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You find that you have lot of time on your hands when you suddenly are not drinking because you are pregnant.
Chelsea Cain
When the web started, I used to get really grumpy with people because they put my poems up. They put my stories up. They put my stuff up on the web. I had this belief, which was completely erroneous, that if people put your stuff up on the web and you didn’t tell them to take it down, you would lose your copyright, which actually, is simply not true. And I also got very grumpy because I felt like they were pirating my stuff, that it was bad. And then I started to notice that two things seemed much more significant. One of which was… places where I was being pirated, particularly Russia where people were translating my stuff into Russian and spreading around into the world, I was selling more and more books. People were discovering me through being pirated. Then they were going out and buying the real books, and when a new book would come out in Russia, it would sell more and more copies. I thought this was fascinating, and I tried a few experiments. Some of them are quite hard, you know, persuading my publisher for example to take one of my books and put it out for free. We took “American Gods,” a book that was still selling and selling very well, and for a month they put it up completely free on their website. You could read it and you could download it. What happened was sales of my books, through independent bookstores, because that’s all we were measuring it through, went up the following month three hundred percent. I started to realize that actually, you’re not losing books. You’re not losing sales by having stuff out there. When I give a big talk now on these kinds of subjects and people say, “Well, what about the sales that I’m losing through having stuff copied, through having stuff floating out there?” I started asking audiences to just raise their hands for one question. Which is, I’d say, “Okay, do you have a favorite author?” They’d say, “Yes.” and I’d say, “Good. What I want is for everybody who discovered their favorite author by being lent a book, put up your hands.” And then, “Anybody who discovered your favorite author by walking into a bookstore and buying a book raise your hands.” And it’s probably about five, ten percent of the people who actually discovered an author who’s their favorite author, who is the person who they buy everything of. They buy the hardbacks and they treasure the fact that they got this author. Very few of them bought the book. They were lent it. They were given it. They did not pay for it, and that’s how they found their favorite author. And I thought, “You know, that’s really all this is. It’s people lending books. And you can’t look on that as a loss of sale. It’s not a lost sale, nobody who would have bought your book is not buying it because they can find it for free.” What you’re actually doing is advertising. You’re reaching more people, you’re raising awareness. Understanding that gave me a whole new idea of the shape of copyright and of what the web was doing. Because the biggest thing the web is doing is allowing people to hear things. Allowing people to read things. Allowing people to see things that they would never have otherwise seen. And I think, basically, that’s an incredibly good thing.
Neil Gaiman
New Rule: If we want to find a place to cut government waste, we must start with the DEA rubber duck. Yes, on the DEA's website you can buy a rubber ducky with a DEA badge and a cop's hat. Which I recommend doing, because they're a great place to hide your weed.
Bill Maher (The New New Rules: A Funny Look At How Everybody But Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass)
This is the breaking point in a human life, right here. This is waking up on an operating table to find aliens peering down at you, this is hearing the audible voice of God telling you the date the world will end. This is seeing a family of bigfoots in the forest and being without a camera. Welcome to freakdom, Dave. It’ll be time to start a website soon.
David Wong (John Dies at the End (John Dies at the End, #1))
Pretty girls don’t need a lot of education to marry into a rich and powerful family, but girls with an average or ugly appearance will find it difficult. These kinds of girls hope to further their education in order to increase their competitiveness. The tragedy is, they don’t realize that as women age, they are worth less and less, so by the time they get their M.A. or Ph.D., they are already old, like yellowed pearls." - Xinhua News Agency, 2011. Reposted on All-China Women's Federation website days after International Women's Day.
Leta Hong Fincher
This was the beginning of surveillance capitalism, and the end of the Internet as I knew it. Now, it was the creative Web that collapsed, as countless beautiful, difficult, individualistic websites were shuttered. The promise of convenience led people to exchange their personal sites—which demanded constant and laborious upkeep—for a Facebook page and a Gmail account. The appearance of ownership was easy to mistake for the reality of it. Few of us understood it at the time, but none of the things that we’d go on to share would belong to us anymore. The successors to the e-commerce companies that had failed because they couldn’t find anything we were interested in buying now had a new product to sell. That new product was Us.
Edward Snowden (Permanent Record)
In short order, I became America’s foremost “irregardless” apologist. I recorded a short video for Merriam-Webster’s website refuting the notion that “irregardless” wasn’t a word; I took to Twitter and Facebook and booed naysayers who set “irregardless” up as the straw man for the demise of English. I continued to find evidence of the emphatic “irregardless” in all sorts of places—even in the oral arguments of a Supreme Court case. One incredulous e-mail response to my video continued to claim “irregardless” wasn’t a real word. “It’s a made-up word that made it into the dictionary through constant use!” the correspondent said, and I cackled gleefully before responding. Of course “irregardless” is a made-up word that was entered into the dictionary through constant use; that’s pretty much how this racket works. All words are made-up: Do you think we find them fully formed on the ocean floor, or mine for them in some remote part of Wales? I began telling correspondents that “irregardless” was much more complex than people thought, and it deserved a little respectful respite, even if it still was not part of Standard English. My mother was duly horrified. “Oh, Kory,” she tutted. “So much for that college education.” —
Kory Stamper (Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries)
I made it three days before the text messages started one afternoon while I was trying to finish warming up before our afternoon session. I had gotten to the LC later than usual and had gone straight to the training room, praising Jesus that I’d decided to change my clothes before leaving the diner once I’d seen what time it was and had remembered lunchtime traffic was a real thing. I was in the middle of stretching my hips when my phone beeped from where I’d left it on top of my bag. I took it out and snickered immediately at the message after taking my time with it. Jojo: WHAT THE FUCK JASMINE I didn’t need to ask what my brother was what-the-fucking over. It had only been a matter of time. It was really hard to keep a secret in my family, and the only reason why my mom and Ben—who was the only person other than her who knew—had kept their mouths closed was because they had both agreed it would be more fun to piss off my siblings by not saying anything and letting them find out the hard way I was going to be competing again. Life was all about the little things. So, I’d slipped my phone back into my bag and kept stretching, not bothering to respond because it would just make him more mad. Twenty minutes later, while I was still busy stretching, I pulled my phone out and wasn’t surprised more messages appeared. Jojo: WHY WOULD YOU NOT TELL ME Jojo: HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME Jojo: DID THE REST OF YOU KEEP THIS FROM ME Tali: What happened? What did she not tell you? Tali: OH MY GOD, Jasmine, did you get knocked up? Tali: I swear, if you got knocked up, I’m going to beat the hell out of you. We talked about contraception when you hit puberty. Sebastian: Jasmine’s pregnant? Rubes: She’s not pregnant. Rubes: What happened, Jojo? Jojo: MOM DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS Tali: Would you just tell us what you’re talking about? Jojo: JASMINE IS SKATING WITH IVAN LUKOV Jojo: And I found out by going on Picturegram. Someone at the rink posted a picture of them in one of the training rooms. They were doing lifts. Jojo: JASMINE I SWEAR TO GOD YOU BETTER EXPLAIN EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW Tali: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? IS THIS TRUE? Tali: JASMINE Tali: JASMINE Tali: JASMINE Jojo: I’m going on Lukov’s website right now to confirm this Rubes: I just called Mom but she isn’t answering the phone Tali: She knew about this. WHO ELSE KNEW? Sebastian: I didn’t. And quit texting Jas’s name over and over again. It’s annoying. She’s skating again. Good job, Jas. Happy for you. Jojo: ^^ You’re such a vibe kill Sebastian: No, I’m just not flipping my shit because she got a new partner. Jojo: SHE DIDN’T TELL US FIRST THO. What is the point of being related if we didn’t get the scoop before everybody else? Jojo: I FOUND OUT ON PICTUREGRAM Sebastian: She doesn’t like you. I wouldn’t tell you either. Tali: I can’t find anything about it online. Jojo: JASMINE Tali: JASMINE Jojo: JASMINE Tali: JASMINE Tali: Tell us everything or I’m coming over to Mom’s today. Sebastian: You’re annoying. Muting this until I get out of work. Jojo: Party pooper Tali: Party pooper Jojo: Jinx Tali: Jinx Sebastian: Annoying ... I typed out a reply, because knowing them, if I didn’t, the next time I looked at my phone, I’d have an endless column of JASMINE on there until they heard from me. That didn’t mean my response had to be what they wanted. Me: Who is Ivan Lukov?
Mariana Zapata (From Lukov with Love)
Here is one set of 'New Ten Commandments' from today, which I happened to find on an atheist website: • Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you. • In all things, strive to cause no harm. • Treat your fellow human beings, your fellow living things, and the world in general with love, honesty, faithfulness and respect. • Do not overlook evil or shrink from administering justice, but always be ready to forgive wrongdoing freely admitted and honestly regretted. • Live life with a sense of joy and wonder. • Always seek to be learning something new. • Test all things; always check your ideas against the facts, and be ready to discard even a cherished belief if it does not conform to them. • Never seek to censor or cut yourself off from dissent; always respect the right of others to disagree with you. • Form independent opinions on the basis of your own reason and experience; do not allow yourself to be led blindly by others. • Question everything.
Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion)
1.There are no rules, because life is made up of too many rules as it is 2.But there are three "guidelines" (which sounds less rigid than "rules"): a)No using our phones to get us there. We have to do this strictly old-school, which means learning to read actual maps b)We alternate choosing places to go, but we also have to be willing to go where the road takes us. This means the grand, the small, the bizarre, the poetic, the beautiful, the ugly, the surprising. Just like life. But absolutely, unconditionally, resolutely nothing ordinary. c)At each site, we leave something almost like an offering. It can be our own private game of geocaching( "the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website"), only not a game, and just for us. The rules of geocaching say "takes something, leave something." The way I figure it, we stand to get something out of each place, so why not give something back? Also, it's a way to prove we've been there, and a way to leave a part of us behind.
Jennifer Niven (All the Bright Places)
Kensi Gounden says, Entrepreneur innovation news is a website focused on finding the latest news, videos, and discussion topics on innovation.
Kensi Gounden
Incidentally, I spent some time on the Purell website, where you can find a list of ninety-nine places germs lurk (in-flight magazines, movie tickets, gas-pump keypads, hotel room a/c controls, and on and on). It's hilarious and terrifying. The only place they don't mention is the Purell dispensers themselves. You know they're coated with germs. It's one of health's cruelest catch-22s.
A.J. Jacobs (Drop Dead Healthy: One Man's Humble Quest for Bodily Perfection)
There was malware you could download from pirate websites, malware that you could send to other people’s cellphones to find out their GPS locations.  It could be sent to other people invisibly, attached to text messages.  If he could get his hands on another cellphone and download
Mike Wells (Wild Child, Books 1, 2 & 3 (Free Book 1): The Trilogy)
ERIN ROONEY DOLAND is editor-in-chief of, a website providing daily articles on home and office organization, and author of the book Unclutter Your Life in One Week. She is a writer, productivity consultant, and lecturer. Writing and simple living are two of her greatest passions.
Jocelyn K. Glei (Manage Your Day-To-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind)
During the first couple years I worked for myself, entire weeks would go by without my accomplishing much, for no other reason than that I was anxious and stressed about what I had to do, and it was too easy to put everything off. I quickly learned, though, that forcing myself to do something, even the most menial of tasks, quickly made the larger tasks seem much easier. If I had to redesign an entire website, I’d force myself to sit down and would say, “Okay, I’ll just design the header right now.” But after the header was done, I’d find myself moving on to other parts of the site. And before I knew it, I’d be energized and engaged in the project. The
Mark Manson (The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life)
Sami and I had exactly one day together in the old world. On Tuesday the jihadists came to our front door and knocked down our buildings. Our new world was hijacked planes, anthrax, and Afghanistan. Then we had snipers inside the Beltway. Then came Iraq. With every military action we were told reprisals were not just probable, but a foregone conclusion. An intelligence officer with a fancy PowerPoint briefed teachers on ‘our new reality.’ He called us ‘targets.’ He said ‘get used to it.’ He told our Webmaster ‘get off your ass’ and remove bus routes/stops from the school’s website. Johnny Jihad would find that information especially helpful if he decided to plow through our kids one morning as they stood half-asleep waiting for the school bus.
Tucker Elliot (The Rainy Season)
Anwen uncrossed her arms, adjusted her skirt. She glanced from me to Watson. "If it's not an imposition," she said. "You can come too, Jamie. If you want." At that, I pinched his leg. "No!" he yelped. "No, go on. I, ah. Have a lecture." "Are you sure?" I ask him, sniffling. "I'm sure," he said, and reached out, very gently, to brush away a tear from my face. His dark eyes softened. He really was a better actor than I gave him credit for. "I'll see you later, pumpkin." As I led Anwen out to the street, I texted from my bag: Watson? Yes, pumpkin? New condition: you cease and desist all gourd-related nicknames. Done. But pinch me again, and I'll start calling you pickle. Do that, and I will find and them publish your diaries in a website with a vociferous comments section. Thought I was not a gourd, I was most definitely not a vinegar-soaked phallic object.
Brittany Cavallaro (A Question of Holmes (Charlotte Holmes, #4))
By performing a simple Google search, a website review, a visit to their LinkedIn profile, or a media release search on the person you are about to meet, you can find out where they’ve been, what they care about, and where they’re going. Whether you learn an interesting fact about a hobby they enjoy, the breed of their dog, or something you both have in common, it will show that you took the time to research and that you care about them as a person.
Susan C. Young (The Art of Preparation: 8 Ways to Plan with Purpose & Intention for Positive Impact (The Art of First Impressions for Positive Impact, #2))
Furthermore, some 52 studies—all available on NIH’s website—find that ordinary masking (using less than an N95 respirator) doesn’t reduce viral infection rates, even—surprisingly—in institutional settings like hospitals and surgical theaters.6,7 Moreover, some 25 additional studies attribute to masking a grim retinue of harms, including respiratory and immune system illnesses, as well as dermatological, dental, gastrointestinal, and psychological injuries.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health)
As a child I had been taken to see Dr Bradshaw on countless occasions; it was in his surgery that Billy had first discovered Lego. As I was growing up, I also saw Dr Robinson, the marathon runner. Now that I was living back at home, he was again my GP. When Mother bravely told him I was undergoing treatment for MPD/DID as a result of childhood sexual abuse, he buried his head in hands and wept. Child abuse will always re-emerge, no matter how many years go by. We read of cases of people who have come forward after thirty or forty years to say they were abused as children in care homes by wardens, schoolteachers, neighbours, fathers, priests. The Catholic Church in the United States in the last decade has paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for 'acts of sodomy and depravity towards children', to quote one information-exchange web-site. Why do these ageing people make the abuse public so late in their lives? To seek attention? No, it's because deep down there is a wound they need to bring out into the clean air before it can heal. Many clinicians miss signs of abuse in children because they, as decent people, do not want to find evidence of what Dr Ross suggests is 'a sick society that has grown sicker, and the abuse of children more bizarre'. (Note: this was written in the UK many years before the revelations of Jimmy Savile's widespread abuse, which included some ritual abuse)
Alice Jamieson (Today I'm Alice: Nine Personalities, One Tortured Mind)
Why is it there’s no aisle in a grocery or department in a store or menu on a website for “average stuff” or “beige products”? FACT: People never got passionate about mediocre and average. While consumers and clients can find “best deals” and “natural foods” and “artisan goods,” one doesn’t find an aisle or a website menu tab offering “average stuff” without excelling in something (which might explain that while vanilla is necessary for the ice cream sundae, it’s the hot fudge we all crave and talk about).
David Brier (The Lucky Brand)
We wanted to make a website that would function as a hub, so that if you went online to buy a Jill Phillips CD, her site sent you to The Rabbit Room store with all the other artists she was friends with. Cross-pollination. But it was also books. There are too many good writers out there who are mostly unknown. The Rabbit Room store also carried books by Lewis, Tolkien, Marilynne Robinson, Dorothy Sayers, Flannery O’Connor, Walter Wangerin Jr., Jeffrey Overstreet, George MacDonald, and G. K. Chesterton—authors half of which you probably won’t find in a typical Christian bookstore.
Andrew Peterson (Adorning the Dark: Thoughts on Community, Calling, and the Mystery of Making)
different subject. The story of the serotonin hypothesis for depression, and its enthusiastic promotion by drug companies, is part of a wider process that has been called ‘disease-mongering’ or ‘medicalisation’, where diagnostic categories are widened, whole new diagnoses are invented, and normal variants of human experience are pathologised, so they can be treated with pills. One simple illustration of this is the recent spread of ‘checklists’ enabling the public to diagnose, or help diagnose, various medical conditions. In 2010, for example, the popular website WebMD launched a new test: ‘Rate your risk for depression: could you be depressed?’ It was funded by Eli Lilly, manufacturers of the antidepressant duloxetine, and this was duly declared on the page, though that doesn’t reduce the absurdity of what followed. The test consisted of ten questions, such as: ‘I feel sad or down most of the time’; ‘I feel tired almost every day’; ‘I have trouble concentrating’; ‘I feel worthless or hopeless’; ‘I find myself thinking a lot about dying’; and so on. If you answered ‘no’ to every single one of these questions – every single one – and then pressed ‘Submit’, the response was clear: ‘You may be at risk for major depression’.
Ben Goldacre (Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients)
Bezos had seemingly made up his mind that he was no longer going to indulge in financial maneuvering as a way to escape the rather large hole Amazon had dug for itself, and it wasn’t just through borrowing Sinegal’s business plan. At a two-day management and board offsite later that year, Amazon invited business thinker Jim Collins to present the findings from his soon-to-be-published book Good to Great. Collins had studied the company and led a series of intense discussions at the offsite. “You’ve got to decide what you’re great at,” he told the Amazon executives. Drawing on Collins’s concept of a flywheel, or self-reinforcing loop, Bezos and his lieutenants sketched their own virtuous cycle, which they believed powered their business. It went something like this: Lower prices led to more customer visits. More customers increased the volume of sales and attracted more commission-paying third-party sellers to the site. That allowed Amazon to get more out of fixed costs like the fulfillment centers and the servers needed to run the website. This greater efficiency then enabled it to lower prices further. Feed any part of this flywheel, they reasoned, and it should accelerate the loop. Amazon executives were elated; according to several members of the S Team at the time, they felt that, after five years, they finally understood their own business. But when Warren Jenson asked Bezos if he should put the flywheel in his presentations to analysts, Bezos asked him not to. For now, he considered it the secret sauce.
Brad Stone (The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon)
ultimately, most of us would choose a rich and meaningful life over an empty, happy one, if such a thing is even possible. “Misery serves a purpose,” says psychologist David Myers. He’s right. Misery alerts us to dangers. It’s what spurs our imagination. As Iceland proves, misery has its own tasty appeal. A headline on the BBC’s website caught my eye the other day. It read: “Dirt Exposure Boosts Happiness.” Researchers at Bristol University in Britain treated lung-cancer patients with “friendly” bacteria found in soil, otherwise known as dirt. The patients reported feeling happier and had an improved quality of life. The research, while far from conclusive, points to an essential truth: We thrive on messiness. “The good life . . . cannot be mere indulgence. It must contain a measure of grit and truth,” observed geographer Yi-Fu Tuan. Tuan is the great unheralded geographer of our time and a man whose writing has accompanied me throughout my journeys. He called one chapter of his autobiography “Salvation by Geography.” The title is tongue-in-cheek, but only slightly, for geography can be our salvation. We are shaped by our environment and, if you take this Taoist belief one step further, you might say we are our environment. Out there. In here. No difference. Viewed that way, life seems a lot less lonely. The word “utopia” has two meanings. It means both “good place” and “nowhere.” That’s the way it should be. The happiest places, I think, are the ones that reside just this side of paradise. The perfect person would be insufferable to live with; likewise, we wouldn’t want to live in the perfect place, either. “A lifetime of happiness! No man could bear it: It would be hell on Earth,” wrote George Bernard Shaw, in his play Man and Superman. Ruut Veenhoven, keeper of the database, got it right when he said: “Happiness requires livable conditions, but not paradise.” We humans are imminently adaptable. We survived an Ice Age. We can survive anything. We find happiness in a variety of places and, as the residents of frumpy Slough demonstrated, places can change. Any atlas of bliss must be etched in pencil. My passport is tucked into my desk drawer again. I am relearning the pleasures of home. The simple joys of waking up in the same bed each morning. The pleasant realization that familiarity breeds contentment and not only contempt. Every now and then, though, my travels resurface and in unexpected ways. My iPod crashed the other day. I lost my entire music collection, nearly two thousand songs. In the past, I would have gone through the roof with rage. This time, though, my anger dissipated like a summer thunderstorm and, to my surprise, I found the Thai words mai pen lai on my lips. Never mind. Let it go. I am more aware of the corrosive nature of envy and try my best to squelch it before it grows. I don’t take my failures quite so hard anymore. I see beauty in a dark winter sky. I can recognize a genuine smile from twenty yards. I have a newfound appreciation for fresh fruits and vegetables. Of all the places I visited, of all the people I met, one keeps coming back to me again and again: Karma Ura,
Eric Weiner (The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World)
WHEN I DESCRIBED THE TUMOR IN MY ESOPHAGUS as a “blind, emotionless alien,” I suppose that even I couldn’t help awarding it some of the qualities of a living thing. This at least I know to be a mistake: an instance of the pathetic fallacy (angry cloud, proud mountain, presumptuous little Beaujolais) by which we ascribe animate qualities to inanimate phenomena. To exist, a cancer needs a living organism, but it cannot ever become a living organism. Its whole malice—there I go again—lies in the fact that the “best” it can do is to die with its host. Either that or its host will find the measures with which to extirpate and outlive it. But, as I knew before I became ill, there are some people for whom this explanation is unsatisfying. To them, a rodent carcinoma really is a dedicated, conscious agent—a slow–acting suicide–murderer—on a consecrated mission from heaven. You haven’t lived, if I can put it like this, until you have read contributions such as this on the websites of the faithful: Who else feels Christopher Hitchens getting terminal throat cancer [sic] was God’s revenge for him using his voice to blaspheme him? Atheists like to ignore FACTS. They like to act like everything is a “coincidence.” Really? It’s just a “coincidence” [that] out of any part of his body, Christopher Hitchens got cancer in the one part of his body he used for blasphemy? Yeah, keep believing that, Atheists. He’s going to writhe in agony and pain and wither away to nothing and then die a horrible agonizing death, and THEN comes the real fun, when he’s sent to HELLFIRE forever to be tortured and set afire. There are numerous passages in holy scripture and religious tradition that for centuries made this kind of gloating into a mainstream belief. Long before it concerned me particularly I had understood the obvious objections. First, which mere primate is so damn sure that he can know the mind of god? Second, would this anonymous author want his views to be read by my unoffending children, who are also being given a hard time in their way, and by the same god? Third, why not a thunderbolt for yours truly, or something similarly awe–inspiring? The vengeful deity has a sadly depleted arsenal if all he can think of is exactly the cancer that my age and former “lifestyle” would suggest that I got. Fourth, why cancer at all? Almost all men get cancer of the prostate if they live long enough: It’s an undignified thing but quite evenly distributed among saints and sinners, believers and unbelievers. If you maintain that god awards the appropriate cancers, you must also account for the numbers of infants who contract leukemia. Devout persons have died young and in pain. Betrand Russell and Voltaire, by contrast, remained spry until the end, as many psychopathic criminals and tyrants have also done. These visitations, then, seem awfully random. My so far uncancerous throat, let me rush to assure my Christian correspondent above, is not at all the only organ with which I have blasphemed. And even if my voice goes before I do, I shall continue to write polemics against religious delusions, at least until it’s hello darkness my old friend. In which case, why not cancer of the brain? As a terrified, half–aware imbecile, I might even scream for a priest at the close of business, though I hereby state while I am still lucid that the entity thus humiliating itself would not in fact be “me.” (Bear this in mind, in case of any later rumors or fabrications.)
