World Wetland Day Quotes

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From Thomas Berry: Tell me a story. How often we said that as children. Tell me a story. Story illumined the world for us in childhood. Even now we might make the request: tell me a story. Tell me the story of the river and the valley and the streams and woodlands and wetlands, of the shellfish and finfish. A story of where we are and how we got here and the characters and roles we play. Tell me a story, a story that will be my story as well as the story of everyone, and everything about me, the story that brings us together, a story that brings together the human community with every living being int eh valley, a story that brings us together under the arc of the great blue sky in the day and the starry heavens a night, a story that will drench us with rain and dry us in the wind, a story told by humans to one another that will also be the story that the wood thrush sings in the thicket, the story the river recites in its downward journey, the story that Storm King Mountain images forth in the fullness of its grandeur.
David Landis Barnhill (At Home on the Earth: Becoming Native to Our Place: A Multicultural Anthology)