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Her eyes were the color of whiskey and grace. Moments with her always felt like getting drunk on Sundays.
B. Devine (Unconquered)
Say more about the Crips and the Bloods,” Richard said, stalling for time while he tried to get his mental house in order. “To us they look the same. Urban black kids with similar demographics and tastes. Seems like they all ought to pull together. But that’s not where they’re at. They are shooting each other to death because they see the Other as less than human. And I’m saying it has been the case for a long time in T’Rain that those people we have lately started calling the Earthtone Coalition have always looked at the ones we now call the Forces of Brightness and seen them as tacky, uncultured, not really playing the game in character. And what happened in the last few months was that the F.O.B. types just got tired of it and rose up and, you know, asserted their pride in their identity, kind of like the gay rights movement with those goddamned rainbow flags. And as long as it’s possible for those two groups to identify each other on sight, each one of them is going to see the other as, well, the Other, and killing people based on that is way more ingrained than killing them on this completely bogus and flimsy fake-Good and fake-Evil dichotomy that we were working with before.” “I get it,” Richard said. “But is that all we are? Just digital Crips and Bloods?” “What if it’s true?” Devin shrugged. “Then you’re not doing your fucking job,” Richard said. “Because the world is supposed to have a real story to it. Not just people killing each other over color schemes.” “Maybe you’re not doing yours,” Devin said. “How can I write a story about Good and Evil in a world where those concepts have no real meaning—no consequences?” “What sort of consequences do you have in mind? We can’t send people’s characters to virtual Hell.” “I know. Only Limbo.” They both laughed.
Neal Stephenson (Reamde)
Calcul – operaţie aritmetică deosebit de complexă prin care banii tăi devin banii ei;
Vlad B. Popa (Povestiri de sub papuc)
Consider the following dialogue between an instructor (A) and two of his students (B, C) A. What happened in the senate 1 on the Ides of March 44 B.C.? B. Napoleon stabbed Mrs Thatcher. C. Brutus did stab Caesar. In the senate it happened. It was Cassius that stabbed him.
A.M. Devine (Latin Word Order: Structured Meaning and Information)
One cannot subordinate himself simultaneously to God and to his own idolized self. Thus the Sages say: "Whoever becomes angry, [even if he is a prophet] the Devine Presence leaves him". (Pesachim 66b)
Aharon Feldman (The Juggler and the King: The Jew and the Conquest of Evil: An Elaboration of the Vilna Gaon's Insights Into the Hidden Wisdom of the Sages)
The work [of grieving] is not to remain unbroken by love and grief but to remain there, in the great brokenness, with your eyes and your heart open, refusing to look away. There is no need to transcend being human. Liberation is to be found in listening to yourself deeply and with kindness, extending the same respect to all beings. The road to a more just and equitable world begins with listening to pain. [Megan Devine, Foreward]
Claire B. Willis (Opening to Grief: Finding Your Way from Loss to Peace)
There are basically five IP classes. Classes A, B, and C are used for public and private use. Class D for things like video streaming, TV networks, and such.” “That’s only four classes. What’s the fifth?” asked Devine. “Class E, not reserved for public. Mainly used for research. Is experimental IP class. If I had to guess, I say your email sent somehow using Class E, but I can’t figure out how.
David Baldacci (The 6:20 Man (The 6:20 Man, #1))