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If you don't like a book, you can close it. But you have no right to say I can't open it.
Coleen Murtagh Paratore (The Cupid Chronicles (Wedding Planner's Daughter, #2))
Until then, have great expectations. Keep believing you dreams will come true. And remember, when life throws you a pit... plant a cherry tree.
Coleen Murtagh Paratore (The Wedding Planner's Daughter (Wedding Planner's Daughter, #1))
...We have seven people who knew the skewers were there: the wedding planner, the reception hall manager, the dressmaker, the florist, the veil-maker, the cake-maker, and the caterer. I haven't ruled out the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker, either.
Linda Howard (Veil of Night)
- Do you ever work? Or do you just walk office to office, soliciting blowjobs? - I work occasionally. It's just that the BJs are much more exciting.
G.A. Hauser (The Wedding Planner)
Perry was in charge of music; Asher, lighting, seating, and structures; and presiding the service was Elaine, who was, not suprisingly, a certified minister and wedding planner.
Wendy Wunder (The Probability of Miracles)
when I find Defne outside, sitting next to a sullen, gloomy, seething Oz. “What happened?” I ask. “My wedding planner is out of peonies. What do you think happened? I lost.” He glares. “This entire tournament could have been an email.
Ali Hazelwood (Check & Mate)
Screw the wedding—crap. Hold on... No, honey, of course I still want to get married! I was talking to Stella about the, um, wedding planner…no, don’t fire her. She’s great. I was just frustrated in the moment. Bridal nerves, you know. I’m fine now. Yes, I promise...why did I call for you? Uh, I’m craving those new raspberry lemon cookies from Crumble & Bake. Can you please run down and get some for me? Thank you! Love you. Sorry about that. Alex has been so on edge about the wedding. He made our florist cry the other day... We’re working on his interpersonal skills.
Ana Huang (Twisted Lies (Twisted, #4))
You’re in damn so sexy nightgown causing trouble to a man below his belt. Yet you think it’s you who is in trouble.
Mariyam Hasnain (The Wedding Planner)
I don't believe this. And I thought running a corporation was hard? This isn't a wedding; it's a fucking conspiracy planned by pompous, cutthroat lunatics. Worse, they're delusional enough to believe they're visionaries. Wedding planners who want to color-coordinate flowers and bathroom accoutrements? What the hell's a bathroom accoutrement, anyway—toilet paper?
Andrea Kane (Scent of Danger)
The community certainly included black English professors, like my mother, as well as black doctors and dentists, black mechanics, janitors, and contractors, black cobblers, wedding planners, real estate agents, and undertakers, several black lawyers, and a handful of black Mary Kay salespeople. As a child, however, I knew so many African Americans working in science, math, and engineering that I thought that’s just what black folks did.
Margot Lee Shetterly (Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race)
When life throws you a pit, plant a cherry tree.
Coleen Murtagh Paratore (The Wedding Planner's Daughter (Wedding Planner's Daughter, #1))
What the hell is on my wedding dress?” The fastest way to get demoted from bridesmaid to dishonored guest is to vomit on the bride’s wedding gown. But if you do ever vomit on a wedding gown, make sure the bride is the perfect mix of anal-retentive, hyper planner, and fairy-tale whimsical.
Alice Clayton (Last Call (Cocktail, #4.5))
The hug was a simple gesture. Perhaps, the end of the cold war. Perhaps, the fragile beginning of love.
Mariyam Hasnain (The Wedding Planner)
If you feel the need to make everyone happy, you should be a wedding planner not a leader.
Mark Miller (The Heart of Leadership: Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow)
Is orgasmalicious a word?" ~ Colleen O'Dowd, Wedding Planner from DEARLY BELOVED
Peggy Jaeger
The wedding planner reminds you often that you can plan it all you want, but you can't control other people, especially when they have plans of their own.
Jennine Capó Crucet (Say Hello to My Little Friend)
The after effect of the hug felt like drowning into a pool of whiskey. I had never drunk from a glass or a bottle but always from Nayela’s intoxicating eyes, her splendid figure, from the luster of her flowing hair.
