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I love L.A. It's a great, sprawling, spread-to-hell city that protects us by its sheer size. Four hundred sixty-five square miles. Eleven million beating hearts in Los Angeles County, documented and not. Eleven million. What are the odds? The girl raped beneath the Hollywood sign isn't your sister, the boy back-stroking in a red pool isn't your son, the splatter patterns on the ATM machine are sourceless urban art. We're safe that way. When it happens it's going to happen to someone else.
Robert Crais (L.A. Requiem (Elvis Cole, #8))
According to MacKenzie, it has a French chef, a Starbucks, riding stables, a spa, a helicopter landing pad, and a plaza of designer boutiques so kids can shop during lunch and after school hours. And get this! She said her school has ATM machines in every hall, right next to drinking fountains that dispense seven different fruit-flavored waters. But
Rachel Renée Russell (Tales from a Not-So-Perfect Pet Sitter (Dork Diaries #10))
want relationships to work like an ATM. I give to others, and they spit out exactly what I request. Instead, it’s more like a slot machine. I never know what I’m going to get in return, and sometimes I get nothing but X’s across the board.
Erin Davis (Connected: Curing the Pandemic of Everyone Feeling Alone Together)
I wanted them," Fudge whined. "I know you did. But we can't buy everything you want." [Mom told him] "Why" "We don't have the money to buy..." I could tell Mom was having a hard time explaining this. She thought for a minute before she finished. "...just for the sake of buying. Money doesn't grow on trees." "I know it doesn't grow on trees," Fudge said. "You get it at the ATM." "You can't just go to the ATM whenever you want money," Mom told him. "Yes you can," Fudge said. "You put in your card and money comes out. It works every time." "No. You have to deposit money into your account first," Mom said. "You work hard and try to save part of your salary every week. The cash machine is just a way to get some of your money out your account. It doesn't spit out money because you want it. It's not that easy." "I know, Mom," Fudge said. "Sometimes you have to stand on line." Mom sighed and looked at me. "Got any ideas Peter?
Judy Blume (Double Fudge (Fudge, #5))
Moment Of Surrender" I tied myself with wire To let the horses run free Playing with the fire until the fire played with me The stone was semi-precious We were barely conscious Two souls too smart to be in the realm of certainty Even on our wedding day We set ourselves on fire Oh God, do not deny her It's not if I believe in love But if love believes in me Oh, believe in me At the moment of surrender I folded to my knees I did not notice the passers-by And they did not notice me I've been in every black hole At the altar of the dark star My body's now a begging bowl That's begging to get back, begging to get back To my heart To the rhythm of my soul To the rhythm of my unconsciousness To the rhythm that yearns To be released from control I was punching in the numbers At the ATM machine I could see in the reflection A face staring back at me At the moment of surrender Of vision over visibility I did not notice the passers-by And they did not notice me I was speeding on the subway Through the stations of the cross Every eye looking every other way Counting down till the pain would stop At the moment of surrender Of vision over visibility I did not notice the passers-by And they did not notice me No Line On The Horizon (2009)
The entire square was filled with villagers, young and old, all decked out in medieval dress. It looked like a renaissance fair, only without the funnel cakes and ATM machines labeled Queen's Treasury.
Tim Waggoner (The Nekropolis Archives)
one ATM could do the work of no fewer than thirty-seven human tellers (and, into the bargain, rarely fell ill). In the United States, about half of all those employed in retail banking—some 500,000 people—lost their jobs between 1980 and 1995, thanks in large part to the invention of these silkily efficient machines.
Alain de Botton (Status Anxiety)
The top employees of the five largest investment banks divided a bonus pool of over $36 billion in 2007. Leaders in the financial sector argued that in fact their high returns were the result of innovation and genuine value-added products, and they tended to grossly understate the latent risks their firms were taking. (Keep in mind that an integral part of our working definition of the this-time-is-different syndrome is that “the old rules of valuation no longer apply.”) In their eyes, financial innovation was a key platform that allowed the United States to effectively borrow much larger quantities of money from abroad than might otherwise have been possible. For example, innovations such as securitization allowed U.S. consumers to turn their previously illiquid housing assets into ATM machines, which represented a reduction in precautionary saving.13
Carmen M. Reinhart (This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly)
Identify yourself, please.” Lucky Dragon ATMs all had this same voice, a weird, uptight, strangled little castrato voice, and he wondered why that was. But you could be sure they’d worked it out: probably it kept people from standing around, bullshitting with the machine. But Rydell knew
William Gibson (All Tomorrow's Parties (Bridge, #3))
A few days later, Pellegrini took his wife on vacation in Anguilla. Stopping at an automated-teller machine in the hotel lobby on New Year's Eve to withdraw some cash, she checked the balance of their checking account. She was immediately taken aback. On the screen before her was a figure she had never seen before, at least not on an ATM. It's not clear how many others ever had, either: $45 million, newly deposited in their joint account. It was Pellegrini's bonus for the year, including some deferred compensation. He was still special to John Paulson, after all. In truth, Pellegrini had withheld more from his bonus than he needed in order to pay the year's taxes, so the figure in the bank account that day was skimpier than it could have been. Paulson paid him about $175 million for his work in 2007. Pellegrini would never again have to worry about finding a career, keeping a job, or stretching his savings. "Wow," his wife said quietly, still staring at the ATM. Then they left, arm in arm, to meet a chartered boat to take them to nearby St. Barts. Paulson did quite well for himself as well. His hedge fund got to keep 20 percent of the $15 billion or so gains of all his funds. He also was a big investor in the credit funds. His personal tally for 2007: nearly $4 billion. It was the largest one-year payout in the history of the financial markets.
