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Best revenge? Smile, be happy and never let them know it hurt.
KARA Goo Hara
Number 1. If I say we're number 5, people will just feel sorry for us. I'd rather say we're number 1, even if fans criticize us.
KARA Park Gyuri
S.C. Leon (The Dark Side of a K-POP Idol -The untold truth- | BTS BlackPink Twice EXO PSY Monsta X)
Just —looking through the chocolate," I said as casually as I could.
Lucy Gold (Bias)
Frоm what K-pоp trainееs еndurе at thе start оf thеir "bооt camps" tо thе suicidе attеmpts, racism, and sеxual and physical assaults, thе truth abоut K-pоp stars and thеir industry is anything but glamоrоus
S.C. Leon (The Dark Side of a K-POP Idol -The untold truth- | BTS BlackPink Twice EXO PSY Monsta X)
I think beyond the superficial accolades, at its core, fans stream and buy albums and merchs, because they want to show that they acknowledge the hard work of the artists and their staff. The stream count, album sales and awards are tangible proof that the idols’ music is good. That they are popular. That they are better.
Arushi Raj (Understand K-pop: Deconstructing the Obsession and Toxicity in K-pop Stan Culture (Kiss, Kill, K-pop Book 1))
When he was barely 14, he auditioned on one of the most prestigious reality shows in South Korea, known as Superstar K. A show designed to find raw talent in the Korean music industry. The show achieved just that with the discovery of Jungkook. Interestingly, Jungkook did not win the show; neither was he part of the individuals who were selected. But his difference was evident to most of the individuals in the room, and before the show was over, he had received more than seven offers from seven different entertainment companies. The decision he made appeared to be the best decision he made all his life. He chose Big Hit Entertainment and started a 36-month training program with them.  Years later, he was quoted to have said that his present bandmate, Rap Monster, in the label was what influenced his decision.
S.C. Leon (BTS and Blackpink - The Kings and the Queens of K-POP | Kpop Info Book | Idol | Bias | Biography | Tours | Fun Facts | Profiles)
If that dinner was “not bad,” then I’m a K-pop idol.
Ali Hazelwood (Love on the Brain)
When we signed up to be idols, we signed away our right to be anything other than the perfect fantasy, an unattainable ideal. And that was a sacrifice I thought I would be happy to make, as long as I could live my dream of performing on a stage in front of fans. But love has a way of upending everything I thought I knew.
Erin Kay (Kosmic Heart)
Managеrs wеrе еvеn knоwn tо film thеir idоls' sеxual activitiеs and usе thе fооtagе against thеm
S.C. Leon (The Dark Side of a K-POP Idol -The untold truth- | BTS BlackPink Twice EXO PSY Monsta X)
Suonerà come un cliché, lo so, ma mi sembra veramente che sia passato solo un giorno da quando il mondo si fissò con quella canzone. Devo confessare che non mi piaceva. Tuttavia, non arriverei a dire che la odiavo. Non la calcolavo, e riconosco che mi dava fastidio quando la sentivo per la millesima volta mentre ero in giro. Anche se, tecnicamente, è stata la mia prima canzone K-pop, al tempo non avevo un’idea precisa di cosa fosse. Per me, era semplicemente una delle solite mode da social media che era andata troppo in là. E, come ogni altra moda, con il tempo “Gangnam Style” sarebbe sparita e avrebbe lasciato il posto ad altri tormentoni. Ma, senza che potessi immaginarlo, aveva posto le basi per qualcosa di più grande e permanente.
Arushi Raj (Alla Ricerca Di Holland: Quando la Musica è Speranza (Rose, Spine, K-pop, #2))
Tch, look at this shameless ssagaji behavior,” Madame Jung spits in disbelief, packing away her stones. “This is why of all the things I do for ShinBi, marketing idols is my least favorite task. I have to convince the public that you kids are special, deserving of worship and adoration … when in reality, idols—and the trainees who desperately want to be idols—are the losers of this country. Bottom of the barrel, like my youngest son—I had to pull strings just to get him a junior-level job at this company. Most idols are just empty-headed losers who never had hope of scoring in the top percentile on the national university entrance exam.
Stephan Lee (K-pop Confidential (K-pop Confidential, #1))
female idol who died last year, after being dropped by her company and harassed by trolls over nonsense “scandals.
Stephan Lee (K-pop Confidential (K-pop Confidential, #1))