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Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.
Paul Cookson
A successful website does three things: It attracts the right kinds of visitors. Guides them to the main services or product you offer. Collect Contact details for future ongoing relation.
Mohamed Saad
We don't just build websites, we build websites that SELLS
Christopher Dayagdag
Let us take you into a deeper experience, make a moment a lasting conveyable memory. Let us help build your tribe.
Deep Immersion
We don't just sell websites, we create websites that SELL.
Dr. Christopher Dayagdag
We love what we do and we do what our clients love & work with great clients all over the world to create thoughtful and purposeful websites.
Your website is the center of your digital eco-system, like a brick and mortar location, the experience matters once a customer enters, just as much as the perception they have of you before they walk through the door.
Leland Dieno (Face The Book With Your Small Business: A step by step guide to establishing your small business on the biggest social media network in existance..)
I typed "royal family" into a dream-interpretation website, but they didn't have that in their database, so then I typed "butt" and hit "interpret," and this came back: To see your buttocks in your dream represents your instincts and urges. It also said: To dream that your buttocks are misshapen suggests undeveloped or wounded aspects of your psyche. But my butt was shaped all right, so that let me know my psyche was developed, and the first part told me to trust my instincts, to trust my butt, the butt that trusted him.
Miranda July (No One Belongs Here More Than You)
Pay attention the next time you’re scrolling to what hooks grab your attention. Why did you stop? Why did you click play? What did the hook say, and how did it make you feel? Answering these questions will help you to become amazing at developing hooks.
Russell Brunson (Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers)
Website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.
Dr. Christopher Dayagdag
Learning HTML and CSS is a lot more challenging than it used to be. Responsive web design adds more layers of complexity to design and develop websites.
Jacob Lett (Bootstrap 4 Quick Start: Responsive Web Design and Development Basics for Beginners (Bootstrap 4 Tutorial Book 1))
When you decide to put your business online it is a little bet tricky step for novice computer users because they want to keep data safe & secure. This problem developed from companies which did not take security seriously
Mohamed Saad
Librarians and other information specialists have developed user’s guides to evaluating websites. These include questions we should ask, such as “Is the page current?” or “What is the domain?” (A guide prepared by NASA is particularly helpful.)
Daniel J. Levitin (The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload)
One of the most frightening aspects of this alleged technology is the possibility of mind control by “remote control,” that is, through such technology as microwaves and radio waves. There are many stories about this, coming primarily from survivors, although we do know from a variety of reliable websites and mainstream news that such technology is being developed, or at least the technological groundwork laid. Once again, however, we do not know whether this was in place when today's survivors were programmed. It is difficult at this point to determine how much of this is genuine, and how much comes from false beliefs deliberately induced to make survivors feel powerless, much like the “one huge and invincible cult” of whose existence survivors convinced therapists twenty years ago. I know that one of my mind control survivor clients was convinced of technological monitoring during a psychotic period several years ago, but as he healed he discarded such beliefs, along with many other bizarre ones in favor of recognizing that he had been abused by real human beings whose identity he knew. If some of this remote control it is genuine, we may need to develop technological means to combat it. However, we should not be intimidated. Even if “voices” are induced in the head by remote control rather than through alters doing jobs, survivors can learn to disobey such voices just as they do those of alters. Competent and compassionate therapy for the dissociation can help survivors to heal. Meanwhile, there are numerous survivors whose mind control is of the kind that can be treated through psychotherapy. p205-206
Alison Miller (Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control)
Total Marketing250 | Online Marketing Total Marketing250 We have spent years developing and perfecting this new marketing technology and are now proud to offer it to the public. We utilize the "best practice" techniques to gain authority for your online presence, and put you in the auto-complete for Google and Bing. Now you can be in front of every customer who is looking for you. We pride ourselves on providing the highest- level of service to our customers so we can build a long-lasting relationship with each customer. We desire to utilize our technology to help businesses small to large. We can help large companies push slow moving product with a national keyword phrase, or help the local business owner succeed by boosting their customer base. We are here to offer affordable marketing solutions that work. We Provide Following Services:- Online Marketing Total Marketing250 Marketing Strategies Total Marketing250 Digital Marketing Total Marketing250 Internet Marketing Total Marketing250 Marketing Strategy Total Marketing250 Web Marketing Total Marketing250 Website Marketing Total Marketing250 Hotel Internet Marketing Total Marketing250 Contact Info:- Corporate Offices 15333 N. Pima Road. Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Sales and Technical offices: 2910685 B Hazelhurst Dr., Suite 15883 Houston, TX 77043 1201-11871 Horseshoe Way, Richmond, BC V7A 5H5 Phone & Fax Phone : 888-228-9742 Fax : 480-452-0969 Email
total marketing250
It is best to be the CEO; it is satisfactory to be an early employee, maybe the fifth or sixth or perhaps the tenth. Alternately, one may become an engineer devising precious algorithms in the cloisters of Google and its like. Otherwise, one becomes a mere employee. A coder of websites at Facebook is no one in particular. A manager at Microsoft is no one. A person (think woman) working in customer relations is a particular type of no one, banished to the bottom, as always, for having spoken directly to a non-technical human being. All these and others are ways for strivers to fall by the wayside — as the startup culture sees it — while their betters race ahead of them. Those left behind may see themselves as ordinary, even failures.
Ellen Ullman (Life in Code: A Personal History of Technology)
THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY CANVAS At the online touchpoint of the book we provide you with a canvas developed to support you when designing services. You can use it not only for yourself to get a quick overview of certain service processes, but also with providers for a self-portrayal and with customers and other stakeholders to explore and evaluate services. Besides visually simplifying existing services, you can also use it to sketch service improvements and innovations. It supports many of the tools presented later in this book. The Customer Journey Canvas is available under cc license on our website. Try it, adapt or modify it, take a snapshot and share how you use the canvas through our website. Watch out for service design thinking! NOTE:
Marc Stickdorn (This is Service Design Thinking: Basics - Tools - Cases)
The parents in these groups were often caricatured as poorly informed, anti-science “denialists,” but they were generally better acquainted with the state of autism research than the outsiders presuming to judge them. They obsessively tracked the latest developments in the field on electronic mailing lists and websites. They virtually transformed their homes into labs, keeping meticulous records of their children’s responses to the most promising alternative treatments. They believed that the fate of their children’s health was too important to the alleged experts who had betrayed and misled families like theirs for decades. Motivated by the determination to relieve their children’s suffering, they became amateur researchers themselves, like the solitary man who calculated the density of the earth in his backyard with the help of his global network of correspondents.
Steve Silberman (NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and How to Think Smarter About People Who Think Differently)
Through the fall, the president’s anger seemed difficult to contain. He threatened North Korea with “fire and fury,” then followed up with a threat to “totally destroy” the country. When neo-Nazis and white supremacists held a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and one of them killed a protester and injured a score of others, he made a brutally offensive statement condemning violence “on many sides … on many sides”—as if there was moral equivalence between those who were fomenting racial hatred and violence and those who were opposing it. He retweeted anti-Muslim propaganda that had been posted by a convicted criminal leader of a British far-right organization. Then as now, the president’s heedless bullying and intolerance of variance—intolerance of any perception not his own—has been nurturing a strain of insanity in public dialogue that has been long in development, a pathology that became only more virulent when it migrated to the internet. A person such as the president can on impulse and with minimal effort inject any sort of falsehood into public conversation through digital media and call his own lie a correction of “fake news.” There are so many news outlets now, and the competition for clicks is so intense, that any sufficiently outrageous statement made online by anyone with even the faintest patina of authority, and sometimes even without it, will be talked about, shared, and reported on, regardless of whether it has a basis in fact. How do you progress as a culture if you set out to destroy any common agreement as to what constitutes a fact? You can’t have conversations. You can’t have debates. You can’t come to conclusions. At the same time, calling out the transgressor has a way of giving more oxygen to the lie. Now it’s a news story, and the lie is being mentioned not just in some website that publishes unattributable gossip but in every reputable newspaper in the country. I have not been looking to start a personal fight with the president. When somebody insults your wife, your instinctive reaction is to want to lash out in response. When you are the acting director, or deputy director, of the FBI, and the person doing the insulting is the chief executive of the United States, your options have guardrails. I read the president’s tweets, but I had an organization to run. A country to help protect. I had to remain independent, neutral, professional, positive, on target. I had to compartmentalize my emotions. Crises taught me how to compartmentalize. Example: the Boston Marathon bombing—watching the video evidence, reviewing videos again and again of people dying, people being mutilated and maimed. I had the primal human response that anyone would have. But I know how to build walls around that response and had to build them then in order to stay focused on finding the bombers. Compared to experiences like that one, getting tweeted about by Donald Trump does not count as a crisis. I do not even know how to think about the fact that the person with time on his hands to tweet about me and my wife is the president of the United States.