Christopher Hitchens (Mortality)
Dear Dr. Ortiz— Congratulations on your discovery! We found the object, too, about six months ago and have been studying it in detail for the past few months. It has a few interesting properties that you might find interesting. Most interestingly, it has a satellite, and the orbital solution gives a system mass of about 28% of that of the Pluto-Charon system. It’s still probably the biggest KBO around but it has a sufficiently high albedo that it is not quite as big or massive as Pluto. I’ve got a paper describing the satellite that, ironically, I was planning to submit tomorrow. I will forward the paper to you as I submit it. I am sure that I will get inquiries about your new object from different people; is there [or is there going to be] a website describing your survey or your discovery that I can point people to? Again, congratulations on a very nice discovery!
Mike Brown (How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming)
Poet's Note: Kindly do not use my poem without giving me due credit. Do not use bits and pieces to suit your agenda of Kashmir whatever it may be. I, Srividya Srinivasan as the creator of this poem own the right to what I have chosen to feel about the issue and have represented all sides to a complex problem that involves people. I do not believe in war or violence of any kind and this is my compassionate side speaking from all angles to human beings thinking they own only their side to the story. THIS POEM IS THE ORIGINAL WORK OF SRIVIDYA SRINIVASAN and any misuse by you shall be considered as a violation of my copyrights and legally actionable. This poem is dedicated to all those who have suffered in Kashmir and through Kashmir and to not be sliced and interpreted to each one's convenience. ---------------------------- Weep softly O mother, the walls have ears you know... The streets are awash o mother! I cannot go searching for him anymore. The streets are awash o mother with blood and tears, pellets and screams. that silently remain locked in the air, while they seal our soulless dreams. The guns are out, O mother, while our boys go armed with stones, I cannot go looking for him O mother, I have no courage to face what I will find. For, I need to tend to this little one beside, with bound eyes that see no more. ----- Weep for the home we lost O mother, Weep for the valley we left behind, the hills that once bore our names, where shoulder to shoulder, we walked the vales, proud of our heritage. Hunted out of our very homes, flying like thieves in the night, abandoning it all, fearful for the lives of our men, fearful of our being raped, our children killed, Kafirs they called us O mother, they marked our homes to kill. We now haunt the streets of other cities, refugees in a country we call our own, belonging nowhere, feeling homeless without the land we once called home. ------------- Weep loudly O mother, for the nation hears our pain. As the fresh flag moulds his cold body, I know his sacrifice was not in vain. We need to put our chins up, O mother and face this moment with pride. For blood is blood, and pain is pain, and death is final, The false story we must tell ourselves is that we are always the right side, and forget the pain we inflict on the other side. Until it all stops, it must go on, the dry tears on either side, Every war and battle is within and without, and must claim its wounds and leave its scars, And, if we need to go on O mother, it matters we feel we are on the right side. We need to tell ourselves we are always the right sight... We need to repeat it a million times, We are always the right side... For god forbid, what if we were not? --- Request you to read the full poem on my website.
Srividya Srinivasan
New Ten Commandments’ from today, which I happened to find on an atheist website.103 Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you. In all things, strive to cause no harm. Treat your fellow human beings, your fellow living things, and the world in general with love, honesty, faithfulness and respect. Do not overlook evil or shrink from administering justice, but always be ready to forgive wrongdoing freely admitted and honestly regretted. Live life with a sense of joy and wonder. Always seek to be learning something new. Test all things; always check your ideas against the facts, and be ready to discard even a cherished belief if it does not conform to them. Never seek to censor or cut yourself off from dissent; always respect the right of others to disagree with you. Form independent opinions on the basis of your own reason and experience; do not allow yourself to be led blindly by others. Question everything.
Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion)
Here is one set of ‘New Ten Commandments’ from today, which I happened to find on an atheist website.103 Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you. In all things, strive to cause no harm. Treat your fellow human beings, your fellow living things, and the world in general with love, honesty, faithfulness and respect. Do not overlook evil or shrink from administering justice, but always be ready to forgive wrongdoing freely admitted and honestly regretted. Live life with a sense of joy and wonder. Always seek to be learning something new. Test all things; always check your ideas against the facts, and be ready to discard even a cherished belief if it does not conform to them. Never seek to censor or cut yourself off from dissent; always respect the right of others to disagree with you. Form independent opinions on the basis of your own reason and experience; do not allow yourself to be led blindly by others. Question everything.
Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion)
Through the fall, the president’s anger seemed difficult to contain. He threatened North Korea with “fire and fury,” then followed up with a threat to “totally destroy” the country. When neo-Nazis and white supremacists held a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and one of them killed a protester and injured a score of others, he made a brutally offensive statement condemning violence “on many sides … on many sides”—as if there was moral equivalence between those who were fomenting racial hatred and violence and those who were opposing it. He retweeted anti-Muslim propaganda that had been posted by a convicted criminal leader of a British far-right organization. Then as now, the president’s heedless bullying and intolerance of variance—intolerance of any perception not his own—has been nurturing a strain of insanity in public dialogue that has been long in development, a pathology that became only more virulent when it migrated to the internet. A person such as the president can on impulse and with minimal effort inject any sort of falsehood into public conversation through digital media and call his own lie a correction of “fake news.” There are so many news outlets now, and the competition for clicks is so intense, that any sufficiently outrageous statement made online by anyone with even the faintest patina of authority, and sometimes even without it, will be talked about, shared, and reported on, regardless of whether it has a basis in fact. How do you progress as a culture if you set out to destroy any common agreement as to what constitutes a fact? You can’t have conversations. You can’t have debates. You can’t come to conclusions. At the same time, calling out the transgressor has a way of giving more oxygen to the lie. Now it’s a news story, and the lie is being mentioned not just in some website that publishes unattributable gossip but in every reputable newspaper in the country. I have not been looking to start a personal fight with the president. When somebody insults your wife, your instinctive reaction is to want to lash out in response. When you are the acting director, or deputy director, of the FBI, and the person doing the insulting is the chief executive of the United States, your options have guardrails. I read the president’s tweets, but I had an organization to run. A country to help protect. I had to remain independent, neutral, professional, positive, on target. I had to compartmentalize my emotions. Crises taught me how to compartmentalize. Example: the Boston Marathon bombing—watching the video evidence, reviewing videos again and again of people dying, people being mutilated and maimed. I had the primal human response that anyone would have. But I know how to build walls around that response and had to build them then in order to stay focused on finding the bombers. Compared to experiences like that one, getting tweeted about by Donald Trump does not count as a crisis. I do not even know how to think about the fact that the person with time on his hands to tweet about me and my wife is the president of the United States.
Andrew G. McCabe (The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump)
The final option to have your book completed is to hire a ghost writer. The challenge with this option is that it is important to note that your voice IS an integral part of your branding. When you hire someone else, what your readers will ultimately get is their voice. When they see you later at your website or on your social media, your voice will not be the same. This will trigger a feeling of inconsistency when relationships need to be built upon trust and authenticity. Your audience will eventually come to think you are not the “real deal” and will find another to replace you. Finally, your book is a springboard and launching pad to greater things such as speaking, interviews, a product line, etc. Will your ghost writer be available for all of that as well? How will you be able to “ghost write” your way through an interview? Hence the reason I stress speaking in your own voice. You may think you are not perfect, but your authenticity will speak in volumes to your followers and they will be customers for life if they see your true being.
Kytka Hilmar-Jezek (Book Power: A Platform for Writing, Branding, Positioning & Publishing)
We’ve lost our way” is how another manifesto author, Andrew Hunt, put it in a 2015 essay titled “The Failure of Agile.” Hunt tells me the word agile has become “meaningless at best,” having been hijacked by “scads of vocal agile zealots” who had no idea what they were talking about. Agile has split into various camps and methodologies, with names like Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) and Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD). The worst flavor, Hunt tells me, is Scaled Agile Framework, or SAFe, which he and some other original manifesto authors jokingly call Shitty Agile for Enterprise. “It’s a disaster,” Hunt tells me. “I have a few consultant friends who are making big bucks cleaning up failed SAFe implementations.” SAFe is the hellspawn brainchild of a company called Scaled Agile Inc., a bunch of mad scientists whose approach consists of a nightmare world of rules and charts and configurations. SAFe itself comes in multiple configurations, which you can find on the Scaled Agile website. Each one is an abomination of corporate complexity and Rube Goldberg-esque interdependencies.
Dan Lyons (Lab Rats: Why Modern Work Makes People Miserable)
We are experiencing an explosion of new products and services vying to help us make effort pacts with our digital devices. Whenever I write on my laptop, for instance, I click on the SelfControl app, which blocks my access to a host of distracting websites like Facebook and Reddit, as well as my email account. I can set it to block these sites for as much time as I need, typically in forty-five-minute to one-hour increments. Another app called Freedom is a bit more sophisticated and blocks potential distractions not only on my computer but also on mobile devices. Forest, perhaps my favorite distraction-proofing app, is one I find myself using nearly every day. Every time I want to make an effort pact with myself to avoid getting distracted on my phone, I open the Forest app and set my desired length of phone-free time. As soon as I hit a button marked Plant, a tiny seedling appears on the screen and a timer starts counting down. If I attempt to switch tasks on my phone before the timer runs out, my virtual tree dies. The thought of killing the little virtual tree adds just enough extra effort to discourage me from tapping out of the app—a visible reminder of the pact I’ve made with myself.
Nir Eyal (Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life)
Maybe that’s his game, though,” I said. “The hunt for one soul, again and again.” “Then why are you still here?” “The other women lived with him for a long time too. Maybe he wants to wait until my defenses are down, and then-“ “Wow, Clea, you are so jaded. You found your soulmate. People wait their whole lives for this. It’s the most amazing thing in the world, and it’s happened to you. Can’t you just accept it and be happy?” What she said made sense, but… I flopped back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Without looking at Rayna, I said, “He doesn’t act like he’s my soulmate. Sometimes I think maybe he liked the other women more. I think maybe he wishes I was one of them.” Rayna was silent. This was something I’d never heard. “This is seriously, deep,” she finally said. “You’re feeling insecure because you’re jealous…of yourself.” “I didn’t say I was jealous…” “You’d rather think he’s a serial killer than risk being with him and finding out he doesn’t like you as much as he liked…you?” She scrunched her brow and thought, then tried again. “Yous? Anyway, you know what I mean-the other yous.” “Forget the jealousy thing, okay? There are other reasons to doubt him too. Ben doesn’t trust him at all. He thinks Sage is some kind of demon. He said there’s a spirit called an incubus that comes to women in their sleep, and-“ “Of course Ben said that.” Rayna shrugged. “He’s jealous.” “Of what?” “Ben’s crazy in love with you, Clea. I’ve been saying that forever!” “And I’ve been ignoring you forever, because it’s not true. You just want it to be true because it’s romantic.” “Did you not see the pictures of you from Rio?” I narrowed my eyes. “What are you talking about?” Rayna pulled out her phone. “Honestly, I don’t know how you survive without Google Alerts on yourself. The paparazzi were out in full force for Carnival.” She played with the phone for a minute, then handed it to me. It showed a close-up of Ben and me at the Sambadrome that could only have been taken with a serious zoom. I felt violated. “I hate this,” I muttered. “Why? You look cute!” “I hate that people are sneaking around taking pictures of me!” “I know you do. Ignore that for the moment. Just scroll through.” There were five pictures of Ben and me. Four of them were moments I vividly remembered, pictures of the two of us facing each other, laughing as we did our best to imitate the dancers shimmying and strutting down the parade route. The fifth one I didn’t remember. I wouldn’t have; in it I had my camera up to my face and was concentrating on lining up the perfect shot. Ben stood behind me, but he wasn’t wearing the goofy smile he’d had in the other pictures. He was staring right at me with those big puppydog eyes, and his smile wasn’t goofy at all, but… “Uh-huh,” Rayna said triumphantly. She had climbed into my bed was looking at the picture over my shoulder. “Knew that one would stop you. There is only one word for the look on that boy’s face, Clea: love-struck. Which is probably why a bunch of websites are reporting he’s about to propose.” “What?” “Messenger. Don’t kill the messenger.” I looked back at the picture. Ben did look love-struck. Very love-struck. “It could just be the picture,” I said. “They caught him at a weird moment.” “Yeah, a weird moment when he thought no one was looking so he showed how he really felt.” I gave Rayna back the phone and shook my head. “Ben and I are like brother and sister. That’s gross.” “Hey, I read Flowers in the Attic. It was kind of hot.” “Shut up!” I laughed. “I’m just saying, think about it. Really think about it. Is it that hard to believe that Ben’s in love with you?
Hilary Duff (Elixir (Elixir, #1))
Daily work in the field of online advertising, as Jack Goldenberg sees it, is still significantly different from what the trends are propagated by online promotions. Defining online budget According to Jack Goldenberg a vast majority of the budget for online advertising does not exceed $2,000 on a monthly basis, depending on the perception of the company as they can bring effects "online adventure", established budgets for online advertising move in value from $200 to $2,000 per month (with highest proportion of $200-$500). This does not mean that a number of companies gives less advertising - but even then it can not be called "creating the campaign." Goldenberg believes that in order to create an online advertising campaign there should be a budget of at least $500 for the use of different types of online advertising. Goldenberg explains this as: In an environment of such budget is not simply distribute the money "wisely" and that since it has obvious benefits through a variety of online advertising systems. Jack Goldenberg found out how most companies in the world and USA are oriented towards effects in relation to the funds that are made for advertising. In this type of company, regardless of what everyone knows to be used types of brand advertising (advertising through banners - display advertising) to create recognizable firms in certain target groups, the effects of such advertising are not directly comparable with respect to the effects of (price per click - CPC - Cost per click) with contextual advertising, which for years has given much more efficient (measurable) results in relation to advertising banners, concludes Mr. Goldenberg. According to Yoel Goldenberg it is good when there is an understanding in companies that brand advertising has a different type of effects in relation to the PPC (contextual) advertising, and that would be it "documented" in a certain way, it is necessary to constantly explore and find those web sites that deliver the best effects for optimum need of assets. The process of creating an online advertising campaigns, explained by Goldenberg, usually starts (or should start) finding individual Web sites on which to advertise a company could, possibly longer term. Unfortunately, says Goldenberg, in our country is not in all sectors (industries) simply find diverse Web sites from which to choose "pretenders" for online advertising. An even greater problem is the fact that long-term advertising on a Web site does not bring the desired effect, unless it is constantly not working to the content of advertising often changes with an emphasis on meeting the needs of potential clients.
Jack Goldenberg (25 Websites that Pay Quick and Easy)
Dear PrettyKitty29, Hi, my name is Liam Brody. From the looks of your charming website, you've heard of me. Believe it or not, I've heard of you too. I was recently tipped off about your little gossip community. I probably shouldn't call it little. You are one of the busiest gossip communities on the Internet. Congratulations. I'm always impressed with people who manage to stay indoors so much. You must have a sufficient amount of Vitamin D. I noticed that you seem to have an odd and probably unwarranted agenda against me. Almost every bitter post about me is put up by lovely you. I also noticed that your hatred has spread successfully among your users. Wow. What an influence you have on gossip hungry teens and housewives. Again, congratulations. I apologize for dating models, PrettyKitty29. I just think they're more attractive than other people. Some people steal, some people do drugs, some people sell them. I date models. It could probably be worse. I could be someone who makes bribes. Speaking of those, I was emailing you to let you know that despite the sarcasm throughout this email, I find your strangely influential website interesting and am willing to make a substantial payment to you if you stop posting negative stories and put a few nice ones instead. I don't know what a gossip community moderator gets paid, but I'm sure that regardless, you could use a few extra bucks. It would pay for food delivery, movies On Demand, and other indoor pleasures that I'm sure you partake in. Please let me know. Best, Liam Brody.
India Lee (HDU (HDU, #1))
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a young Goldman Sachs banker named Joseph Park was sitting in his apartment, frustrated at the effort required to get access to entertainment. Why should he trek all the way to Blockbuster to rent a movie? He should just be able to open a website, pick out a movie, and have it delivered to his door. Despite raising around $250 million, Kozmo, the company Park founded, went bankrupt in 2001. His biggest mistake was making a brash promise for one-hour delivery of virtually anything, and investing in building national operations to support growth that never happened. One study of over three thousand startups indicates that roughly three out of every four fail because of premature scaling—making investments that the market isn’t yet ready to support. Had Park proceeded more slowly, he might have noticed that with the current technology available, one-hour delivery was an impractical and low-margin business. There was, however, a tremendous demand for online movie rentals. Netflix was just then getting off the ground, and Kozmo might have been able to compete in the area of mail-order rentals and then online movie streaming. Later, he might have been able to capitalize on technological changes that made it possible for Instacart to build a logistics operation that made one-hour grocery delivery scalable and profitable. Since the market is more defined when settlers enter, they can focus on providing superior quality instead of deliberating about what to offer in the first place. “Wouldn’t you rather be second or third and see how the guy in first did, and then . . . improve it?” Malcolm Gladwell asked in an interview. “When ideas get really complicated, and when the world gets complicated, it’s foolish to think the person who’s first can work it all out,” Gladwell remarked. “Most good things, it takes a long time to figure them out.”* Second, there’s reason to believe that the kinds of people who choose to be late movers may be better suited to succeed. Risk seekers are drawn to being first, and they’re prone to making impulsive decisions. Meanwhile, more risk-averse entrepreneurs watch from the sidelines, waiting for the right opportunity and balancing their risk portfolios before entering. In a study of software startups, strategy researchers Elizabeth Pontikes and William Barnett find that when entrepreneurs rush to follow the crowd into hyped markets, their startups are less likely to survive and grow. When entrepreneurs wait for the market to cool down, they have higher odds of success: “Nonconformists . . . that buck the trend are most likely to stay in the market, receive funding, and ultimately go public.” Third, along with being less recklessly ambitious, settlers can improve upon competitors’ technology to make products better. When you’re the first to market, you have to make all the mistakes yourself. Meanwhile, settlers can watch and learn from your errors. “Moving first is a tactic, not a goal,” Peter Thiel writes in Zero to One; “being the first mover doesn’t do you any good if someone else comes along and unseats you.” Fourth, whereas pioneers tend to get stuck in their early offerings, settlers can observe market changes and shifting consumer tastes and adjust accordingly. In a study of the U.S. automobile industry over nearly a century, pioneers had lower survival rates because they struggled to establish legitimacy, developed routines that didn’t fit the market, and became obsolete as consumer needs clarified. Settlers also have the luxury of waiting for the market to be ready. When Warby Parker launched, e-commerce companies had been thriving for more than a decade, though other companies had tried selling glasses online with little success. “There’s no way it would have worked before,” Neil Blumenthal tells me. “We had to wait for Amazon, Zappos, and Blue Nile to get people comfortable buying products they typically wouldn’t order online.
Adam M. Grant (Originals: How Nonconformists Move the World)
Owen couldn’t believe his luck. Candice Mayfair was the beautiful white wolf he’d seen that day so long ago. Not that she looked like a wolf right now. He only knew she was the wolf, unequivocally, because he recognized her scent. After the initial shock of seeing an unfamiliar and intriguing Arctic she-wolf, he’d gone after her. The whole pack had gone on a run that night, but they knew to stay far away from any campsite. He and the other guys had swum across the river to explore a bit. Cameron and his mate had stayed on the other side with the kids. He’d even swum back across the river to find her and discovered her scent had led right to one of the tents. Since she had moved into the tent, he knew she had to be one of their shifter kind. He’d even hung around the next day, waiting to catch a glimpse of her, but there were several women, and he had no idea which one had been her. Two blonds, a couple of brunettes, and a red-haired woman—none of whom looked like the picture he had of Clara Hart, though. Being a white wolf in summer had made it difficult to blend in, so he’d had to keep well out of sight. Candice Mayfair was definitely the author of the books on the website, though she didn’t look like the photo her uncle had of her, if she was Clara Hart. She had the same compelling eyes, different color, but they got his attention, grabbed hold, and wouldn’t let go. He carried her to her couch and set her down, staying close, his hand still on her arm until she seemed to regain her equilibrium. “The wolf pup was yours,” she accused, jerking her arm away from him. “Wolf pup?” “Yeah, wolf pup. Don’t pretend you don’t know about your own wolf pup.” Then all the pieces began to fall into place. Campers. Campfire. Food. Corey, the wolf pup she had to be referring to, hadn’t just found the food like they’d thought. Candice must not have been a wolf until that night. “You fed him? Corey? His mom wondered why he smelled of beef jerky that night. We thought he’d found some at the campsite. Don’t tell me…he bit you.
Terry Spear (Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas (Heart of the Wolf #23; White Wolf #2))
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FIFA Mobile Soccer Hack
She shifted gears as they left Worth Avenue, hurtling them along the beach at just sublight speed. “Jesus, Addison, you are so blind,” she finally exploded. “She comes in playing the damsel in distress, and you buy all of it.” “She did n—” “‘Oh, Richard, I need your help,’” she mimicked, doing a startlingly good impression of Patricia’s soft, cultured Brit—especially since the two women had barely spoken a total of five words to one another. “’I’ve left Peter, and I so badly want to make a new start, but I just don’t know how to do it on my own. You’re so big and strong and successful, can’t you see it in your heart to help me?’” Samantha canted her eyes at him. “Did it go a little like that?” Christ. “Maybe,” he hedged. “But—” “See? She wants you back.” “Well, she can’t have me. I’m taken. But she asked for my help, and I’m partially the reason she’s in this position.” “No, she put herself on her back and then you put her in the next position.” “Even so—” “You can’t resist putting on your shining armor, can you?” she said more calmly, blowing out her breath. “And if I know it, then she knows it, too.” “Honestly, Samantha, I think it’s more a matter of Patricia actually being helpless than her acting that way to gain my assistance. I doubt she could find a grocery store on her own, much less the toothpaste aisle.” “But she’s not after toothpaste.” As they stopped at a light, Richard leaned over and grabbed Samantha’s face, kissing her hard on her surprised mouth. “Don’t worry about this. You won’t have to deal with her.” “Maybe not, but you will. And keep in mind that she’s got a subscriber website where she gives advice about how not to get screwed in a divorce.” “She does?” “Yes. Interesting stuff. You really need to spend more time surfing the ’net.” “Shit.” Before Samantha could follow up her smug look with more commentary, he took a breath. “I’ll make dumping the website a condition of my helping her.” “Great. She won’t need the site, anyway, because she’ll be busy screwing you over in person, instead.” “No one screws me over, Samantha. Ever.” “Yet, smart guy. Yet.
