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Anything that can be dreamt can be built, anyone that says otherwise is a fool.
Da Vinci's Demons
I believe man will fly and I base this assumption on the fact that God has blessed us with minds that are capable of imagining it. Anything that can be dreamt of will eventually be built. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool. (As quoted by a fictional Leonardo in DaVinci Demons)
Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci had gained his expertise in the human form by exhuming corpses and dissecting their musculature.
Dan Brown (Angels & Demons (Robert Langdon Book 1))
But you can't get mad Leo, when the stars don't move as quickly as you do.
David S.Goyer
We are one spinning orb, in a chaos of spinning orbs... just floating through the cosmos.
Da Vinci's Demons S1
False idols will appear from all around us, but the sin is not in their existence. The sin is in their worship
Da Vinci's Demons S1
One minute there's a flotilla, the next minute.. just flotsam and jetsam.
Da Vinci's Demons S1
Fix this? Can't you see what it is that you are asking me to fix? Who you are asking me to wage war against? How can I fight... Myself?
Da Vinci's Demons S1
What you seek is to be cleansed of shame. Ego and pride drew you to the sun. Borne aloft on wings of your own making, and yet when you fell.. it was everyone else who died.
Da Vinci's Demons S1
تمصمیم‌هایی که در گذشته گرفته‌ایم سازنده امرزومان‌اند
Dan Brown (Angels and Demons / The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon, #1-2))