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Most people who do what I do for a living are not in the business of wrestling with the strongest arguments and strongest advocates for the other side. They’re in the business of being the best spokesmen for their cause within their choir. And I wanted to do something beyond that. And so because I had greater aspirations for myself, it required me to wrestle with the best arguments from the other side.
Julia Galef (The Scout Mindset: The Perils of Defensive Thinking and How to Be Right More Often)
As long as you're wrestling for the knife, the guy with the knife has a HUGE advantage. A solid slap to the side of the head serves the vital role of disrupting the opponent's offensive mindset. As long as he's thinking, “Cut, cut, stab, slash, stab....” you're screwed. A solid thwap! to the side of the head is necessary to create a gap that you can exploit. Although GM Maranga has a different method of creating the gap, he is in total agreement that some sort of interruption is needed, something to jar the assailant out of his attack, or else you'll never succeed in disarming him. From the interview position, twist counterclockwise and swat the side of the opponent's head with the left palm. Coincidentally, this body twist is the same as that used to evade the knife. Like the hook punch, this blow is thrown with torque from the hips rather than movements of the arm and shoulder. Practice this on the focus mitt, with your partner holding the mitt in his left hand, canted upward at an angle. When you strike, do not hit with the fingers or the knuckle joints on the palm, but with the hollow of the palm. Like the elbow, don't push the hand, but whip it through. When you hit the pad correctly, you'll hear a deep, resounding thwap! Putting It All Together Like the first move, practice all of the elements individually, then slowly practice linking them all together. The twist, parry, and slap should all occur in one smooth, explosive movement. Have a partner thrust slowly with a dummy knife while holding the punch mitt in position for the slap. Gradually increase your speed and power. If all you have is these three elements –the twist, parry, and slap-- you've defended yourself and created a gap that you can exploit to get the hell out of there. When a knife is involved, don't be too proud to run.
Darrin Cook (Steel Baton EDC)