Gregory Zuckerman (The Greatest Trade Ever: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of How John Paulson Defied Wall Street and Made Financial History)
Andy Dietz, who is on the staff of a church in the panhandle of Texas, has been coordinating mission trips overseas for many years. On one particular trip with his young people, the project had been finished, and the kids had left for home, but Andy stayed over to visit with missionary friends in the area. He was coming back through a European city on his way home. Having an overnight transit, he went downtown for dinner, found himself in the wrong part of town, and was mugged and kidnapped. After taking all his money, and all he could get from the ATM machine, his captors had him wire his family to ask for $5,000 to secure his release. His family notified us, and we activated a prayer network and contacted our personnel in the city who were not even aware he was there. They notified the police, but before anything could be done, Andy was able to elude his captors and get away while they were eating and drinking. I called him after he got home to talk through the experience and seek to minister to him. I asked him, after such a traumatic experience, if he thought he would go on any more mission trips. He said, “Oh yes. It's the most gratifying thing I do to take these kids overseas.” He continued, “I was negligent and learned that I have got to be more vigilant about where I go.” He described what it was like to be beaten, tied up, put in the trunk of a car, and his life threatened. He said, “They didn't know me. Nobody knew where I was. I meant nothing to them. My life was worthless. I realized they wouldn't think twice about getting rid of me, and no one would know.” He continued, “You can imagine how desperate I was to get away. And all I could think of was God saying, 'Andy, this is how desperate you should be to know Me.'” I held the phone in disbelief. I can only imagine the extent of desperation to escape a situation where your life is threatened. Can you imagine being so desperate to know God in all of His fullness, to have a heart that is so passionate for Him and His holiness? I think that's the only thing that will be a fail-safe deterrent to immoral behavior. We are always vulnerable; Satan will see to that, but in Christ we have been given the capacity to walk in holiness and victory.
Jerry Rankin (Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for God's Glory)
All the world’s principal security codes exploit trapdoor operations. Every time you shop online or extract cash from an ATM machine you are using them.
Before we took the trip, he had never been on an elevator, eaten a hamburger, or enjoyed a chocolate milkshake. He’d never seen a vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, trash compactor, ATM, vending machine, car with automatic locks, or Western-style movie theater. He had never been to a shopping mall, ridden in a car on the Interstate, or traveled at over 40 miles an hour. He’d never seen a rodeo, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Rubin Museum of Art in New York filled with Himalayan art, or drunk a single-malt scotch. Now he counts all of these marvels of Western culture as some of his favorite things.
Linda Leaming (Married to Bhutan)
They watched in rapt silence as the car window lowered. The angle was a bit odd—above the car and from the machine’s point of view—but there was no doubt. Chad Coldren was the driver. He leaned out the window and put his card in the ATM machine slot. His fingers tripped across the buttons like an experienced stenographer’s. Young
Harlan Coben (Back Spin (Myron Bolitar, #4))
The result is that most banks will eventually rationalise down to just one store for every 250,000 people—or one store for every large town, city and shopping centre—rather than the current structure which allocates about one store for every 20,000 people. The question then is this: What do you do with the 80 per cent of stores that are no longer needed? The ones in the suburbs and smaller high streets? The answer is that you replace them with satellite self-service hub stations, which allow people to self-serve with ATMs and deposit machines.
Chris Skinner (Digital Bank: Strategies to launch or become a digital bank)
Knowledge work is where agricultural work was at the dawn of the industrial economy. Then, the machines of the industrial economy, like the steam shovel and cotton gin, automated manual work. Now, the software of the information economy, from ATMs to self-driving cars and the AI able to make medical diagnosis, is automating knowledge work.
