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Sartre expresses the basic tenet of existentialism in this way: Existence precedes essence. In this statement he is taking existentia and essentia according to their metaphysical meaning, which from Plato's time on has said that essentia precedes existentia. Sartre reverses this statement. But the reversal of a metaphysical statement remains a metaphysical statement. With it he stays with metaphysics in oblivion of the truth of Being.
Martin Heidegger (Basic Writings)
. This is also true of Jean-Paul Sartre. Indeed, one of Sartre’s best-known literary works can be shown to embody Nietzsche’s ideas: the ethic of The Flies differs sharply from Sartre’s own Being and Nothingness, finished at the same time, and from his famous lecture, Existentialism Is a Humanism, but contains dozens of echoes of Nietzsche’s writings, and the central motifs of the play are Nietzschean.1
Friedrich Nietzsche (Basic Writings of Nietzsche)
Next time we will look at this from a much more basic point of view and one antedating all zoology, which, glimpsed only a little after my twentieth year, made write in those days that what is most valuable in man is his eternal and almost divine discontent, a discontent which is a kind of love without a beloved, and like an ache which we feel in members of our body that we do not have. Man is the only being that misses he has never had. And the whole of what we miss, without ever having had it, is never what we call happiness. From this one could start a meditation on happiness, an analysis of that strange condition which makes man the only being who is unhappy for the very reason that he needs to be happy. That is, because he needs to be what he is not.
José Ortega y Gasset (An Interpretation of Universal History)
existence precedes essence,
Gordon Daniel Marino (Basic Writings of Existentialism (Modern Library Classics))
Kant, the result of this universality is that the wild-man, the natural man, as well as the bourgeois, are circumscribed by the same definition and have the same basic qualities.
Gordon Daniel Marino (Basic Writings of Existentialism (Modern Library Classics))
THREE BASIC TRUTHS THREE BASIC TRUTHS Three things have a limited threshold: Time, pain, and death. While truth, love, and knowledge – Are boundless. Three things are needed For humanity to co-exist: Truth, peace and basic needs. Everything else - Is irrelevant.
Suzy Kassem (Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem)
. . .High school is where we are first introduced to the basic existential question of life: How is it possible to exist in a place that sucks so bad? Most of the time middle school sucks even worse, but middle school is so pathetic that I can't even bring myself to write about it. . .
Jesse Andrews (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl)
To pray is also to breathe, and possibility is for the self what oxygen is for breathing.
Gordon Daniel Marino (Basic Writings of Existentialism (Modern Library Classics))