Suzanne Enoch (Don't Look Down (Samantha Jellicoe, #2))
Imagine yourself sitting at a computer, about to visit a website. You open a Web browser, type in a URL, and hit Enter. The URL is, in effect, a request, and this request goes out in search of its destination server. Somewhere in the midst of its travels, however, before your request gets to that server, it will have to pass through TURBULENCE, one of the NSA’s most powerful weapons. Specifically, your request passes through a few black servers stacked on top of one another, together about the size of a four-shelf bookcase. These are installed in special rooms at major private telecommunications buildings throughout allied countries, as well as in US embassies and on US military bases, and contain two critical tools. The first, TURMOIL, handles “passive collection,” making a copy of the data coming through. The second, TURBINE, is in charge of “active collection”—that is, actively tampering with the users. You can think of TURMOIL as a guard positioned at an invisible firewall through which Internet traffic must pass. Seeing your request, it checks its metadata for selectors, or criteria, that mark it as deserving of more scrutiny. Those selectors can be whatever the NSA chooses, whatever the NSA finds suspicious: a particular email address, credit card, or phone number; the geographic origin or destination of your Internet activity; or just certain keywords such as “anonymous Internet proxy” or “protest.” If TURMOIL flags your traffic as suspicious, it tips it over to TURBINE, which diverts your request to the NSA’s servers. There, algorithms decide which of the agency’s exploits—malware programs—to use against you. This choice is based on the type of website you’re trying to visit as much as on your computer’s software and Internet connection. These chosen exploits are sent back to TURBINE (by programs of the QUANTUM suite, if you’re wondering), which injects them into the traffic channel and delivers them to you along with whatever website you requested. The end result: you get all the content you want, along with all the surveillance you don’t, and it all happens in less than 686 milliseconds. Completely unbeknownst to you. Once the exploits are on your computer, the NSA can access not just your metadata, but your data as well. Your entire digital life now belongs to them.
Edward Snowden (Permanent Record)
Imagine yourself sitting at a computer, about to visit a website. You open a Web browser, type in a URL, and hit Enter. The URL is, in effect, a request, and this request goes out in search of its destination server. Somewhere in the midst of its travels, however, before your request gets to that server, it will have to pass through TURBULENCE, one of the NSA’s most powerful weapons. Specifically, your request passes through a few black servers stacked on top of one another, together about the size of a four-shelf bookcase. These are installed in special rooms at major private telecommunications buildings throughout allied countries, as well as in US embassies and on US military bases, and contain two critical tools. The first, TURMOIL, handles “passive collection,” making a copy of the data coming through. The second, TURBINE, is in charge of “active collection”—that is, actively tampering with the users. You can think of TURMOIL as a guard positioned at an invisible firewall through which Internet traffic must pass. Seeing your request, it checks its metadata for selectors, or criteria, that mark it as deserving of more scrutiny. Those selectors can be whatever the NSA chooses, whatever the NSA finds suspicious: a particular email address, credit card, or phone number; the geographic origin or destination of your Internet activity; or just certain keywords such as “anonymous Internet proxy” or “protest.” If TURMOIL flags your traffic as suspicious, it tips it over to TURBINE, which diverts your request to the NSA’s servers. There, algorithms decide which of the agency’s exploits—malware programs—to use against you. This choice is based on the type of website you’re trying to visit as much as on your computer’s software and Internet connection. These chosen exploits are sent back to TURBINE (by programs of the QUANTUM suite, if you’re wondering), which injects them into the traffic channel and delivers them to you along with whatever website you requested. The end result: you get all the content you want, along with all the surveillance you don’t, and it all happens in less than 686 milliseconds. Completely unbeknownst to you. Once the exploits are on your computer, the NSA can access not just your metadata, but your data as well. Your entire digital life now belongs to them.
Edward Snowden (Permanent Record)
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Isabella Di Fabio
told my people that I wanted only the best, whatever it took, wherever they came from, whatever it cost. We assembled thirty people, the brightest cybersecurity minds we have. A few are on loan, pursuant to strict confidentiality agreements, from the private sector—software companies, telecommunications giants, cybersecurity firms, military contractors. Two are former hackers themselves, one of them currently serving a thirteen-year sentence in a federal penitentiary. Most are from various agencies of the federal government—Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, NSA. Half our team is devoted to threat mitigation—how to limit the damage to our systems and infrastructure after the virus hits. But right now, I’m concerned with the other half, the threat-response team that Devin and Casey are running. They’re devoted to stopping the virus, something they’ve been unable to do for the last two weeks. “Good morning, Mr. President,” says Devin Wittmer. He comes from NSA. After graduating from Berkeley, he started designing cyberdefense software for clients like Apple before the NSA recruited him away. He has developed federal cybersecurity assessment tools to help industries and governments understand their preparedness against cyberattacks. When the major health-care systems in France were hit with a ransomware virus three years ago, we lent them Devin, who was able to locate and disable it. Nobody in America, I’ve been assured, is better at finding holes in cyberdefense systems or at plugging them. “Mr. President,” says Casey Alvarez. Casey is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who settled in Arizona to start a family and built up a fleet of grocery stores in the Southwest along the way. Casey showed no interest in the business, taking quickly to computers and wanting to join law enforcement. When she was a grad student at Penn, she got turned down for a position at the Department of Justice. So Casey got on her computer and managed to do what state and federal authorities had been unable to do for years—she hacked into an underground child-pornography website and disclosed the identities of all the website’s patrons, basically gift-wrapping a federal prosecution for Justice and shutting down an operation that was believed to be the largest purveyor of kiddie porn in the country. DOJ hired her on the spot, and she stayed there until she went to work for the CIA. She’s been most recently deployed in the Middle East with US Central Command, where she intercepts, decodes, and disrupts cybercommunications among terrorist groups. I’ve been assured that these two are, by far, the best we have. And they are about to meet the person who, so far, has been better. There is a hint of reverence in their expressions as I introduce them to Augie. The Sons of Jihad is the all-star team of cyberterrorists, mythical figures in that world. But I sense some competitive fire, too, which will be a good thing.
Bill Clinton (The President Is Missing)
Use websites like,, and to find a list of potential advisors
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Finding a person to declare your craziest, most profound insecurities to is not exactly a picnic. But the bureaucratic idiocy of America’s healthcare system turns what should be a chore into torture. If you’re a middle-class person in America, the dance goes like this: You call your insurance provider to find a meager list of therapists who take your insurance. Most of the people on the list are licensed clinical social workers or licensed mental health counselors. They can be wonderful and very helpful, but they often have less schooling and experience than, say, psychologists and PhDs. After digging deeper, you find that some of these therapists don’t take your insurance after all; others have full client lists. And even if they do have space in the day to treat someone, they might not be interested in treating you. According to one study, a low-income Black person had up to an 80 percent lower chance of receiving a callback for an appointment than a middle-class white person. And even though intellectually, therapists tell you that anger can be a helpful and legitimate emotion in processing trauma, God forbid you actually seem angry on the phone. Several mental health professionals have told me that therapists often avoid rageful clients because they seem threatening or scary. Therapists instead prefer to take on YAVIS—Young, Attractive, Verbal, Intelligent, and Successful clients. They love an amenable type, someone who is curious about their internal workings and eager to plumb them, someone who’s already read articles in The New Yorker about psychology to familiarize them with the language of metacognition and congruence. Good luck if you’re a regular-ass Joe who’d rather watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. But say you get lucky and find a licensed clinical psychologist with an open slot. The psychologist is white, of course (86 percent of psychologists in the United States are), which isn’t ideal if you are a person of color. But, fine, whatever: You just need to receive an official diagnosis for your insurance. You are certain you have complex PTSD, but he can’t diagnose you with that because it’s not in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Your insurance only covers treatment for conditions listed in the DSM in order to assign a number of sessions to you. Most forms of insurance will pay for, say, only six months of therapy relating to anxiety, ten for depression, as if you should be better by then. Another consequence of C-PTSD not being in the DSM: This psychologist hasn’t been trained in treating it. He says he doesn’t believe that it’s a real diagnosis. He’d like to provide you with some questionnaires to see if you have something he can actually handle—bipolar disorder, maybe, or manic depression. This does not inspire confidence, so you leave. After some internet sleuthing, you find a woman of color who seems really cool. She’s specifically trained in the treatment of complex trauma. She has blurbs on her website that resonate with you—it seems as if she might truly understand you. But she doesn’t take insurance. (Psychologists are the least likely of any medical provider to take insurance—only about 45 percent of them do. And most of the time, the ones who don’t are the most qualified practitioners.) You can’t exactly blame her. You learn on the internet that insurance companies haven’t updated reimbursement rates for therapists in up to twenty years, despite rising rates for office rent and other administrative costs. If therapists were to rely on reimbursement rates from insurance alone, they’d wind up making about $50,000 a year on average, which is fine, but like, not great if you’re an actual doctor.
Stephanie Foo (What My Bones Know: A Memoir of Healing from Complex Trauma)
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If you've been hoping to catch a concert by Cristian Castro and Natalia Jimnez, now is your chance! Check out the information below to find out when and where they're performing next. Besides, you can also find information about Cantautoraespaola and its cost. Here is the schedule of upcoming concerts, along with the cost of tickets. The next concert date for Cristian Castro and Natalia Jimnez is Apr 30, 2022. Concerts If you've always wanted to see a concert by a Latino singer, then the next Cristian Castro and Natalia Jimnez concert is just around the corner. This concert is happening at the United Palace Theater in New York, NY, on Sat, Apr 30, 2022 at 8:00 PM, you can buy tickets at by clicking here. There are currently 572 tickets available for this event. It will be a very fun night for fans of Latin music. Tour dates Cristian Castro and Natalia Jimnez will be performing three concerts in the United States. The concert series will begin on April 29th and will run through May 1st, tickets for April 29th can be purchased here. For the concert of 1st May buy events tickets from The concerts will include many of the artist's most popular songs. The artists' artistic entrepreneur, Felix Cabrera, announced the tour earlier this month. He stated that the public has responded positively to the news. You can purchase tickets to the show by visiting the official website of the concert series.
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American Airlines Customer Service-+1-855-653-0624 American Airlines Customer Service American Airlines is Canada’s largest domestic and international airline serving more than 200 airports on six continents. Canada’s flag carrier is among the 20 largest airlines in the world and serves more than 41 million customers each year. Find all headquarter info of American Airlines Customer Service. If you searching for American Airlines Customer Service Number, you are at the right place. In this post, we have provided a list of American Airlines Customer Service Phone Numbers. You can call American Airlines Customer Support the American Airlines 800 Phone Number given here and solve your queries. American Airlines offers flights, hotels, cars, vacations, cruises and activities – but the company is most well-known for flights originating in the United States. The official website offers tons of information for people wishing to book flights, including direct booking from the website or via phone contact with customer service. The customer service contact information varies depending on the type of contact you wish to make with the company.
Alaska Airlines Customer Service-+1-855-653-0624 Alaska Airlines Customer Service You can freely connect with the team of experts to get the help of the customer care persons. You can find the toll-free number on the official website of Alaska airlines. The customer care persons will provide you with the best answers to all your issues and will help you out to get the resolution to the issues you might be encountering during your travel in Alaska airlines. If you are not aware of how you can find the official phone number, then you can go through the steps mentioned below. there are the passengers who want to text the airline about the issues they are facing in this airline. In this case, they enquire about texting the airline about getting the solution of the issues that might be troubling you in this airline. The passengers can text on 82008 to get the resolution of the concerns.This is all about contacting the customer service executives of Alaska airlines. The executives will provide you with the best assistance on all your issues. They are dedicated and helpful and will help you out to provide you with the best always.
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Halfway through the day, Megan started dicking around on the internet. She made her browser window as small as she could, paused for a second, and then looked up “Carrie Wilkins.” She found Carrie’s website, and on it, this bio: Hi, my name’s Carrie. I’m 26. I make things. I paint and I write, but mostly I design. I like to make things beautiful, or creative. I make my own food and I’m trying to grow my own beets. A lot of people around me seem unhappy and I don’t understand why. I freelance because I know I’d go insane if I couldn’t make my own schedule—I believe variety is the zest of life. I know I want a dog someday soon, and sometimes I make lunch at 3 a.m. I believe in the power of collaboration, and I’d love to work with you! What a total asshole. What does she have, some kind of a pact with Satan? The picture next to Carrie’s bio had some kind of heavy filter on it that made it look vintage, and she had a friendly but aloof look on her face. She was flanked on both sides by plants and was wearing an oxford shirt with fancy shorts and had a cool necklace. It was an outfit, for sure, like all of Carrie’s clothes were outfits, which Megan always thought of as outdated or something only children did. The website linked to a blog, which was mostly photos of Carrie doing different things. It didn’t take too long to find the picture of her with the llama with a caption about how she and her boss got it from a homeless guy. And then just products. Pictures and pictures of products, and then little captions about how the products inspired her. Motherfucker, thought Megan. She doesn’t get it at all. It was like looking at an ad for deodorant or laundry soap that made you feel smelly and like you’d been doing something wrong that the person in the ad had already figured out, but since it was an ad, there was no real way to smell the person and judge for yourself whether or not the person stank, and that was what she hated, hated, hated most of all. I make things, gee-wow. You think you’re an artist? Do you really thing this blog is a representation of art, that great universalizer? That great transmigrator? This isolating schlock that makes me feel like I have to buy into you and your formula for happiness? Work as a freelance designer, grow beets, travel, have lots of people who like you, and above all have funsies! “Everything okay?” asked Jillian. “Yeah, what?” “Breathing kind of heavy over there, just making sure you were okay and everything.” “Oh, uh-huh, I’m fine,” said Megan. “It’s not . . . something I’m doing, is it?” “What? No. No, I’m fine,” said Megan. How could someone not understand that other people could be unhappy? What kind of callous, horrible bullshit was that to say to a bunch of twenty-yearolds, particularly, when this was the time in life when things were even more acutely painful than they were in high school, that nightmare fuck, because now there were actual stakes and everyone was coming to grips with the fact that they’re going to die and that life might be empty and unrewarding. Why even bring it up? Why even make it part of your mini-bio?
Halle Butler (Jillian)
As one can find expired, trash, low and cheap standard material at open markets easily; similarly, mostly fools, ignorant, frustrated, ill-minded, suffering from self-vanity, and such ones, can be available freely, on Wikipedia websites.
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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any matter whatsoever without the written and signed permission of the author. All trademarked names are the property of their owner and are acknowledged by the proper use of capitalization throughout. OTHER ‘Game on Boys’ BOOKS Available on Amazon as eBooks or print books Game on Boys 4 can be read separately or part of a series FREE ebook Game on Boys 1:The PlayStation Playoffs(8-12) Game on Boys 2 : Minecraft Madness (8-12) Game on Boys 3 : NO Girls Allowed Game on Boys 5 : House of Horrors Game on Boys 6 : Galactic Zombie Other books by Kate Cullen FREE Diary Of a Wickedly Cool Witch : Bullies and Baddies(8-13) Boyfriend Stealer : Diary of a Wickedly Cool Witch 2 (8-13) Diary of a Wickedly Cool Witch 3 : Perfect Ten (8-13) Diary of a Wickedly Cool Witch 4 : Witch School for Misfits Lucy goes to the Halloween Party (Early readers) Lucy the Easter Dog (Early readers) Lucy's Merry Christmas Sammy McGann and the Secret Soup People (5-10) Follow KATE on TWITTER at Kate Cullen @ katekate5555 Or email to receive email updates. (Copy and paste) Or visit her website for new books and giveaways Kate Cullen author website Contents 1. Wow 2. BYODD 3. Secrets 4. News 5. Brats 6. Santa 7. Wishing 8. Blocky 9. Monsters 10. Wolverine 11. Creepy. 12. Arachnophobia 13. Fartblaster 14. Superhero 15. Enderman 16. Teleporting 17. Lost 18. Potions 19. Scared 20. Spells 21. Fireworks 22. Homecoming 1. WOW You know how awesome Christmas is, and birthdays are sick as, Easter is just a big fat chocolate splurge, and even Thanksgiving is like pig-out insanity. Weekends are kinda cool too, but holidays are totally far out man. And when a new PS game comes out and they have a midnight release extravaganza at the game store, it’s like crazy time, coolness overload. All these things are the main reason I exist on this earth. Without all this stuff, life would just SUCK big time. But nothing, I repeat NOTHING comes close to the Christmas I just had. WOW! I repeat WOW! Where do I even start? This Christmas was a like a dream come true. Actually it was sort of like a nightmare too, if that makes any sense. A dream and a nightmare mixed up into one. Totally far out man. Totally gobsmacking, totally awesome, but totally freaking scary. So you’re probably thinking like I won a million bucks or something and then got mugged, or the owner of Sony PlayStation company sent me 1000 free PS games, and then the house got robbed at gunpoint. Or even better, the owner made me the new boss of the Sony PlayStation company. Yeah right! Like that will ever happen! In my dreams!! Although, after what happened, I’m thinking that absolutely anything is possible. 2. BYODD The last day at school before Christmas break was awesome. We had a BYOD day in the afternoon. The first part of the day we had to do all the boring Christmassy stuff like making soppy cards for our families, coloring pictures of Santa and doing boring word searches looking for words like (DER) ‘Santa, Christmas, present, jingle, stocking’. Like BORING. Capital ‘B’ Boring. Why can’t Christmas word finds have proper Christmas words like, console, iPhone 6, PlayStation games, Star wars, BMX, Nerf Modulous Blaster, Thunderblast, Star Wars darth vader vehicle, lego Star Wars Death star?
Kate Cullen (Game on Boys 4: Minecraft Superhero (Game on Boys Series))
How many opportunities are missed because someone—the media, a reviewer, event organizer—either found us online and didn’t like what they found, or tried to find us, and couldn’t? You’ll never receive the inquiry that isn’t made.
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How to Choose a Wedding Planner? – Nova DJs Sydney Are you interested in hiring a wedding planner? Then it’s time to choose the best fit for your party, and I’m saying it’s a complicated task. It’s not just hiring the first company with a beautiful website and beautiful pictures on the Internet. After all, it’s easy to do. Organizing a perfect wedding is hard! But follow our tips and choose the ideal wedding advice! Salient Feature: The ideal mentor should be a cheerful person, someone charming, who leaves you to give ideas and talk freely about the great day. You have to be a friend, be someone you trust. Imagine, it would be months of organizing, holding meetings, and planning the details together. At least a trace of sympathy is required. It should also be organized and committed to its work. Knowledge should be comprehensive with knowledge in various areas of wedding, such as sound, lighting, wedding dresses, buffet, etc., everything to quickly identify what is best for your wedding. Choose Based on Opinion The Internet is an inexhaustible source of information. And when it comes to finding out the truth about suppliers, this is the best place. View testimonials from the bride and groom who have already used the planner to find out their impressions and results. Take recommendations and avoid people who have a lot of complaints. Marriage History Check out the types of weddings the planner has helped put together. Do they fit what you want? For example, if you dream of a rustic wedding, hiring a consultant who does many luxurious weddings will not combine much and delay the process of organizing the wedding. When the planner is familiar with his style, finding the best suppliers is much faster and more effective. Trust the Planner As we say, the planner is the one you should trust and feel comfortable with while organizing the wedding. This is a person who has come to add and help, not a foot behind your opinion. Trust the professional with all your heart, that everything will be perfect! Be Concerned with 100% Preparation While some people don’t trust, others can imagine too much! What could never happen! The planner is the wedding assistant, not the one who has to do it all by himself. Stay on top of whatever you are doing. work together with him. Together, you will conquer the dream! Beware of Cheap Options You always have one company which is much cheaper than others. But as the saying goes, “You get what you paid for.” Instead of charging you the rate, the consultant may include the amount in the suppliers’ budget, making everything a little more expensive than the others and making the expense practically the same. so watch out! Remember the hint of the opinion of the bride and groom wedding planner for a destination wedding For those who are going to get married outside the city or country, it is important to have a consultant. However, he or she should know at least a little bit about the place where you intend to get married in order to accommodate the culture of the place to the style of wedding you expect. Knowledge of suppliers, in this case, will be a significant advantage for you in ensuring that everything goes according to plan. Check here for some references for the best wedding vendors and Wedding DJs in NSW, Australia.
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United Airlines Customer Service Number-+1-855-653-5006 United Airlines Customer Service Number Alaska discount Airline that operates scheduled and charter flights on a daily basis to a number of passengers comfortably. It is associated with a high range of the fleet service in which most of the passengers get in touch with customer agent in order to book a flight ticket online. It’s headquarter is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Alaska States and much more. However, if you are required to book or cancel a flight ticket online, you can make a call at Delta Airlines Phone Number (855)-653-5006 that will help you to access the customer agent to find out the best answer with regards to flight service within a while. airlines are available for the passengers making their traveling experience better and comfortable. Passengers can grab the best deals available for the airlines by going on its website and enter the details to get the best offers available for them. They can enjoy attractive offers and best deals
Are you visible on Google? This world is huge yet a small place, thanks to the internet. Whatever you need, you find it here- information, a product, even a person from your high school. Google made things easier. You pull up a search option, write your query, and you find what you need. Google is a fantastic world; you know, it processes a lot of searches each day, around 3.5 billion or more. So, no wonders why companies and businesses are scrambling to reach the top with SEO, Google Ads,Social Media Marketing, and other strategies. Are you willing to grab that hot spot-on Google’s top search result? Here are a few tips that help you to get your website visible on Google. Get your Website on Google Google tool allows your business to submit the website for free for indexing. As you submit your website to Google, you tell the search engine that your website exists, and you can expect it to appear on search results. You can use the search console for various other purposes, including- checking for external links, crawl errors, and more. The tool helps you maximizing Google visibility.
Alaska Airlines Customer Service Number-+1-855-653-0624 Alaska Airlines Customer Service Number Alaska Airlines has been providing the best services to its passengers. The airline is famous for its incredible services to its passengers that they can enjoy during or after their travel. But, the passengers can still face the issues in this airline for which they can get in touch with the customer support executives.The passengers ask the question, “How do I call Alaska Air?” If you are facing the issues, then you can seek the help of the customer care executives by the steps that we are mentioning below. The steps that we are mentioning below will cater to you in the best possible way. You can freely connect with the team of experts to get the help of the customer care persons. You can find the toll-free number on the official website of Alaska airlines. The customer care persons will provide you with the best answers to all your issues and will help you out to get the resolution to the issues you might be encountering during your travel in Alaska airlines. If you are not aware of how you can find the official phone number, then you can go through the steps mentioned below.