Ron Davison (The Fourth Economy: Inventing Western Civilization)
2/ KICK YOUR OWN ASS, GENTLY. I’ve been trying to set a few modest goals, both daily and weekly. In the course of a day, it’s good to get some stupid things accomplished, and off your “list.” I guess because it leaves you feeling that you and the “rest of the world” still have something to do with each other! Like today, for example, I can think back on sending a fax to my brother on his birthday, leaving a phone message for Brutus at his “hotel” on his birthday, phoning my Dad on his birthday (yep, all on the same day), then driving to Morin Heights to the ATM machine, to St. Sauveur for grocery shopping, and planning all that so I’d still have enough daylight left to go snowshoeing in the woods. And then I could drink. Not a high-pressure day, and hardly earth-shaking activities, but I laid them out for myself and did them (even though tempted to “not bother” with each of them at one point or another). I gave myself a gentle kick in the ass when necessary, or cursed myself out for a lazy fool, and because of all that, I consider today a satisfactory day. Everything that needed to be done got done. And by “needs” I certainly include taking my little baby soul out for a ride. And drinking. And there are little side benefits from such activities, like when the cashier in the grocery store wished me a genuinely-pleasant “Bonjour,” and I forced myself to look at her and return the greeting. The world still seems unreal to me, but I try not to purposely avoid contact with pleasant strangers. It wouldn’t be polite! Another “little goal” for me right now is spending an hour or two at the desk every morning, writing a letter or a fax to someone like you, or Brutus, or Danny, who I want to reach out to, or conversely, to someone I’ve been out of touch with for a long while, maybe for a year-and-a-half or two years. These are friends that I’ve decided I still value, and that I want as part of my “new life,” whatever it may be. It doesn’t really matter what, but just so you can say that you changed something in the course of your day: a neglected friend is no longer neglected; an errand that ought to be dealt with has been dealt with.
Neil Peart (Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road)
Learn All About Computer from First Generation to the Last Generation A PC is a machine or gadget that performs cycles, calculations, and functions based on the guidelines provided by a product or equipment program. It can detect data (input), measure it, and then produce yield. PCs can similarly store data for later use of indomitable power gadgets and recover important keys. Current PCs are designed to provide a repository of applications and systems by integrating electronic gadgets used for web guessing, archiving, recording changes, application creation, computer games, and the tools connected to them. Taco Pedia has made it clear to computers that soon computerized electronic gadgets that could be identified as the main current PCs are the Kolas as below 1943-44, the German encryption machine Lorenz SZ 40/42K used to assist in military exchanges during World War II. Kansas was backed to break up. The gadget used 2,400 vacuum cylinders to perform various Boolean intelligent tasks to uncover encoded data. Current PCs come in all shapes and sizes to play a wide range of different capabilities. Despite the severity, the first things that hit Jaraj are workspaces and PCs, various low-acceptance gadgets - for example, basic food item scanners, ATMs, and even conscious TVs. The proliferation of cell phones, game consoles, wearable, and an intelligent system has made PCs instantly accessible to us life. A PC has different parts and sections that encourage the client's utility. An authentic calculation was not for PC entertainment or email, but for urgent solutions. By 1880, the U.S. population had grown so rapidly that it took more than seven years to classify U.S. registration results. The legislature sought a quick way to take care of the business by proposing to occupy the entire space and climb into five card-based PCs. Today, we have shown more obvious power in our cell phones than being accessible in these early models. A brief history with figures is how PCs moved from their modern beginnings to today's machines, despite the math, surfing the Internet, messing around, and transferring media. 1801: Joseph Marie Jacquard hypnotizes a loom in France, using structure cards naturally to weave structure schemes. Early PCs will use comparative punch cards. 1822: English mathematician Charles Babbage considers the steam-powered figure machine as an alternative to number table processing. This initiative, funded by the English government, is disappointing. More than a century later, as it were, the world's first PC was indeed built. 1890 Herman Hollerith plans a punch card structure to calculate the 1880 figure, achieving the task in just three years and surpassing five million dollars to the administration. He created a company that would eventually become IBM. 1936 Alan Turing introduces the concept of an all-encompassing machine, later known as the Turing machine, suitable for recording computing. The central concept of the cutting edge PC depends on his thinking. 1936 Fourth State University Materials Science and Arithmetic J.V. Atamans has tried to make the original PC without closing, gear, cam, belt, or shaft.
Today, if you go to an ATM machine and you put in your card, the bank may decide to give you your money. One day—as the people of Cyprus, Greece, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and a list of hundreds of countries over the last several decades and even centuries have discovered—one day, you go to the bank and the bank does not want to give you the money, because they don’t have to. That’s the essence of a master-slave relationship. Bitcoin is fundamentally different because in bitcoin, you don’t owe anyone anything and no one owes you anything. It’s not a system based on debt. It’s a system based on ownership of this abstract token. Absolute ownership.
Andreas M. Antonopoulos (The Internet of Money)
Even when there’s automation, this doesn’t always create the dire results we expect. Consider automatic teller machines (ATMs). When they were first rolled out in the late 1970s, there were serious concerns about bank teller layoffs. Between 1995 and 2010, the number of ATMs in America went from one hundred thousand to four hundred thousand, but mass teller unemployment wasn’t the result. Because ATMs made it cheaper to operate banks, the number of banks grew by 40 percent. More banks meant more jobs for human bank tellers, which is why bank teller employment actually rose during this period.
Peter H. Diamandis (The Future Is Faster Than You Think: How Converging Technologies Are Transforming Business, Industries, and Our Lives (Exponential Technology Series))
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