Andrew G. McCabe (The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump)
We live in a time of such great disunity, as the bitter fight over this nomination both in the Senate and among the public clearly demonstrates. It is not merely a case of different groups having different opinions. It is a case of people bearing extreme ill will toward those who disagree with them. In our intense focus on our differences, we have forgotten the common values that bind us together as Americans. When some of our best minds are seeking to develop ever more sophisticated algorithms designed to link us to websites that only reinforce and cater to our views, we can only expect our differences to intensify. This would have alarmed the drafters of our Constitution, who were acutely aware that different values and interests could prevent Americans from becoming and remaining a single people. Indeed, of the six objectives they invoked in the preamble to the Constitution, the one that they put first was the formation of “a more perfect Union.” Their vision of “a more perfect Union” does not exist today, and if anything, we appear to be moving farther away from it.
Susan Collins
The smartest person to ever walk this Earth in all probability lived and died herding goats on a mountain somewhere, with no way to disseminate their work globally even if they had realised they were super smart and had the means to do something with their abilities. I am not keen on 'who are the smartest' lists and websites because, as Scott Barry Kaufman points out, the concept of genius privileges the few who had the opportunity to see through and promote their life’s work, while excluding others who may have had equal or greater raw potential but lacked the practical and financial support, and the communication platform that famous names clearly had. This is why I am keen to develop, through my research work, a definition of genius from a cognitive neuroscience and psychometric point of view, so that whatever we decide that is and how it should be measured, only focuses on clearly measurable factors within the individual’s mind, regardless of their external achievements, eminence, popularity, wealth, public platform etc. In my view this would be both more equitable and more scientific.
Gwyneth Wesley Rolph
Some 30 years ago, I was influenced by Dr. J Robertson McQuilkin, who was president of Columbia Bible College in Columbia, SC, a great Bible teacher and Christian leader. His wife developed short-term memory loss, and then she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in the early 1980’s. He abruptly resigned his position, cared for her full time and then wrote a book, A Promise Kept. I remember thinking that he must really love his wife! God used this man’s example and his relationship with his wife to plant thoughts and feelings that would grow year by year, and be used to mold Gini and my relationship to one another and the importance of our marriage vows to one another “in the sight of God and these witnesses”. I now know that the “witnesses” include many who are still observing us today, as the Lord helps us to graciously love one another completely and unreservedly “til death do us part” If you have not watched this video with our vows and voices, please do so or pass this message on. On the website as alternate video just below the main one or To get the book Gini and I wrote,
Gene Baillie (The Journey Home)
In the present time, Information Technology has emerged as one of the most promising Industries across the globe. Globally for the reduction of cost, time and efforts involved in the production and supply of the goods and services has made whole business world to adopt the technological support. And due to this reason only Software development have emerged as a important means of growth of IT Industry in India. Software Development Companies in India Have played a crucial role in rapid development of Software industry in India. These Companies Constantly improve and enhance the world of computers and technology. With the help of Software development all the complicated machines whether its computers, laptops, mobile phones or navigation devices all these machines are the way they are today performing various tasks successfully. As Software Development is having a essential role in many industries, so organizations have realized their importance for improving themselves in various aspects of management. Software Development have increased the productivity of the businesses by reducing the human efforts and errors. This increased demand in the Software Development have also given rise to high demand of Software Development Companies everywhere. Even there is a huge demand of best Software Company in Lucknow as Lucknow being capital of U.P have become a growing market for various industries and now almost every offline brand has setup into online businesses of their products and services. As the number of internet users are increasing day by day so are the businesses entering into the online so that they could influence customers online. Besides Software Development many other web solutions like web hosting, web development and website designing services have great demand in the market also therefore, Software Companies have started offering all these services along with software development. Software Industry is flooded with various software companies which are also Website Development Company in Lucknow offering various web based services but it is required by you to choose wisely which company to choose to help your business sustain successfully in long run and stay ahead of its competitors in the market. The company is choosen such that which provide good quality software’s in affordable price.
How to choose a best website development company RNS IT Solutions is the best Software development company. When choosing a development company for your website, it is very important not only to look at the price, but also the quality of the work you hope to obtain and it is that a good Web of quality, realized of the hand of good engineers who have been working in the sector for years, can make you recover the investment in a short time and generate great benefits in the long term. Of course, to have a quality website the initial investment will probably be greater than you expect and maybe right now you think that the web you need does not require much quality, or a lot of work, but stop to think for a moment and consider the possibility that you are totally wrong, because that may depend on the future of your company as well as Web Development company India.The image that you want to transmit to the clients of the same one and the investment that you will have to do in the web once developed. With all this I do not mean that you have to ask for a loan from the bank to pay for the web. If the project you have in mind takes more work than you initially thought and the budget is out of your expectations, you can always limit and remove features that are dispensable. In this way you can publish the Web as soon as possible, so that once the initial investment is amortized, you can continue investing in adding those features that were left in the background. There are few Web Development Company In India hat right now could not survive, if they were not involved in the online world and it costs much less to make you a quality professional website, with a higher initial investment, to make you a website on which you have to invest, and then large amounts in development and consulting to correct deficiencies initially not contemplated. In the worst case, a bad development, may even force you to throw all the code of the web to the trash, to have to start from scratch. But what is quality of Web Development Services India? Let's see the characteristics that a website must have in order to be considered quality and professional: In any development project, meetings are always held to develop an initial analysis, gathering all the requirements and objectives of the web that the client wants. At this point you should have a proactive attitude, proposing functionalities that could be interesting or alternative ideas that we know can generate good results.
Decouplers often trip up on this step in two ways. First, they are overly generic in articulating the CVC. When mapping the process of buying a car, auto executives tend to describe it as: feel the need to buy car > become aware of a car brand > develop an interest in the brand > visit the dealer > purchase the car. This is a start, but it is not specific enough. Decouplers must ask: When do people actually need a new car? How exactly do people become aware of car brands? How do people become interested in a make or model? And so on. The generic process of awareness, interest, desire, and purchase isn’t specific enough to help. Decouplers also flounder by failing to identify all the relevant stages in the value chain. For the car-buying process, a better description of the CVC might be: become aware that your car lease will expire in one month > feel the need to purchase a new car > develop a heightened interest in car ads > visit car manufacturers’ websites > create a set of two or three brands of interest > visit third-party auto websites > compare options of cars in the same category > choose a model > shop online for the best price > visit the nearest dealer to see if they have the model in stock > see if they can beat the best online price > test-drive the cars > decide about financing, warranty, and other add-ons > negotiate a final price > sign the contract > pick up the car > use it > wait for the lease to expire again. With this far more detailed CVC, we can fully appreciate the complexity of the car-buying
Thales S. Teixeira (Unlocking the Customer Value Chain: How Decoupling Drives Consumer Disruption)
our explosive growth was slowing down our pace of innovation. We were spending more time coordinating and less time building. More features meant more software, written and supported by more software engineers, so both the code base and the technical staff grew continuously. Software engineers were once free to modify any section of the entire code base to independently develop, test, and immediately deploy any new features to the website. But as the number of software engineers grew, their work overlapped and intertwined until it was often difficult for teams to complete their work independently. Each overlap created one kind of dependency, which describes something one team needs but can’t supply for itself. If my team’s work requires effort from yours—whether it’s to build something new, participate, or review—you’re one of my dependencies. Conversely, if your team needs something from mine, I’m a dependency of yours. Managing dependencies requires coordination—two or more people sitting down to hash out a solution—and coordination takes time. As Amazon grew, we realized that despite our best efforts, we were spending too much time coordinating and not enough time building. That’s because, while the growth in employees was linear, the number of their possible lines of communication grew exponentially. Regardless of what form it takes—and we’ll get into the different forms in more detail shortly—every dependency creates drag. Amazon’s growing number of dependencies delayed results, increased frustration, and disempowered teams.
