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This is the only film in which Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar acted together.
Anupama Chopra (100 Films to See before You Die)
Nanda remembers, "His face could express the tiniest of nuances with ease. If he was jealous, there would be a smirk on his face. If he was sad, his eyes reflected it immediately. I consider him the finest actor we have, along with Dilip Kumar.
Lata Khubchandani (Raj Kapoor: The Great Showman)
The whole meaning of life is in the atmosphere of a place, and if it goes, life goes.
Dilip Kumar
Those who are fortunate enough to die, die. But there is no other option for those of us who stay behind. We just have to keep on living.
Dilip Kumar
thought about it and concluded that I would go ahead with the venture since Shapoorji was confident about the movie’s success. The more I worked on the basic conflict in the script between the brother who has to uphold the law of the country and the brother who flees from the law, which favours the rich and the powerful and unjustly incriminates the poor and the defenceless, the more I felt it was time for me to make a picture that raised some critical issues about the people of rural India who had gained little from the country’s independence from foreign rule. The oppressed farmers and tillers
Dilip Kumar (Dilip Kumar: The Substance and the Shadow)
If I were to die now, it would be considered a hero's death. But this much I knew: that when the moment comes, there is no such thing as a hero's death. Death is nothing but death. In death's presence, I am certain to lose.
Dilip Kumar
However, in October 2010, the Government of India appointed a set of interlocutors—Dilip Padgaonkar, Radha Kumar and M.M Ansari—with the mission of taking the peace process further after due consultations with the several stakeholders in Jammu & Kashmir. Mr Dilip Padgaonkar was my colleague in the Kashmir Committee, but I do not have the pleasure of knowing the other two interlocutors personally. This does not detract from their stature or merit. Whispers around Delhi suggested that while the interlocutors were sincerely trying to talk to the people of J&K, they were scarcely talking to one another. This subsequently appears to have blown up into a full scale war, after it was discovered that two of the three interlocutors accepted hospitality from the ISI-funded Ghulam Nabi Fai to attend conferences in plush capitals of Europe and the US. Till date, the interlocutors have made no significant contribution to the peace process.
Madhubala Acted In More Films Than She Should Have!! (Dilip Kumar)
Manju Gupta (Madhubala: I Don't Want to Die... ("Popular Life Stories"))