Mariyam Hasnain (The Wedding Planner)
What did Kevin say?’ Brynn, my cousin and wedding planner extraordinaire, asks. I turn to her as she sets her bag onto one of the pristine, white bamboo folding chairs lined up like soldiers on parade – all perfectly spaced
Aimee Brown (He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not)
The group laughed, and Sidney’s eyes met Vaughn’s as he walked up the aisle alongside his brother. She found herself momentarily holding her breath. Then he looked away when Isabelle walked up to greet him and Simon. Sidney exhaled and turned back around, when she saw Kathleen studying her. “Does he know?” Kathleen asked softly. Sidney opened her mouth to protest—but before she could say a word, Corinne, the wedding planner, clapped her hands. “All right, people. We’ve got a bride, a groom, and a pastor. Anyone who isn’t here can get the CliffsNotes later. Let’s get this rehearsal started,” Corinne said.
Julie James (It Happened One Wedding (FBI/US Attorney, #5))
The other people in your life are going to make decisions based on what they want in their life. Always. Even when it seems like they are interested in you, even when they genuinely do care about you, they are still going to make their decisions based on what works best for them. So you have to figure out what works for you. What will get you where you want to be. Then make sure any decision you make, no matter how small, will take you toward it.
Violet Howe (Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils, #1))
Call me anal retentive, but I like nothing more than trying to solve life’s problems with a good spreadsheet.
Stephanie Blackmoore (Engaged in Death (A Wedding Planner Mystery, #1))
Kissing Yasir was like feeling the safest soul on earth. The touch of his lips felt like he touched my soul. It took away all the pain and agony I had been enduring for the past six years.
Mariyam Hasnain (The Wedding Planner)
One thought after another. Thoughts and thoughts, and so many of them. Soon, my brain transformed into a fluster of inconspicuous vague thoughts. Contradictory, retaliatory, intimidating, alluring, threatening.
Mariyam Hasnain (The Wedding Planner)
Mai più senza wedding planner Gianluca Nicoletti | 260 parole Oggi il matrimonio si organizza, esattamente come fosse una festa. E’ chiarissimo e chiunque dovrebbe prenderne atto: la cerimonia è il fine, non la liturgia che segna il passaggio di status, destinata a cementare i nuovi legami sociali che quel rito aveva suggellato. Senza i patti solenni che la giustificano, resta la grande abbuffata collettiva che erroneamente viene scambiata per uno sposalizio. Servono solo specialisti che abbiano già pronto il kit per costruire presto e bene quell’apparato esteriore, rievocazione storica dell’antico e sepolto istituto del matrimonio. Il wedding planner sta al matrimonio come una pro loco che organizza feste in costume sta al Medioevo o al Rinascimento. Equivale all’illusionista che mette in scena comparse vestite da alabardieri o sbandieratori, da far sfilare tra auto in sosta e semafori nei cortei storici del tempo taroccato. Il matrimonio è oggi roba da registi, scenografi, costumisti, tecnici delle luci, direttori della fotografia, addetti al catering, agenti di viaggio. Non esiste nessun legame con quella rigorosa organizzazione familiare che iniziava a programmare la prosecuzione della stirpe con il primo lenzuolo ricamato da corredo. Non ci sono più le zie, le nonne, le madri che avevano come scopo della vita vedere sistemati i giovani in età matrimoniabile. Ci si sposa con una telefonata, anche da soli, basta scegliere un set tra i tanti e affidarsi a chi è del mestiere. Senza problemi, se non è piaciuto poi tanto si rifà.
A successful planner is one who does not try to control all of the parts and pieces of a wedding and the wedding planning process. But is rather someone who takes the time to listen to what it is their clients are looking for and to bring on the experts in each of their fields to properly execute and deliver what it is that the client wants.
Anthony V. Navarro (The Business of Being A Wedding Planner)
Bridezellia was like General Patton she had an Operations Room, HQ established in her sitting room. Wall charts, to do lists, pictures, contact lists, mood charts, a calendar, list of dates and jobs were marked off with daily duties in her thick black diary. Her second in command was Saoirse, her local wedding planner. Nothing was going to be left to chance and nobody was going to ruin her prefect day. No expense was to be spared and fools were not suffered gladly. Raised voices were constantly heard in her phone calls to suppliers. Her personality changed and she became a hot head, losing her patience easily. Nobody entered her sitting room, the twilight zone without an invitation
Annette J. Dunlea
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Style Party Love
Ask yourself, if they getting married, would you be upset if you weren't invited? If the answer is no, then that's an easy name to cross off your list.