Colin Bryar (Working Backwards: Insights, Stories, and Secrets from Inside Amazon)
a young Goldman Sachs banker named Joseph Park was sitting in his apartment, frustrated at the effort required to get access to entertainment. Why should he trek all the way to Blockbuster to rent a movie? He should just be able to open a website, pick out a movie, and have it delivered to his door. Despite raising around $250 million, Kozmo, the company Park founded, went bankrupt in 2001. His biggest mistake was making a brash promise for one-hour delivery of virtually anything, and investing in building national operations to support growth that never happened. One study of over three thousand startups indicates that roughly three out of every four fail because of premature scaling—making investments that the market isn’t yet ready to support. Had Park proceeded more slowly, he might have noticed that with the current technology available, one-hour delivery was an impractical and low-margin business. There was, however, a tremendous demand for online movie rentals. Netflix was just then getting off the ground, and Kozmo might have been able to compete in the area of mail-order rentals and then online movie streaming. Later, he might have been able to capitalize on technological changes that made it possible for Instacart to build a logistics operation that made one-hour grocery delivery scalable and profitable. Since the market is more defined when settlers enter, they can focus on providing superior quality instead of deliberating about what to offer in the first place. “Wouldn’t you rather be second or third and see how the guy in first did, and then . . . improve it?” Malcolm Gladwell asked in an interview. “When ideas get really complicated, and when the world gets complicated, it’s foolish to think the person who’s first can work it all out,” Gladwell remarked. “Most good things, it takes a long time to figure them out.”* Second, there’s reason to believe that the kinds of people who choose to be late movers may be better suited to succeed. Risk seekers are drawn to being first, and they’re prone to making impulsive decisions. Meanwhile, more risk-averse entrepreneurs watch from the sidelines, waiting for the right opportunity and balancing their risk portfolios before entering. In a study of software startups, strategy researchers Elizabeth Pontikes and William Barnett find that when entrepreneurs rush to follow the crowd into hyped markets, their startups are less likely to survive and grow. When entrepreneurs wait for the market to cool down, they have higher odds of success: “Nonconformists . . . that buck the trend are most likely to stay in the market, receive funding, and ultimately go public.” Third, along with being less recklessly ambitious, settlers can improve upon competitors’ technology to make products better. When you’re the first to market, you have to make all the mistakes yourself. Meanwhile, settlers can watch and learn from your errors. “Moving first is a tactic, not a goal,” Peter Thiel writes in Zero to One; “being the first mover doesn’t do you any good if someone else comes along and unseats you.” Fourth, whereas pioneers tend to get stuck in their early offerings, settlers can observe market changes and shifting consumer tastes and adjust accordingly. In a study of the U.S. automobile industry over nearly a century, pioneers had lower survival rates because they struggled to establish legitimacy, developed routines that didn’t fit the market, and became obsolete as consumer needs clarified. Settlers also have the luxury of waiting for the market to be ready. When Warby Parker launched, e-commerce companies had been thriving for more than a decade, though other companies had tried selling glasses online with little success. “There’s no way it would have worked before,” Neil Blumenthal tells me. “We had to wait for Amazon, Zappos, and Blue Nile to get people comfortable buying products they typically wouldn’t order online.
Adam M. Grant (Originals: How Nonconformists Move the World)
Isabella Di Fabio Website If you are designing a website and want more visitors, we recommend that you continue to explore tips that you can use when creating a website. If you have any tips for writing website content for your website or other types of content, please feel free to share them with us. Isabella Secret Story telling of Optimize a Website - This allows you to optimize your articles with the appropriate keywords that can attract visitors to your website. SEO best practices that help your readers find more great content by linking to specific words and phrases. So when you write content for your websites, use SEO best practices to help you improve your page rank and key keywords. If you follow the steps above, you can learn how to write web page content that will attract readers and search engines, generate revenue and ensure that your pages do everything they can to help you grow your business. These five steps give you a solid foundation on which to grow your website, no matter what type of website you create. Before you write a word about content for your websites, you know what content you are writing and How will it work for you? Isabella Di Fabio Be aware that your company owns the rights to all content on its website, including the content on your website. To be clear, your site is not protected by copyright, and you cannot copyright any of the contents of the site that includes the pages, images, videos, links, text, audio and video content of your site. You need to ask yourself how differentiating content should be, who created it, and how you know if it really makes a significant contribution to your website. Your website should generate content without trying to guess what might go down well in search engines. Feed the real interest in your topic from the readers of your website to the topic and control the traffic on this topic. Isabella Di Fabio Secret Story of Web Design - In other words, write content that answers questions, explain how you can do something for your readers, and provide the quality information you want. It's one thing to create content optimized for search engine bots, but it's another to write it in a way that makes Google search more valuable. Create content that users actually want to read and create it in the best possible quality. When you learn how to write content on your website, you want to consider all the ways you can encourage the reader to become active on the site.
Isabella Di Fabio
told my people that I wanted only the best, whatever it took, wherever they came from, whatever it cost. We assembled thirty people, the brightest cybersecurity minds we have. A few are on loan, pursuant to strict confidentiality agreements, from the private sector—software companies, telecommunications giants, cybersecurity firms, military contractors. Two are former hackers themselves, one of them currently serving a thirteen-year sentence in a federal penitentiary. Most are from various agencies of the federal government—Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, NSA. Half our team is devoted to threat mitigation—how to limit the damage to our systems and infrastructure after the virus hits. But right now, I’m concerned with the other half, the threat-response team that Devin and Casey are running. They’re devoted to stopping the virus, something they’ve been unable to do for the last two weeks. “Good morning, Mr. President,” says Devin Wittmer. He comes from NSA. After graduating from Berkeley, he started designing cyberdefense software for clients like Apple before the NSA recruited him away. He has developed federal cybersecurity assessment tools to help industries and governments understand their preparedness against cyberattacks. When the major health-care systems in France were hit with a ransomware virus three years ago, we lent them Devin, who was able to locate and disable it. Nobody in America, I’ve been assured, is better at finding holes in cyberdefense systems or at plugging them. “Mr. President,” says Casey Alvarez. Casey is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who settled in Arizona to start a family and built up a fleet of grocery stores in the Southwest along the way. Casey showed no interest in the business, taking quickly to computers and wanting to join law enforcement. When she was a grad student at Penn, she got turned down for a position at the Department of Justice. So Casey got on her computer and managed to do what state and federal authorities had been unable to do for years—she hacked into an underground child-pornography website and disclosed the identities of all the website’s patrons, basically gift-wrapping a federal prosecution for Justice and shutting down an operation that was believed to be the largest purveyor of kiddie porn in the country. DOJ hired her on the spot, and she stayed there until she went to work for the CIA. She’s been most recently deployed in the Middle East with US Central Command, where she intercepts, decodes, and disrupts cybercommunications among terrorist groups. I’ve been assured that these two are, by far, the best we have. And they are about to meet the person who, so far, has been better. There is a hint of reverence in their expressions as I introduce them to Augie. The Sons of Jihad is the all-star team of cyberterrorists, mythical figures in that world. But I sense some competitive fire, too, which will be a good thing.
Bill Clinton (The President Is Missing)
me to be honest about his failings as well as his strengths. She is one of the smartest and most grounded people I have ever met. “There are parts of his life and personality that are extremely messy, and that’s the truth,” she told me early on. “You shouldn’t whitewash it. He’s good at spin, but he also has a remarkable story, and I’d like to see that it’s all told truthfully.” I leave it to the reader to assess whether I have succeeded in this mission. I’m sure there are players in this drama who will remember some of the events differently or think that I sometimes got trapped in Jobs’s distortion field. As happened when I wrote a book about Henry Kissinger, which in some ways was good preparation for this project, I found that people had such strong positive and negative emotions about Jobs that the Rashomon effect was often evident. But I’ve done the best I can to balance conflicting accounts fairly and be transparent about the sources I used. This is a book about the roller-coaster life and searingly intense personality of a creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing. You might even add a seventh, retail stores, which Jobs did not quite revolutionize but did reimagine. In addition, he opened the way for a new market for digital content based on apps rather than just websites. Along the way he produced not only transforming products but also, on his second try, a lasting company, endowed with his DNA, that is filled with creative designers and daredevil engineers who could carry forward his vision. In August 2011, right before he stepped down as CEO, the enterprise he started in his parents’ garage became the world’s most valuable company. This is also, I hope, a book about innovation. At a time when the United States is seeking ways to sustain its innovative edge, and when societies around the world are trying to build creative digital-age economies, Jobs stands as the ultimate icon of inventiveness, imagination, and sustained innovation. He knew that the best way to create value in the twenty-first century was to connect creativity with technology, so he built a company where leaps of the imagination were combined with remarkable feats of engineering. He and his colleagues at Apple were able to think differently: They developed not merely modest product advances based on focus groups, but whole new devices and services that consumers did not yet know they needed. He was not a model boss or human being, tidily packaged for emulation. Driven by demons, he could drive those around him to fury and despair. But his personality and passions and products were all interrelated, just as Apple’s hardware and software tended to be, as if part of an integrated system. His tale is thus both instructive and cautionary, filled with lessons about innovation, character, leadership, and values.