Does Fiverr website traffic work? There are many controversies about whether Fiverr website traffic is good or not. Fiver is a marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to buy services. Therefore, you will find many sellers offering paid traffic. We have come to know that some people don’t get better outcomes when they buy traffic from Fiver. However, we are not discouraging you from purchasing traffic for your websites from Fiverr. However, you should not expect any results. Compared to paid traffic generator platforms like Udimi, buying traffic from Fiver may be a risky job. There is a possibility that most sellers use different types of bots to generate fake traffic. This type of fake traffic can’t add much value to your website. On the other hand, some potential buyers are ready to pay for quality services. They will most probably deliver organic traffic, but it will take some. Therefore, if you are willing to buy traffic for your websites, the best traffic generator platform can help you a lot. The most crucial point here is that there’s no risk in buying traffic from a platform like Udimi. Udimi helps you gain more quality traffic with the help of Solo ads. This method of buying traffic for your website is much better than purchasing traffic from Fiverr. Sometimes, people may be offended by the stunning gig’s headline if the seller is. Those sellers frequently offer buyers the opportunity to purchase traffic at a low cost. We warn you not to fall into those traps. However, if Fiver makes some solid policies and strategies, there may be a time when buying traffic from Fiverr is a better choice. It will be a massacre if you don’t get the quality traffic you invested a lot of money in. So, avoiding the Fiver traffic will be a better choice for you.
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There are many controversies about whether Fiverr website traffic is good or not. Fiver is a marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to buy services. Therefore, you will find many sellers offering paid traffic. We have come to know that some people don’t get better outcomes when they buy traffic from Fiver. However, we are not discouraging you from purchasing traffic for your websites from Fiverr. However, you should not expect any results. Compared to paid traffic generator platforms like Udimi, buying traffic from Fiver may be a risky job. There is a possibility that most sellers use different types of bots to generate fake traffic. This type of fake traffic can’t add much value to your website. On the other hand, some potential buyers are ready to pay for quality services. They will most probably deliver organic traffic, but it will take some. Therefore, if you are willing to buy traffic for your websites, the best traffic generator platform can help you a lot. The most crucial point here is that there’s no risk in buying traffic from a platform like Udimi. Udimi helps you gain more quality traffic with the help of Solo ads. This method of buying traffic for your website is much better than purchasing traffic from Fiverr. Sometimes, people may be offended by the stunning gig’s headline if the seller is. Those sellers frequently offer buyers the opportunity to purchase traffic at a low cost. We warn you not to fall into those traps. However, if Fiver makes some solid policies and strategies, there may be a time when buying traffic from Fiverr is a better choice. It will be a massacre if you don’t get the quality traffic you invested a lot of money in. So, avoiding the Fiver traffic will be a better choice for you.
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Tips for paying off your student loan debts 1. Leverage online financial tools for manages finances Bruce Mesnekoff, A founder of The Student Loan Help Center, strongly suggested using free online financial tools such as Mint, Feed the Pig and 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy. Feed the Pig is an online tool committed to helping young people get control of all their finances—even beyond their student loans. The 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy website can assist you in creating a personalized plan that coincides with your current life stage or you can contact the student loan help center 2. Start creating your monthly budget your own Bruce Mesnekoff recommended creating a budget that includes student loan repayment to help you see where your money is going and evaluate your spending. “Think about your wants versus your needs exactly,” he said. “You may have to give up some of your wants for your better future.” Not sure how to create a budget? One of America’s most famous Student loan consolidation expert Bruce Mesnekoff suggests Many budgeting and money-tracking tools are available online that can help. For example, Mint is a money-tracking tool, while YNAB (You Need a Budget) is a budgeting tool. Mint is free, and YNAB is free for students—something to consider if you are currently enrolled in college or going back to school for a graduate degree. Another tool that can help you track your budget is a simple spreadsheet. In addition to a budget, creating a repayment plan will help you pay off debt sooner. Plan on putting any additional income toward your student loan debt. You can even use Mint to set financial goals. Call your loan provider to ensure that your extra payment is going to the highest-interest loan. This will save you money on interest. 3. Seek assistance If you’re still in college, check out financial resources—such as financial counseling—that are available on campus. Employers may also offer assistance. Debt consolidation is another potential option—though it also could make you more overwhelmed with one large loan, instead of several small loans. 4. Make timely student loan payments to keep your credit score high Depending on the type of loans, graduates may have a six-month grace period before they need to begin making payments. “Figure out what you can afford to pay on your student loans” during that period, advised Bruce Mesnekoff. That planning is crucial because, before long, you’ll need to be ready to start writing checks. Failing to make timely payments will result in all kinds of negative consequences, including harming your credit score for years. “Your credit score is so important if you ever want to lease an apartment or buy a car—it’s a building block for your future,” Team The Student Loan Help Center added. 5. Find creative ways to save money online. For example ,You can get creative by lowering your other bills. “Call your cellphone provider ... negotiate with the cable company,” Bruce said. It may not seem like a lot, but as he put it, “a few phone calls can do a lot” in terms of saving you money that you can put toward your loans. Also, always be on the lookout for free or reduced-price products and services. For instance, borrow books from the library instead of buying them, or use websites such as Groupon and Living Social, Facebook, Twitter to find local deals. 6. Focus on the whole picture, not just student loans Loans are just one aspect of your finances. Bruce advised setting up an emergency fund first with a total of one month’s living expenses. “Have that backup money,” He said. Later on, if necessary, you can use it to make your student loan payments.
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Each part of the EKG system works together as a puzzle, and each part contains a number of potential strategies that you can choose from to create your desired Nomad Capitalist lifestyle: E - Enhance Your Personal Freedom ● Living Overseas - Whether in one place, a few places, or as a perpetual traveler. ● Second Passports and Residencies - Obtain a residence permit or citizenship in another country for better travel, better treatment, and more options. ● Digital Privacy - Host your website overseas or use secure offshore email. ● Socializing Overseas - Make friends, dates, or a lifelong partner in another country. ● Personal Happiness - Find the place where you feel totally at home. K - Keep More of Your Money ● Tax Reduction - Legally reduce or eliminate your personal taxes by relocating your business the right way. ● Offshore Banking - Protect your money in quality banks and earn higher returns. ● Offshore Companies - Legally choose the tax rate for your business. G - Grow Your Money ● Frontier Market Entrepreneurship - Start a business in a less developed market. ● Foreign Real Estate - Buy, rent, sell, or hold property in fast-growing markets. ● Foreign Currencies - Earn high rates of return just by holding another currency.
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For me, writing any piece of advertising is unnerving. You sit down with your partner and put your feet up. You read the strategist's brief, draw a square on a pad of paper, and you both stare at the damned thing. You stare at each other's shoes. You look at the square. You give up and go to lunch. You come back. The empty square is still there. Is the square gonna be a poster? Will it be a branded sitcom, a radio spot, a website? You don't know. All you know is the square's still empty. So you both go through the brand stories you find online, on the client's website, what people are saying in the Amazon reviews. You go through the reams of material the account team left in your office. You discover the bourbon you're working on is manufactured in a little town with a funny name. You point this out to your partner. Your partner keeps staring out the window at some speck in the distance. (Or is that a speck on the glass? Can't be sure.) He says, “Oh.” Down the hallway, a phone rings. Paging through an industry magazine, your partner points out that every few months the distillers rotate the aging barrels a quarter turn. You go, “Hmm.” On some blog, you read how moss on trees happens to grow faster on the sides that face a distillery's aging house. Now that's interesting. You feel the shapeless form of an idea begin to bubble up from the depths. You poise your pencil over the page…and it all comes out in a flash of creativity. (Whoa. Someone call 911. Report a fire on my drawing pad 'cause I am SMOKIN' hot.) You put your pencil down, smile, and read what you've written. It's complete rubbish. You call it a day and slink out to see a movie. This process continues for several days, even weeks, and then one day, completely without warning, an idea just shows up at your door, all nattied up like a Jehovah's Witness. You don't know where it comes from. It just shows up. That's how you come up with ideas. Sorry, there's no big secret. That's basically the drill.
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Yeah, who needs an extra two hundred dollars for three hours of work?” Kristen said, flipping a hand dismissively. “Not Miguel apparently.” I froze. “Two hundred dollars?” Sloan sprayed the counter with lemon-scented all-purpose cleaner. “Sometimes it’s more—right, Kristen? It depends on the style?” Kristen stared at her best friend like she was telling her to shut up. Then she dragged her eyes back to me. “The stairs run four to five hundred dollars apiece, plus shipping. I split the profits fifty-fifty, minus the materials, with my carpenter. So yeah. Sometimes it’s more.” “Do you have a picture of the stairs?” I asked. Kristen unenthusiastically handed me her phone and I scrolled through a website gallery of ridiculous tiny steps with Stuntman Mike posed on them in different outfits. These were easy. Well within my ability. “You know, I think I do have time for this. I’ll do it if you don’t have anyone else.” A few of these and I could pay off my Lowe’s card. This was real money. Kristen shook her head. “I think I’d rather take my chances with the organ thieves.” Sloan gasped, and Brandon froze and looked at Kristen and me. “Is that right?” I said, eyeballing her. “How about we talk about this over coffee.” Kristen narrowed her eyes and I arched an eyebrow. “Fine,” she said like it was physically painful. “You can build the damn stairs. But only until I find a different guy. And I will be looking for a different guy.” Sloan looked back and forth between us. “Is there something you guys want to tell us?” “I caught him staring at my ass,” Kristen said without skipping a beat. I shrugged. “She did. I have no excuse. It’s a great ass.” Brandon chuckled and Sloan eyed her best friend. Kristen tried to look mad, but I could tell she took the compliment.
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what the company said one year and what happened the next. We want to see not only whether managements are honest with shareholders but also whether they’re honest with themselves.” (If a company boss insists that all is hunky-dory when business is sputtering, watch out!) Nowadays, you can listen in on a company’s regularly scheduled conference calls even if you own only a few shares; to find out the schedule, call the investor relations department at corporate headquarters or visit the company’s website. Robert Rodriguez of FPA Capital Fund turns to the back page of the company’s annual report, where the heads of its operating divisions are listed. If there’s a lot of turnover in those names in the first one or two years of a new CEO’s regime, that’s probably a good sign; he’s cleaning out the dead wood. But if high turnover continues, the turnaround has probably devolved into turmoil.
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You can think of transaction costs broadly as pain-in-the-ass costs. All platforms reduce these costs in some way. For example, Google reduces the pain-in-the-ass cost of finding a website. Uber reduces the pain-in-the-ass cost of hailing a cab. Airbnb reduces the pain-in-the-ass cost of finding and booking a short-term rental.
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This book reveals the most cutting-edge way to drive eyeballs to your product or service to help people find you.
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What questions do we want to answer in this sprint? • To meet our long-term goal, what has to be true? • Imagine we travel into the future and our project failed. What might have caused that? An important part of this exercise is rephrasing assumptions and obstacles into questions. Blue Bottle Coffee assumed they could find a way to convey their expertise through their website, but before the sprint, they weren’t sure how. It’s not difficult to find an assumption such as Blue Bottle’s and turn it into a question: Q: To reach new customers, what has to be true? A: They have to trust our expertise. Q: How can we phrase that as a question? A: Will customers trust our expertise?
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They—those experts who seem to know everything—say that online dating is the biggest change to the mating ritual in a millennium. Once upon a time, your dating pool was limited to a small group of say fifty-to-a-hundred-plus people. It was an intimate, if somewhat shallow pool—your neighborhood, town, school, church. The first big change was the rise of agriculture and the growth of cities and towns. The pool got bigger, but ways to connect remained somewhat consistent in that you had to meet someone somewhere, or through someone else you know. Close tie connections—family, friends, geography. Then, enter the internet and the rise of dating websites, and that pool grew to essentially everyone else in the world looking for—whatever. Sex. Love. The fulfillment of whatever other appetite, need, desire. Some might view this is as a positive thing—this new era of choice, of plenty. But the truth is that these loose tie connections are almost never lasting. There’s no social obligation to treat people well. You’re not going to find yourself sitting in the church pew next your Torch date’s grandmother on Sunday. So, when you’re done with someone, you can potentially discard him, and realistically expect to never see him or anyone he knows again.
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Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Number +1-855-653-0615 Spirit Airlines Reservations used to be the luxury of the rich as now is the time when you can easily make your flight bookings without breaking your bank balance. With the advent of technology, travelers can get their flight tickets right from their comfort zone. To avail of your ticket, all you need is a computer or laptop and an excellent internet connection. Below is given the step-by-step procedure with the help of which you can easily make your bookings with this airline. To commence the flight booking procedure, you will first have to open the web browser and click to open the official website of the Spirit Airlines. Now, on the airline’s homepage, travelers will have to find out the Book tab which is available on the top-left corner. Tap on the same and select Flight among several options available. Before proceeding further, passengers will have to choose their trip type i.e. Round Trip, One Way, and Multi-City. Enter your departure airport and the arrival airport in the From and To fields. Choose the journey dates according to your itinerary. Ensure that the entered information is correct as the final outcome is based on the details you have entered. Pick up the total number of passengers included in the journey from the drop-down menu. If you have a promo code, then enter it and reduce your travel expenses to a great extent. On adding all information in the given fields, hit the Search Flights button and find out the flights available on the entered route information. Pick up your flight option according to your budget and pay for it to confirm Spirit Airlines Reservations.
Delta Airlines Phone number-+1-855-653-0615 Delta Airlines Phone number Delta Airlines has gained its popularity as one of the main carriers of the US. The airline has grown by leaps and bounds and was established in the year 1929. With the experience of about 9 decades, the company has evolved at a rocket speed serving its customers delightfully. If you are looking for making a reservation with the most renowned airlines, you can simply go to the official website of Delta Airlines. The process is as easy as ABC. Find the reservations section on the home screen. You need to enter the start point and the destination for the journey along with the date to make a reservation. You can confirm the booking by making an online payment. Make sure to use a valid email address and debit/credit card. The reservations for Delta Airlines are available on their official application which is android and IOS supportive. The customers can make a reservation and manage their bookings with the help of this app.Delta one is available in the long haul flights that feature lie-flat seating. The seating arrangements allow direct aisle access. The Boeing 767-300ER and Boeing 767-400ER seats save a lot of space even when in a fully flat position. The perk of Delta One does not here. To know more, visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
American Airlines Contact Number +1-855-653-5007 Gone are the days when arriving at the airport too early was required in order to obtain real-time flight information. The advent and advancement of technology altered the entire situation. Your flight’s live location tracker can assist you in getting all necessary information about your flight’s schedule and status. American airlines Contact number +1-855-653-5007 also inform their customers about the correct location of their flight so that they may schedule their departure to the airport accordingly. It’s a simple and uncomplicated procedure that may be completed in little time and with minimal effort. American Airlines flight schedule can be easily updated with the following steps: Go to the American Airlines website. Go to the navigation bar and select the ‘Plan Travel’ tab. Select the ‘Flight Status’ option on the right-hand side. There are two ways to look for flight status: cities and flight numbers. If you opt for the first option, you will find a menu of options. Then, along with the Journey Dates, you must input the Source and Destination Airports. If you opt for the second option, you must enter the flight number and the Journey Date. After submitting information, click the ‘Search’ button to obtain real-time updates on the flights’ exact position from the comfort of your own home. Passengers can also use the American Airlines App or call the American Airlines Reservations Number to check flight schedules and status. The passenger must update the airline’s status to avoid the unnecessary commotion.
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There are many controversies about whether Fiverr website traffic is good or not. Fiver is a marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to buy services. Therefore, you will find many sellers offering paid traffic. We have come to know that some people don’t get better outcomes when they buy traffic from Fiver. However, we are not discouraging you from purchasing traffic for your websites from Fiverr. However, you should not expect any results. Compared to paid traffic generator platforms like Udimi, buying traffic from Fiver may be a risky job. There is a possibility that most sellers use different types of bots to generate fake traffic. This type of fake traffic can’t add much value to your website. On the other hand, some potential buyers are ready to pay for quality services. They will most probably deliver organic traffic, but it will take some. Therefore, if you are willing to buy traffic for your websites, the best traffic generator platform can help you a lot. The most crucial point here is that there’s no risk in buying traffic from a platform like Udimi. Udimi helps you gain more quality traffic with the help of Solo ads. This method of buying traffic for your website is much better than purchasing traffic from Fiverr. Sometimes, people may be offended by the stunning gig’s headline if the seller is. Those sellers frequently offer buyers the opportunity to purchase traffic at a low cost. We warn you not to fall into those traps. However, if Fiver makes some solid policies and strategies, there may be a time when buying traffic from Fiverr is a better choice. It will be a massacre if you don’t get the quality traffic you invested a lot of money in. So, avoiding the Fiver traffic will be a better choice for you.
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Take your story, no matter how boring or exciting you think it is, and find a way to tell it in an interesting way. Include it in your Biography in your portfolio, on your “About” page on your website and repeat it any time someone asks about you. People will remember your story and then they will remember you.
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Alaska Airlines Reservation Phone Number+1-855-653-5006 Alaska Airlines Reservation Phone Number Those passengers, who want to fly on Scandinavian Airlines, can check the flight fares on its official website. One can also check the availability of flights and upcoming routes announced by the airline. The air carrier’s website has an integrated search engine, which lets you find, compare, and book flights based on your preferences. Additionally, the airline also has its dedicated SAS Booking & Scandinavian Airlines reservations help desk, which provides round the clock assistance to the people to get their flight booked. Getting your seat booked has never been so easy, thanks to the advent of the internet and advancement of the technology. SAS Airlines offer multiple ways to book your flight tickets, be it browsing the official website or downloading the airline’s mobile app. There is no denying the fact that online flight booking is the best option to book an air ticket as you don’t have to go outside and get it done from the comfort of your space. Read on this below mentioned guide and get your hands on the flight tickets in the best way possible.
In a Car Crash Just Relax! If you are involved in a car crash you should use the services of MVAA. They will take care of all the necessary formalities for you and even provide you with a replacement car. Yes, that's true. The accident management solutions offered by them include Taking care of insurance claims Finding a replacement car for the time being Getting your damaged car fixed Located in Melbourne with over 12 years of experience, an expert team of legal staff and access to a skilled force of technicians they can have you back on the road in no time. They have more than 30000 settled claims with a success rate of over 98 percent to their name, you can have free estimates just call them or go online discuss your situation with them and get a quote from them , then just relax ! They are a one stop shop for multiple jobs, and you do not have to do any paperwork they will take care of everything for you. The claims, consultation and compensation process is done at a no win no fee cost. Their specialist legal experts will guide you at each step and ensure that your rights are respected and you do not have to suffer any post-accident hassle, at an astonishing pace. They will find a replacement vehicle for you that will try to match the life style you were enjoying with your own car that you crashed so that the change in your daily life is minimal even if temporary. Auto insurance claims are also settled here and we know the bureaucracy of paperwork associated with that but you do have to go through that, it will be taken care of by them. Last but not the least “Panel Beating”, you do not want to part with your old car, it always has a significant emotional value for you. MVAA has a pool of 5 star rated body shops lined up to have your vehicle fixed in no time they will have it up and running back in your hands. These body shops employ outstanding and professional workmanship. You will have your car back in your hands as good as new in no time. They are a multiple services one provider service, you should look no further, if you are in a car collision and it’s not your fault they should be the one you call with all the details and they will guide you with the due process to follow and you can go back to your regular life activities that you have to take care of, and they are conveniently located in one the largest Australian cities of Melbourne. Call them 1300 682 200 or visit their website for all your needs today!
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There are many controversies about whether Fiverr website traffic is good or not. Fiver is a marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to buy services. Therefore, you will find many sellers offering paid traffic. We have come to know that some people don’t get better outcomes when they buy traffic from Fiver. However, we are not discouraging you from purchasing traffic for your websites from Fiverr. However, you should not expect any results. Compared to paid traffic generator platforms like Udimi, buying traffic from Fiver may be a risky job. There is a possibility that most sellers use different types of bots to generate fake traffic. This type of fake traffic can’t add much value to your website. On the other hand, some potential buyers are ready to pay for quality services. They will most probably deliver organic traffic, but it will take some. Therefore, if you are willing to buy traffic for your websites, the best traffic generator platform can help you a lot. The most crucial point here is that there’s no risk in buying traffic from a platform like Udimi. Udimi helps you gain more quality traffic with the help of Solo ads. This method of buying traffic for your website is much better than purchasing traffic from Fiverr. Sometimes, people may be offended by the stunning gig’s headline if the seller is. Those sellers frequently offer buyers the opportunity to purchase traffic at a low cost. We warn you not to fall into those traps. However, if Fiver makes some solid policies and strategies, there may be a time when buying traffic from Fiverr is a better choice. It will be a massacre if you don’t get the quality traffic you invested a lot of money in. So, avoiding the Fiver traffic will be a better choice for you.
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Alaska Airlines Reservations Phone Number +1-855-653-5007 Alaska Airlines Reservations Phone Number will you to know all about the seat selection on Alaska Airlines, like seat selection during booking, after booking, and its policy? If yes, then check out the sub-topics mentioned below: Alaska Airlines online seat selection method during the reservation Are you looking to make an Alaska Airlines booking and want to have your favorite seat on your Alaska Airlines flight? If yes, then here are the steps that you need to follow: To select your seat while making a reservation on Alaska Airlines, you need first to open its registered website on your respective device. After that, you have to enter your login credentials and then successfully sign in to your account. Next, you need to choose the ideal flight for your trip. Once you start filling in all the important details, you will find the “Seat Selection” icon. Here, you need to choose your favorite seat. Pick the seat, pay for the ticket along with the seat and confirm your booking. Alaska Airlines offline seat selection method during the reservation
Turkish Airlines Reservations Phone Number+1-855-653-5007 Turkish Airlines Reservations offers several methods to purchase tickets within no time. With the use of modern technology, it has become quite easy to make Turkish Airlines Booking. Now, you don’t even have to go anywhere, stand in the long queue, and wait for hours to get your booking done. You can do it from anywhere around the world; book now and save your time. Open Turkish Airlines official site Open the official site of the airline, and you will see the option of “book a flight” on its home page. Click on it. With this option, you will also find other options like “check-in/ manage booking” and “Flight Status.” Select what type of trip you want, such as a round trip, one way, or multi-city. Enter your departure city in the “to” field, and arrival city in the “from” field. Click on “Dates” and enter your departure date. If you are booking a round-trip, enter the return date also. Click on the “cabin and passenger selection” field to enter your travel class and number of passengers traveling. You have to clearly mention the number of adults, children, and infants that are traveling. If you want to book an award ticket, tick the box, named “Award ticket – Buy a ticket with miles.” If you wish to use this option, you have to sign-in by using your membership number and password. Click on the arrow to see all the available flights. Choose the flight that comes within your budget. Making Turkish Airlines Book a Flight via this official website is the most convenient method and used by most of the passengers.
