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The problem, as the great Asa Hilliard once wrote, is that there are two types of questions we could employ. The Type I question asks: "Do you know what I know?" The Type II question asks: "What do you know?" The first question, "Do you know what I know?" is the culturally charged question that is usually asked in our schools and colleges, the question that makes invisible the culture, the home, the knowledge of the young person in front of us. The very process of trying to find out if a child knows what the school values limits us greatly in seeing our students' abilities. The second question, "What do you know?" is the question we have to learn to ask. This is the question that will allow us to begin to see all that is invisible in the child before us. This is the question that will allow us to begin, with courage, humility, and cultural sensitivity the right educational journey.
Lisa D. Delpit ("Multiplication Is for White People": Raising Expectations for Other People's Children)