Walter Isaacson (Steve Jobs)
Get acquainted along with a fitness home business. If you attempt earnestly, you are able to get started a productive fitness business. Many variables need to be considered once you determine to begin a fitness enterprise. If you understand how to set up a fitness online business, it can be effortless. It is advisable to have expertise in the fitness market to become capable to begin a fitness organization. Folks from any walk of life can commence their very own fitness business. A fitness small business is some thing that people would encourage by becoming consumers on the company. If you strategy to begin a online business inside the fitness niches, you ought to read all about how you can commence a fitness small business. You could study from blogs and web-sites related to establishing such a company. You must in no way attempt to get started a organization with out 1st understanding all about it. It truly is not quick to start a organization in the fitness niches. We're normally extremely eager to obtain fit. It really is essential that we give enough time and believed to our fitness business. Individuals who fail to perform on their fitness by no means realize beneficial benefits. You in no way going to attain excellent levels of fitness without functioning on it. Diet program is a thing that people rarely consider fitness business about when having match. What you eat is also necessary relating to fitness. One factor you need to understand is that fitness under no circumstances comes rather simply. You don't constantly must go to the health club for becoming match. It's going to expense funds to setup your business within the fitness niche. You will need help in some aspects on the business enterprise. A fitness enterprise may be simple if you have the suitable assistance. If you do not have the education, consumers won't rely on you with their fitness needs. It really is very important which you have some training in fitness. Fitness is all about expertise and you require to possess the expertise for the online business. A fitness trainer would have no difficulty in starting his personal fitness business. You need to look and really feel fit in order to attract other many people as consumers. A fitness company will take up your time and your dollars to set it up appropriately. It's essential to take various aspects into account for instance the place for the home business. Women are extremely keen to lose weight, as they prefer to look appealing. It's the worry of obesity and the resulting ugliness that makes women and men go in to get a fitness system. Middle aged guys are frequently obese and must make an enormous work to regain fitness. You'll need to invest a whole lot of your time to have the ability to create a foothold in this niche. You could possibly not know it, nevertheless it is feasible to develop a lucrative enterprise in the fitness niche. The idea of fitness is spreading far and wide. People of every age group prefer fitness. Health is much more vital than wealth. It can be vital to acquire fit if you desire to get the perfect out of life. Establishing a online business that is certainly centered on fitness is usually a very good notion. The fitness market holds a great deal of promise for tough functioning business owners.
Glenn Eichler
The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” George Bernard Shaw On a cool fall evening in 2008, four students set out to revolutionize an industry. Buried in loans, they had lost and broken eyeglasses and were outraged at how much it cost to replace them. One of them had been wearing the same damaged pair for five years: He was using a paper clip to bind the frames together. Even after his prescription changed twice, he refused to pay for pricey new lenses. Luxottica, the 800-pound gorilla of the industry, controlled more than 80 percent of the eyewear market. To make glasses more affordable, the students would need to topple a giant. Having recently watched Zappos transform footwear by selling shoes online, they wondered if they could do the same with eyewear. When they casually mentioned their idea to friends, time and again they were blasted with scorching criticism. No one would ever buy glasses over the internet, their friends insisted. People had to try them on first. Sure, Zappos had pulled the concept off with shoes, but there was a reason it hadn’t happened with eyewear. “If this were a good idea,” they heard repeatedly, “someone would have done it already.” None of the students had a background in e-commerce and technology, let alone in retail, fashion, or apparel. Despite being told their idea was crazy, they walked away from lucrative job offers to start a company. They would sell eyeglasses that normally cost $500 in a store for $95 online, donating a pair to someone in the developing world with every purchase. The business depended on a functioning website. Without one, it would be impossible for customers to view or buy their products. After scrambling to pull a website together, they finally managed to get it online at 4 A.M. on the day before the launch in February 2010. They called the company Warby Parker, combining the names of two characters created by the novelist Jack Kerouac, who inspired them to break free from the shackles of social pressure and embark on their adventure. They admired his rebellious spirit, infusing it into their culture. And it paid off. The students expected to sell a pair or two of glasses per day. But when GQ called them “the Netflix of eyewear,” they hit their target for the entire first year in less than a month, selling out so fast that they had to put twenty thousand customers on a waiting list. It took them nine months to stock enough inventory to meet the demand. Fast forward to 2015, when Fast Company released a list of the world’s most innovative companies. Warby Parker didn’t just make the list—they came in first. The three previous winners were creative giants Google, Nike, and Apple, all with over fifty thousand employees. Warby Parker’s scrappy startup, a new kid on the block, had a staff of just five hundred. In the span of five years, the four friends built one of the most fashionable brands on the planet and donated over a million pairs of glasses to people in need. The company cleared $100 million in annual revenues and was valued at over $1 billion. Back in 2009, one of the founders pitched the company to me, offering me the chance to invest in Warby Parker. I declined. It was the worst financial decision I’ve ever made, and I needed to understand where I went wrong.
Adam M. Grant (Originals: How Nonconformists Move the World)
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Entrepreneurs launched websites for selling pet food over the Net, or built giant warehouses for delivering groceries by van, before there was any inkling customers wanted to shop this way. And it turns out they didn’t. No one wanted to get their groceries delivered from Webvan’s automated warehouses. The Internet bubble burst, taking with it businesses that had developed solutions to problems that didn’t exist.
Leander Kahney (Inside Steve's Brain)
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Tara Mooney (Take Control of your future- Develop your own global Co.: Co Solution # 3 (Co Solution Series))
Technology partners What kind of customers are you trying to attract? If you give API access, then you attract software developers. Can you provide the support that they need, and is it worth your time? Most companies that built for us were very small, and we failed to generate significant revenue from API access. Almost all companies use a commercial website, and custom websites are rare. Here are the pros and cons of technology partners: Pros: You place 3rd party developers on the hook for support and maintenance. You free up developer time. You can expand your customer base. You lack developers to connect to a 3rd party system. When I built a QuickBooks integration for Kentico CMS, I asked them why they never built one themselves. Their response was that QuickBooks was not their business model. Connecting to QuickBooks is challenging and it requires a heavy lift for software developers. Cons: Building an integration could take several hours. Instead of building API access, can they integrate with you in another way? We pull orders from a variety of 3rd party shipping tools. Can the customer pull their sales into the shipping tool? Some developers fail to properly maintain and support their plugin. Your customers will call you and ask your company for help. If the 3rd party fails to respond, then you are in trouble. I advise gating your developer API to legitimate software companies only. Your company must provide developer support, which is also expensive and time-consuming. We had several instances where companies required multiple calls. It is difficult for some 3rd parties to follow developer guides and estimate costs. The 3rd party may have few clients and the cost to onboard the developer exceeds the sales.
Joseph Anderson (The $20 SaaS Company: from Zero to Seven Figures without Venture Capital)
Paying for partnerships This is different from revenue share. One company wanted us to pay $3,000 to get listed on their website. I told them I would pass. You should never have to pay for a partnership unless they are offering some developer support. How many visitors visit the site? How many converted to sales? If a partner needs your technology, then no fee is necessary. I would avoid these types of paid partnerships. I built a seven-figure company without paid partnerships.
Joseph Anderson (The $20 SaaS Company: from Zero to Seven Figures without Venture Capital)
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If you have economies of scale, penetration pricing often works best Would your business benefit from economies of scale? (Most web businesses do.) If so, your ideal pricing strategy may be penetration pricing—charging a low price, basing your financial model on eventually reaching market-dominating economies of scale. Supply-side economies of scale mean that your profit margins increase the more you sell, because as you sell more, your cost of sales (unit costs) usually becomes lower, and your fixed costs become a smaller fraction of your overall costs. Demand-side economies of scale mean that the more customers you get, the more value each customer gets from your service, for the following reasons. You may benefit from having a network of customers. For example, if a phone system had only two users, only one type of call could be made (one between User A and User B). If it had three users, then three types of call could be made (A–B, B–C and A-C). If it had twelve users, sixty-six different types of calls could be made. The overall value of a phone system to its users is roughly proportional to the square of the number of users. You may benefit from there being a market of complementary products and services. The project-management web app Basecamp has many integrations, which it promotes on its website. At the bottom of the page, Basecamp shows off how quickly it’s acquiring new users, to persuade other companies to add integrations. You may benefit from having a bigger knowledge base, more forums, or more trained users. The ecosystem of knowledge around a product can be valuable in itself. WordPress grows because it’s easy to find a WordPress developer and it’s easy for those developers to find answers to their questions. You may benefit from the perception that yours is the standard. Users are aware of the value of choosing the ultimate winner—especially when they have to invest time and resources into using your company—so they will be attracted by the perception that you’ll win.
Karl Blanks (Making Websites Win: Apply the Customer-Centric Methodology That Has Doubled the Sales of Many Leading Websites)
The development and use of vibration in the 1970s allowed Russian cosmonauts to be in space twice as long as their nonvibrating American counterparts (approximately two hundred days versus one hundred days). More recently, a NASA website cited the effects of vibration on turkeys, sheep, and rats as “profound . . . promoting near-normal rates of bone formation”[21] under laboratory conditions simulating the zero gravity conditions of space flight.
