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Diyar-e-Ishq Mein Apna Maqam Paida Kar, Naya Zamana, Naye Subah-o-Sham Paida Kar; Khuda Agar Dil-e-Fitrat Shanas De Tujh Ko, Sakoot-e-Lala-o-Gul Se Kalaam Paida Kar; Mera Tareeq Ameeri Nahin, Faqeeri Hai, Khudi Na Baich, Ghareebi Mein Naam Paida Kar Build in love’s empire your hearth and your home; Build Time anew, a new dawn, a new eve! Your speech, if God give you the friendship of Nature, From the rose and tulip’s long silence weave The way of the hermit, not fortune, is mine; Sell not your soul! In a beggar’s rags shine.
Muhammad Iqbal (Baal-e-Jibreel)
It is said by some Sûfîs that there is another great secret regarding Fatima. These Sûfîs say that she was a Prophet from the time of her father's death until the time of her death. After the Prophet's death, Fatima lived seventy-five days. During this time the Archangel Gabriel came to her and consoled her by telling her what her father was doing in the spiritual worlds, what his status was, and what would come about in the Islamic community after her death. Imam 'Ali wrote down what Fatima dictated to him. Her words were collected into what is known as the Mushaf.
Laurence Galian (Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess)
Jam’a mein afraad-e aalam ek hain Gul ke sab auraaq-e barham ek hain Howe kab wahdat mein kasrat se khalal Jism-o jaan go do hain per hum ek hain Nau-e insaan ki buzurgi se tuk ek Hazarat-e Jibreel mahram ek hain Daal hai us per hi Qur’an ka nuzool Baat ki fehmeed main hum ek hain Muttafiq aapas main hain ahl-e shuhood Dard aankhein dekh baaham ek hain
Anisur Rahman (Hazaron Khawaishen Aisi: The Wonderful World of Urdu Ghazals)