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She's a fucking rat trying to humiliate a queen...She's nothing
Cora Reilly (Bound by Honor (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, #1))
She was mine. She was all fucking mine.I was the king of the jungle, and the woman beside me was my queen.
J.J. McAvoy (Ruthless People (Ruthless People, #1))
So I'm not just going to manage a casino, I'll also be a bordello queen.
Cora Reilly (Bound by Duty (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, #2))
Being a part of the Mafia was like being in a chess game where you had no idea if you were the queen or a pawn, until it was too late, until you lost the entire game or until you won.
Rachel Van Dyken (Elicit (Eagle Elite, #4))
Don’t act like some quiet mouse, Viviana. Don’t stand at my side with your head tucked down in those pretty dresses I buy you. Don’t be the weak little mafia princess your momma said you’d have to be. That’s not what I want—not what I need. Stand straight, meet their stare, and be my fucking queen.
Luca shook his head, his eyes reverent as they trailed over me. “You were born to be a queen.
Cora Reilly (Bound by Love (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, #6))
Fame, power,money,love. The moon, the stars, the whole galaxy. Give it to me.My fetish is domination; not of men, not of my self, of everything. A shiver goes up my spine when I watch other bow their head, In my previous life I must have been a born great queen
J.J. McAvoy (Vicious Minds (Children of Vice, #4))
Do not ever try to tell me you weren’t made for this life, that you weren’t born to rule as a queen.
Mila Finelli (Mafia Darling (The Kings of Italy, #2))
Groaning, he gripped his fists in the wild stuff. “Contessa.God, Contessa.” She straightened, changing the angle, changing the pleasure. She shook her hair back and undulated. She was a contessa.A princess.No,a queen.
Christie Ridgway (An Offer He Can't Refuse (The Wisegirls, #1))
How does it feel knowing the only need I’ll have for you is your cock?” Bravo. The Tess from the first day we met would’ve cowered in my presence and flinched at a fly, but the woman sitting next to me has become a true mafia queen. She’s learned to stand up for herself.
Michelle Heard (Taken by a Sinner (Sinners #1))
Fucking hell,” he grunts while driving deep inside me. “Your cunt is so hot, so tight, so warm. I could live in here until I die and be completely and utterly happy.
Siobhan Davis (Vengeance of a Mafia Queen)
Dear God. The daughter of a Mafia don is having an affair with the Latino pool boy. We’re a telenovela.
J.T. Geissinger (Brutal Vows (Queens & Monsters, #4))
That the female of the species is deadlier than the male. —Rudyard Kipling
S. Hussain Zaidi (Mafia Queens of Mumbai)
She has seen the good, the bad and the ugly, and yet her dreams still seem far from being realised.
S. Hussain Zaidi (Mafia Queens of Mumbai)
Massino’s crew stashed stolen expensive men’s suits in a warehouse in the Corona section of Queens, and propelled the clothes on a rope line attached to a haberdashery across the street whenever customers showed up for a cut-rate sale.
Selwyn Raab (Five Families: The Rise, Decline, and Resurgence of America's Most Powerful Mafia Empires)
The Mafia’s involvement with gay bars is ironic on so many levels. Macho guys ruled gangland but supported a subculture for nelly queens. Most mobsters were evil sociopaths motivated only by financial self-interest but nevertheless were doing a good thing in providing social spaces for the gay community. The mob was on the wrong side of the liquor laws by serving gay folk but on the right side of the 14th Amendment in arguing for equal protection. The Mafia exploited an oppressed community but advanced the gay cause.
Phillip Crawford Jr. (The Mafia and the Gays)
punch everyone else who got a glimpse of her creamy skin. We had just finished unloading the last of her boxes, and I’d come up to make sure she was settling in all right. My eyes strayed to the queen size bed on the far wall, it was a far cry from the oversized king in my bedroom, but it was still tempting as hell. Especially since Sophia was spending the night with her Nonna. “Gianna.” She yelped, jumping to her feet and spinning around. Her hand flew to her chest, drawing my attention to her incredible tits as they lifted and fell with her rapid breathing. “Jiminy Crickets, Nic! You scared the heck out of me!” I chuckled and shook my head as I prowled toward her. She was too fucking adorable and I never wanted her to change. Well, with the exception of bringing out the inner tigress I knew would be there in the bedroom.