American Airlines Manage Booking Number +1-855-653-5007 American Airlines Manage Booking can seem like a difficult task but it isn’t as many airlines provide their reservation management tool on their websites. However, when it comes to the largest airlines in the world i.e. American Airlines then managing bookings can become a lot easier. The Forth Worth-based airlines have availed its booking management tool on its official website that you can use to make any modifications to your flight reservations. Hence, read this article further to gain more information on American Airlines manage reservations and its process. The Benefits of Manage Booking on American Airlines Here are the major benefits of using Manage Booking tool on American Airlines. You can manage your reservations on both of the airline’s official website and mobile application. Cancel or change your AA reservations Manage your AA miles and other upgrades Manage your AAdvantage account Request baggage allowance, refund, and other in-flight services Book new reservations and explore more offers and deals based on your booking history View, print or share your booking itineraries Redeem your miles and use them for upgrades Make modifications in passenger’s information such as contact number, name, email address, etc Make group AA bookings Moreover, you can make other important changes in your booking as well. Now have a look at the steps that can help you to get access to your AA booking management portal. Steps to Manage Booking on American Airlines Head over to the official website of American Airlines or get access to its official mobile app Move to the My trips section on the website or the mobile app Enter the following details and then hit the Find Reservation button Passenger’s first and last name Booking reference number as mentioned on the itinerary Now follow the onscreen instructions to make your desired modifications
American Airlines Customer Service Number +1-855-653-5007 American Airlines Customer Service the best way to contact AA customer service is through phone calls. For that, you need to find the customer service phone number from its official website. You should use the contact number based on your region or regional language. After dialing it, you have to follow the on-call voice guidelines to connect with the customer service representative of American Airlines. You can also contact AA customer service with the help of the live chat feature on its official website. To initiate the procedure, you only need to click on the live chat icon and start following the on-screen instructions to connect with the executive. You can use social media platforms to connect with the experts of American Airlines. Twitter will be perfect for you. For any queries, reviews, and complaints, you can use email to connect with the AA customer service.
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Delta Airlines Manage Booking Number +1-855-653-5007 Delta Airlines Manage Booking is a prominent travel service in terms of offering luxurious flights. It offers the best flight service in order to book and cancel a flight ticket online and offline mode. If you have booked a flight ticket online and after that, you wish to manage your flight, you are required to view the website where you can select the things to do. In the manage booking, you can track your miles from your phone if you have installed the app of Delta Airlines. It is really easy to see what you have earned through the miles program or even you can simply book an award ticket using the app but for that, you have to select the manage booking tab simply. Manage booking process will provide you better travel journey in many ways after planned a trip. If you have selected the flight change and cancellation process you must simplify the process of cancellation. Use the cancellation policy to make your task perfect and get the refund as per the policy within a short span of the time. You can book a flight, speed through security, track your bag, and also find exactly what you are looking for while going to select Delta manage my booking task. You can have basic instructions and help in order to find out the amazing advice and help to manage your flight simply.
Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Number +1-855-653-5007 Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Number +1-855-653-5007 is used to be the luxury of the rich as now is the time when you can easily make your flight bookings without breaking your bank balance. With the advent of technology, travelers can get their flight tickets right from their comfort zone. To avail of your ticket, all you need is a computer or laptop and an excellent internet connection. Below is given the step-by-step procedure with the help of which you can easily make your bookings with this airline. To commence the flight booking procedure, you will first have to open the web browser and click to open the official website of the Spirit Airlines. Now, on the airline’s homepage, travelers will have to find out the Book tab which is available on the top-left corner. Tap on the same and select Flight among several options available. Before proceeding further, passengers will have to choose their trip type i.e. Round Trip, One Way, and Multi-City. Enter your departure airport and the arrival airport in the From and To fields. Choose the journey dates according to your itinerary. Ensure that the entered information is correct as the final outcome is based on the details you have entered. Pick up the total number of passengers included in the journey from the drop-down menu. If you have a promo code, then enter it and reduce your travel expenses to a great extent. On adding all information in the given fields, hit the Search Flights button and find out the flights available on the entered route information. Pick up your flight option according to your budget and pay for it to confirm Spirit Airlines Reservations.
American Airlines Reservations +1-855-653-5007 Booking tickets with American Airlines Reservations is simple and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Even if you have alternative options, the airline’s official website and mobile app are the best and most convenient ways to complete your reservation. We are certain that you will have no problems purchasing and confirming your tickets. Still, if you do, you can contact US airline representatives directly via American Airlines book flight phone number. American Airlines Reservations Online via Official Site Follow the steps below to finalize your reservation without a hitch: Visit the official American Airlines website and click on the “Find flights” link on the homepage. To begin, decide on the sort of vacation you want to take. In the “From” area, type the origin city or airport. In the “To” field, type the destination city or airport. Include the number of adults who will be traveling. After that, choose the date you wish to travel. Now, input the total number of children that will be traveling with you. Once you’ve completed all of these fields, click the “Search” tab. Your screen will display a list of all available flights. Choose the best option and book an American Airlines flight. The airline will send you a confirmation email once your reservation has been confirmed. Note – Follow this step-by-step method for easy reservation. While reserving manually is extremely straightforward, connect to the airline by reservation number if you want expert help. The specialized US Airlines mobile app is also at your fingertips to collect all of the important information.
The Matt Kuras Team is the best property management company in Vancouver. Our Realtor offers comprehensive property management services for dealing with both sellers and buyers. Which helps people find just the right home. If you want more information visit our website or you can contact us this number 778-867-9980.
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One of the most important duties of being a veterinarian is client education. In the age of the internet and “Dr. Google,” there is a lot of misinformation that exists in various websites and forums. Some of this misinformation can be very dangerous! It is our job to communicate complicated medical information in a way that the average pet owner can understand. We must also share knowledge about health risks that can impact their pet’s health and their own health.
Karen Wilson (How to Become a Veterinarian: Find Out How To Start a Career Working With Animals & Discover If It’s The Right Job For You!)
I really can see why our criminal justice system, as curiously evolved a mongrel of a system as one might hope to find – one which, even the official website of the English and Welsh Judiciary admits, is ‘contradictory’, ‘confusing’ and which ‘it is doubtful [. . .] anyone asked to design a justice system would choose to copy’26 – is still widely regarded as one of the best in the world.
The Secret Barrister (The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It's Broken)
The most common of these is the price to earnings ratio, or PE (commonly said "P" to "E," "PE Multiple," or just "Multiple"). To calculate this important ratio, simply find the price per share of a stock and divide it by its earnings per share (which you can find from the bottom line of the income statement or from just about any financial website). This ratio is of limited use on its own, but it can be very useful when compared to: 1. The average multiple the company has traded at in its past 2. The average multiple for stocks in the overall market 3. The average multiple for companies in its industry.
ex (Simple Stock Trading Formulas: The Blueprint To Profitability In The The Stock Market)
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Search Engine Optimization is basically the process of enhancing the quantity and quality of site traffic to a particular site or a web site from search engines. SEO focuses on paid rather than organic traffic, and unpaid visitors rather than paid advertising or sponsored links. SEO helps increase the visibility of a site by making sure that its contents are relevant and informative. Several things can affect search engine rankings, including keyword relevancy, backlinking, title tags, meta tags, and description tags. It is important that your content is keyword-rich and that it contains keywords that are commonly used by search engine crawlers. This ensures that when a search engine user performs a search on a particular topic, they find what they are looking for. Keyword-rich content gives a higher chance of appearing in search results. Search Engine Optimization also works well in promoting your website by ensuring that your keywords appear in the meta tags of the HTML code and in the description tag of every web page that you create.
Almost any positive good [positive liberty] can be described in terms of freedom from something [negative liberty]. Health is freedom from disease; happiness is a life free from flaws and miseries; equality is freedom from advantage and disadvantage.. Faced with this flexibility, the theorist will need to prioritize some freedoms and discount others. At its extreme we may get the view that only some particular kind of life makes for ‘real freedom’. Real freedom might, for instance, be freedom the bondage of desire, as in Buddhism and Stoicism. Or it might be a kind of self-realization or self-perfection only possible in a community of similarly self-realized individuals, pointing us towards a communitarian, socialist, or even communist ideal. To a laissez-faire capitalist, it is freedom from more than minimal necessary political and legal interference in the pursuit of profit. But the rhetoric of freedom will typically just disguise the merits or demerits of the political order being promoted. The flexibility of the term ‘freedom’ undoubtedly plays a huge role in the rhetoric of political demands, particularly when the language of rights mingles with the language of freedom. ‘We have a right to freedom from…’ is not only a good way, but the best way to start a moral or political demand. Freedom is a dangerous word, just because it is an inspirational one. The modern emphasis on freedom is problematically associated with a particular self-image. This is the 'autonomous' or self-governing and self-driven individual. This individual has the right to make his or her own decisions. Interference or restraint is lack of respect, and everyone has a right to respect. For this individual, the ultimate irrationality would be to alienate his freedom, for instance by joining a monastery that requires unquestioning obedience to a superior, or selling himself into slavery to another. The self-image may be sustained by the thought that each individual has the same share of human reason, and an equal right to deploy this reason in the conduct of his or her own life. Yet the 'autonomous' individual, gloriously independent in his decision-making, can easily seem to be a fantasy. Not only the Grand Unifying Pessimisms, but any moderately sober reflection on human life and human societies, suggest that we are creatures easily swayed, constantly infected by the opinions of others, lacking critical self-understanding, easily gripped by fantastical hopes and ambitions. Our capacity for self-government is spasmodic, and even while we preen ourselves on our critical and independent, free and rational decisions, we are slaves of fashion and opinion and social and cultural forces of which we are ignorant. A little awareness of ethics will make us mistrustful of sound-bite-sized absolutes. Even sacred freedoms meet compromises, and take us into a world of balances. Free speech is sacred. Yet the law does not protect fraudulent speech, libellous speech, speech describing national secrets, speech inciting racial and other hatreds, speech inciting panic in crowded places, and so on. In return, though, we gain freedom from fraud, from misrepresentation of our characters and our doings, from enemy incursions, from civil unrest, from arbitrary risks of panic in crowds. For sure, there will always be difficult cases. There are websites giving people simple recipes on how to make bombs in their kitchens. Do we want a conception of free speech that protects those? What about the freedom of the rest of us to live our lives without a significant risk of being blown up by a crank? It would be nice if there were a utilitarian calculus enabling us to measure the costs and benefits of permission and suppression, but it is hard to find one.
Simon Blackburn (Being Good: A Short Introduction to Ethics)
Since you can find anything from a date to a mate online, why not seek out the business matchmakers? There are plenty of websites such as,, and, that have hundreds of businesses listed for sale.
Terry Lammers (You Don't Know What You Don't Know: Everything You Need to Know to Buy or Sell a Business)
My Little Pony Game Helps You Get A Creator With My Little Pony games, you can enjoy many categories such as Dress Up games, Makeover games, riding games, racing games,...Each game brings you the different sentiments and it depends on your hobby that you can choose the suitable game for your free time. At our website, there are many My Little Pony games with full My Little Pony characters and you can meet them such as Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Applejack,,They have the good friendship and relations as well. Now, you will go to our new game called My little pony hairstyle. This is a creator game for you that you can get an opportunity to make new hair for Rainbow Dash. As you know, she has a hairstyle attached to her name. Now, you will help her to change Little about her hairstyle. Not difficult to play this game , you just use your mouse and follow step by step instruction that you can find in this game at our website. I can tell more here to help you play this game easier. In the first game, you will choose a hairstyle in six styles. Then you will choose the color for her hair. You can take one in ten colors in this game such as blue, green, red, purple, yellow, light purple,.. And you mix color as your favorite color. With each my little pony character, you can see the different personality and fashion style. My little pony Rainbow Dash has always the unique hairstyle with the mixing color. This is the creator game because you can show your fashion style about the hair. Besides the dress up game and make up games, we have others games categories such as riding, racing, caring, cooking, fighting,,,All are free here, you can enjoy them at anytime and anywhere. Please recommend our website to your friends as well, you will have the more human counterpart. You will have the good experience, adventure when you come to our website. We provide also descendants games, Elsa games, Daby games, Io games,...It depends on the age, the hobby that you can choose the game in your free time. You can enjoy the life as a child with our games and forget all the worries and stress in your life. I hope that you will like our games as well. My Little Pony Angry is a puzzle game and your task in this game is to use your mouse to drag and drop the pieces and make a complete My Little Pony pictures. In this game, you will get an opportunity to meet again six main My Little Pony such as Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle of the cartoon My Little Pony, they are all very aggressive and angry. We think that this way they want to scare off enemies from Ponyville. You know that My Little Pony or Friendship Is Magic has the content that tells about six main My Little Pony and other supporting characters but with My Little Pony, the content focuses primarily on Twilight Sparkle and her friends, they find out the way to rescue Equestria Land. Each My Little Pony game can give you a good lessons about family, friends, relationship...This is a cheap entertainment and designed for everyone. I hope that you can get the perfectime here and we can make the relationship thank to My Little Pony games on our website. Have fun on our site
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What Is the Importance of Social Media Marketing? In the arena of generation, the conversation has come to be simpler than ever. The international has now gotten smaller from an extensive populated land to a community of speaking people residing in an international village. People from everywhere in the globe has come nearer collectively and distances have reduced to the volume that a character is simply a click on away. In this ever-developing community of human beings a brand new concept has emerged, the concept of 6 levels of separation. The concept at the back of that is that among you and every other character within side the international is most effective a sequence not than six human beings. This emphasizes the importance of online conversation and the manner it has made the arena an entire lot smaller. This is the electricity of social media and top smm panel the tendencies in an online conversation. A going on in a single part of the arena reaches the second element in a count of seconds. Imagine if that information or going on turned into approximately you. The importance of this generation is the benefit it gives. Using this device for your benefit can provide you with a massive quantity of benefits. Social Media Marketing brings international repute for your call. -This is your price tag to worldwide degree repute. Your corporation or your call will be regarded around the globe with hundreds of thousands of fans and fans. Millions of human beings can get admission to those websites in which human beings come to talk online and specific their views. Once you step into the arena of social media advertising and marketing all of those human beings come to be your ability prospects. Your offerings are simply an unmarried seek away. Promote your enterprise or product as a severe product. -This generation gives you get admission to clearly the complete international and all its inhabitants. They are there to study and percentage whatever that you need to say. This is your danger to set up a photo for yourself that "Hey! I am right here to do enterprise" and "I am severe approximately the product or offerings that I provide". Social media advertising and marketing is almost free. If you had been to try to attain out to hundreds of thousands of human beings via the bodily way you will make loads of investments. This generation is the manner to maximum efficaciously attains out for your ability clients, now no longer most effective in phrases of price range however in phrases of time as well. Gives you comments in the form of viewer you have. -An exciting factor approximately advertising and marketing on those social websites is the extent of comments that you could expect. Using social media advertising and marketing can in reality train you approximately the folks who are or are probably interested in your product or service. This offers you a higher danger of changing your campaigns to benefit progressed results. You may also find out about the number of folks who go to your page, or a while of folks who remark or percentage your posts, or maybe their ethnicities, localities, religion, hobbies, and preferences. You train the arena approximately your product and social media advertising and marketing educates you approximately the folks who took hobby in it. You get to understand them in my view via the community of the top smm panel. Your purchaser may also have a few problems or he may also want assist or need to investigate greater approximately your product. Your presence on social media permits you to reply to him on a private degree. This in flip assures the purchaser which you are accountable and instills a feeling of trust.
Earl Meyer (The Seasons of Our Souls)
The FDA allows big Pharma to falsify the studies required to patent drugs. These corporations hire armies of ghostwriters to stuff websites and medical journal articles with marketing lies. Finding the truth is now nearly impossible. But all this gets overlooked as the companies pay billions of dollars in criminal settlements nearly every year.
Robert A. Yoho (Butchered by "Healthcare": What to Do About Doctors, Big Pharma, and Corrupt Government Ruining Your Health and Medical Care)
Laptops Advisor is an unbiased laptop reviews website that focuses on laptops for business, gaming, and education. Our goal is to help you find the right laptop by providing detailed reviews, comparison charts, buying advice, and more. We'll help you find the best laptop deal with our price comparison tool while also recommending some of our favorite laptops for various use cases. Visit us today!
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Somehow that stuff never comes up, however. We know what innovation is about, and it’s righteousness and triumph. Success is all you’ll find when you riffle through the inno-thoughts produced by the various foundations, institutes, websites, mentors, accelerators, incubators, and entrepreneurship competitions. You hear about startups that just raised $3.1 million in venture capital; startups that are partnering with some more established operation from California; startups that have made their starter-uppers into billionaires.
Thomas Frank (Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?)
5 Thumb Rules to Follow for Outsourcing 3D Character. Outsourcing has become one of the basic requirements of the digital industry. Be it software, websites, architecture rendering or 3D character modelling, companies look forward to outsource these tasks to reliable names. Reason is simple. When it comes to value for money, 3D Art Outsourcing Service stands to be the most viable option as setting up in-house production often isn’t considered a wise ROI choice. But, this necessity has also given rise to possible frauds. There are countless companies waiting to gulp your money in the blink of an eye. There are many more who are ready to lure you with lucrative offers when it comes to 3D character modelling concept. Since not everyone is familiar with the technicalities of this field, companies can easily get trapped with fake promises of giving top notch services well within their reach, only to find out that the whole thing was neither worth their time nor money. However, all the sham can be avoided if companies follow the six thumb rules while Game outsourcing character modelling tasks to animation studios as these will lead them to the right names. 1) Take a Tour of the Website Although you will find expert comments on not to judge a company by its cover, there is no denying the fact that website plays a decisive role in company’s credibility, especially when it comes to art and animation studios. A studio that claims to offer you state-of-art results must first focus on its own. A clean, crisp website with appropriate content can actually say a lot about the studio’s work. A poor design and inappropriate content often indicate the following things: - Outdated and poorly maintained - Negligence towards its virtual presentation - Unprofessionalism - Poor marketing A sincere design and animation studio will indeed feature a vibrant website with all its details properly included. 2) Location Matters Location has a huge impact on hiring charges as it largely decides the price range one can expect. If you are looking forward to countries like India, you expect the range to be well within your budget chiefly because such countries have immense talent, but because of the increasing demand and competition in the field of outsourcing, hiring charges are relatively cheaper than countries like UK or USA. This means that once can get desired expertise without spending a fortune. 3) Know Your Team Inside Out Since you will be spending your hard earned money, you have every right to know the ins and outs of your team. Getting to know the team can assist you in your decision. Do your part of homework and be ready with your queries. Starting from their names to their works, check everything you can, and if need be, go for one-to-one conversation. This will not only help you to know them better, but will also give you an idea of their communication, their knowledge about their work and their sincerity. A dedicated one will always answer you up to the point while a confused one with fidget with words or beat around the bush. 4) Don’t Miss Out on the Portfolio While the website of a studio is its virtual representative, it’s the portfolio which speaks about its execution. Reputed names of 3D modelling and design companies house excellent projects ranging from simple to complex ones. A solid portfolio indicates: - commitment of the studio towards its projects - competency of its team - execution and precision - status of its expertise Apart from the portfolio, some animation studios even feature case studies and white papers in their websites which indicate their level of transparency. Make sure to go through all of them.
Game Yan
TCU Florist, Fort Worth is a local florist with same-day delivery services and creative floral design in Texas. We are open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. With over 70 years in the floral industry, we are equipped to give you the most stunning arrangements for your every need. We recognize that flowers can reveal a thousand emotions when words fail. We feel there's no better way to convey a message than with nature's flowers and plants. That's why our team of floral artists dedicate all their talents and efforts towards putting together the most amazing bouquets for all your needs! We offer impressive floral products with a wide range of fresh flowers and exquisite styles! We carry all your best-loved blooms: roses, lilies, tulips, sunflowers, carnations, gerbera daisies, and many more. We specialize in high-style floral arrangements that show off the beauty of these blooms. Our team of floral artists can make the perfect bouquet of your dreams, whether it's traditional or modern, whether it's a luxurious arrangement or a charming gift basket. Want something more one-of-a-kind? We also have a wide collection of green plants, tropicals, dish gardens, and baskets of fresh goods. Let us help you find the most ideal flower bouquet that suits your style! Go to our website or stop by our flower shop to find your favorite designs. If you want something tailor-made, we're here to help! Talk to our friendly team of florists about your needs. They'll be more than happy to help you create the ideal bouquet that suits your style. At TCU Florist, we promise you'll get only the highest quality arrangements for each and every order! Timeless rose bouquet for your anniversary? Extravagant arrangement bursting with pink, white, and red colors for a special event? Heartfelt bouquet for your mother to express your love and appreciation? Thoughtful sympathy gift basket to send your thoughts and prayers? We make sure you'll get exactly what you need every single time. We offer local express and same-day delivery to churches, hospitals, funeral homes, and cemeteries. Our drivers are well equipped to deliver your flowers on schedule and without hassle. Ready to place your order? Need more information? Call us at (817) 924-2211 or email us at
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Search engine optimization is the systematic and well-analyzed way of improving the quality of content posted online and making sure it's the right quantity for an easy read. Today, SEO has become an important online content promotion strategy that no business or content creator has embraced. One of the major benefits is driving traffic to your website. Once you hire an agency specializing in SEO, you are assured of high search rankings and easy find for potential searches. You also get to enjoy a competitive advantage since you do not pay for search engine optimization ads but get to have a chance to increase your sales and revenue through the high rankings.
If you write the best-written, clearest, most detailed and helpful free content that you can, traffic will eventually find your blog or website.
Jongo Longhurst (1000 True Fans: Use Kevin Kelly's Simple Idea to Earn A Living Doing What You Love)
But perhaps most importantly, the website also featured a section labeled “Data: What we’ve learned from your work so far.” This page put the individual players’ efforts into a much bigger context—and guaranteed that contributors would see the real results of their efforts. Some of the key results of the game included these findings: • On average, each MP expensed twice his or her annual salary, or more than £140,000 in expenses on top of a £60,675 salary. • The total cost to taxpayers of personal items expensed by MPs is £88 million annually. And the game detailed: • The number of receipts and papers filed by each MP, ranging between 40 and 2,000 • The total expense spending by party and by category (kitchen, garden, TV, food, etc.) • Online maps comparing travel expenses filed with actual distance from the House of Commons in London to the MPs’ home districts, making it easy to spot MPs grossly overcharging for travel (for example, MPs from nearby districts who filed £21,534 versus £4,418, or £10,105 versus £1,680) Bringing these numbers to light helped clarify the true extent of the crisis: a far more pervasive culture of extravagant personal reimbursement than originally suspected.
Jane McGonigal (Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World)
For those seeking advice on sleep disorders, I recommend visiting the National Sleep Foundation website,I and there you will find resources on sleep centers near you.
Matthew Walker (Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams)
Audiogon Seth is an audiophile. He particularly enjoys focusing on analog and, in many ways, anachronistic equipment still made by hand. Audiogon is a website “where you can find people who buy things new and sell them 6 months later in perfect condition.
Timothy Ferriss (Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers)
According to the latest report of PAMA (Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association), we witnessed a greatest achievement of Suzuki Alto in Dec 2021. Interesting fact is Suzuki suspended booking of Suzuki Alto VXL for a while, because the AGS/VXL variant cut out of production because of the shortage of semiconductor chip. How They Achieve This Landmark? There are few simple reasons behind it, they didn’t compromise on the quality of their procurement. There are few factors which enhances car performance, including installation of Quality tires, because Pakistan’s road qualities are below the average, so the maintenance of the car tires are so important. Various tires brands claims that they are best in the business, but according to the performance, no brand ever achieve the landmark what Maxxis achieved. If you are car owner and want to change or update your car tires and didn’t knew how to identify your car suitable tires, you can purchase it from, or visit our nearest affiliated outlet. is only Tire Dealer of Maxxis brand in Pakistan, and can only found at Maxxis affiliated outlets. Faisalabad, Lahore, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Sheikhupura are some of the leading cities, however you can find these Quality tires all over Pakistan. If not Maxxis then you can visit Tyre Dealers official website and grab your tires.
