outside; the next, you’re flying through the air with your body slamming into the nearest wall when lightning strikes. Or rather, when lightning strikes inside the room and hits you and six of your friends dead center. Eliana Sawyer’s life changed the moment she felt the energy of the gods ricochet through her body. The world as she knew it became grey, and the things that went bump in the night became all too real. The paranormal world wasn’t that of fiction anymore; now, she lived it. The way she saw the world, the way she saw life and fate changed. She couldn’t plan a future the same way she had. She couldn’t fall in love the way she’d thought to in the past. After the lightning strike, six of her friends had found out the hard way what happened when they fell in love with someone paranormal—they became paranormal themselves. Now, years later, here Eliana was—alone, all too human, and on the outside looking in. Of course, she wasn’t that alone anymore. She never would be again. While her friends had fallen for angels, demons, dragons, and wolves, she’d fallen for a mere human. A human that had taken her heart and shattered it into a thousand pieces, all the while leaving her with nothing but an echo of what he had once been, what they had once been together. That wasn’t the only thing he’d left her with. He’d also left the life currently growing in her womb.
Carrie Ann Ryan (Prowled Darkness (Dante's Circle, #7))
Everything is energy.
Alyson Noel
Emma, you have lived before…in other lifetimes.” I was waiting for him to burst into laughter and tell me this was some ridiculous prank. Where was he going with this? “I have been reincarnated?” “Yes, several times. You accidently breathed in God’s energy at an Egyptian temple and that energy never dies.” I sat there staring blankly, wondering if I had fallen in love with a mad man. “Emma, your soul is confused…” “Between?” “Being human and being God
Melanie Sovran Wolfe (The Last Life of Emma Taylor)
Energy was something we all understood, since magic was energy. Invoking the name of something was giving it a chance to worm its way into your life. I wanted the energy in this house to be pure and strong. “Okay,
C.J. Archer (The Paranormal 13)
As a demigod - Fen cleared his throat - "I am flush with power. My power can be transformed into the kind of energy you need to feed." As he spoke, his eyes sparked with something feral that sent shivers racing down my spine. "It can happen from touch, kissing, but the greatest source is during the act of..." Ohmygodsinheaven. "Sex? Are you referring to sex?"... "My power becomes concentrated for... a very brief moment. It's all about the transfer of energy from one body to another." He looked wildly uncomfortable. "All who live in Asgard know this already. I've never had to explain it to someone." His semen packs a punch?
Amanda Carlson (Struck (Phoebe Meadows, #1))
Heat radiated from him, penetrating her like the sun warming her on hot midsummer days. It coiled inside her, low in her belly, and sank lower. She recognized it, the magic between lovers. Intoxicating and intense. An all-consuming attraction. The air between them shimmered with energy, an irresistible force connecting them.
Lisa Carlisle (Knights of Stone: Mason (Highland Gargoyles, #1))
But, could it also be that when you feel passionate about something and make an intention known, your thoughts, words, and energy begin to create that possibility? 
REBECCA GENESIS (Ghost Seer: True Scary and Mysterious Stories From My Strange and Paranormal Life)
Thoughts and feelings are made of real energy.  They are powerful.  Bad intentions can create bad events, that’s how curses work. 
REBECCA GENESIS (Ghost Seer: True Scary and Mysterious Stories From My Strange and Paranormal Life)
had heard about shadow people. And nothing I had heard was good. They seemed to be very dark and malevolent energies. No one knows exactly what they are or why they
Melissa George (The True Haunting of a Paranormal Investigator)
Yes, unfortunately in our modern culture we’ve neglected our spiritual health. When our spirit, with its stores of energy, becomes ill, so to speak, from the way we live, the choices we make; When we actually damage our spirit, it bleeds and is vulnerable to these creatures feeding on it.” “How horrible.” “Yes, and once they find a weakness, they seldom leave until it’s repaired.