Fiona Davenport (Deception (Mafia Ties, #1))
It's obvious he was waiting for me to approach him. I smother an internal laugh. As if I would ever lower myself to such a travesty. Men crawl to me when I beckon them. It’s never the other way around.
Siobhan Davis (Vengeance of a Mafia Queen)
What a shame you are already married,” he says. Stalling with my hand curled around the door handle, I look over my shoulder at him, arching a brow as my curiosity is piqued. “If you were single, I would marry the fuck out of you.
Siobhan Davis (Vengeance of a Mafia Queen)
I came out tonight determined not to agree to this marriage. Now, I want to throw her over my shoulder and frog-march her to the nearest church.
Siobhan Davis (Vengeance of a Mafia Queen)
Mia amata. That is the last time you’ll ever suggest I am weak. Don’t make me demonstrate how I am the complete opposite because I don’t want to hurt you. Challenge me, and you won’t like it. That I guarantee.
Siobhan Davis (Vengeance of a Mafia Queen)
I’d read a book about a mountain man once though. He was a mafia prince who’d gone into hiding because of the things he’d found out about himself and he’d sure made being a mountain man sound hot. He’d found a girl up there on that mountain and had torn down heaven and earth to get revenge against the people who had hurt her. The sex had been pretty damn hot too. So maybe Saint could pull off the mountain man thing with the right bit of encouragement. If Nicoli could do it in Beautiful Savage, then why not my OCD criminal mastermind too?
Caroline Peckham (Queen of Quarantine (Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep, #4))
I ain't no princess. I'm a motherfucking queen
Billie Lustig (Lush Rebel (The Sisters of Sin #1))
There were a number of books about (the mafia) at the time, but there were no books that I could tell from the point of view of a really little guy. A new book would be from the point of view of a little guy who’s basically like a solider in Napoleon’s army. And it gives you a very interesting look at the army if you get it from a G.I. That’s how I thought of Henry, as a G.I. in a little crew in Queens. See they never even got to Manhattan! You notice
They killed my goombah,” Baldo Amato wept to Vitale, who had quickly arranged for a sit-down for the two at the Blue Bay Dinner on Frances Lewis Blvd., in Queens, New York.
Dominick Cicale (Inside the Last Great Mafia Empire (Cosa Nostra News: The Cicale Files, Volume 1))
Then the old man said something that set the ground for the change that would occur in Ashraf s life: ‘Don’t you want to take revenge?
S. Hussain Zaidi (Mafia Queens of Mumbai)
Ayaz was impressed with the team of brain and brawn that Papamani had gathered around her.
S. Hussain Zaidi (Mafia Queens of Mumbai)
My wife is in the heroin business and I am not on good terms with her,’ Devendra said. Jayshree, who was also upset with her mother’s attempts to keep her away from her lover and force her into the drug trade, also decided to stand witness against her. Papamani was finally convicted and put behind bars in 2004. It was ironic that the two people for whom Papamani earned turned against her. While she had so many followers, none of them were in her family.
S. Hussain Zaidi (Mafia Queens of Mumbai)
Her only defence for shifting religious loyalties was that she was very spiritually inclined.
S. Hussain Zaidi (Mafia Queens of Mumbai)
As journalists the first lesson we learnt was not to sit on judgment but raise questions.
S. Hussain Zaidi (Mafia Queens of Mumbai)
Every life I take, I give to you. I will bathe in the blood of any man who tries to come for you, for our family.
Mink (His Virgin Queen)
that. Being a Gambino was a game of chess. I had to make my moves while my queen was protected.
Liliana Rhodes (Capo (Made Man, #2))
Jenabai knew how much it must have cost Mastan to admit his helplessness in resolving the issue. He was always conscious of his public image—perhaps because he was defensive about his lack of education—and hated to appear anything but wise.