Anna Bell (Don't Tell the Boss (Don't Tell the Groom #2))
headed, what you want to achieve, and where you want to be, and then you find a man who fits in that plan and supports you in reaching it—well, then by all means, have at him. But make it a conscious choice, Tyler. Be sure he is what you want. He needs to fit in your future. Don’t just latch on to whoever is there, compromising your goals and yourself because you fancy accommodating him will be what is best.
Violet Howe (Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils, #1))
Look, we never have to feel bad about our feelings. They are simply that—feelings. It is how we choose to act upon them that gets us in trouble. Don’t make any rash decisions or do anything drastic. Just feel what you’re feeling and allow yourself to work through this without all the pressure of whether you should or shouldn’t.
Violet Howe (Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils, #1))
The other people in your life are going to make decisions based on what they want in their life. Always. Even when it seems like they are interested in you, even when they genuinely do care about you, they are still going to make their decisions based on what works best for them. So you have to figure out what works for you. What will get you where you want to be. Then make sure any decision you make, no matter how small, will take you toward it.” My
Violet Howe (Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils, #1))
want to be? In regards to travel, status, job, location, life? Write down some goals. Where you want to find yourself in three years, five years, ten. Where you want to be in a year. Then figure out the steps necessary to get you there. I will be more than happy to help you with that part if you wish, but you simply must have a destination before you can map out the trip.
Violet Howe (Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils, #1))
You may be surprised what caliber of men you can attract when you know what you want.” I
Violet Howe (Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils, #1))
Clear blue eyes settled on me.  My body moved of its own accord.  My fingers played with the ends of his hair, absently noting that it was longer and softer than any man should have, and then my hands moved to stroke the stubble on a chiseled chin, up to a pouty bottom lip.  I grazed that lip with two fingers, and the end of his tongue poked out and licked my skin. Electricity flowed from the tips of my fingers down to the soles of my feet. 
Michelle Jo Quinn (Confessions of a Wedding Planner (Bliss #1))
This whole fairy tale concept does an incredible disservice to the commitment and selflessness required for love and marriage. People are quite imperfect. Loving them does not protect you from that.
Violet Howe (Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils, #1))
The fairy tale suggests you will find the perfect one. It does not exist. What does exist is love. Support, patience, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, understanding. These exist. They are choices that must be made every day to maintain a marriage.
Violet Howe (Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils, #1))
I wish for them that they will make each other laugh. That they will support and encourage each other. Hold each other accountable. Uplift. Forgive. I wish for them the stamina it takes to choose love each and every day. For love is a verb. An action we choose. To love is to risk. To work through both the mundane and the unexpected. To love is to be completely vulnerable with no guarantee of safety. Because there is no happily ever after. There is only the choice to love.” “So
Violet Howe (Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils, #1))
The whole beauty of love, of marriage, is that people do it in spite of the uncertainty. In spite of the work. The fact that we allow ourselves to love and be loved is the ultimate symbol of hope. It is the choosing that makes it so.” She
Violet Howe (Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils, #1))
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Wedding venues (Wedding Guestbook)
The family has long been a haven in a heartless world, the one place immune to market forces and economic calculations, where the personal, the private, and the emotional hold sway. Yet, that is no longer the case: everything that was once part of private life--love, friendship, child rearing--is being transformed into packaged expertise to be sold back to confused, harried Americans... From dating services that train you to be the CEO of your love life to wedding planners who create a couple's "personal narrative"; from nameologists (who help you name your child) to wantologists (who help you name your goals); from commercial surrogate farms in India to hired mourners who will scatter your loved one's ashes in the ocean of your choice.