Evelyn Klebert (The House at Pritchard Place (Breslin Family Tales of the Supernatural #3))
It took her all her energy to sit up on her bed and take a couple of bong hits before deciding which mask to wear for the outside world.
Lali A. Love (The De-Coding of Jo: Hall of Ignorance (Ascending Angel Academy, #1))
The stranded Daoine Sidhe knights of the Dark Court gathered at the ring of ancient standing stones under the pale light of the harvest moon. Whenever the Daoine Sidhe gathered, they raised the natural energies of the world around them.
Thea Harrison (Moonshadow (Moonshadow, #1))
That’s because I work with energy, and you get back what you put out into the world. Do you understand?
Wendy Wang (Witch in Retrograde: Midlife Spirit Guides Paranormal Women's Fiction)
Many apparently paranormal phenomena and amazing deeds attributed to supernatural powers can be partly explained - as Alexandra David-Neel herself pointed out - as the effects of mental training. Through concentration an extraordinary force can be developed which produces a form of energy.
Tiziana Baldizzone (Tibet: Journey to the Forbidden City : Retracing the Steps of Alexandra David-Neel)
I Am A Scientist (Sonnet 1026) You may believe in psychics, I don't need to, I am a scientist. You may believe in astrology, I don't need to, I am a scientist. You may believe in tarot and reiki, I don't need to, I am a scientist. You may believe in energy healing, I don't need to, I am a scientist. You may believe in angels and spirits, I don't need to, I am a scientist. You may believe in life after death, I don't need to, I am a scientist. So long as you don't practice hate, I stand here with my hand stretched out. Will you hold it despite differences, Or do you hate me for voicing reason out loud!
Abhijit Naskar (Her Insan Ailem: Everyone is Family, Everywhere is Home)
I have not like other girls energy. My ancestors were faeries. I’m a hybrid creature. Of course I don’t fit in.
Camilla Evergreen (Falling in Love with My Vampire Cat (That's [Para]Normal #1))
Idealism is materialism upside down. It proposes that all that exists is pure consciousness. Everything in the physical world, all matter and energy, are emergent properties of consciousness. In its more radical form, it asserts that the entire physical world is a mind-generated illusion, somewhat like the virtual world in the movie The Matrix. Idealism runs into a miracle if it proposes that out of ephemeral nonphysical consciousness there emerges a hard, physical world. How does that happen? Once emerged, is it still connected to mind or does it go on its merry way? On the other hand, if it proposes that everything is an imaginary projection of consciousness, then the miracle is that everyone other than me is also a part of my imagination. Does that mean I still have to pay taxes? Panpsychism is the fourth main worldview. It acknowledges that mind and matter are quite real, but it also proposes that these elements of reality are inseparable and go all the way down to elementary particles and “below,” and also all the way up to the universe and beyond. The idea of a complementary relationship, where something is “both/and” rather than “either/or,” is a core concept within quantum theory. Light, for example, behaves both as a wave and as a particle, depending on how you look at it. The advantage of panpsychism is that no miracles are required to account for how matter can be sentient, or how mind can have physical consequences. It is both/and. But all is not completely rosy. The trouble with panpsychism is called the binding problem. This means that if all matter is already sentient, then every atom of your body, your cells, and your organs should also be sentient. Why then is your sense of self a unity and not a multitude? What binds it all together so that the “I” within you experiences just one self rather than trillions of tiny selves? Dealing with the New Story One of the more interesting takes on the developing new story of reality has been proposed by Rice University’s Jeffrey Kripal, who, as a scholar of comparative religion, has explored the core themes of his discipline—the sacred, the paranormal, the supernormal, the mystical, and the spiritual—in a direction that few academics have dared to tred.80 He views the intense popular interest in the paranormal as more than a mere fascination with fictional miracles, but rather as a sign of the original meaning of fascination—a bewitching accompanied simultaneously by awe and terror. He defines “psychic phenomena” as “the sacred in transit from a traditional religious register into a modern scientific one,” and the sacred as what the German theologian and historian of religions Rudolf Otto meant, that is, a particular structure of human consciousness that corresponds to a palpable presence, energy, or power encountered in the environment.