Manzoor Ehtesham (A Dying Banyan)
American Airlines Customer Service Number +1-855-653-5007 American Airlines Customer service make with the mobile application at the tip of your fingertips. The American Airlines reservation team allows passengers to book a flight at their leisure via the American Airlines mobile application. Let’s look at the possible mobile app steps to book. Passengers can book through a mobile app using their registered email credentials. Decide on the trip category. Fill out the passenger’s information under the reservation section. Specify the date(s) for the scheduled trip(s). To fly with American Airlines, choose the appropriate choices. Take advantage of the discounts and special offers to make your trip both affordable and pleasant. Choose the services or special assistance you would like to choose during your journey. Use the smartphone app to complete the transaction. You will get a ticket confirmation message/ mail via provided mobile number/mail address during registration. To manage your trip itinerary, go to the American Airlines Manage Reservation area of the mobile application. Manage Booking Process of American Airlines Booking your tickets with American Airlines, the world’s largest airline, is so simple that anyone can do it without the help of a professional. All thanks to the website’s simple user interface, making it efficient enough for anybody to utilize. Nothing compares to buying your flight tickets with the world’s largest airline. The airline offers the most affordable flight tickets option along with a safe and pleasurable journey. It provides a flexible flight reservation option and allows you to use your money by offering various budget options as per your preferences. The airline also provides the option of making changes to your current tickets without any additional effort. Yeah, yeah, you read that right! In case your travel plans change, you may make changes to your bookings. Just make a few clicks and make the adjustments you want. Go to the American Airlines official website and click on the “The Trips” tab on the homepage. Now fill in the needed information, such as the passengers’ first and last name and booking reference. To get your reservation, click on the “Find reservation” option. Following that, your current reservation will appear on your screen. Make whatever adjustment you wish to your American Airlines manage to book.
Turkish Airlines Customer Service Number +1-855-653-5007 Alaska Airlines Customer Service Number +1-855-653-5007 How to Make Group Travel Booking with Turkish Airlines? When a passenger uses Turkish Airlines book flight process, he/she can book up to seven more passengers with its individual booking for international flights. For domestic this count goes up to nine passengers per booking. If we include the infants, the number of passengers increases to 15. If a passenger uses an award travel ticket for booking Turkish Airlines tickets, he/she can book five tickets at most. Follow the steps as mentioned below to book your Turkish Airlines Tickets for group travel: Visit the official website for Turkish Airlines and click on the book a flight option. Now select the type of your trip, i.e., one way, round-trip, or multi-city trip. Now choose your departure city and destination along with airports. Enter your preferred travel dates from the calendar. You can then select your preferred travel class, add the number of passengers to ensure a group booking, and click on search to find the available flight list. Choose the cheapest and most suitable flight and enter the personal details and contact info of each passenger in the group. Select the payment method and clear the payment to confirm your Turkish Airlines Booking. If you wish to book more passengers in a single booking, they cannot make reservations through the Turkish Airlines official website or mobile app. For this, passengers must contact a travel agency. The airline has some registered travel agencies that can help passengers book large tickets. If you need more details about group travel, call the Turkish Airlines Customer Service Number +1-855-653-5007 and seek expert help. The airline experts will let you know all the travel details and confirm your booking. What is Turkish Airlines Pet Travel Policy? Are you looking for convenient options to take pets on board? Do you want your pet to accompany you on the flight? Don’t worry and make Turkish Airlines booking for your pets. Turkish Airlines allows pets to travel with passengers in the cabin and make their travel more joyful. You can take along pets like cats, fidos, parrots, dogs, goldfinch, and canary birds in the carrier. But on a condition, the weight of the pet and carrier together must not be over 17 pounds. If you follow the airline’s simple policies and guidelines, your pet will be allowed to travel with you without any hassles. Turkish Airlines Pet Travel Policies Passengers must make and confirm a pet reservation at least 6 hours before the flight departure to make sure their pet can travel in the cabin. Depending on the type of aircraft, there are restrictions on the number of animals carried on each plane. Passengers can complete the pet check-in procedure at the check-in counter. The passenger’s contact details and number of animals, with their names, must be placed on the label on the cage or container. Make sure to present the pet’s medical report and vaccination certificate with ID details and any other necessary documents. Pet transportation fees are not included in the baggage allowance, so you need to pay an extra baggage fee. For pets traveling with you in the cabin, the animals and crates’ weight must not exceed 8 kg. The maximum allowed size of the crate is 23 x 30 x 40 cm. Turkish Airlines recommends that you bring your pets into special hard or soft containers instead of plastic containers. Passengers must place the pet carrier under the seat in front of them. To avoid any issues during the airport, inform the airline beforehand by calling the Turkish Airlines Customer Service +1-855-659-5007 and provide information about your pets. If your pet box exceeds the standard size or exceeds 8 kg, it will be transported in the aircraft’s cabin. To ensure the comfort and safety of the pet, the crate must be large enough, well ventilated, and watertight.
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No one’s going to hand you a magic book with all the instructions. You already have the magic book, and it’s huge, and you have to figure out which parts are the instructions you need. The magic book is the internet. Search websites. Look for YouTube videos. Find apps.
Eric Siu (Leveling Up: How To Master The Game of Life)
And now that we all have access to search engines on our cell phones, we can call up a team of supportive scientists for almost any conclusion twenty-four hours a day. Whatever you want to believe about the causes of global warming or whether a fetus can feel pain, just Google your belief. You’ll find partisan websites summarizing and sometimes distorting relevant scientific studies. Science is a smorgasbord, and Google will guide you to the study that’s right for you.
Jonathan Haidt (The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion)
Investment firms are buying up more vacation homes, aiming to cash in on growing demand from tourists and remote workers. Most vacation rental homes are owned by small-time owners who list their properties on websites such as Airbnb Inc., but the number of financial firms investing in the sector is growing. New York-based investment firm Saluda Grade is launching a venture with short-term- rental operator AvantStay Inc. to buy about $500 million of homes, the companies said Tuesday. Saluda Grade said it is also looking to raise debt by selling mortgage bonds backed by its homes to investors, the first vacation-rental mortgage securitization, according to the company. Andes STR, a startup that buys and manages short-term rental homes on behalf of investors, also recently signed a deal with Chilean investment firm WEG Capital to buy roughly $80 million of properties in the U.S., Andes said. These investors are betting they can get higher returns if they rent out homes by the night instead of by the year. Low-interest rates have made it more attractive to borrow and Buy Traditional Rental Homes, inflating property prices and making it harder for new buyers to turn a profit. That has prompted some institutions and wealthy families to look in more obscure corners of the property market where competition is smaller, investment advisers say. Some are turning to investments in vacation homes, where demand has surged in many places during the pandemic as more people choose to work from remote locations and leisure travel heated up last year. “There’s a lot more yield available in the short-term market,” said Saluda Grade’s chief executive, Ryan Craft. It is the latest sign of how the pandemic is changing the way people work and live, and how real-estate investors are angling to find new ways to profit from these shifts. Saluda Grade is targeting homes within driving distance of major population centers, Mr. Craft said. His company will buy the homes and AvantStay will manage them for a fee. But while vacation-rental homes can offer higher returns, they also pose challenges to investors. Mortgages are usually more expensive and harder to get for short-term rentals than for owner-occupied homes, said Giri Devanur, CEO of reAlpha Tech Corp., a startup that wants to pool money from small-time investors to buy short-term-rental homes.
That Vacation Home Listed on Airbnb Might Be Owned by Wall Street
Thinking of going on a vacation? The pleasant weather of Manali is inviting you this summer. The hill station of Manali is a perfect destination with the hotels at their best price. Moreover you can book hotels at ease through online these days. Some travelers may shun this destination because it's summer time. Also, they might perceive that the accommodation is expensive in Manali this time. However, it is seldom true. There are two booking methods in which you can make an online hotel booking: Online travel agencies booking directly with hotels. Online hotel bookings have been very popular in today's life. Hence, there are so many travelers who follow the online booking method. This in turn saves money as well as time. Here are some tips on how to book cheap hotels in Manali (However, these tips can be applied for any other trips.): Save Money: The better you spend, the more you enjoy! Book a hotel conveniently online when you need it. There are multiple hotel booking websites that provide best deals and at discounted rates. However, booking in advance may avoid payment of extra charges and saves more pocket money. Moreover, booking suddenly might charge you a little extra than the normal rates of the hotel. Save Time:- Booking hotels online in advance has lots of perks. First of all, you got to choose the best deal selected from different websites. Secondly, it will save your time and leave your stress to not worry you. Finally you can enjoy your vacation, holidays or any other holiday plan. Check Hotel Reputation: - Hotel Booking Websites has the ability for guests to write their experiences, feedback and reviews online for the hotels they previously visited. Hence you can check the hotel reputation before you book it. Finally, you can confirm your decision in booking the right hotel for you. is a reputed hotel booking website with reviews related to hotels like the one you wanted to stay in. # You can book a hotel right through the internet according to your budget. Nowadays, there are a lot of travel sites online where there are booking options. You can also easily compare on the internet and get the best deal. Using the internet, you can check hotel rooms availability and compare the price at the same time. # You can check any special offer on the internet whose benefits you can get in peak session. This includes the good offers also run. During these days, you can stay home and find the best deals and offers and book a best trip at Liamtra. Henceforth, you can make a good vacation plan with your family. Some tips for Cheapest Online Hotel Booking through Liamtra: Book hotels from a network of Domestic & International hotels. Enjoy big discounts on hotels with Search hotel rooms by city, area and hotel name. Read user ratings and reviews before making a hotel booking Check images of hotels and rooms along with their location on the map Book premium, budget or cheap hotels on as per your choice, and pay directly at the hotel. Save your favourite hotels to a list and share it with your friends & family to plan your stay together. Liamliang Travellers Pvt. Ltd, or Liamtra gives you the best deal on hotels booking with discounted price, as well as cash back. location Apart from Online Hotel Booking, our travel website provides other services such as air ticket booking, holiday tour packages at low price. Book right now!
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Dating apps and websites are the Wild West of interpersonal connections. It is not virtual speed-dating; it is virtual spam-folder cleaning with people you might want to meet instead of emails. Yes, you might upgrade someone to your regular inbox if you find their content appealing, but you are mostly browsing through bulk advertisement that either does not speak to you or is packaged in a way that feels too good to be true.
Ben Philippe (Sure, I'll Be Your Black Friend: Notes from the Other Side of the Fist Bump)
It didn’t take long to find some willing partners. We set down the specifications, and Sean talked to all the manufacturers who said they could fulfill our requests. We narrowed it down to two quality options, and then we choose the one with the best price and the best communication. Sean ordered the prototype, had it embossed with our brand logo—Zen Active—and in no time at all, we unrolled our first yoga mat on the floor in Sean’s house. That was our yoga mat. It was our product, with our specifications, with our logo, in Sean’s house, ready for sale. And all it took was one website and a lot of groundwork asking questions. Now, I’m not saying we got the product totally right on our first try. We made some mistakes, and we made adjustments to improve the product over time, but the basics of taking an idea and making it a ready-for-market product really is this simple. All you have to do is find the suppliers, do the research, make the tweaks, and find the best offer out there. Find
Ryan Daniel Moran (12 Months to $1 Million: How to Pick a Winning Product, Build a Real Business, and Become a Seven-Figure Entrepreneur)
Aside from reading this book, you will also find great pieces of advice from websites such as,,, and Each of these websites offer something different, but each are extremely valuable resources. Learning to read daily about domain names is a step in the right direction and an excellent use of your time. Read, learn, repeat.
Gregory McGuire (Domain Name Flipping: the complete guide to selling a domain in less than 48hours)
Your job is to identify three to five products that your ideal person might buy. You don’t need to worry about how to make it or how you will sell it—we’ll fix that later. Just brainstorm what your person already buys and potential things he or she might like to buy. People who do yoga buy mats, towels, and blocks. That’s three products. What else might they buy? Clothes, travel cases, or yoga pillows? Do people who do yoga buy other things, too? Like tea, meditation cushions, or essential oil? And do people who do yoga have different shopping habits than others? Do they buy organic, or avoid synthetic skin creams? Write it all down. You don’t need to worry about how you’re going to do anything just yet—just know that the internet has opened up opportunities for anyone who wants to create something from scratch. Anybody can do a Kickstarter campaign. Anybody can sell on Amazon. Any website can rank in Google. Anyone can run an ad on Facebook. Anyone can post on Instagram and connect with any influencer. Your job is to find out where your customers are, and drop your bait into that pond.
Ryan Daniel Moran (12 Months to $1 Million: How to Pick a Winning Product, Build a Real Business, and Become a Seven-Figure Entrepreneur)
One good online resource is, the website of the American Academy of Pediatrics. You can find a lot of information about common childhood ailments there and, in particular, good guidelines on when to call the pediatrician regarding your child’s fever and other conditions.
Maria Noel Groves (Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self-Care)
You can find information from government websites such as the US State Department as well as private organizations such as Stratfor Global Intelligence which provide in-depth geopolitical analysis and insight into regions you may need to travel to for business or pleasure. Routinely read these briefings as you make your plans and you’ll be far safer for it.
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The Complete Beginner's Guide to Holiday Tour Packages at Liamtra. Liamtra "something for everyone", explore the hotel, taxi, flight tickets, workation package, and tour packages. If we talk about India tour packages, we provide India holiday tour packages, holiday tour packages, domestic holiday tour packages. Customers can explore and book your packages from Liamtra website and Mobile applications. We have a customer-friendly dashboard on mobile and an app that helps people to find their needs easily. Why Contact Liamtra? Domestic Tour packages:- Explore the wide range of travel packages AT Liamtra. India is a great travel destination and has lots of tourist places. This colorful country is home to diversity, people enjoy a vacation to see the Indian beauty. Save money and time:- Book travel, hotels, taxi, and flights at a very reasonable cost from Liamtra. Download Liamtra app compares package and book today. Popular Holiday Tours to Book 1. Rajasthan Holiday tour packages:- Get ready to explore every historic place in Rajasthan. Go on a desert safari in Jaisalmer and Bikaner or visit Jaipur and enjoy the local festival and folk dances. Every city will have, something amazing locations. Jaipur the pink city, Udaipur the city of lakes, and Jodhpur the Bule city and lots of beautiful forts and local street market and Rajasthani tradition. 2. Summer holiday tour packages:- We provide amazing Summer holiday tour packages. If you plan in summer and want to enjoy pleasant weather then you should plan Manali. Manali is where most of the visitors come to enjoy the pleasant weather. Manali is a beautiful place for honeymoon couples in summer Manali weather is so good, and you should plan a family trip also and cover the local beauty like Solang Valley, Rohtang pass, Kullu valley. Go Paragliding and watch the landscaped beauty of the valley and enjoy the thrill of sailling in the air. There are lots of adventure activities like Rock Climbing and Rappelling and go skiing. A must-try of all the things to do in Manali. Book the tour packages we provide you best deal at the best price with
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Taxi Booking in Lockdowns with Easy Steps at Liamtra. Liamtra "something for everyone", explore services like book a hotel, taxi, flight tickets, host business. If we talk about local and outstation taxi services, we provide outstation taxi service, rental cab, book a local taxi in various states and cities in India. Customers can explore and book a taxi from Liamtra website and Mobile applications. We have a customer-friendly dashboard on mobile and an app that helps people to find their needs easily. How Liamtra can help with taxi booking online? 1. Outstation taxi service in Lockdown:- In the time of covid, If you have a plan to going outstation you think before going anywhere and it is not safe to go in bus and train in lockdown because the crowd is too much in these place. At such time, we are giving you a very easy way to go to the outstation where you can easily outstation taxi service with precautions. Liamtra offers a cheap and affordable outstation taxi service. 2. Book a local Taxi service:- If you planning to go on a trip around the cities, here you can taxi availability and hire a local taxi. You can hire a local sightseeing cab from Liamtra in lockdown, you can take a rental cab for local sightseeing in lockdown. 3. How to Book a taxi service:- Book taxi service in lockdown is a very tough bur from Liamtra you can contact taxi providers and check fares, discounts and availability easily. You can book a tour ride on Liamtra mobile App, there is the easiest way and book your taxi and you will get all the details about your booking ride. If you are booking a taxi first time You need to ensure that they provide you all the necessary details for a happy ride: Licensing:- Before booking a taxi, confirm that they have a license for the service they are providing and offer to you. Reputation:- Reputation is everything when it comes to the service industry. You should research about the company as much and check customer experience you must check customer feedback and reviews. Kind of service offered:- If you are looking for current offers and discounts on taxi booking, you must check and ask for the offers and discounts before going to ride. Pricing:- If you want to hire a good taxi, it does not mean that you should pay more amount, before going to hire you should compare with other listed taxi fare. Next, compare them based on price and your needs find one that gives you the best value for your money.
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Finding Water On Mars As An April Fool’s Prank. Every April Fool’s Day, which is the first day of every April, we all try our hardest to prank and pun each other. All this is done for fun and laughter. According to “Universe Today,” not even big science hotshots like NASA are above a few harmless pranks. Never was this more obvious than in 2005, when NASA pranked the world about finding water on Mars. On March 31, 2005, a teaser was posted on NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day website. It was titled “Water on Mars!” with a presentation to follow the next day, on April 1. This left people ecstatic. This was an incredible find for the human race. If there was water on Mars, then that meant there could have been life on Mars at one stage. Science was about to make a huge leap forward. The next day, April 1, 2005, NASA posted their presentation of water on Mars, and it left the whole world either in tears or crying from laughter. Their presentation was a picture of a glass of water standing on top of two Mars chocolate bars. It was water on Mars, but not the kind that everyone was hoping for.
Larry Baz (5 Minute Smarter: The amazing facts and interesting trivia of the world that impress your friends and have a fun time)
Jana Ann Couture Bridal | Bridal Stores San Diego Although elegant in design, Jana Ann wedding dresses are more affordable than most people think. Don't miss this type of design because you think it will be out of your price range. Those who attend your wedding will be dazzled by your beautiful dress. You can smile more because you will know it didn't cost you a fortune! Yes you read right the best wedding dresses in San Diego is 100% affordable. Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your entire life! You want to look gorgeous and have your dream dress at a great price. Our unique dresses are exceptional in quality and design. However, it is also affordable, so you won't have to give up your dream dress because of the price. Check out our website to learn more about what we offer and how we go the extra mile to help you with anything you may need. Your wedding dress is very important and cannot be trusted by anyone! All that you have to do is search wedding dresses near me to find us and check out our five stars ratings. Call us: (619) 649-2439 Address: Del Mar Plaza, 1555 Camino Del Mar STE 313, San Diego, CA 92014, United States #bridal_san_diego #wedding_dresses_san_diego #bridal_boutique_in_san_diego #bridal_shops_san_diego #wedding_dress_shops_san_diego #white_wedding_dresses_san_diego #wedding_dress_stores_san_diego #bridal_stores_san_diego #bridal_boutique_san_diego
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Many small and medium-sized businesses depend on IT systems to run their businesses successfully. There are several reasons to seek an information technology consultant, including training on new equipment, software, or technology. Citrix Consultants in this the area can provide specific knowledge, help the company complete projects on time, and help the company achieve its business objectives. Strengthen contractual issues When outsourcing IT Resources Company, be aware of contractual issues in the business relationship between two or more companies in which each has legal rights and obligations. Make sure you have all the possibilities covered in your contract, including costs, hours, goals, results, deadlines, etc. A standard contract provides consistency. Protecting the intellectual property of the company is always paramount. Confidentiality agreements are important and those provisions must be included in the contract. Get in touch with Citrix consulting services if you are looking for a professional IT support services company in Wisconsin. Find the right profile for the vacancy IT consultants are often directed to projects related to core business. It is why it is important to conduct a detailed interview as if the consultant were a member of the internal team. Recommendations and a suitable profile to the challenges of the company are also essential. When considering hiring IT consultants, make sure they are experienced and successful in working with companies. Request references, and verify the portfolio. Look for references also on social networks Be wary of consultants who are unwilling to share their list of clients and references. Another good site to search and check references is LinkedIn. Consultants, especially IT consultants, usually have a presence on social networks. An investigation on Twitter, Face book and blog connections can also indicate a candidate's profile. You can visit the official social media page and website of Citrix healthcare solutions Wisconsin and understand each aspect carefully. Evaluate if the candidate communicates clearly Knowing how to successfully transmit project information is essential. The consultant must understand the technology and be able to translate it for the team. The goal of technology is to solve technical and business problems. It is why it is important to have someone trained in a technical way, also important that he/she knows how to interact with other teams. It is also recommended to question consultants about their relationships with suppliers before signing a contract. Will they receive a commission when a certain provider is selected? Also, don't be afraid to ask if the consultant has experience. We hope, with these tips, you will choose the best IT support services near you in Wisconsin.
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During the first couple years I worked for myself, entire weeks would go by without my accomplishing much, for no other reason than that I was anxious and stressed about what I had to do, and it was too easy to put everything off. I quickly learned, though, that forcing myself to do something, even the most menial of tasks, quickly made the larger tasks seem much easier. If I had to redesign an entire website, I’d force myself to sit down and would say, “Okay, I’ll just design the header right now.” But after the header was done, I’d find myself moving on to other parts of the site. And before I knew it, I’d be energized and engaged in the project.
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We make sure that you have at hand everything you need to live with your little ones, the most beautiful experiences and moments of life. Tell us what you need and we will surely tell you that you will find it available on our website
@@+1-855-653-0624@@Turkish Airlines Manage Booking @@+1-855-653-0624@@Turkish Airlines Manage Booking. Turkish Airlines is a flag carrier of Turkey. It provides scheduled flights to 315 destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America. Because of the number of destinations and passengers, it is known as the world’s largest airline. It is widely known for its customer-centric services and the various amenities provided by airlines in different categories. Passengers can use the Turkish Airlines manage booking options to eliminate any doubts related to the journey.@@+1-855-653-0624@@Turkish Airlines Manage Booking. Steps To Manage Booking With Turkish Airlines If there is an emergency and you need to cancel a flight booked on Turkish Airlines, don’t worry. Please visit the “Turkish Airlines online Manage My Booking” page and complete the task. If you are looking for a process related to “Manage Bookings,” follow these steps:- Visit the official Turkish Airlines website and enter the "Manage Booking" tab. Retrieve the details of the previously booked flight, and select the flight that needs to be changed. Enter the required flight details and then click on the corresponding flight to make changes. There is a button in front of the ticket. If the flight is eligible for the change, you can easily make the change. After you pay the fee for modification, your changes will be updated. If you are not qualified for making online changes using the Turkish manage booking option, you can contact Turkish Airlines Customer Service, which will provide a solution to your problem. Besides, you can also call their hotline number. Changing The Turkish Airlines Flights Using Manage Booking Unexpected situations lead the passengers to change their already booked flights, but changing your Turkish Airlines booking can sometimes be troublesome because it depends on flights’ availability and flight type. Before changing Turkish Airlines tickets, there are many things to consider, such as: If you want to change your Turkish Airlines ticket, you need to pay a flight change fee, which may vary depending on the flight and route. However, if your new ticket price is lower than the previous ticket price, you will earn some points, which you can use to book flights or use other services. Terms And Conditions For Changing Your Flights You can change the flight ticket within the same area as the original destination. Passengers can make the change request through the Turkish Airlines sales office, call centre, and agent where you purchased the ticket. You only have the Zero change fee right for once. You should cancel the current ticket before the flight takes off within the right to change the open ticket’s cost. Cancellation of reservations to change it to an open booking must be made through Turkish Airlines’ call centre, sales office, or agent who purchased the ticket. Public tickets can only be reissued without paying additional fees. Flights between Turkey and Erkan Airport are not considered international flights. Step By Step Flight Change Procedure First, please visit the Turkish Airlines website, select the Turkish airlines booking manage tab on the homepage. Fill in the ticket number or booking code and the passenger’s last name. You will be asked to click the search button to retrieve the ticket booking details. In this way, these steps will take you to the "Manage Booking" page, where you can find the option to change your ticket. Besides, you should also note that if you are eligible to change your ticket. Only then can you change it. Besides, you also need to follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process of Turkish Airlines changing flights. Besides, you will also need to pay for the costs associated with changing your flight. You will then receive confirmation of the flight change in your email account.
