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I have always been passionate about storytelling, and my fascination with mysteries started at a very young age. As a teenager I attempted my first novels, but it wasn't until adulthood, and parenthood in particular, that I rediscovered and cultivated my love of writing. There's nothing quite like tiny humans to inspire an encyclopaedia of anecdotes, and a long winter (followed by a global lockdown) to prompt the search for a new hobby and career. What could be more fun than imagining violent deaths, killing off interesting characters, and getting paid for it?
Hannah R. Kurz
Distractions are magical. Especially the kinds you call hobbies. They take your mind off all the inescapable toxicity and make you feel like there’s so much more to life than just paying credit card installments before due dates.
Anindita Das (What The Pandemic Learned From Me)
When you’re free more than you ever were, it’s natural to go a little crazy. So instead of fighting the lockdown, learn a new hobby. Be creative with your time.
Sarvesh Jain