Dean Radin (Supernormal: Science, Yoga and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities)
I’ve discovered that much of the activity attributed to poltergeists actually happens around teenagers and menopausal women. It turns out that their increased hormonal energy floods the atmosphere with estrogen or testosterone in an uncontrolled manner, which can manifest in what appears to be ghostly or paranormal activity.
Sylvia Browne (Sylvia Browne: Accepting the Psychic Torch)
I was flipping back and forth between do and don't quicker than they were serving up flapjacks down at the diner, he was getting closer to me.... close enough that I could smell him.... smell the heat that he threw off and that other certain energy that was pouring off of him right now at levels I'd not seen since Chernobyl. If I didn't move soon, I'd be in trouble... or ecstasy.
Donna Augustine (Fated (Karma, #3))
way that you see me? Broken heart that won’t lay down Is this the way you would be free? To take your life without a sound Is this the way that it should be? It’s not the same without you around…oh no-o-o…   It gave me frigging goose bumps. Seriously, I thought I might start crying like I had in college, so I pinched my arm hard enough to leave a bruise. Hearing two extremely talented people—world class musicians—perform my creation to such perfection with such inspired passion… well, frankly, it made me much more grateful to be alive. Not to mention it crushed any remaining doubts I had as far as holding our own against the very best talent the non-country music industry has to offer. Our rehearsal was one of the best we’ve ever had. High energy and inspired play… I thought we better have a frigging shower in our dressing rooms at our upcoming gig if we performed anywhere near this level. We were sweating like pigs, man, but someone told me once that pigs don’t sweat. At least not like us.
Aiden James (Deadly Night (NashVegas Paranormal Book 1))
The prevailing theory in the paranormal community is that a person’s energy remains intact and either moves to a new plane (heaven or hell) or resides in the physical plane with us, which causes what we call a haunting. It is this wandering energy that still knows who it is with which we try to make contact.
Zak Bagans (Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew)
The source can even be us. Humans store energy. It’s a fact. And because no sighting of a spirit can happen without a human observer present, it’s assumed that ghosts borrow the energy of the living to build strength and make their presence known through sight or sound. It’s why people sometimes feel suddenly lethargic or the hairs on their arms and neck stand up. It’s a physical response to their personal energy being gathered by ghosts and almost always precedes a paranormal encounter.
Zak Bagans (Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew)
It’s important to understand this principle because most paranormal investigations rely on it—in order to manifest itself into sight or sound, a spirit has to pull together all its dissipated energy to make a human form and/or language and many times has to borrow energy from another source to complete the process
Zak Bagans (Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew)
Another paranormal theory is that energy left behind by a living person leaves an imprint on the universe the same way a paintbrush stroke leaves a mark on a canvas. We are all made of energy. We’ve established that. Now let’s take it a step further and ask, “what it’s the universe made of?” Imprint Theory states that everything in the universe is stored on a repository field the same way a computer chip stores data. This field is the very fabric of the universe and everything, including you and I, make an imprint of our energy on that field. As you read this book, you’re making an imprint on the field. Therefore when a person encounters an apparition, he or she is actually getting a glimpse of that person on the field from another time. So the receiver of the paranormal energy is accessing another level of reality.
Zak Bagans (Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew)
I believe supercharged emotions have some sort of reaction with the universe that everyday life does not. We know that fear causes a release of adrenaline and gives the body the energy and strength it needs to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles (if you’re into comic books—remember Dr. Bruce Banner and his work to release the body’s inner strength that resulted in him becoming the Incredible Hulk?). When the human body is in peril and is afraid for its own survival, it becomes flooded with emotions that can leave a lasting impression on the very fabric of space and time. These emotional hotpots could validate imprint theory and be the places where paranormal activity occurs.
