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am grateful to have been deeply involved with VALUEx Zurich/Klosters, the annual gathering of value investors; ValueConferences, the series of online idea conferences for value investors; and The Manual of Ideas, the idea-oriented monthly research publication.
John Mihaljevic (The Manual of Ideas: The Proven Framework for Finding the Best Value Investments)
In July 2013, while in Zurich to attend Tina Turner’s wedding, Winfrey was informed by a store clerk at the Trois Pommes boutique that the purse she was interested in was too expensive for her. We don’t need to cry for Oprah, prevented from buying an obscenely overpriced purse, but we can recognize the incident as one more reminder that racism is so pervasive and pernicious that we will never be respectable enough to outrun racism, not here in the United States, not anywhere in the world. We must stop pointing to the exceptions—these bright shining stars who transcend circumstance. We must look to how we can best support the least among us, not spend all our time blindly revering and trying to mimic the greatest without demanding systemic change.
Roxane Gay (Bad Feminist: Essays)
Then why are you doing this, running these risks?" "This might sound corny, but it's because I am a proud Swiss," he said. "My country is so worried about not offending anyone and staying neutral. All we seem to care about is doing what's best for business. We do that, and we convince ourselves that we're just doing it to protect our people, as a manner of self-preservation. But in doing it, in protecting ourselves, we ignore the assault on decency, and all that is evil that the Nazis represent. I just can't accept that trade-off. So this is what I can do.
Richard Wake (The Spies of Zurich (Alex Kovacs, #2))