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When everything is blocked off,' I was told by a dear friend who lives in Erfurt, "one must try to live in the interstices.' Apparently, the Christians of the Apocalypse, though they did not bear the sign of the beast, had discovered or created such spaces. From islands like these, true culture, Christian culture, may spread across the earth. Many people are athirst for it.
Hans Urs von Balthasar (Test Everything; Hold Fast to What Is Good)
Estaré loca pero por lo menos estoy actualizada, pensó. Tenía dos vidas y eso era mucho mejor que tener apenas media y cojear en picada. Y al final, qué importaba hacer el ridículo en Erfurt, nadie la estaba mirando y bien valía el cariño que obtenía a cambio.
Samanta Schweblin (Kentukis (Spanish Edition))
Following the resolutions passed at the Erfurt Conference, in October, 1891, all such laws as tended to limit freedom of speech and the right of combination are now abrogated; but what is the good of a free press so long as the Government is in possession of every printing establishment? What is the right of public meeting worth when every single meeting-hall belongs to the Government? True, the public halls, when not already engaged, may be taken by parties of all shades of politics for purposes of public meeting. Only, as it chances, it is just the various Opposition parties that invariably have such ill-luck in this way. As often as they want a hall or a room, they find it has been previously engaged, so they are unable to hold a meeting. The press organs of the Government are in duty bound to insert such election notices from all parties as are paid for as advertisements; but by an unfortunate oversight at the issue of the money-certificates, there were no coupons supplied for such particular purposes. The unpleasant result of this omission is a total lack of all funds with which to pay the expenses of an election. In this respect the Socialists were vastly better off under the old style. They then had large sums at their disposal, and it must be admitted they knew how to apply them judiciously.
Eugen Richter (Pictures of the Socialistic Future)
In the years 1889 and 1890, at the Ratsschul Library in Zwickau, about seventy-five miles east of Erfurt, someone came upon what turned out to be early fifteenth-century volumes that Luther had held and studied as a young monk. It was a spectacular find. Several of these books were works by Augustine. The marginal notes and other writing were confirmed as Luther’s own handwriting, so suddenly historians could know what he had underlined as he was reading.
Eric Metaxas (Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World)
They are overturning chests and tipping out their contents. They scatter across the floor, letters from Popes, letters from the scholars of Europe: from Utrecht, from Paris, from San Diego de Compostela; from Erfurt, from Strassburg, from Rome. They are packing his gospels and taking them for the king’s libraries. The texts are heavy to hold in the arms, and awkward as if they breathed; their pages are made of slunk vellum from stillborn calves, reveined by the illuminator in tints of lapis and leaf-green.
Hilary Mantel (Wolf Hall (Thomas Cromwell, #1))
Es bien sorprendente ver cómo la ideologia marxista desde Marx y Engels comenzando por el Manifiesto Comunista y subiendo hasta el Programa de Erfurt (especialmente Kautzky), y también los actuales mandatarios "socialistas", se detienen como a voz de mando ante los intereses del capital prestamista. La santidad del interés es el tabú.
Gottfried Feder (Das Manifest zur Brechung der Zinsknechtschaft des Geldes)
In London, Alexander knows, they like neither his sister nor himself. Society considers the Tsar silly and vain, a ballroom dancer with golden curls and a lorgnette up his sleeve, an aloof monarch who turns a deaf ear, as Napolean said of him at Erfurt, to anything he does not want to hear. In effect, when the Tsar turns an ear, it is only to favour the right, as he is quite deaf in the left. Yes, Alexander loves to dance, he is myopic, he turns a deaf ear. What of it?
Emma Richler (Be My Wolff)
Toward the middle of the fifteenth century a sizable group of German painters and printmakers reacted against the lingering influence of the so-called international or soft style--supple in form and idyllic in temperament--and adopted a new, sometimes brutal realism. In a few cases, as with Konrad Witz, the new style took the form of an unprecedented concern with presenting solid, blocky figures in simple, well-defined spaces. In the work of other artists such as the Master of the Karlsruhe Passion, the Master of the Erfurt Regler Altar, and Hans Multscher, the new style was characterized by expressionistic tendencies: intentional coarseness of form and ugly, uncouth and often dwarflike figure types.
Alan Shestack (Fifteenth Century Engravings of Northern Europe from the National Gallery of Art (Rosenwald Print Donation Catalogue, #2))
Its official platform, the so-called Erfurt Program, adopted in 1891, contended that the interests of the “bourgeois” state and the working class were irreconcilable and that, accordingly, workers had no stake in their nation: they owed loyalty only to their class. It reaffirmed the international unity of labor and the imminence of a revolution that would crush capitalism and the bourgeoisie around the globe.
Richard Pipes (Communism: A History (Modern Library Chronicles Series Book 7))
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