Arlie Russell Hochschild
I watch myself in the mirrored walls, veiled, slide down to sit on the floor and dial the reception planner. “Checking to make sure you’ve arranged a place card and seat for Simone.” “Yes,” she says. “I’ve put her with the table you’ve labeled ‘one-offs.’” “Perfect.” I hang up. The doors slide open. The concierge’s voice trails me out of the elevator. “I’ve heard it’s good luck to say a rosary on the morning of your wedding. I have one at my desk if you…” Minutes down the tree-lined road, the groom is being mimosa-toasted in his aunt Henshaw’s home. The cake is in the shape of the lake. In the morning we’ll return to the city. Alone in the room, I switch the channel to a newscast and slide under the folded coverlet. From the shelf of sleep, I hear local news stories. Henrietta has opened a store during an unfriendly economic climate. Despite everyone’s predictions, she is doing well. In global news, in towns around the world, people prepare for different holidays amid varied architecture.
Marie-Helene Bertino (Parakeet)
Avery took care of all the elements of the wedding, including giving Kane a morning at the local spa. Avery had clearly missed his calling in life. His honey was a born party planner, handling every detail with skill and a decisive grace. Without question, he was certain this wedding extravaganza would fit Avery perfectly and be beyond spectacular. Just like he saw Avery—perfect and spectacular.
Kindle Alexander (Always (Always & Forever #1))
Familiarity, not survival, is the strongest drive in human beings.
Jill Conner Browne (The Sweet Potato Queens' Wedding Planner/Divorce Guide)
A wide grin played on my face, and I knew I was showing way too much teeth. But it was okay as I was getting closer to the woman of my dreams.
Mariyam Hasnain (The Wedding Planner)
Her supple body draped in wet clothes, water dripping from the ends of her lush golden hair, a single water droplet hovering over her thin pink lips. There’s wasn’t anything great about her eyes, but they had a unique penetrating brown gaze. A challenging gaze. Gaze which melted my stone heart when I saw her today after years of distance. Gaze which compelled me to believe I still had that burning desire for her.
Mariyam Hasnain (The Wedding Planner)
Yeah…that’s nice. Thanks, Zareen Apa.” Mrs. Shadab Rizvi’s smile broadened flashing all of her stained teeth dyed red from years of chewing areca nuts and tobacco wrapped in betel leaves.
Mariyam Hasnain (The Wedding Planner)
Hugging was a gesture Awadhi people followed diligently when they greeted someone. That was a way of showing their affection and respect to others. I kind of liked that as a kid. At least, I could have hugged and squeezed Nayela in my tiny arms whenever she visited Shanbagh.
Mariyam Hasnain (The Wedding Planner)
It was Yasir who was of my age, perhaps a year or a few months older than me. We never fought, never argued. I was crazy about Faraz, but Yasir was the apple of my eyes.
Mariyam Hasnain (The Wedding Planner)
Not quite often, but I would suffer migraines at least twice a month, fortnightly. Perhaps, I had got this as soon as we moved to Mumbai. Perhaps, the moist sea weather of the city didn’t suit me, or perhaps I had missed someone so badly my body couldn’t endure the aftermath of separation and had reacted in a violent way. Not only my head but it felt like each and every pore of my six feet tall physique ached, sought refuge, asked, and yearned for Nayela hopelessly, endlessly, for infinite.
Mariyam Hasnain (The Wedding Planner)
Suppose you are a wedding planner. Your client wants a flying horse for groom. So you will perhaps arrange a wooden horse which lands on stage with wirework. Our mind is like those crazy clients. It desires things which conflict with each other. Soul has to find creative ways to execute those desires in dream world. More conflicting your desires are, more twisted dreams you will see in sleep.