S. Hussain Zaidi (Mafia Queens of Mumbai)
Come sit next to me, Miss Keller. I want to have a look at you.” Oh, no, the king of the Russian mafia knows my name. This is so not good.
J.T. Geissinger (Savage Hearts (Queens & Monsters, #3))
It's written all over your face, Juliet. Mafia Romeo has sexed you on every horizontal surface in the house, and now you're glowing with happiness.
J.T. Geissinger (Ruthless Creatures (Queens & Monsters, #1))
You knew Stavros was in the mafia, didn't you?" "Sort of? It's not like they make a big production out of it. Nobody's going around wearing lapel pins that say, 'mafioso.' Or whatever the word is in Russian.
J.T. Geissinger (Ruthless Creatures (Queens & Monsters, #1))
The blood that runs in my veins is pure mob royalty. I am Phoenix Kovalyov, son of Artem and Esme Kovalyov, the reigning king and queen of the Los Angeles-based Kovalyov Bratva. Nephew to Cillian and Kian O’Sullivan, dons of Ireland’s O’Sullivan mafia clan.
Nicole Fox (Ripped Veil (Ripped Bratva, #1))
I may not be the mafia boss, but I am the Killer King, and no one… No… One… will touch my queen!
E.R. Hendricks (Joker)
He’s fast asleep, clutching a teddy bear I’ve never seen before. Curious, I extricate the bear from his grip and turn it over in my hands. There are words stitched into the paw and I narrow my eyes, struggling to read them. With love, from Dad.
Nicole Fox (Corrupted Queen (Belluci Mafia #2))
You’re right!” I snap. “I should have stayed so you and I could raise Harry together like a happy little family, and one day when he was older we could sit down and tell him the heartwarming story of how you murdered his grandfather in cold blood.” I glower at him. “Doesn’t that sound nice?
Nicole Fox (Corrupted Queen (Belluci Mafia #2))
That’s what I thought,” Gabriel says, and I can hear the smirk in his voice. “You’ll always be mine, Alexis.
Nicole Fox (Corrupted Queen (Belluci Mafia #2))
It is not the wise man’s job to care what he looks like while he shovels shit to put out the fire,” Vito calls back to me.
Nicole Fox (Corrupted Queen (Belluci Mafia #2))
I think about marrying Gabriel for real and I decide it is the most ridiculous suggestion I’ve ever heard.
Nicole Fox (Corrupted Queen (Belluci Mafia #2))
I pull Alexis across my lap, cradling her to my chest like I used to when we were lovers. Before all the ugliness. I am surprised to find that not only does she let me hold her, but she cuddles in against my chest and buries her face in my shirt. I rest my lips against the crown of her head and breathe in her flowery scent.
Nicole Fox (Corrupted Queen (Belluci Mafia #2))
And Alexis, I suspect that you’re the yin to my yang.” His brow furrows. “I need you.
Nicole Fox (Corrupted Queen (Belluci Mafia #2))
Alexis rubs my back and presses her lips to my head. If I have never felt so much pain before, I have also never felt comfort like this either. Her warmth surrounds me. Encases me like a cocoon. I do not deserve this woman, but I can never let her go.
Nicole Fox (Corrupted Queen (Belluci Mafia #2))
When you are addicted to someone you will do anything for one more tase no matter how you get it
J.T. Geissinger (Brutal Vows (Queens & Monsters, #4))
You won’t ever hear a word about the past. I will treat your heart with care… as if it’s fragile, when it’s not. And I’ll love it as if it’s my own, because it is.
C.D. Reiss (Mafia Queen (The DiLustro Arrangement, #3))
I want to kiss her, but I don’t. Whatever happens next, she has to be the one who initiates it. I might be the king of the Russian mafia now, but my queen will always hold the most power. Only she can make or break me with a single word.
J.T. Geissinger (Ruthless Creatures (Queens & Monsters, #1))