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Why to Hide? Yes it is Ranjitha KP, Verzeo, VP and HR, Yes I like her very much, and I will talk with her If I decide to join YRC, If I am not syudying in Karnataka, then keep on talking with her will be problematic for me and also for her, So only If I choose YRC, I will talk with her else I will consider her as past VP/HR, After trekking I will decide whether to choose YRC or not, I am delaying because I have so much doubts on many people,, I do not doubt Ranjitha, she had a boyfriend I know that, but not sure now if they are still together
Ganapathy K Siddharth Vijayaraghavan
North India Vs South India, I have nothing to say, this Dravidian - Aryan concept, context specific nature, Tamil Vs Sanskrit concepts, who came first? who was first? these are all never ending questions, Even If I tell the answer , there is no solid proof for that, but for proving my words If I tend to use those palm leaves it may go against morality and ethics as everyone has their rights to say what they believe as truth, Tamil came first but it was not Complete language and it was shaped by Visitors, Sanskrit came from visitors is not originated from Mother Earth, Sanskrit originated from Another Planet, As Ganapathy, I have to Support Sanskrit, but As Ganapathy born in Tamilnadu I have to Support Tamil, But As I have dream of becoming Biological researcher cum Astronaut, I can not support anyone - Because If I support some one, others may get affected, so my simple solution is go context specific solutions based on that location and law and order. And for my research study Career, I have listed few institutions and colleges in my mind but will finalize the decision after completing trekking this week, wherever I study, I will be neutral in politics regards, not in scientific or Nature related issues , because scientific and Nature related issues I will talk for sure, In politics I will talk only wherever humanism is attacked, Still I believe Choosing Karnataka(I do not care about girlfriend - it does not even matter to me if Ranjitha/ Swathi Naik/ Shwetha are becoming unknown to me) and YRC will 100% right decision(Because Karnataka Has all dimensions in right and correct amount not at all exaggerated and not at all immoral) but Still I give some time to think and decide after completing trekking
Ganapathy K Siddharth Vijaya Raghavan
Nalanda, YRC - Mangalore, AMET - Chennai, CUET(45 Central Universities) common entrance for Ecology and Environment, that is all my PG choices, because entering abroad directly after much gap in academics is almost rare, since getting reference is tough after so much gap in academics, so If I go to abroad it is only after my masters in India, so my choice are listed above and, My college always there in last moment choice, that is all, no colleges/ Institutions else other than mentioned.,
Ganapathy K Siddharth Vijayaraghavan
I know everyone is loving me all around the world But Someone is loving me more than anyone else, she is not Rajput, She is not Christian, She is not Islam, She is Hindu, She is Kannadiga, She loves Hanuman, Ram and Shiv as spiritual gurus, She does not like Vishnu or Bramma or Saraswathi, but outside world she is modern, Adamant, strong leader, Let me finish the trekking and If I think YRC is suitable for me, then probably I will talk with this adamant girl, RKP, But I am not sure whether I can manage her for whole life because she is very strong child of Hanuman and too adamant (Not Dominating - I do not like dominating girls but she is not dominating - For me I am saying this, for other guys she might be dominating) RKP - too adamant - Yes I like her
Ganapathy K Siddharth Vijayaraghavan