Becky Chambers (Whole Body Vibration: The Future of Good Health)
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Q: Why We Drive is a unique book, combining cartoons, text-form journalism, and photographs. How did it come about? After I did the book CARtoons in 2001, I got invitations to speak at various venues including The Village Building Convergence, bookstores and a few universities. Being a visual artist, I gradually developed a slide talk about the social, environmental, economic and political problems of transportation design in America. I used a mixture of cartoons, photographs and maps because I found it was helpful to give people real-world examples of good and bad urban design. When I got positive feedback from the talk, I became interested in turning it into a book and an interactive website. I still have to build the interactive website but Microcosm helped me create, edit and publish the book. My goal was to explain transportation design issues and politics in a simple way to college students and the general public, as well as put forward a few ideas about why I believe we’re not making more political progress at reforming our transportation system. (2015 interview with Microcosm Publishing)2015
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I FOUND THIS AMAZING WEBSITE Best eLearning Authoring Tools for Rapid Course Development - 2022 As more organizations look to create digital training content, tools that help presenters create engaging eLearning courses are always in demand. Authoring tools with intuitive interfaces and robust features can be expensive, but luckily some alternatives don’t require a hefty price tag. These authoring tools offer the core features needed to produce effective eLearning courses with a minimal learning curve. They also offer time-saving features like drag-and-drop functionality and pre-built templates in different design styles.
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How to avoid food poisoning | Free health article. Food poisoning affects an estimated 4.1 million people in Australia every year. The symptoms of food poisoning can range from mild to severe, but there are steps you can take to reduce your risk, says Jean Hailes dietitian Stephanie Pirotta. Food poisoning is caused by bacteria, toxins or viruses present in the food or drinks we consume. In Australia, food poisoning is commonly due to bacteria, namely the Campylobacter or Salmonella bacteria types. However, as Ms Pirotta explains, not all bacteria are bad for you; some bacteria in food is normal – and in some cases, such as the good bacteria found in yoghurts, it can even be beneficial. “Bacteria becomes a problem and can cause food poisoning when they grow to unsafe levels, or if the type of bacteria present in the food is harmful,” says Ms Pirotta. Symptoms of food poisoning may include nausea (feeling sick), vomiting, stomach pains, diarrhoea (loose watery bowel motions), feeling weak, headache, fever, chills or sweating. When the symptoms start, how long they last and how serious they are can depend on many factors. A common assumption is that food poisoning is caused by the last thing the person ate. However, this is often not the case, says Ms Pirotta. “Symptoms of the bacteria Campylobacter food poisoning [one of the most common culprits] usually develop two to five days after eating the food,” she says. And which food is usually the guilty party in cases of Campylobacter? “This type of illness is frequently associated with eating undercooked chicken,” says Ms Pirotta. So how can you best protect yourself? Below Ms Pirotta answers some frequently asked questions. For More Information please Visit Our Website;
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Each part of the EKG system works together as a puzzle, and each part contains a number of potential strategies that you can choose from to create your desired Nomad Capitalist lifestyle: E - Enhance Your Personal Freedom ● Living Overseas - Whether in one place, a few places, or as a perpetual traveler. ● Second Passports and Residencies - Obtain a residence permit or citizenship in another country for better travel, better treatment, and more options. ● Digital Privacy - Host your website overseas or use secure offshore email. ● Socializing Overseas - Make friends, dates, or a lifelong partner in another country. ● Personal Happiness - Find the place where you feel totally at home. K - Keep More of Your Money ● Tax Reduction - Legally reduce or eliminate your personal taxes by relocating your business the right way. ● Offshore Banking - Protect your money in quality banks and earn higher returns. ● Offshore Companies - Legally choose the tax rate for your business. G - Grow Your Money ● Frontier Market Entrepreneurship - Start a business in a less developed market. ● Foreign Real Estate - Buy, rent, sell, or hold property in fast-growing markets. ● Foreign Currencies - Earn high rates of return just by holding another currency.
Andrew Henderson (Nomad Capitalist: Reclaim Your Freedom with Offshore Companies, Dual Citizenship, Foreign Banks, and Overseas Investments)
Thou shall not employ a web developer who has a bad website” From: Stefan G. Bucher. “Graphic Design Rules.
Stefan G. Bucher (Graphic Design Rules: 365 Essential Design Dos and Don'ts)
Thou shall not employ a web developer who has a bad website
Stefan G. Bucher (Graphic Design Rules: 365 Essential Design Dos and Don'ts)
Patients tend to assume that their generic drugs are identical to brand-name drugs, in part because they imagine a simple and amicable process: as a patent expires, the brand-name company turns over its recipe, and a generic company makes the same drug, but at a fraction of the cost, since it no longer has to invest in research or marketing. But in fact, generic drug companies fight a legal, scientific, and regulatory battle, often in the dark, from the moment they set out to develop a generic. Mostly, their drugs come to market not with help from brand-name drug companies, but in spite of their efforts to stop them. Brand companies often resort to “shenanigans” and “gaming tactics” to delay generic competition, as the exasperated FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb put it. They will erect a fortress of patents around their drugs, sometimes patenting each manufacturing step—even the time-release mechanism, if there is one. They may make small alterations to their drugs and declare them new, to add years to their patents, a move known as “evergreening.” Rather than sell samples of their drugs, which generic makers need in order to study and reverse-engineer them, brand-name companies will withhold samples, which in 2018 led the FDA to begin publicly shaming the companies accused of such practices by posting their names on its website.
Katherine Eban (Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom)
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Marc Tacchi Frontend, Backend or Full-stack, who is who? A Frontend developer handles the layout, design, and interactivity using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Marc Tacchi The Frontend developer takes an idea and turns it into reality. What you see and what you use, such as the visual appearance of the website, the dropdown menus and the text, are created by the Frontend developer, who writes a series of programs to give structure, form and interactivity to these elements. These programs are then run through a browser. Marc Tacchi Vancouver Canada -The Backend developer takes care of what is not seen, that is, where the data is stored. Without data there is no Frontend. The Backend consists of the server that hosts the web, an application to run it and a database. The Backend developer uses computer programs to ensure that the server, application, and database perform smoothly together. Marc Tacchi In addition, it analyzes what the company needs and provides efficient programming solutions. To do this amazing job, it uses a number of server-side languages, including PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java.
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How to: SEO for wordpress website step by step Here’s everything you need to know about SEO for your brand new WordPress website. Let’s dive straight in: What Is WordPress And SEO For New Website SEO Basics Checklist WordPress SEO Tips: Optimising For Next Level Website #1 Using WordPress For Your New Website Most of the websites you visit every day run on WordPress, including BBC America,, and TechCrunch. WordPress powers 35% of the entire internet, including most blogs, news sites, and social media sites. A lot of famous bands have their official websites built on WordPress. This is why so many website developers utilize it as a go-to solution. Originally developed for blogging, WordPress quickly transformed into a flexible and powerful solution for running entire websites, and in 2020, the platform may be used as an eCommerce platform as well. Host providers who are reliable Your website should be hosted with a reliable provider - site speed, uptime, and security are all important things to consider when choosing a host. In addition to slow loading times, poor uptime and security vulnerabilities can negatively affect your WordPress site's SEO performance. Choose the best technology for your needs, not the one with the lowest cost. You might want to consider these options if you don't know where to start. WordPress itself recommends three hosting providers.
How to Choose the Best SEO Agency to Increase Your Visibility and Succeed on the Internet SEO, or "search engine optimisation", is the process of improving the ranking of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to increase their visibility online and generate more leads and sales. While some up-front investment is required to secure and maintain good rankings, the long-term benefits can be very lucrative. The SEO practice has been a productive method since digital marketing advertising became the monopoly. Google is the 92% shareholder of the global search engine market; because of this, the SEO strategies revolve around what Google wants. It usually takes some time for a particular local website to be in the organic search result, which can get reversed with the help of advanced SEO techniques. The leading SEO Agency Sydney, to lead their clients, frequently adjust their strategies and tactics. They stay up to pace with the most recent modifications that are implemented. One such SEO Company that is brilliant in boosting the local search results and helping other services increase the substantial worth of a website is Sydney SEO Marketing. Which Services should you look for while Selecting an SEO Agency for You? The following are the essential services that your SEO Agency should provide. Local SEO Optimisation - Improving the visibility of a business in local search results. It is achieved by ensuring that the website's content, keywords, and links are relevant to people who live in the target market area; this can attract more visitors from these areas. Ensure that the website is optimised for local search; include the name of the particular city or town in the titles, descriptions, and keywords, and utilise other local websites to build links. And so, it is essential to hire the best local SEO Sydney Agency, which has a stronghold in the local market. Google Penalty Removal - It is essential to get help if the company is penalised by Google to regain their lost positions by using a technical audit of the website's backlink profile, content, and overall user experience to identify the factors behind the present Google penalty and a drop in rankings and hire the best Google Penalty Removal Sydney Agency to develop a strategy to raise your rankings in a matter of weeks. Google My Business (GMB) Optimisation - Improving the accuracy and completeness of business listings on Google My Business. Work with certified GMB Optimisation Sydney specialists to audit the existing listing and then develop an action plan to have the website rise to the top of the local pack. Advanced Content Marketing - Creating high-quality content that attracts links and social shares, which helps to improve SEO. The best SEO Marketing Sydney Agency can help the company by generating exciting blogs and services provided; regular blogging can increase the website traffic many folds. Conclusion While many companies might struggle to get accurate rankings due to their inherent complexity, SEO may be a helpful strategy for several organisations that want to increase their online visibility and create more leads and sales. Sydney SEO Marketing is a firm that specialises in assisting businesses in regaining rankings by conducting a technical audit, working closely with the respective administrative team, coming up with action plans that are comprehensive and continuous in regards to getting the desired results. The various services back up their claim as the leading SEO company in Sydney. If you are looking to get your business's website boosted over the internet rankings, then Sydney SEO Marketing is whom you should get in touch with. Visit their website today.