Zak Bagans (Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew)
There might some truth to this, since ghosts fade over time. There are few, if any, spirits that can be attributed to cavemen or ancient civilizations like Rome or Greece. In fact, it’s difficult to find any spirits that can be attributed to a living person more than five hundred years old. So why do they fade away? Could it be that the water in the building that they occupy is evaporating slowly and taking their memory with it? If this is true, then maybe bodies of water (rivers, lakes, or moats) are storing the residual energy of the living as well. We know that EMF increases around water, so with a dedicated study, we may be able to show that the top 500 most haunted places in the world are on or near a body of water and therefore have a relationship to paranormal activity.
Zak Bagans (Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew)
Infrasound and resonance may play an even bigger role in the paranormal than EMF because everything vibrates, all the way down to the subatomic level, and everything has its own signature resonant frequencies. We are ultra sensitive to shifts and changes in not only our own natural resonant frequencies, but also those in our immediate environment. How many times have you gotten a “good vibe” off of someone you share things in common with? Solar activity, geomagnetic storms, and the phases of the moon also affect ghost activity. We know that spirits needs energy to manifest, so it would stand to reason that when the air is charged with electricity (like after a lightning storm or during a solar flare) they have more opportunity to gather strength to be seen or heard.
Zak Bagans (Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew)
My grizzly bear shakes his head and huffs out a breath.
He’s full of energy. The beast has been waiting for this all day.
But the energy feels different than it usually does. It’s more intense.
He’s always been a savage brutal creature, but whereas before it was a primal, feral energy, now it feels focused and directed.
At finding her.
Olivia T. Turner (Bare for the Alpha (Ridge Brothers Bear Shifters, #1))
Scott allowed us to conduct a paranormal investigation of this property, and I invited one of the teams I am a member of, the Georgia Ghost Society, to take part in this one. We were also extremely lucky to have John Zaffis, world-renowned demonologist, with us. He is referred to as the “Godfather of the Paranormal,” having had around thirty-five years of experience with hauntings, demonic possessions and paranormal investigations. We found it interesting that we were allowed to conduct our investigation completely alone. None of the salon’s employees had any interest in being there at night, and we realized then how serious they were about that. Drew Hester, co-director of the Georgia Ghost Society, recalls our investigation there that night: While running the baseline upstairs I had the Tri-Field Meter. Throughout the rest of the house turned salon, the baseline showed normal readings, but suddenly the meter went off the scale and we both jumped a little. Then it went down to normal. We looked at each other and shrugged it off assuming it was due to natural energy floating around. Then it happened again. This took place about 5 times, each time with about 30 to 45 seconds in between. Interestingly enough this correlated with what a sensitive had “felt” earlier that evening before we even entered the location, when she mentioned the feeling of a woman walking or pacing back and forth in the upstairs area. John Zaffis states: The salon investigation was one I went into not knowing the researchers at all yet, nor the history of the place, but it turned out to be a surprisingly good hunt that night. When the ghost came into the room upstairs with us, just about everybody had some type of experience with something. We encountered the most activity on the second floor and I know we had at least more than one ghost up there with us. We all walked away knowing that the building where Voila Salon operates out of was definitely haunted by several ghosts dating back many years.
Dianna Avena (Roswell: History, Haunts and Legends)
Patrick’s final message to Yvette was this: “My time in the in-between is done. I’m getting ready to transition and I’m happy and I’m okay. I want you to know that there is life beyond this, and you’re not going to see me again, like this, anymore.” What I want to consider with his entire final goodbye—the collective energy, the unfinished business, the clear message that life does exist beyond this one—is how Patrick’s story connects with what I am doing right now. I’m writing and you’re reading his story in his words. Maybe he even knew one day his story would be used in a bigger way so that it would affect more people than his one dear friend.
Adam Berry (Goodbye Hello: Processing Grief and Understanding Death through the Paranormal)