How to Choose a Wedding Planner? – Nova DJs Sydney Are you interested in hiring a wedding planner? Then it’s time to choose the best fit for your party, and I’m saying it’s a complicated task. It’s not just hiring the first company with a beautiful website and beautiful pictures on the Internet. After all, it’s easy to do. Organizing a perfect wedding is hard! But follow our tips and choose the ideal wedding advice! Salient Feature: The ideal mentor should be a cheerful person, someone charming, who leaves you to give ideas and talk freely about the great day. You have to be a friend, be someone you trust. Imagine, it would be months of organizing, holding meetings, and planning the details together. At least a trace of sympathy is required. It should also be organized and committed to its work. Knowledge should be comprehensive with knowledge in various areas of wedding, such as sound, lighting, wedding dresses, buffet, etc., everything to quickly identify what is best for your wedding. Choose Based on Opinion The Internet is an inexhaustible source of information. And when it comes to finding out the truth about suppliers, this is the best place. View testimonials from the bride and groom who have already used the planner to find out their impressions and results. Take recommendations and avoid people who have a lot of complaints. Marriage History Check out the types of weddings the planner has helped put together. Do they fit what you want? For example, if you dream of a rustic wedding, hiring a consultant who does many luxurious weddings will not combine much and delay the process of organizing the wedding. When the planner is familiar with his style, finding the best suppliers is much faster and more effective. Trust the Planner As we say, the planner is the one you should trust and feel comfortable with while organizing the wedding. This is a person who has come to add and help, not a foot behind your opinion. Trust the professional with all your heart, that everything will be perfect! Be Concerned with 100% Preparation While some people don’t trust, others can imagine too much! What could never happen! The planner is the wedding assistant, not the one who has to do it all by himself. Stay on top of whatever you are doing. work together with him. Together, you will conquer the dream! Beware of Cheap Options You always have one company which is much cheaper than others. But as the saying goes, “You get what you paid for.” Instead of charging you the rate, the consultant may include the amount in the suppliers’ budget, making everything a little more expensive than the others and making the expense practically the same. so watch out! Remember the hint of the opinion of the bride and groom wedding planner for a destination wedding For those who are going to get married outside the city or country, it is important to have a consultant. However, he or she should know at least a little bit about the place where you intend to get married in order to accommodate the culture of the place to the style of wedding you expect. Knowledge of suppliers, in this case, will be a significant advantage for you in ensuring that everything goes according to plan. Check here for some references for the best wedding vendors and Wedding DJs in NSW, Australia.
Nova DJs
Next stop: the cake. The couple had ordered theirs through one of Alfie's hotel pastry chefs, and it was three tiers of buttercream-frosted flowers that cascaded down all sides. One thing Cedric taught his planners was to consider where a wedding would take place and what was most appropriate for that setting---especially when it came to the cake. For example, if the couple wanted their wedding cake displayed at an outsider reception, they were limited to the type of frosting since many varieties melted in warm temperatures. Obviously, ice cream cakes were almost always out of the question, not only because they melted but also because they should only appear at toddler's parties, as Cedric was quick to say. Meanwhile fondant, while gorgeous, wasn't always the tastiest but could withstand a nuclear attack. We gave Camila and Alfie the gentler version of this spiel, but they insisted on savory buttercream regardless---and agreed to leave the cake inside on the big day. I had doubts about how much the bride actually loved cake anyway, given that she looked as if she maybe one piece of lettuce a day. But, "A wedding without a cake isn't really a wedding"---another one of Cedric's truisms, this one inspired by the Candy Bar Craze of 2009 and the Great Doughnuts of 2013.
Mary Hollis Huddleston (Without a Hitch)
If he was poisoned sometime before the tasting, it could have happened to take effect after he ate the soup. Do you know where he was before he came home?” “When we looked in his day planner, I didn’t look at today’s schedule.” Kate shook her head. “I focused on what he did the week of the wedding.
Laura Durham (Better Off Wed (Annabelle Archer, #1))
Preston Bailey is the be-all, end-all." Mary Ellen sighed. "He is the top celebrity and Saudi royal-family wedding planner, and people pay him millions of dollars just to plan an event. He's like the Baz Luhrmann of weddings---he creates the most transportive, gorgeous fantasy worlds." She pulled a coffee-table book from the top shelf above her desk, ignoring Abigail as usual. At least the indifference was mutual. Claire and I drooled over every picture in the book about Bailey's events. There was a twelve-foot Arc de Triomphe made entirely of rose heads, massive chandeliers hanging from the ceiling hanging from the ceiling dripping in white phalaenopsis orchids and crystals, every kind of animal you could imagine made completely out of roses, and that was just the first chapter.