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Mark and Shane, the team leads, were very conscious of not burning everyone out because of their experience on StarCraft. They had both been associate producers on the project and vowed to avoid pushing Team 2 as hard as the StarCraft devs were pushed. StarCraft’s dev cycle was nightmarish in that the goal posts were always moving. Whenever they crossed the finish line, Allen Adham found room for improvement, saying the game wasn’t polished enough, and asked everyone if they could hunker down for a few weeks longer. Whenever the next deadline was reached, another issue would arise and it was extended again, prolonging the crunch of late hours. The light at the end of the StarCraft tunnel always turned out to be a mirage. Each “final” sprint collided directly into another. And then another. Fans camped out in Blizzard’s parking lot and counted the cars, reporting on websites how many people were working at night. StarCraft’s drop-dead due dates were missed again and again until it was over a year later. Shane reminisced how people slept in sleeping bags on the floor. Showers and meals were skipped. To this day, few people who served on the StarCraft team play the game. Both Shane and Mark agreed that people weren’t as productive when exhausted and it just wasn’t worth it. Allen Adham’s nerves had been so worn out he left the company he founded until Blizzard convinced him to help out on WoW years later. In the wake of StarCraft’s quality-of-life costs, Shane and Mark vowed they’d never push a team like that, and their solution was to start the late nights early.
John Staats (The World of Warcraft Diary: A Journal of Computer Game Development)
It gives me immense pleasure to learn that the Government of Balochistan has launched its website wherein all the relevant information about the Province including its History, Culture and Heritage, Tourist attractions, Development activities, Mega Projects, and investment opportunities besides the information about all the Government Departments, have been provided.
Justice (R) Amanullah Yasinzai, Governer Balochistan
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What Is the Importance of Social Media Marketing? In the arena of generation, the conversation has come to be simpler than ever. The international has now gotten smaller from an extensive populated land to a community of speaking people residing in an international village. People from everywhere in the globe has come nearer collectively and distances have reduced to the volume that a character is simply a click on away. In this ever-developing community of human beings a brand new concept has emerged, the concept of 6 levels of separation. The concept at the back of that is that among you and every other character within side the international is most effective a sequence not than six human beings. This emphasizes the importance of online conversation and the manner it has made the arena an entire lot smaller. This is the electricity of social media and top smm panel the tendencies in an online conversation. A going on in a single part of the arena reaches the second element in a count of seconds. Imagine if that information or going on turned into approximately you. The importance of this generation is the benefit it gives. Using this device for your benefit can provide you with a massive quantity of benefits. Social Media Marketing brings international repute for your call. -This is your price tag to worldwide degree repute. Your corporation or your call will be regarded around the globe with hundreds of thousands of fans and fans. Millions of human beings can get admission to those websites in which human beings come to talk online and specific their views. Once you step into the arena of social media advertising and marketing all of those human beings come to be your ability prospects. Your offerings are simply an unmarried seek away. Promote your enterprise or product as a severe product. -This generation gives you get admission to clearly the complete international and all its inhabitants. They are there to study and percentage whatever that you need to say. This is your danger to set up a photo for yourself that "Hey! I am right here to do enterprise" and "I am severe approximately the product or offerings that I provide". Social media advertising and marketing is almost free. If you had been to try to attain out to hundreds of thousands of human beings via the bodily way you will make loads of investments. This generation is the manner to maximum efficaciously attains out for your ability clients, now no longer most effective in phrases of price range however in phrases of time as well. Gives you comments in the form of viewer you have. -An exciting factor approximately advertising and marketing on those social websites is the extent of comments that you could expect. Using social media advertising and marketing can in reality train you approximately the folks who are or are probably interested in your product or service. This offers you a higher danger of changing your campaigns to benefit progressed results. You may also find out about the number of folks who go to your page, or a while of folks who remark or percentage your posts, or maybe their ethnicities, localities, religion, hobbies, and preferences. You train the arena approximately your product and social media advertising and marketing educates you approximately the folks who took hobby in it. You get to understand them in my view via the community of the top smm panel. Your purchaser may also have a few problems or he may also want assist or need to investigate greater approximately your product. Your presence on social media permits you to reply to him on a private degree. This in flip assures the purchaser which you are accountable and instills a feeling of trust.
Earl Meyer (The Seasons of Our Souls)
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Want to increase the online visibility of your business? Webmonde is a leading SEO Company in Mohali that offers the best SEO services in Mohali and Chandigarh. We support websites to achieve top rankings in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo
Couple with site planning, web improvement additionally assumes a vital part fortify your corporate personality on the World Wide Web. Website composition covers the design and illustrations of your site through web improvement is the finished coding that fastens your web applications through and through.
ITinfo Club
How to get my business on top of google search? Let’s begin with an explanation of why being on top of Google is important. To be precise, what does this mean? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being here? And who should care about it in any case? Being on top of google search means that when users make the search query - the site appears before its competitors. Not only in the row of results, but also among them in the first place. The more often you are there, the better. Being on top of Google search has a significant impact on traffic growth for your business. This is due to two reasons: 1) 80% of people do not click beyond page 1 in search engine results 2) When someone goes down to pages 2-3 they do not stay there, so it's a lost cause When it comes to SEO, there are no secrets or magic formulas that work 100% all the time. There is only a set of rules that helps you determine which actions yield a better result based on research made within a certain period of time. It may not be 100%, but you need to know at least some basics in order to have an idea about why your site doesn't have high rankings yet and what needs to be done to achieve them! Based on our experience with improving the search engine position of numerous fantasy app development websites, we compiled this list of the most important factors that influence Google rankings: 1. The code of your website and its structure (technical part) 2. The relevance of content on your site - how to make it unique and relevant at the same time (on-page factors) 3. Relevance and popularity of backlinks pointing to your site (off-page factors) 4. Quality of traffic coming from search engines to your website (on-page and off-page factors) 5. The overall authority, popularity, and trustworthiness of a domain name as well as quantity and quality of backlinks you have pointing to it (backlink profile). 6. Compatibility with the type and model of used CMS platform, user-friendliness, and a number of bugs or errors that may be present 7. Terms and conditions mentioned on your website as well as its structure, design, and user-friendliness (UX)
Gargi Sharma
I fully enjoyed “Imagineer Your Future” by Les LaMotte. This is a wonderful manual with an underlying Christian base that teaches how anyone can learn the principles of becoming an “Imagineer” like Les. The book begins by explaining the author’s own spiritual, life, and career journey that produced in him an Imagineer mindset. His grandfathers specific teaching the principles of a simple kite that in 50 years turned into his Xtra Lite Display System with five US patents and several international that opened sales in over 36 countries. The author explains, “To call yourself an Imagineer means you lead a complex life, schooled in enlightenment and problem solving with many hundreds of ideas of the past, present, and future technology, all while living your life in various stages of your own growth, development, and experience.” This creative and colorful book filled with photographs and illustrations has 20 sections ranging from important principles gleaned from childhood to helping the reader take necessary self assessments before launching into higher education without a well thought through plan. These sections are color coded using side tabs and there are vertical chapter titles present that allow the reader to quickly comb through the concepts and chapters that are most relevant to them. Dollar icons are present throughout to indicate where an Excel sheet is available to download free on LaMotte’s website. An Imagineer symbol targets areas of specific learning opportunities. To make this process even easier, the reader is provided with fill in the blank lists and links to online Core Passion assessments so they can discover their actual motivations in light of their gifts and how to apply their five top core passions to complete their own Imagineer journey. I really enjoyed how the author weaves his own experiences throughout each section and the heartfelt mentions of well known individuals that have Imagineered throughout recent and ongoing history. Les provides his own amazing pointers on how to stay on the path to leading a fulfilling life of an Imagineer. If you are looking for a cross between a creative and easy to understand manual on becoming an Imagineer and a heartfelt journey traveling the road to success this is the choice for you.
