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sleep is such a luxury, which i cant afford.
Robin Sikarwar
You are likely to vomit your dreams if you take too much at a time. Take it one after the other and don't over-eat the dreams you have! Dream big, but start small!
Israelmore Ayivor (The Great Hand Book of Quotes)
In this context, “focus” doesn’t mean locking our office door, selecting a task to process, and tuning out the world around us until that task is complete. That kind of self-exile is a productivity (fear) reaction—not a kaizen (growth) reaction—to a stressful workload.
Jim Benson (Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life)
During an incident, there are never clear clues. Many things are happening at once: workload is high, emotions and stress levels are high. Many things that are happening will turn out to be irrelevant. Things that appear irrelevant will turn out to be critical. The accident investigators, working with hindsight, knowing what really happened, will focus on the relevant information and ignore the irrelevant. But at the time the events were happening, the operators did not have information that allowed them to distinguish one from the other.
Donald A. Norman (The Design of Everyday Things)
What you’ve probably discovered, at least at some level, is that a calendar, though important, can really effectively manage only a small portion of what you need to organize. And daily to-do lists and simplified priority coding have proven inadequate to deal with the volume and variable nature of the average professional’s workload.
David Allen (Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity)
This was what the absence of tension felt like. This was how it felt when she wasn’t frustrated, wasn’t striving, wasn’t pushing at her family because of her own unhappiness and stress and workload.
Shellie Arnold (Sticks and Stones (The Barn Church #2))
When we see non-normative rates of stress in a Circler or a department, we can make adjustments to workload,
Dave Eggers (The Circle)
The more open cycles of actions, projects and communication you have, the more stressed and drained you feel.
Chinmai Swamy