Mary Hollis Huddleston (Without a Hitch)
We are the Birthday Party Planner In Lucknow city of incredible India. Birthdays are a big scale event in today's world as it is celebrated like wedding events. Hundreds of people come together to bless Birthday person and enjoy the party. A big heavy flourish decoration as well as theme decoration emphasise the event and are needed these days. We, the Experience It will fulfil your requirement of Birthday Party Planner In Lucknow. Always Welcome!
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We’d like to design our city in a way that mimics the patterns of mycorrhizal connection,” wrote a city planner from Vancouver.
Suzanne Simard (Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest)
She has the influential skills of a dictator and the organizational skills of a wedding planner. A terrifying cobination
Marisa Crane (I Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself)
We cry and mourn for a time. But then we are often forced to become event planners. We need to assess finances and pay medical bills. There’s so little room to honor our loved ones in the way we’d like.
Sequoia Nagamatsu (How High We Go in the Dark)
Danielle Steel (The Wedding Planner)
What you never read about is the millions of normal women who are struggling to hold it all together and don’t own a planner because we don’t exactly know what we’d write in one!
Sarah Morgan (A Wedding in December)
Whoever said patience is a virtue should be smacked.
A.E. Jones (To Have and To Howl (Paranormal Wedding Planners #3))
Wake up and smell the bigoted, prejudicial, sexist flowers, people! That’s
A.E. Jones (To Have and To Howl (Paranormal Wedding Planners #3))
Even when something's broken, you can still find a few beautiful shards. Just remember that picking them up can hurt you.
Ann-Katrin Byrde (The Wedding Planner's Manny (Oceanport Omegas #5))
The pièce de résistance was the aisle and spot where the couple would say their vows. The aisle itself was made of white plexiglass, and above it were draped lush, dimensional bouquets of white flowers with silver and blue accents. At a glance, it looked like fluffy clouds in a blue sky. The planners had managed to rig up other mirrors at angles to reflect the afternoon sky outside of the hangar. It would be like Jacqueline was walking on clouds to meet her groom. My internal wedding planner gave a silent slow clap. Bravo.
Mary Hollis Huddleston (Piece of Cake)
Gina Luca knew one thing right down to the very marrow of her wedding-planner bones:
Avery Flynn (Butterface (The Hartigans, #1))
size, setting, style, vibe, and timeline.
Jessica Bishop (The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer: Checklists, Worksheets, and Essential Tools to Plan the Perfect Wedding on a Small Budget)
Focus group participants who reported enjoying the show during the screening were calling back hours, even days later to say that they had been haunted—“haunted” was the word—by the prospect of “someone like Olga” coming in and bossing their family around. In coastal suburban enclaves, the show fared even worse. One focus group participant said Olga represented a new “threat” to “normal women.” “It’s bad enough,” this woman was quoted as saying, “that we need to fear au pairs and yoga instructors. Now we need to worry about ‘spicy’ wedding planners?
Xóchitl González (Olga Dies Dreaming)
The women of the Upper East Side, Dallas, Palm Beach, and even Silicon Valley all felt just a bit better about their choice in party planner knowing that they could tell the ladies at SoulCycle or Pilates that yes, the wedding is overwhelming, but at least they have that fabulous girl from Good Morning, Later helping them out, so things are under control. Those kinds of bragging rights carried a premium. In the aftermath of the Spice It Up debacle, Olga realized that she’d allowed herself to become distracted from the true American dream—accumulating money—by its phantom cousin, accumulating fame. She would never make that mistake again.