Jessica Good (Multiverse: An International Anthology of Science Fiction Poetry)
Website designing is as important as any other criteria that we look for while developing a website. Moreover, website design is the countenance of your company or brand and hence the outlook matters the most. As we judge other people by their outlook at the first glance, the visitors of any brand will judge the website by its outlook, UI/UX and convenience. Name- Allied Technologies
Allied Technologies
Webmonde provides Uber/Lyft Taxi clone application and website development. Our Clone is outstanding amongst scripts that suit well for the ride-hailing business. Our taxi clone app comes with important features like a user-friendly interface, customized admin panel, and interactive solution for both customer and driver. Please speak with our expert at +91 9990 492 467
Want To Step Into The World of Digital Marketing? Walk With Allied Technologies A map for geographic information, a learning management system, a live chatbot, etc., are commonly found features on a digitally advanced website. Engaging in digital transformation is a way to add new technologies to their existing business. But are these tools enough to truly revamp a company? Exploring the latest technology is an essential part of a digital transformation, but it is ineffectual if the baseline is not functioning, said business technologist Brian Sommer. If you are serious about transforming digitally, get started now. Take your first step of digital transformation with Allied Technologies and enter the internet’s powerful world the right way. Allied Technologies is a pioneer in the digital world. A one-stop solution to your digital marketing queries. With Allied Technologies, make your business grow and reach the desired goals Why Allied? This digital marketing agency is the best in the industry and offers a full package deal to transform your business digitally. They develop a perfect solution for all your digital marketing requirements, incorporating every feature at a very cost-effective price
Smart Desizns offers all types of website development services across the globe. Our professional web developers have expertise in building the best custom website, mobile app, plug-in & module development solutions. We are very keen to provide quality web development services to our clients. For more info visit our website.
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If you are looking for a cost-effective and ready-to-use Multi-Vendor eCommerce and Multi-Vendor Grocery App for android or iOS then we are ready with interactive and unique designs. Our Marketplace web and app development services bring our deep experience of building multi-vendor marketplace websites and app Get a free Estimation: Email:- Skype Id:- smart.designs17
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Rokulink Technology provides search engine optimization (SEO) services and leading Website Development Company. We offer Custom Websites at Affordable Price. Find a Range of Website Development Solution And Choose One That Fits Your Budget & Goals! Stunning Website Design. Fully Customized. Contact Us: +91-8146968211 Visit Our Website: Rokulink Technology is currently engaged into business in more than 50 countries with 6 delivery centres. We ensure that our client’s objectives are achieved with the highest level of capability and assurance at the lowest possible cost. Our main Products & Services include: E-commerce Solutions (Website & Mobile App) Inventory Management Systems CRM Solutions ERP Softwares Appointment / Booking Management System Website Development (Corporate, Start-up, Classified, Directory Listing, Education, Technology, Entertainment, Travel, Real-Estate, Travels etc) Learning Management System. Live Chat Systems Online Marketing SEO (Onpage & Offpage)
Rokulink Technology Pvt Ltd
Website Access is a Group of Companies that is providing the services of Website Development and Design as well as Web Hosting, Digital marketing services and SEO. so if you want a real public library online then we are here to build your dream through a website. so get access to your website thanks
For any business, the website is the face of the business where customers and potential customers get an idea of what the company stands for and how unique its products and services are. In this highly competitive business landscape, the first impressions can often also be the last. There are many website domains that you as a business can choose from, however, it can be difficult to choose which domain is the right choice for you. Your domain would depend highly on the kind of business you own and the reputation of the domain. The before-service and post-service when it comes to a website domain are essential. Allied Technologies has a comparison of the top 8 domain registrars including what the domains offer, the prices, and much more. Now, more people than often have the same question- aren’t all website domains the same? Why does it matter which domain I choose? The clear answer to that question is that more than often .com, .net and .org have different price points and some domain registrars even offer extras such as email hosting or website hosting.
Everybody should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.
Steve Jobs
Casper makes mattresses and distributes them directly to consumers via their website. I was always intrigued with how Casper could be considered a tech company, raising substantial money from Silicon Valley venture capitalists and fetching tech-like valuations in the process. Could there be an industry that feels less like technology than the pile of springs and fabric you sleep on?! But indeed Casper is a tech company. The technology isn’t about the product itself, but about how they acquire customers, how they distribute the product, and ultimately how they make the customers feel throughout the whole process of buying and using the product. Because of technology, they can do it at scale with minimal investment. They use digital engagement strategies to grow incredibly fast. Just five years since their founding, they’re doing nearly $500 million in revenue with fewer than one hundred employees. By contrast, Tempur Sealy, the largest mattress company in the world, employs seven thousand people to generate $2.7 billion in revenue.
Jeff Lawson (Ask Your Developer: How to Harness the Power of Software Developers and Win in the 21st Century)
World-Class Web Development for Any Business. Headquartered in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Sullivan Design is a professional web design agency with the experience and creativity to make your website shine and perform. Founded in 2007, our company has a highly-skilled web design team to ensure that your website is not only attractive, but gives you the results you need for your business to grow and prosper.
Web Design
Isabella Di Fabio - Design and Function of a website Realization of a design based on the requirements of the site and users The design of the site is a fundamental tool to attract users and the success to be obtained in many other aspects such as: Promotion Loading speed User affinity Among others It will largely depend on the considerations that are made when designing. Isabella Secret Story of Web Design - It is important to note that the design of the pages should be done thinking about the client and not the administrator, carefully choosing all the elements that are used and using only the necessary resources to communicate the desired message, ensuring that the site has a simple look and nothing overdone. Consistency in look and feel is important to maintain ensuring the same look and feel on every page. The home page should give a general idea of the site, as this is your fundamental entry point. It is the first thing users see and creates that first impression that is so important. It is in it where you determine whether you will continue to explore the pages or if you will navigate to another more interesting place. Isabella Di Fabio Secret Story of Website Design Texts are significant elements within the website design. These contain most of the information provided, the explanations and details of the elements that make up the site, constitute the main means of communication with the client. This is the fundamental reason for the texts to be chosen, revised and corrected in such a way that the ideas to be transmitted are reflected. For the presentation of the text it is essential to know the type of font that is going to be used so that it can be read well regardless of the type of browser or operating system of the users.
Isabella Di Fabio
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A flourishing website does three things: It draws the right kinds of visitors. Leads them to the main services or products you offer. Manage Contact details for future ongoing relations.
mrmmbs vision
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Jay Saywer Chicago Whether product packaging, sustainable packaging materials or innovative product boxes, they help to showcase the inventiveness and creativity of your brands. Using your packaging a second time is a great way to innovate and extend its life. If you are a procurement executive, she will keep you up to date with the latest marketing developments, as well as industry news and trends. We manufacture each of our gift boxes according to the needs of our customers. We know that you want to give someone who is important to you something that is important to him. Jay Sawyer Glenview has become one of the most visited websites for packaging design. FIT alumni work with many of the major consumer goods brands sold in the United States and abroad. Packaging World curates the work of leading designers for Behance and Adobe's online storefront platforms. Horses are no longer regarded as mere cattle, but are kept in the same way as other domesticated pets. Packaging of the World is not only a curation of remarkable designs in the industry, but also has plenty of them. Jay Sawyer Northbrook They will be inspired by custom product packaging from around the world
Jay Sawyer Glenview
199 out of 200 applicants for every programming job can't write code at all. I repeat: they can't write any code whatsoever.
Mark J. Price (C# 9 and .NET 5: Modern Cross-Platform Development: Build intelligent apps, websites, and services with Blazor, ASP.NET Core, and Entity Framework Core using Visual Studio Code)
Alliance is an award winning digital agency, web design and website maintenance company in Washington, DC. Since 2003, our team specializes in helping brands generate growth that matters. The team has extensive background in working with nonprofits, NGO's, B2B companies and many more. As a Washington, DC Drupal and WordPress development company and website design agency we focus on delivering great results for your project. Our service offerings also include website maintenance, site security and site migrations.
Alliance Interactive
Isabella Di Fabio Web developers who design, build and implement web sites are involved in creating Web pages and help design aesthetic features such as layouts and colors, as well as technical considerations like designing a web site that can handle a certain amount of Internet traffic. Web developers in this role focus on the back-end development of websites, which includes the creation of complex search functions. It is not mandatory that their task is to know how to program the design, but to make it real in the browser. The design for print and web has never been as diverse as it is today. A group of web designers who understand the entire WordPress hierarchy system and know how to put together the code to use actions, filters and hooks to customize WordPress in the right way. Isabella Di Fabio If you want to pick a skill, learn something that is universally appealing and can be applied to many different types of clients and projects. The more you can do for a client generally, the better and the more work you can accept.
Isabella Di Fabio
Isabella Di Fabio - Completing this program can lead to a better understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other programming languages. With increasing experience as a web developer, he can acquire knowledge in web development, web design and web engineering as well as other aspects of programming. Strictly speaking, HTML and CSS are not programming languages, but a web designer who knows them can create a website with a large amount of content and a high level of user experience. Web Developer, on the other hand, takes web page design and actually makes it a functioning website. He writes the pages using HTML or CSS and uses a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other programming languages to bring the design files to life. If he works for a small business, he has to write the content of the page himself. There are a lot of web developers looking for advanced and specialized knowledge, as well as those who are already familiar with the computer technology of the industry but want to shift their focus to web development. Isabella Secret Story - Depending on the subject, web developers can be web developers in a number of different fields such as web design, programming, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, etc.
