Inspirational Hypnotherapy Quotes

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I am billionaire bold bright omnipotent lively determined to go within to win opening my omnific eyes to realize wisdom innovation naturalizes… My cascading flow of financial love lavishly streams gold bars as I realize gold is intrinsic wealth as my intuitive imagination is my intrinsic innovations…
Robert A. Wilson (Holiday Wisdom)
Enjoy what you have, cherish the good times and savour everything life presents you. We can’t change the past… However, the future is a blank canvas, waiting for the paint, go create a masterpiece.
The Hypnotherapy Guy
My Best Healer means “YOU” are your own best healer. In medicine, we all know that we treat people but they heal themselves.
-Dr. Ezzat Moghazy
Self discovery is the best investment that you can make.
Michele Scholz-Evers (There's Always a Rainbow: It's the Thought that Matters)