Xóchitl González (Olga Dies Dreaming)
I’ve always said I didn’t want an ordinary life. Nothing average or mundane for me. But as I stared at the rather ample naked derriere wiggling two inches from my face today, I realized I should have been more specific with my goals. Definitely not ordinary, but not exactly what I had in mind. The Texas-flag tattoo emblazoned across the left cheek waved at me as she shifted her weight from foot to foot. The flag was distorted and stretched, as was the large yellow rose on the right cheek, both tattoos dotted with dimples and pock marks. An uneven script scrawled out “The Yellow Rose of Texas” across the top of her rump. Her entire bridal party—her closest friends and relatives, mind you—had left her high and dry. They’d stormed off the elevator as I tried to enter it, a flurry of daffodil-yellow silk, spouting and sputtering about their dear loved one, Tonya the bride. “That’s it! We’re done!” They sounded off in a chorus of clucking hens. “We ain’t goin’ back in there. She can get ready on her own!” “Yeah, she can get ready on her own!” “Known her since third grade and she’s gonna talk to me like that?” “Third grade? She’s my first cousin. I’ve known her since the day she was born. She’s always been that way. I don’t know why y’all acting all surprised.” I felt more than a little uneasy about what all this meant for our schedule. The ceremony was supposed to start in fifteen minutes. The bride should have already been downstairs and loaded in the carriage to make her way to the hotel’s beach. My unease grew to panic when I knocked on Tonya’s door and she opened it clad only in a skimpy little satin robe. “Honey, you’re supposed to be dressed and downstairs already.” I tried to say it as sweetly as possible, but I’m sure my panic came through. My Southern accent kicked in thick, which usually only happens when I’m panicked or frustrated. Or pissed. Or drunk. “Do you think I don’t know that?” she asked, arching a perfectly drawn-on eyebrow. “Do you think somehow when I booked this wedding and had invitations printed and planned the entire damned event, I somehow didn’t realize what time the ceremony started? And just who the hell are you anyway?” Well, alrighty then. Obviously this was going to be a fun day. “Um, I’m Tyler Warren. I’m assisting Lillian with your wedding today.” “Fine. Those bitches left me with my nails wet.” She held up both hands to show me the glossy, fresh manicure. “How the hell am I supposed to get dressed with wet nails?” she asked, arching both eyebrows now and glaring at me like I was somehow responsible for this. “Oh.” My mind spun with the limited time frame I had available, the amount of clothing she still needed to put on, and the amount of time it would take to get her in the carriage and to the ceremony. “Give me just a second to let Lillian know we’ll be down shortly.” I smiled what I hoped was my sweetest smile and stepped backward into the hallway. She slammed the door as I frantically dialed Lillian’s cell. “You’d better be calling to tell me she is in the carriage and on her way,” Lillian said. “It is hotter than Hades out here. I have several people looking like they’re about to faint, and I may possibly dunk a cranky, tuxedoed five-year-old
Violet Howe (Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils, #1))
Violet Howe (Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils, #1))
held her breath, squinting at Rick as he inched the Peugeot into the narrow space between a battered Clio and a shiny new BMW. He was nervous – of course he was, she was too – and it didn’t make the manoeuvre any easier. The Peugeot crept forward until Rick yanked the handbrake up, and Ella’s shoulders sagged in relief. A scrape on anyone’s car would have been the worst possible start to their first adoption party. ‘I’ll need to get out your side,’ said Rick, glaring at the Clio. ‘What a cattle market. I can’t believe we’re doing this – we’d be much better waiting for Liz to find us a kid the traditional way.’ Ella opened the passenger seat door. Rick was a planner; he’d never been the kind of person to simply have a go and see how things turned out. She tried to sound encouraging. ‘Liz said these parties were
Linda Huber (Chosen Child)
When we’d finished, I asked the division planner if he had left out anyone in the division. “No, Manal,” he told me. “I’m quite sure we haven’t missed anyone.” “So there are no girls here apart from me?” “No, there aren’t.
Manal Al-Sharif (Daring to Drive: A Saudi Woman's Awakening)
P lanning a wedding can be murder. Planning weddings for a living is nothing short of suicide. “Is there a patron saint for wedding consultants? Because I think after this wedding, I just might meet the requirements.” I stood near the top of the wide marble staircase that swept down the middle of the Corcoran Gallery of Art’s central foyer. Below me, dozens of tuxedo-clad waiters scurried around the enormous hall filled end to end with tables and gold ladder-backed chairs. After having draped ivory chiffon into swags on all forty tables, I massaged the red indentations left on my fingers by the heavy pins. “Annabelle, darling, I may be a lapsed Catholic, but I’m pretty sure you have to be dead to qualify for sainthood.” Richard Gerard has been one of my closest friends since I arrived in Washington, D.C. three years ago and started “Wedding Belles.” At the time he’d been the only top caterer who’d bother talking to a new wedding planner. Now I worked with him almost exclusively. “The wedding isn’t over yet.”“At least your suffering hasn’t been in vain.” Richard motioned at the room below us. “It’s divine.” The museum’s enormous hall did look magical. The side railings of the staircase were draped with a floral garland, leading to a pair of enormous white rose topiaries flanking the bottom of the stairs. Amber light washed each of the three-story limestone columns bordering the room, and white organza hung from the ceiling, creating sheer curtains that were tied back at each column with clusters of ivory roses. “I just hope the MOB is happy.” My smile disappeared as I thought
Laura Durham (Better Off Wed (Annabelle Archer, #1))
To event manager host is not the only client, even all the guests are clients.
