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Beauty without the beloved is a like a sword through the heart.
I.A.R. Wylie
He reached out and gripped her upper arms. His fingers closed around something silky and he shook her slightly. “Unreasonable? Unreasonable? It’s the middle of the night and I’m standing in a room full of dogs, talking about a stupid movie!” “It’s not stupid. Why couldn’t you be more like Ralph Kramden from the Honeymooners? Sure, he was loud and obnoxious, but he saved the whole shelter of dogs when he found out they would be destroyed. Why can’t you be more human?” “The friggin Honeymooners, now? That’s it, I’ve had enough. You are going to pack up every one of those dogs and take them back to the shelter right now, or God help me, Alexa, I’ll get rid of them myself!” “I won’t do it.” “You will.” “Make me.” “Make you? Make you?” His fingers twisted around a wad of silky, satiny fabric as he fought for a shred of control. When the haze finally cleared his vision, Nick blinked and looked down. Then realized his wife was naked. Her lime-green robe had slid down over her shoulders and now gaped open. Her sash slipped unnoticed to the floor. He expected to catch a glimpse of some lacy negligee made to incite a man’s lust. He got much more. Jesus, she was perfect.
Jennifer Probst (The Marriage Bargain (Marriage to a Billionaire, #1))
Alexa sniffled. “Oh my God, he gave her an airport scene! Just like in the books I read and all those movies. He followed her to an airport and confessed his love before she could board the plane!” Nick laughed. “Sweetheart, she wasn’t boarding the plane.” “Close enough.
Jennifer Probst (The Marriage Merger (Marriage to a Billionaire, #4))
I like movie night,” she whispers.
Alexa Riley (My New Step-Dad)
Pink passes by me with a wicked look on his face. He walks over to where Elle is sitting, and before she can protest, he scoops her up out of her stool, dips her back dramatically like something from an old movie, and plants a kiss right on her lips. After a moment, he breaks the kiss, sets her back down on the stool, and walks away. “Asshole,” Elle mumbles as she touches her lips, and her cheeks turn bright red. “As much as you keep mentioning your ass, Prinzessin, I can see that’s going to need attention first,” Pink says, not looking back as he walks out the door. I look over to see Elle’s mouth drop open and her cheeks burn even brighter, so I leave her and a laughing Zoey alone in the apartment. When we get outside, I talk to my guys posted outside as a precaution, then Pink and I head to my truck. “You sure you want to keep digging that grave?” I ask, looking over as Pink gets in the truck. “As long as I end up buried inside her, I’m good.
Alexa Riley (Guarding His Obsession)
Is this the kind of place still deeply entrenched in the bullshit high school politics of old movies, which seemed quaint, retro cool at Pasadena Central High? According to my mom, the five
Alexa Donne (Pretty Dead Queens)
•​Alexa and Siri answer your questions •​Amazon predicts your next purchase •​Apple unlocks the iPhone by scanning your face •​Facebook targets you with ads •​Gmail finishes your sentences •​Google Maps routes you to your destination •​LinkedIn curates your homepage and recommends connections •​Netflix recommends shows and movies •​Spotify learns the music you love •​Tesla’s Autopilot steers, accelerates, and brakes your car •​YouTube suggests videos •​Zoom automatically transcribes your recorded meetings
Paul Roetzer (Marketing Artificial Intelligence: Ai, Marketing, and the Future of Business)