Turkish Airlines Manage Booking
@@+1-855-653-0624@@Jetblue Airlines Manage Bookings @@+1-855-653-0624@@Jetblue Airlines Manage Bookings. In terms of passenger capacity, JetBlue Airways is considered the seventh-largest airline. This is an ultra-low-cost airline and is known for its excellent service and in-flight facilities. JetBlue differs from other airlines in the service options offered on its official website. JetBlue is one of the first airlines to offer Jetblue Airways manage booking options to help customers bring convenience and convenient access. Now, passengers can easily track their flight status online, cancel refunds, book reservations, etc., which is considered a daunting task for customers and the airline itself. @@+1-855-653-0624@@Jetblue Airlines Manage Bookings. Services Offered By JetBlue Airways Manage Booking You can use the JetBlue Airways manage my booking as an option to provide passengers with a large number of services, including:- Cancel or book tickets at any time. Change or cancel the flight. Print the boarding pass. Choose a seat to enjoy more space. Download to the calendar. Email the itinerary to your email ID. Add a special service request. Download to the calendar. Check-in online. Request an upgrade. Using these options, you can manage your flight itinerary and travel comfortably on JetBlue Flights. Steps To Manage Your Jetblue Airways Booking JetBlue Airways provides a more direct way to manage flight routes online. If you want to explore this option, please follow the instructions below:- Browse the official JetBlue Booking website. Click on the manage your trips option. You will find three available options, check-in, flight tracker, and manage your journey. Click on the Manage booking option. After opening this section, you will see all the manage itinerary options as mentioned above for your convenience and comfort. Enter your ticket confirmation code and last name in the blank spaces on the screen, and then click any of the available flight manage options. Now you can manage your flight itinerary and travel easily to your desired destination. Seat Selection Process For JetBlue After confirming your reservation through JetBlue Airlines you wish to choose your preferred seat for your reservation. JetBlue Airlines provides passengers with the option of choosing a seat at the time of booking and before check-in through the JetBlue manage Booking service. For all passengers who want to know how to choose their seats on JetBlue, please check the following details. Steps To Select Seats Using Jetblue Airways Manage Booking To start the seat selection process for an already booked reservation, you need to select Jetblue Airways Manage Booking Service. Here, the passenger needs to mention their booking confirmation code and last name. And after finding the reservation, the passenger can choose the seat selection service. In addition, passengers can choose their preferred seat for the reservation and continue to check the cost. Then, in order to confirm the seat selection, the passenger needs to pay for it online. Therefore, after completing this process, you will be able to easily sit in the desired seat. In addition, if passengers encounter any problems when choosing a seat, they can contact airline customer service for the assistance they need. Check The Status Of Your Jetblue Flights And Track Them Live. Travelling with Jetblue to an international destination? There may be chances of the airport waiting times to be over three-four hours. So, it’s better to know the current status of your flight and plan accordingly. Whether it is a connecting flight or a direct one, the live status tracking option with Jetblue Airways Manage Booking allows you to check the flight status easily. You can simply log in to their manage booking section and check the live status of your flight. Here’s how you can check the live status: Steps to check the live status of a Jetblue
Jetblue Airlines Manage Bookings
@@+1-855-653-0624@@American Airlines Manage Booking @@+1-855-653-0624@@American Airlines Manage BookingAmerican Airlines is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Measured by fleet size, revenue passenger miles, and scheduled passenger capacity, it is the world’s largest airline. American airlines manage reservations, American airlines manage booking, American airlines manage my booking. all in one place. American Airlines operates 6,800 daily flights to 350 destinations in more than 50 countries. American Airlines is the world’s third-largest airline, and its largest hub is in Dallas/Fort Worth. Here’s all the information that you need to make your managed booking experience with American Airlines a perfect one. But still, in case you have any issue regarding the services they provide online. You can make a call online. Our executives will be happy to help you out. Or you can directly contact to get out any services done. American Airlines manage booking If you have booked your travel through or American Airlines Reservations, or booked travel by a travel agency or any travel website (changes can be made through an agent or website), you can change your reservation online. Your travel is from the United States. If you did not use any AAdvantage awards/promo codes to book or join a group booking, you can make changes. The last change is that you must leave at least 3 hours before the flight. To make the required changes you need to go to My trips/ Check-in on the home page and find the reservation. After claiming for your reservation and continuing with the Change trip option. However if your reservation cant access the Change trip option, you are recommended to contact reservations here. Steps to change/cancel your trips online Find your trip. You need to enter your 6-character confirmation/Record Locator. You can find your Record Locator in the confirmation email that you received while booking your trip. Those who are members of AAdvantage® can log in to their account and search for upcoming trips. AAdvantage member Choose from the toolbar. Select ‘Change Itinerary’ / ‘Cancel Itinerary’ in the top toolbar, and then follow the prompts. After confirming the ticket, please call the airline to book. When making a telephone reservation, you need to provide a 6-character ticket confirmation letter. The ticket number can be indicated next to the cancellation email, confirmation email received when purchasing the ticket, credit card statement, reference number, or on the given receipt displayed at the bottom of the airport. The middle of the ticket. For American tickets, there is a 13-digit number which begins with ‘001’. You need to know that there are other ticket numbers which are as an add-on like seats, upgrades, and bags. Check your email. When you finish your change, we’ll get a confirmation email that has your ticket number. Save it for the time that you are going to rebook your flight. Checked bag policy Bag fees are all non-refundable and employed per person. While you upgraded or bought your free checked bag and you felt that you are getting charged incorrectly for free checked bags, you need to contact to American representative to get support or refund your money within 45days. Baggage allowance quantity In some of the options, there are seasonal and bag restrictions. To know more about it you need to check here. Up to 10 bags. if your trip is Domestic/Transatlantic or Transpacific Up to 5 bags if the trip is from/to or through Mexico / Caribbean / Central America, South America, or Brazil. Weight and size. The airline calculates the size of your bag with the total outside dimension per bag, in their length, height, and width which is the same for all regions and the measurement is for Dimension (62 in / 158 cm), Weight (50 lbs / 23 kgs) and For First / Business, weight with (70 lbs / 32 kgs) Learn more about the baggage policy here. Seat selection.
American Airlines Manage Booking
Today, most of us don’t face such immediate pressure to survive, but we still find it hard to make a sacrifice now for a benefit later. We can do it, but only with significant effort; it taxes sophisticated neural networks in our brain’s deliberate system, those associated with self-regulation and planning. Meanwhile, plenty of immediate rewards tempt us, like chatting with colleagues, browsing websites, or crossing off the easy tasks on our to-do list. So our automatic system, always keen to expend the least amount of mental energy possible, reaches for those rewards instead.
Caroline Webb (How To Have A Good Day: Think Bigger, Feel Better and Transform Your Working Life)
UN has published the report on the persecution on The SPH Nithyananda and KAILASA. The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam has been facing persecution for over two decades, especially for His highly progressive stance on true women empowerment. The massive lawfare, assassination attempts, sexual assaults and rapes, character assassination, shaming and sexual objectification, children abuse among many other attacks on The SPH Nithyananda and KAILASA, especially the female followers, has been taken a serious note of and the report published on the UN website by the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) - United Nations Recognizes Persecution of The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam and KAILASA Find out more on SPH Nithyananda Facebook page
SPH Nithyananda
Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the major festivals in India and is celebrated on a large scale in many states of India. This popular festival is approaching and these celebrations are done all over with a lot of enthusiasm. During the pandemic, the celebrations are set to be different as the mode of celebrations has become somehow reformed. The widespread celebrations across 11 days of the festival might turn out to be great for you. The good times might bring the best for your life. The government has insisted on various measures for safeguarding the general health and well-being of people and with this approach, the virtual world has become quite open to new ways of getting various services. There are some of the important tips to follow for finding your best match during this phase. Find your soulmate The people planning to get the best matches for their life can find this as the most auspicious phase to search for the prospective match and make proceeding to have them in their life. Lord Ganesha gets the prime worshipping place and this festival will allow growing your life’s scope with finding the most loving soulmate. TruelyMarry can make the occasion of Ganesh Pooja to accomplish the most important event in your life, i.e., your marriage. · Virtual Selection In this Covid struck phase, the virtual selection of your life partner could be done with the sophisticated website platform and application. There is no longer any worry and you can choose the best matches by shortlisting the different matches. It is no longer difficult to find your better half as the online platform can make it obtain with ease. · Following social norms TruelyMarry platform assures that there are only valid profiles available on their platform. They make sure that the social norms are followed and you get the most amazing matches for the distant relationships. You can choose your interests and the profiles with similar matches will be revealed to you. This Ganesh Chaturthi can bring a lot of happiness to your life. It is the motive of every person to find the perfect life partner and will be your assistance in becoming your associate for the same. You can find every profile with details through the enhanced research and the membership assures being capable of knowing all the details in the most responsible way. The list of handpicked profiles will be presented to you to make the right selection. The initial registration is free of cost followed by an option to choose the membership plans. There are several ways for making the selection, by applying filters or making the selection based on community, religion, caste, and profession. majorly focuses on the Indian community Matrimonial Services and is a unique portal for finding the perfect soulmate. May the blessings of the Lord on Ganesh Chaturthi make you successful in obtaining your best match through online or offline consultation. Our team is highly efficient and would assure you meeting your life partner at our matrimony platform. Bappa will be with you for every new beginning in life..!! Wishing you & your family a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.
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TEN WAYS A PARTNER CAN HELP Before the baby’s born, help stock the freezer with meals that can be eaten with one hand. Find a good phone number for help and call it as needed. (La Leche League’s website,, and U.S.-based phone line, 877-4-LA LECHE (877-452-5324), can both lead you to your closest local group, and that’s a fast route to anything else you might need.) Buy the grocery basics, and keep easy, healthy snacks on hand. Get dinner—any dinner! Nights can be tough at first. Be flexible about where and when everyone sleeps. Going to bed early helps! Do more than your share. You may be what keeps the household running for a while. Everything won’t get done. Talk about what’s most important to her—a clean kitchen? a cleared desk?—and do that first. Get home on time. You’re like a breath of fresh air for mother and baby both. Helping out means helping emotionally, too. Remind her how much you love her, how wonderful she looks, and what a great job she’s doing. There she is, holding your child. She really is beautiful, isn’t she? Remind her that this part is temporary. Most women feel it takes at least six weeks to start to have a handle on this motherhood thing. Life will settle down. But it takes a while.
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Finding a fine British International school can be a challenge if you live in a place like Dubai. Known as a melting pot of cultures, Dubai offers many choices when it comes to curriculum preferences. Digging the web for valuable options can leave in you bind as well. But, to find the right and affordable British school in Dubai you must have a clear picture of the options available. To make your work easier, here is a list to help you pick the best British curriculum school in Dubai. The best British International schools in Dubai Listed below are the top picks of English Schools in Dubai: The Winchester School This English school in Dubai is the right example of high-quality education at affordable rates. The Winchester School is an ideal pick as it maintains the desired level of British curriculum standards and has a KHDA rating as ‘good’. Admission: This school is fully inclusive for kids aged 1-13 and it conducts no entrance exam for foundation level. However, for other phases, necessary entrance tests are taken according to the standard. Also, admissions here do not follow the concept of waiting lists, which can depend on the vacant seats and disability criteria. Fees: AED 12,996- AED 22,996 Curriculum: National Curriculum of England-EYFS(Early Years Foundation Stage), IGCSE, International A-Level, and International AS Level. Location: The Gardens, Jebel Ali Village, Jebel Ali Contact: +971 (0)4 8820444, Website: The Winchester School - Jebel Ali GEMS Wellington Internation School GEMS Wellington Internation School is yet another renowned institute titled the best British curriculum school in Dubai. It has set a record of holding this title for nine years straight which reveals its commendable standards. Admission: For entrance into this school, an online registration process must be completed. A non-refundable fee of AED 500 is applicable for registration. Students of all gender and all stages can enroll in any class from Preschool to 12th Grade. Fees: AED 43,050- AED 93,658 Curriculum: GCSE, IB, IGCSE, BTEC, and IB DP Location: Al South Area Contact: +971 (0)4 3073000, Website: Outstanding British School in Dubai - GEMS Wellington International School Dubai British School Dubai British School is yet another prestigious institute that is also a member of the ‘Taaleem’ group. It is also one of the first English schools to open and get a KHDA rating of ‘Outstanding’. Thus, it can be easily relied on to provide the curriculum of guaranteed quality. Admission: Here, the application here can be initiated by filling up an online form. Next, the verification requires documents such as copies of UAE Residence Visa, Identification card, Medical Form, Educational Psychologist’s reports, Vaccination report, and TC. Also, students of all genders and ages between 3-18 can apply here. Fees: AED 46,096- AED 69,145 Curriculum: UK National Curriculum, BTEC, GCSE, A LEVEL Location: Behind Spinneys, Springs Town Centre, near Jumeirah Islands. Contact: +971 (0)4 3619361 Website: Dubai British School Emirates Hills | Taaleem School Final takeaways The above-listed schools are some of the best English schools in Dubai that you can find. Apart from these, you can also check King’s School Dubai, Dubai College School, Dubai English Speaking School, etc. These offer the best British curriculum school in Dubai and can be the right picks for you. So, go on and find the right school for your kid.
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Influential educational school in Abu Dhabi: Reach British School Selecting schools that speak about the type of education you want to impart to your kid is an important decision. Like all other difficult decisions that parenthood brings with it, this one too cannot be decided based on one impulsive thought. School is an important part of any child's growth. They learn, they giggle, and grow into beautiful individuals. Thus, schools build them into responsible beings. However, finding the right school can be research-heavy and hectic. International education in the United Arab Emirates is not cheap, and this adds to an extra load of pressure on deciding parents. Yet, Abu Dhabi is known to host an excellent range of international schools that are somewhat budget-friendly. The British International School is one such example, they surely secure a place in the list of best schools in Abu Dhabi. Why choose Reach British School? Reading through different curriculums, and googling into millions of school websites is a part of this decision-making. You look for that spark, one that you look for in any relationship. Yes, choosing a school is the beginning of a life-long relationship, an important part of your child’s life. This article will push you towards decision making, as it lists the points on why you should choose Reach British School. The following reasons will convince you that it fits into the best schools in Abu Dhabi. English proficiency The staff is filled with native English-speaking teachers. Thus, they bring with them, years of experience in the language field and absolute English proficiency. Being native English speakers, they can showcase experience in the UK or other international schools. Excellent facilities Schooling is a part of a child's overall growth, and there is more to it than just academics. Being one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi, they support an exciting curriculum. It includes sports, arts, academic subjects, and a bunch of other extra-curricular activities. High Academic standards and behavioral expectations A child grows into a successful human being, who is also a responsible citizen. Thus, the school sets a strong focus on the academic depth and the behavioral patterns of the child. They ensure that your child reaches their fullest potential in a safe and secure environment. Student progress tracking You will get a chance to be deeply involved in your child's progress. The school will provide regular reports on your child's growth that will give you a fair idea about their needs, likes, and dislikes. Thus, you can take an active part in their academic progress, social and emotional well-being. Secondary scholarships The school funds a scholarship program to motivate students to achieve their dreams. The program attracts bright minds and pushes them to reach their potential in the fields they are passionate about. Amazing learning Not just the staff, but also the environment of the school will enable your child to go through an amazing learning experience. Your child will be motivated and encouraged to perform better as that is the base for amazing learning. Endnotes Reach British School wants to let your child shine, in the truest sense possible. Keeping the tag of being one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi, is difficult. Thus, they aspire to be better every day and sculpt new souls into responsible adults, while protecting their innocence and childhood.
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company’s existing high-speed Internet connections. Might these resources be valuable to people who wanted to build a database, application, website, or other digital resource but didn’t want to go through the trouble of maintaining all required hardware and software themselves? Amazon decided to find out and launched Amazon Web Services in 2006. It originally offered storage (Amazon S3) and computing (Amazon EC2) services on the platform.
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Services Provided by TRIRID Welcome to TRIRID. Services Provided By TRIRID Mobile Application Development Web Application Development Custom Software Development Database Management Wordpress / PHP Search Engine Optimization Mobile Application Development We offer various Mobile Application Development services for most major platforms like Android, iPhone, .Net etc. At Tririd we develop customized applications considering the industry standards which meet all the customers requirements. Web Application Development Web Application Development technologies include PHP, Ajax, .Net, WordPress, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Joomla, etc. PHP language is considered one of the most popular & most widely accepted open source web development technology. PHP development is gaining ground in the technology market. Web development using these technologies is considered to offer the most efficient website solutions. The open source based products and tools are regularly studied, used, implemented and deployed by TRIRID. Custom Software Development TRIRID has incredible mastery in Windows Apps Development platform working on the .NET framework. We have done bunch of work for some companies and helping them to migrate to a new generation windows based solution. We at TRIRID absolutely comprehend your custom needs necessities and work in giving high caliber and adaptable web API services for your web presence. TRIRID offers a range of utility software packages to meet and assortment of correspondence needs while including peripherals. We offer development for utility software like plugin play, temperature controller observation or embedding solutions. Database Management In any organization data is the main foundation of information, knowledge and ultimately the wisdom for correct decisions and actions. On the off chance that the data is important, finished, exact, auspicious, steady, significant and usable, at that point it will doubtlessly help in the development of the organization If not, it can turn out to be a useless and even harmful resource. Our team of database experts analyse your database and find out what causes the performance issues and then either suggest or settle the arrangement ourselves. We provide optimization for fast processing better memory management and data security. Wordpress / PHP WordPress, based on MySQL and PHP, is an open source content management system and blogging tool. TRIRID have years of experience in offering different Web design and Web development solutions to our clients and we specialize in WordPress website development. Our capable team of WordPress designers offers all the essential services backed by the stat-of-the-art technology tools. PHP is perhaps the most effective and powerful programming language used to create dynamic sites and applications. TRIRID has extensive knowledge and experience of giving web developing services using this popular programming language. Search Engine Optimization SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) — including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Call now 8980010210
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FansOfTheShoebill Sherry R. Stinson 206-329-5623 UNT612Z3BL776 SitthenwagnerLaane Seattle, WA 98122 #FansOfTheShoebill Our blog ShoebillBird.Org is focused on giving you excellent online resources about this lovely wild bird, Balaeniceps Rex, or usually called the Shoebill stork. ShoebillBird.Org has handled all the researching just for you: the potential Shoebill enthusiast who wants a superb destination on the net to discover more about this astonishing and unbelievable stork! Find the finest Shoebill stork articles on the web right now on our website ShoebillBird.Org, and please make sure you share us with your family and friends! Thank you for visiting our website! Everybody here at our site ShoebillBird.Org adores the spectacular Shoebill Crane! This web site was created by fans of the lovely stork, Balaeniceps rex, or typically known as the Shoebill. Please ensure that you have a look at our articles and don’t be reluctant to share a link or two… Everyone should discover more about this extraordinary crane-almost definitely one of the last existing relatives of the dinosaurs!
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Are there any annual conferences/industry websites/LinkedIn Groups pertaining to your work that you find particularly helpful?” “What’s the most important ten minutes of research you do each week to stay current on your space?” “If you wanted to learn to speak like someone already in the industry prior to actually entering it, how would you go about doing that if you were me?
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Do you need your site to show up in the main query items on Google? With these tips that I give you beneath you can improve your SEO or natural situating , so when somebody enters Google your watchwords and topic, your site is the primary spot where the client clicks. The importance of the abbreviation SEO is Search Engine Optimizers, whose strict interpretation is site design improvement . It is tied in with improving the situation in which web crawlers present our site when a client makes a question. Along these lines, so as to streamline the site and cause it to show up among the first in the rankings, we should consider various angles , which, did accurately, will ensure a decent situation for our site. To put it plainly, Google will put the best website pages in first position . What's more, how does Google realize which pages are the best? In this rundown of tips , you'll find what strategies Google uses to discover how. On the off chance that you need to find out additional, I leave you this super seotipscontrol , strongly suggested, by Bruno Vázquez-Dodero . In spite of the fact that this appears glaringly evident, I needed to feature it. Google significantly punishes " copiotas ", to place it in a benevolent manner. It finds that there are at least two copy substance and will punish the subsequent who has entered that data on the Internet. Be that as it may, you might be thinking "however I can't post literally nothing rehashed on my site?". Envision that you have been met and you need to duplicate it actually on your site. For this situation, Google would punish you, so the arrangement could be to take a screen capture and enter it as a picture on your site. To be obvious from when Google will punish us, it is 20% . On the off chance that in a post we present a popular expression from a creator, there will be no issue, since it will be under 20%. In any case, you know, be cautious with entering more than that 20%. Another way that Google needs to realize which site pages are the best is the time spent on the site. On the off chance that it distinguishes that your clients invest a great deal of energy in your site, it will profit you by improving your situation in the rankings. What would we be able to do to keep clients from leaving the web rapidly? Basically, that our site is upgraded and we have great substance , exactly what they request, obviously. Yet in addition, we can build the time with recordings and pictures , for instance. Since as clients, we are for the most part in a rush, and when we examine a page or post, we possibly stop on the off chance that we see something that grabs our eye. In this manner, on the off chance that we use infographics and recordings, there are more opportunities for the client to stop and increment the time spent on our site. The more your substance is shared on Social Networks, the better your SEO situating will be. Make it simple for your clients, place catches of interpersonal organizations in obvious territories of your site, and obviously in your blog articles, so that in the event that they loved what you have composed they will have it simple to share it. At the point when you compose great substance, your clients are appreciative for the important data you have given them and need to impart it to their whole network. I should specify the instance of Google+ . It is the same old thing that the Google interpersonal organization has not exactly gotten on with clients, along these lines, the web index incredibly benefits those of us who use it. In the event that we share our blog entries and pages on Google+, it benefits us enormously for our situating. As an account I will disclose to you that when I began this from pages and interpersonal organizations, I made a profile in Google My Business for my mom's store, where all the data that is entered is connected to Google+. I entered their site which at the time had a poor SEO.
PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER I’ve explained a lot of concepts in this chapter, so I want to recap it all into something a little more tangible. Step #1: The first step is to figure out what type of show you want to have. If you’re a writer, then you should start a blog. If you like video, then you should start a vlog on one of the video platforms. Lastly, if you like audio, then you should start a podcast. Step #2: Your show will be you documenting the process of achieving the same goal that your audience will be striving for. As you’re documenting your process, you’ll be testing your material and paying attention to the things that people respond to. If you commit to publishing your show every day for a year, you’ll have the ability to test your material and find your voice, and your dream customers will be able to find you. Step #3: You’ll leverage your Dream 100 by interviewing them on your show. This will give you the ability to build relationships with them, give them a platform, give you the ability to promote their episode on your show to their audience, and get access to their friends and followers. Step #4: Even though this is your own show, you’re renting time on someone else’s network. It’s important that you don’t forget it and that you focus on converting it into traffic that you own. Figure 7.11: As you create your own show, focus on converting traffic that you earn and control into traffic that you own. And with that, I will close out Section One of this book. So far, we’ve covered a lot of core principles to traffic. We: Identified exactly who your dream client is. Discovered exactly where they are congregating. Talked about how to work your way into those audiences (traffic that you earn) and how you buy your way into those audiences (traffic that you control). Learned how to take all the traffic that you earn and all the traffic that you buy and turn it all into traffic that you own (building your list). Discussed how to plug that list into a follow-up funnel so you can move them through your value ladder. Prepared to infiltrate your Dream 100, find your voice, and build your following by creating your own show. In the next section, we’ll shift our focus to mastering the pattern to get traffic from any advertising networks (like Instagram, Facebook, Google, and YouTube) and how to understand their algorithms so you can get unlimited traffic and leads pouring into your funnels.
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Remember and Share - The Bible app was far less engaging as a desktop website. The mobile interface increased accessibility and usage by providing frequent triggers. - The Bible app increases users' ability to take action by front-loading interesting content and providing an alternative audio version. - By separating the verses into small chunks, users find the Bible easier to read on a daily basis. Not knowing what the next verse will be adds a variable reward. - Every annotation, bookmark and highlight stores data (and value) in the app, further committing users.
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To create the impression of unassailability to the outside world, you only had to make the context as complicated and confusing as possible. To that end, I would make my explanations of technical issues to journalists as complex as I could. They in turn often did not want to admit their lack of knowledge and, exhausted, gave up. It was the same principle used by terrorists and bureaucrats. The adversary can’t attack as long as he has nothing to grab hold of. Modern-day customer relations works in a similar way. A customer who wants to complain but can never find anyone responsible to talk to ultimately has no choice but to swallow his anger.
Daniel Domscheit-Berg (Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World's Most Dangerous Website)
According to accepted standards of internet marketing, an online presence is essential to the success of today's business. Unfortunately, the success of the Internet has also given the opportunity for unqualified and unprofessional Minneapolis web designers to market their services making it very difficult for clients to determine to best web designer for them. If your web site is made by a dreadful web designer, it can have a harmful effect on your business and cost you dearly! there has been a major increase in the use of Internet-related knowledge. An increase in the request of information technology in diverse fields has opened wider career opportunities. Operating a small business without a website is like trying to push an incredibly heavy rock up an impossibly steep hill. But a web presence means that your branding needs to be look at first. One part of that is finding the right branding agency Minneapolis not only has the best talent, but also professionals who understand that the heart is the target for any visual branding effort. Minneapolis web design aims at deliver the best customer solution in any . All these are obtainable with the intention of as long as you with an outstanding service so that we know about your services and the way you function.
You'll be doing daily website maintenance and marketing for a growing shoe shopping website. If this is you, please apply with your resume and references. I will review the applications and probably ask the strongest contenders to submit a few trial tasks before moving
Nick Loper (Virtual Assistant Assistant: The Ultimate Guide to Finding, Hiring, and Working with Virtual Assistants)
Treat failure as feed-backs and you will find that success becomes a matter of time
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Ask yourself the following questions to find profitable niches. 1. Which social, industry, and professional groups do you belong to, have you belonged to, or do you understand, whether dentists, engineers, rock climbers, recreational cyclists, car restoration aficionados, dancers, or other? Look creatively at your resume, work experience, physical habits, and hobbies and compile a list of all the groups, past and present, that you can associate yourself with. Look at products and books you own, include online and offline subscriptions, and ask yourself, “What groups of people purchase the same?” Which magazines, websites, and newsletters do you read on a regular basis? 2. Which of the groups you identified have their own magazines? Visit a large bookstore such as Barnes & Noble and browse the magazine rack for smaller specialty magazines to brainstorm additional niches. There are literally thousands of occupation- and interest/hobby-specific magazines to choose from. Use Writer’s Market to identify magazine options outside the bookstores. Narrow the groups from question 1 above to those that are reachable through one or two small magazines. It’s not important that these groups all have a lot of money (e.g., golfers)—only that they spend money (amateur athletes, bass fishermen, etc.) on products of some type. Call these magazines, speak to the advertising directors, and tell them that you are considering advertising; ask them to e-mail their current advertising rate card and include both readership numbers and magazine back-issue samples. Search the back issues for repeat advertisers who sell direct-to-consumer via 800 numbers or websites—the more repeat advertisers, and the more frequent their ads, the more profitable a magazine is for them … and will be for us.
Professional nutritionists, even the Atkins website, are always telling you to have a good breakfast. Why you would want to have a good anything if you are trying to lose weight is not easy to answer. They say that you will eat too much at the next meal as if, in the morning, you can make the rational decision to eat breakfast despite no desire for food while, at noon, you are suddenly under the inexorable influence of urges beyond your control. More reasonable might be: “if you find that you eat too much at lunch when you don’t eat breakfast, then…” but that is not the style of traditional nutrition.
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I thanked Dr. Inferno for his help and reached out to shake his hand. I suppose I should have expected to find something palmed in his hand. The object was transferred over to me. The box of matches displayed a picture of Dr. Inferno tossing a fireball; on the back of the box were his telephone number, his Facebook page, and his website. “I perform at just about every kind of occasion.” “You do funerals?” “I’m especially good at cremations.
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America today is not the same nation as when you were born. Depending on your age, if you were born in America, your home nation was a significantly different land than it is today:   ·                    America didn’t allow aborting babies in the womb; ·                     Same sex marriage was not only illegal, no one ever talked about it, or even seriously considered the possibility; (“The speed and breadth of change (in the gay movement) has just been breathtaking.”, New York Times, June 21, 2009) ·                    Mass media was clean and non-offensive. Think of The I Love Lucy Show or The Walton Family, compared with what is aired today; ·                    The United States government did not take $500 million dollars every year from the taxpayers and give it to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. ·                    Videogames that glorify violence, cop killing and allow gamesters who have bought millions of copies, to have virtual sex with women before killing them, did not exist. ·                    Americans’ tax dollars did not fund Title X grants to Planned Parenthood who fund a website which features videos that show a “creepy guidance counselor who gives advice to teens on how to have (safe) sex and depict teens engaged in sex.” ·                    Americans didn’t owe $483,000 per household for unfunded retirement and health care obligations (Peter G. Peterson Foundation). ·                    The phrase “sound as a dollar” meant something. ·                    The Federal government’s debt was manageable.            American Christian missionaries who have been abroad for relatively short times say they find it hard to believe how far this nation has declined morally since they were last in the country. In just a two week period, not long ago, these events all occurred: the Iowa Supreme Court declared that same sex marriage was legal in the State; the President on a foreign tour declared that “we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation…” and a day later bowed before the King of the nation that supplied most of the 9/11 terrorists; Vermont became the first State to authorize same sex marriage by legislative action, as opposed to judicial dictate; the CEO of General Motors was fired by the federal government; an American ship was boarded and its crew captured by pirates for the first time in over 200 years; and a major Christian leader/author apologized on Larry King Live for supporting California’s Proposition 8 in defense of traditional marriage, reversing his earlier position. The pace of societal change is rapidly accelerating.
John Price (The End of America: The Role of Islam in the End Times and Biblical Warnings to Flee America)
Using the Experimental Web Browser Your Kindle includes an experimental web browser that enables you to surf the web and view most Amazon web pages. Web Browser supports JavaScript, SSL, and cookies, but does not support media plug-ins. You must have a Wi-Fi connection to access most websites. To launch Web Browser, from the Home screen tap the Menu button and select Experimental Browser. The first time you access this page, you will find a list of default bookmarks for commonly used sites. You can access these bookmarks later, by selecting Bookmarks from the Web Browser menu. To enter a URL, tap the search field at the top of the screen. Use the onscreen keyboard to enter the web address. A .com key is added to the keyboard when you are entering URLs. The address field will retain the last URL you entered. The following tips will help you get the most out of the Kindle Web Browser: To zoom in on a web page or image, place two fingers close together on the center of the screen and move them apart. To zoom out, place two fingers a little apart on the screen and pinch them together. Tap links to open a web page. Drag your finger left/right and up/down to navigate a web page. Tap the Back button in the upper left corner to return to the previous page you were viewing. Scroll down a web page by dragging your finger up the screen. To enter information in a field on a web page, select the field and the onscreen keyboard will display. To return to previously viewed web pages, tap the Menu button and select History.
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A third example of this was when we said, "Let's make some kind of coupon system"—because we had this idea that we would send people an automatic email when they visited our website that would tell them—and we had all these crazy ideas like, "Buy our software within the next 72 hours and get 25 percent off." (That thing was actually a bot that we wrote years ago, and it still runs. If you try CityDesk, which is our least popular product right now, you will get an automatic email with a 25 percent–off coupon that you have to use in the next 72 hours.) When we launched that, it did increase our sales a little bit. It gets people to evaluate the demo version right away—because they don't want to lose their 25 percent off coupon which is going to expire. These were all marginally good marketing ideas. Unfortunately we spent a lot of time chasing them. The one thing we learned over 5 years is that nothing works better than just improving your product. Every minute, every developer hour we spent on any one of these crazy things—although they had some marginal return on the work that we put into them—was nothing compared to just making a better version of the product and releasing it. If we had taken all the effort we put into these crazy schemes and put it into moving our software development schedule ahead by the equivalent amount, it would have paid off much more. That was probably the biggest mistake we made. And that's the advice I give everybody. All those little coupon schemes, this is what General Motors does. They figure out new rebate schemes because they forgot all about how to design cars people want to buy. But when you still remember how to make software people want, great, just improve it. Talk to your customers. Find out what they need. Don't pay any attention to the competition. They're not relevant to you. Only talk to your customers and your potential customers and see what it is that caused them not to buy your product or would cause them to buy more copies of it. And do that, and then ship it. That was something we really, really should have focused on, but, you know, we didn't know any better.
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I found a stunning number of Outlaw posts. I started reviewing the links that mentioned the Outlaw. -Outlaw help! my kat is missin! please call… -please mr outlaw my exboyfriend keeps showing up and hits me… -outlaw! U a punk!! meet me behind southcentral walmart off alondra friday to get yo ass kick! bring ur girl natalie 2!! fkn racist!!!! -Dear sir, if you would like to be interviewed, and to finally get your story told to a national audience, please contact me. I am willing to provide you with this opportunity. Contact me at… -Hey Outlaw. Lookin for a good time? Cause so am I. I’m going to… -Outlaw, repent! Your sins will find you out! -Yo the outlaw a racist. he should come 2 th projects w the real gangsta!! he b pickin on th small timers, like a little beech! Get yo ass to Compton and find out.. -The time has come. For me to unmask myself. I AM THE OUTLAW!! It’s true. Do not be scared, but I do have super powers! I am not a racist. Please visit this website for further details…
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Many people and websites online who discuss abduction tell you to keep your abductions a secret. I disagree wholeheartedly. If your friends don’t support you, then they aren’t good friends: find new ones. A good support system is important. I feel that it is imperative for our mental, spiritual, and even physical health to not hold it in. Talking about the fear relieves a lot of stress. If your listeners truly are your friends, they will learn to cope, family included.
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Content curation involves finding other people’s good stuff, summarizing it, and sharing it. Curation is a win-win-win: you need content to share; blogs and websites need more traffic; and people need filters to reduce the flow of information.
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A Gemba Walk is an alternate expression for the Japanese term “Genchi Genbutsu,” which on a Toyota website is defined as, “Going to the source to find the facts to make correct decisions, build consensus, and achieve goals.” A common slang expression for this is “Get your boots on and go see the reality.” In other words, don’t make dangerous assumptions about things you only know from a distance.
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At least 1000 searches per month for your keyword on Google: (3 Points): If you are not getting at least 1000 searches per month on Google (you can check using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool here), you need to find a different keyword that your buyers will use, not you, or simply choose another niche if there is not enough interest. Less than 50 backlinks to the top 5 pages as an average: (2 points) This is because it is fine to have one web page over you, but you don’t want to be below the top three, or you’re basically invisible to anyone searching for the term (just look at this graph of the click through rates [percentage of searchers who click] based on position in search results.) Just the falloff from number one to number two goes from 37% down to 12.5%, and anything below the top three is basically irrelevant. Let’s be honest, how many times have you clicked to the second page of Google or beyond? It’s less than 1% of searches, and that’s why it’s so important to have your site on the first page (and on the top three if you want to make serious money!). No more than half of the webpages on the search results page (first one) with over PR3: This is important because it is very difficult to beat PR4 or higher pages on Google (especially when you’re a new site that is almost guaranteed to be
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What advice would you give to a smart, driven college student about to enter the “real world”? What advice should they ignore? I thought about this a lot when I gave the commencement address at MIT back in 2013. I said that if I had a cheat sheet I could give myself at 22, it would have three things on it: a tennis ball, a circle, and the number 30,000. The tennis ball is about finding something that you can become obsessed with, like my childhood dog who would go crazy whenever anyone threw a ball for her. The most successful people I know are all obsessed with solving a problem that really matters to them. The circle refers to the idea that you’re the average of your five closest friends. Make sure to put yourself in an environment that pulls the best out of you. And the last is the number 30,000. When I was 24, I came across a website that says most people live for about 30,000 days—and I was shocked to find that I was already 8,000 days down. So you have to make every day count. I’d give the same advice today, but I would clarify that it’s not just about passion or following your dreams. Make sure the problem you become obsessed with is one that needs solving and is one where your contribution can make a difference. As Y Combinator says, “Make something people want.
Timothy Ferriss (Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World)
you visit Knuth’s website at Stanford with the intention of finding his e-mail address, you’ll instead discover the following note: I have been a happy man ever since January 1, 1990, when I no longer had an email address. I’d used email since about 1975, and it seems to me that 15 years of email is plenty for one lifetime. Email is a wonderful thing for people whose role in life is to be on top of things. But not for me; my role is to be on the bottom of things. What I do takes long hours of studying and uninterruptible concentration.
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Reviews help other readers find books. If you enjoyed the book and could take a moment to post a short review on the website you brought it from, tell a friend, tweet about it or mention it on your Facebook page, I'd greatly appreciate it. If you did all four I'd be super-duper-extra grateful.
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Professional help for those suffering with their mental health is now only a key stroke away, thanks to a new online directory. BALLARAT, VIC - Website is one of the only online catalogues of mental health services in Australia, allowing people to source, and instantly reach out for help - all from their computer. Website is one of the only online catalogues of mental health services in Australia, allowing people to source, and instantly reach out for help - all from their computer. Launched in 2015, the website allows people to simply search professionals nearby and review their profile, background, specialisations and fees. Once they have selected a professional, they can immediately connect with them via phone, Skype or instant message to book an appointment. Website founder Luciano Devoto was keen to establish the online directory after experiencing his own struggles. “As a person who has suffered from bullying, as well as depression, I know how hard it can be to reach out for help,” he said. “TrueCounsellor aims to make it easier for people to share their concerns safely and privately with experienced mental health professionals” The website boasts a large number of qualified and experienced counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, couples’ therapists and other mental health practitioners in various suburbs across Australia. “What makes TrueCounsellor exciting is that we are the only directory offering mental health professionals the opportunity to promote their services for free,” Luciano said. “We believe that by making it easy for these professionals to list their practices, we create real value for the public as they are able to find the right support.” The website also offers extensive advice about conditions like depression and anxiety, along with information about common stressors including debt, relationship issues and career worries. Watersedge Counselling director Colleen Morris, who is part of the online directory, said the website was a vital resource. “Finding a mental healthcare professional that you consider to be safe, trustworthy, empathetic and effective can often be challenging and at times, a confusing process,” she said. “Websites like TrueCounsellor make this task less confusing by allowing consumers to make a more informed choice that suits their need.” To find a mental health expert or for more information, visit About TrueCounsellor TrueCounsellor is Australia’s online directory of mental health professionals. Our mission is to help people experiencing emotional challenges discover a better and happier version of themselves. TrueCounsellor gives people access to a large number of qualified and experienced counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, couples therapists and other mental health practitioners across Australia. Visitors can review profiles and learn about the practitioner’s background, specialisations and fees in order to make the best decision when booking an appointment! In addition to offer a comprehensive list of qualified and experienced mental health professionals, TrueCounsellor has detailed information on mental health issues and types of therapy available. For more information, visit
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The way PayPal started was that it was a security and risk company that stumbled onto payments, which were really in need of development as the Internet was starting to grow. It was to find safe ways of facilitating payments between people who were buyers and sellers who couldn’t interact in person or were interacting online. What you had at the time, as the Internet boom started, was all these businesses that were forming and selling online, and they didn’t have any physical assets—they only had digital assets. If you had a small business that had just started a website, looking to sell something on eBay, for example, and you went to the bank and said, “Could you underwrite me, and allow me to accept electronic payments?,” there was simply no way that these financial institutions
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My objective with this book was to tell an entertaining story while accurately portraying some of the issues, processes, and challenges that are common in local government management. I hope the general reader will find it to be interesting and informative and that my former colleagues will get a chuckle from things familiar. I welcome your comments at my website:
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her own children. They’re not even his father’s kids.’ ‘What do you mean, you have to pay?’ ‘I don’t know, Mags. He wants to make me suffer, but he won’t tell me precisely what he wants me to do. I thought if he couldn’t find me he might get bored with the idea, or slip up and I would find him first. I don’t know. He says he wants to meet me.’ ‘How the hell is he communicating with you?’ ‘Through the same website. He sent me a text message on my phone – several, in fact, in the last couple of weeks, asking to meet. I ignored them.
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The more he thought about space, the more important its exploration seemed to him. He felt as if the public had lost some of its ambition and hope for the future. The average person might see space exploration as a waste of time and effort and rib him for talking about the subject, but Musk thought about interplanetary travel in a very earnest way. He wanted to inspire the masses and reinvigorate their passion for science, conquest, and the promise of technology. His fears that mankind had lost much of its will to push the boundaries were reinforced one day when Musk went to the NASA website. He’d expected to find a detailed plan for exploring Mars and instead found bupkis. “At first I thought, jeez, maybe I’m just looking in the wrong place,” Musk once told Wired. “Why was there no plan, no schedule? There was nothing. It seemed crazy.” Musk believed that the very idea of America was intertwined with humanity’s desire to explore. He found it sad that the American agency tasked with doing audacious things in space and exploring new frontiers as its mission seemed to have no serious interest in investigating Mars at all. The spirit of Manifest Destiny had been deflated or maybe even come to a depressing end, and hardly anyone seemed to care. Like
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Norton antivirus free download link, then you should probably check out various websites because it is not easy to find the free antivirus software, but if you do an in-depth research, then you may get successful.
3 Best Testosterone Boosters and Why People Use Them What are the best testosterone boosters? This is a common question that men ask when they are looking to increase the levels of testosterone in their body. Most men look for testosterone boosters for two reasons. The first is to increase libido and is common when a man with a low libido wants to match up with the sexual performance of his partner. The second reason is to build muscle mass and many men use testosterone supplements to help get a toned body faster so that they can look more attractive. This happens because testosterone makes the body ready for absorbing protein, which is vital for muscle development. The best testosterone boosters that a man should use must not affect his health in the long term and that is why men try to find the best natural testosterone boosters. The best and healthiest way of boosting testosterone levels is to encourage the body to produce this hormone naturally. Hence, first on the list for boosting testosterone level in the body is exercise. The best exercises for increasing the level of testosterone are presses (using the bench or barbell), and both squats and dead lifts using the barbell as it causes a surge in the body's production of the hormone. The second best testosterone boosters come from the right diet. Usually, eating foods that increase the body's ability to absorb protein and build muscle mass can help. Diets that act as natural testosterone boosters should include low levels of carbohydrates and saturated fats and be high in protein. Flaxseed and certain fish that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids (the good fat) are considered beneficial for building muscle mass as they help in boosting testosterone in the body. The third and final option of this are certain dietary supplements. However, while taking supplements to help boost testosterone, it is best to try those that are natural as using drugs can have side effects in the long run as the body becomes dependent on the substance to produce testosterone. The best way to identify the most natural and safe testosterone boosters is by reading user reviews online. Research the internet and follow discussion threads that talk about the best testosterone boosters and supplements that are safe before you order them online. The best websites to visit would be health and fitness forums where you can read about other users' experiences with using these supplements.
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Many people report that the greatest fear they face today is the fear of not having enough money to maintain their lifestyle throughout retirement. Does this sound like you? Social Security is still a vital role in retirement income. The greatest benefit Social Security provides is regular income that is guaranteed to increase over time and continue as long as you live. Keep in mind, Social Security taxes are just that – taxes. As a result, a worker’s retirement security is entirely dependent upon political decisions. Nevertheless, for now, this benefit makes Social Security one of the most valuable sources of income during one’s retirement. Unfortunately, most Americans do not know much about Social Security. They know even less about how to maximize the benefits that may help sustain them throughout retirement. Whether you are depending upon Social Security to make a significant impact on your retirement income or just a part of your entire financial portfolio, it would be wise to understand which claiming options are available to get the most out of your Social Security income. Even in these tough times and volatile markets, we help our clients take a comprehensive approach to their retirement planning. We offer a complimentary service that we call Social Security Maximization or SSI Max. There are hundreds of ways to claim your Social Security, but which one is right for you and your family? One simple mistake or misjudgment of the program can cost you thousands of dollars that you rightfully deserve. Download our free eBook: 4 Myths about Social Security Income to learn a few common misconceptions about Social Security Income. Find out your SSI Max Strategy Our team of experts use a proprietary system that links to the government’s official Social Security website. It only takes a few minutes to generate your SSI Max Report. Click here to see a sample report and act quickly to get your very own personalized report. Just schedule a call with me to find out your very own, optimal SSI Max Strategy! Click here to schedule now! P.S. – Be sure to ask me about including a “Shortfall Analysis” in your report. Our clients are LOVING this feature! Seriously! What is it? Our Advanced Case Design team builds a comprehensive financial plan best suited for your specific situation by considering all of your retirement vehicles. This is, without a doubt, the best retirement planning offer you will see in a very, very long time!
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They already know. We announced it.” Okay, you told them, but it didn’t sink in. Threatening information is absorbed remarkably slowly. Say it again. And find different ways to say it and different media (large meetings, one-on-ones, email, a story on the company website, Tweets) in which to say it.
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