Amit Kalantri (Wealth of Words)
A great event manager makes even the host feel like a guest.
Amit Kalantri (Wealth of Words)
An event shouldn't be just an experiential thing, it should be an emotional thing.
Amit Kalantri (Wealth of Words)
On the day of an event, a good event manager is always the first to arrive and last to leave.
Amit Kalantri (Wealth of Words)
The purpose of event management is to create a client who creates other clients.
Amit Kalantri (Wealth of Words)
I even put on a pair of shorts and some running shoes, feeling all ambitious about the day. But then I remembered how much I loathe running, so I ate a bowl of Cheerios instead.
Violet Howe (Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils, #1))
Marriage isn’t bad just because some of them don’t work out. The people in the marriage screw up. That don’t make marriage itself bad.
Violet Howe (Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils, #1))
The other people in your life are going to make decisions based on what they want in their life. Always. Even when it seems like they are interested in you, even when they genuinely do care about you, they are still going to make their decisions based on what works best for them. So you have to figure out what works for you. What will get you where you want to be. Then make sure any decision
Violet Howe (Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils, #1))
The contrast of the purple veil and green hat against the neon orange of her hair was like Picasso on crack.
Violet Howe (Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils, #1))
Proposing would indicate I made a request that you could refuse if you took a notion.  I ain’t doing that shit.  I’m goin’ with makin’ an irrefutable statement instead.  You listening?  Here it is.  You’re marryin’ me, Harmony McKinnon, and makin’ a completely honest man out of me.   We’re not doing that half-assed livin’ in sin bullshit for any longer than the six weeks it takes you to plan our wedding which I know you can do because you’re a kickass wedding planner.  We’re doing this shit up right and proper, and I’m not given you a chance to say no to me.
Sarah O'Rourke (Hard as Stone (Passion in Paradise: The Men of the McKinnon Sisters, #2))
She has the influential skills of a dictator and the organizational skills of a wedding planner. A terrifying combination.
Marisa Crane (I Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself)
just needed to see you first. And my wedding planner keeps throwing tasks at me, and I love your sister, but I’m seconds from murdering Emily because she seems to be trying to one-up the wedding planner in her bossiness and—” Noah captures Amelia’s lips, showing no reverence at all for her makeup. And that’s when I turn away and quietly leave the room—giving them the moment alone they need.
Sarah Adams (Practice Makes Perfect (When in Rome, #2))
No, honey, of course I still want to get married! I was talking to Stella about the, um, wedding planner…no, don’t fire her. She’s great. I was just frustrated in the moment. Bridal nerves, you know. I’m fine now. Yes, I promise…why did I call for you? Uh, I’m craving those new raspberry lemon cookies from Crumble & Bake. Can you please run down and get some for me? Thank you! Love you.
Ana Huang (Twisted Lies (Twisted, #4))
And a bride who needs a fifty-thousand-dollar wedding, with a hairdresser and a wedding planner and a five-course meal and all the rest, is probably high-maintenance.
Michelle Richmond (The Marriage Pact)
See, mine is a profession in which you orchestrate happiness. It is why I became a wedding planner. Life is messy. We all know this. Terrible things happen, I learned that while I was still a child. But no matter what happens, life is only a series of days. You can’t control more than a single day. But you can control one of them. Twenty-four hours can be curated. A wedding day is a neat little parcel of time in which I can create something whole and perfect to be cherished for a lifetime, a pearl from a broken necklace.
Lucy Foley (The Guest List)