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it me, or do these names seem fabricated? Could you match each of these names with its literary mate or author? Rat Crancer (probably a gumshoe). Powder D. Coulter. Weymouth Crumpler (longtime friend of Little Miss Muffett). Pansy Hines. Donald Dumbleton (wouldn’t you know, he had a timothy-head screwdriver in his esophagus). Alice Dalrymple. Zadie Smallwood. Mrs. L. Stretch. Myrtle Yonders (sister of Thistle Near). Anna Skeen (I think she appears in Gertrude Stein’s Three Lives). Florabelle Sledge (an oxymoronish personage). Sister Mary Octave. Waldo Intermill. Evelyn Marie Loveless. Irma Erben (William Wilson’s cousin and Humbert Humbert’s wife). Linnwood Wheeloff (hadn’t Henry James made a place for him in The Americans?), and the incomparably unbelievable Sister Mary Pica—“pica” being the DSM-IV descriptor for disordered swallowing.
Mary Cappello (Swallow: Foreign Bodies, Their Ingestion, Inspiration, and the Curious Doctor Who Extracted Them)
She is, by all accounts, a more qualified adulteress—the Myrtle Wilson to Brooke’s Daisy Buchanan. Unsuspecting roadkill.
Beck Dorey-Stein (From the Corner of the Oval)