Isabella Di Fabio
Services Provided by TRIRID Welcome to TRIRID. Services Provided By TRIRID Mobile Application Development Web Application Development Custom Software Development Database Management Wordpress / PHP Search Engine Optimization Mobile Application Development We offer various Mobile Application Development services for most major platforms like Android, iPhone, .Net etc. At Tririd we develop customized applications considering the industry standards which meet all the customers requirements. Web Application Development Web Application Development technologies include PHP, Ajax, .Net, WordPress, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Joomla, etc. PHP language is considered one of the most popular & most widely accepted open source web development technology. PHP development is gaining ground in the technology market. Web development using these technologies is considered to offer the most efficient website solutions. The open source based products and tools are regularly studied, used, implemented and deployed by TRIRID. Custom Software Development TRIRID has incredible mastery in Windows Apps Development platform working on the .NET framework. We have done bunch of work for some companies and helping them to migrate to a new generation windows based solution. We at TRIRID absolutely comprehend your custom needs necessities and work in giving high caliber and adaptable web API services for your web presence. TRIRID offers a range of utility software packages to meet and assortment of correspondence needs while including peripherals. We offer development for utility software like plugin play, temperature controller observation or embedding solutions. Database Management In any organization data is the main foundation of information, knowledge and ultimately the wisdom for correct decisions and actions. On the off chance that the data is important, finished, exact, auspicious, steady, significant and usable, at that point it will doubtlessly help in the development of the organization If not, it can turn out to be a useless and even harmful resource. Our team of database experts analyse your database and find out what causes the performance issues and then either suggest or settle the arrangement ourselves. We provide optimization for fast processing better memory management and data security. Wordpress / PHP WordPress, based on MySQL and PHP, is an open source content management system and blogging tool. TRIRID have years of experience in offering different Web design and Web development solutions to our clients and we specialize in WordPress website development. Our capable team of WordPress designers offers all the essential services backed by the stat-of-the-art technology tools. PHP is perhaps the most effective and powerful programming language used to create dynamic sites and applications. TRIRID has extensive knowledge and experience of giving web developing services using this popular programming language. Search Engine Optimization SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) — including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Call now 8980010210
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Web Design Services - TRIRID Web Application Development technologies include PHP, Ajax, .Net, WordPress, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Joomla, etc. PHP language is considered one of the most popular & most widely accepted open source web development technology. PHP development is gaining ground in the technology market. Web development using these technologies is considered to offer the most efficient website solutions. The open source based products and tools are regularly studied, used, implemented and deployed by TRIRID. TRIRID can develop solutions like Community sites, CMS, e-Commerce applications and custom web applications based on PHP and MySQL. To Know More About Web Application Development in Ahmedabad, Web Designing Service In Ahmedabad, Web designing in Wordpress, Web Design in HTML Call now 8980010210
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YouTube videos can be linked to a website, distributed
Tara Mooney (Take Control of your future- Develop your own global Co.: Co Solution # 3 (Co Solution Series))
Affordable Web Design Company in Delhi By EzeeOnline has secured top position being the affordable web design company in Delhi. Today, wordpress is the best tool in terms of website designing. It powers more than 35% of the website on the internet. The websites built on WordPress are free, easy to use and comprise open source Content Management System (CMS). You can count us on WordPress website designing. Not only that, we also take charge of maintaining WordPress website. For larger companies, hiring full time technical resources are quite easy to maintain. Best Website Designing Company in Delhi However, for smaller companies, full time maintenance is really expensive. That’s where we try to carve our niche of Affordable Web Design Company. Handover your wordpress maintenance work to us, and we will take charge of WordPress website., the cheap web design company in Delhi, keeps eyes on your website. Notify in case of down and work on it again to make it Live. Web Development Company India So, if you are planning to use your website as one of the major marketing strategies, then approach We make sure that we meet all the latest standards for projecting an enchanting image about your company. Web Development Company India Our Affordable Web Design Company in Delhi does not interfere with the quality. The loading speed of the website is always great. Consequently the aesthetic look of the website remains enchanting. Guess what! All within economical prices! As your brand is a startup or belongs to the low budged enterprise, we understand your pain. Hence, we offer affordable web design in Delhi; this will help you save cash for investing into operations services.
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By EzeeOnline With cheap website design company in India like us atleast, you don’t need to worry about the website expenses. Whenever the business is started, there are a lot of areas for which cash flow is urgently required. Whether it’s monthly rent, employees’ salary, technical set up, office stationery, expenses are unlimited. One remains in dilemma how much to invest into marketing and how much into operations. Website Designing Company in Delhi NCR Don’t worry! At, we charge minimum amount definitely falling into your budget criteria. All over India, we have served hundreds of clients as a affordable website design company in India. We are among the leading digital marketing companies in Delhi; our website services give wings to your ambitions. is the best cheap website design company in India that accelerates the company growth with best designing services. Web Development Company India Our large and competent experienced web designers conceptualize the killer website for your company. We make sure that the website meets all the latest standards for projecting a highly convincing image of your company. Our Cheap Website Designing Company in Delhi does not interfere with the quality. The loading speed of the website is always great. Consequently the aesthetic look of the website remains enchanting. Guess what! All within economical prices! As your brand is a startup or belongs to the low budged enterprise, we understand your pain. Hence, we offer affordable web design in Delhi; this will help you save cash for investing into operations services. Web Development Company India In today’s hyper competitive environment, it’s important to be in presence in front of your audience most of the time. definitely helps you to overcome competition by offering quality website design services. Web Development Services India So, what are you waiting for? Get quality web design services at best possible affordable cost. Apart from low rates, we always satisfy you on the part of creativity and quality. Our technical and highly professional website design team keeps your services at a fast pace offering impeccable web design services.
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By EzeeOnline offers affordable website design and development without compromising with the quality. We design SEO friendly websites and create a user friendly interface. We integrate the latest in visuals, technologies and methods for ensuring that your website delivers the right message. Our cheap website design and development process has a dedicated team has years of experience and they keep updating themselves with the new technology changes. Website Designing Company in Delhi NCR Our, affordable website design and development services ensure grabbing large traffic towards the website. All the images and color combination is chosen basis the logo of the brand. We believe in minimalist designs or you can say we believe in ‘less is more’ theory. We make sure that color combinations look soothing for the eyes. Our affordable online starter bundle services pay off as long run advertisement bringing much potential leads for the brand. Web Development Company India If you are planning to use your website as one of the major marketing strategies, then approach We make sure that we meet all the latest standards for projecting an enchanting image about your company. Web Development Company India Our Cheap Website Designing Company in Delhi does not interfere with the quality. The loading speed of the website is always great. Consequently the aesthetic look of the website remains enchanting. Guess what! All within economical prices! As your brand is a startup or belongs to the low budged enterprise, we understand your pain. Hence, we offer affordable web design in Delhi; this will help you save cash for investing into operations services. Web Development Services India So, what are you waiting for? Get quality web design services at best possible affordable cost. Apart from low rates, we always satisfy you on the part of creativity and quality. Our technical and highly professional website design team keeps your services at a fast pace offering impeccable web design services.
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By EzeeOnline Get Inquire We are one of the most visually attractive and affordable web Design Company in India. Our technically advanced affordable website design makes more impressions as well as grows visits for a business. In the name of affordability, we don’t create a poorly coded website that can lose trust among the visitors. Website Designing Company in Delhi NCR We are the reliable web design company in India that consists of knowledgeable team of specialized persons. They easily design, manage and develop websites to the client’s business. We guarantee the utilization of innovative tools and techniques that make your website wonderful and leverage digital world. Being the leading Affordable Web Design Company in India, we build superior, secure, mobile and SEO friendly websites. Web Development Company India So, if you are planning to use your website as one of the major marketing strategies, then approach We make sure that we meet all the latest standards for projecting an enchanting image about your company. Web Development Company India Our Cheap Website Designing Company in Delhi does not interfere with the quality. The loading speed of the website is always great. Consequently the aesthetic look of the website remains enchanting. Guess what! All within economical prices! As your brand is a startup or belongs to the low budged enterprise, we understand your pain. Hence, we offer affordable web design in Delhi; this will help you save cash for investing into operations services. Web Development Services India So, what are you waiting for? Get quality web design services at best possible affordable cost. Apart from low rates, we always satisfy you on the part of creativity and quality. Our technical and highly professional website design team keeps your services at a fast pace offering impeccable web design services.
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By EzeeOnline is one of the most affordable web design company in Delhi NCR. It offers an attractive, custom as well as profitable web presence of your brand. Be it a startup, small scale company or a company having low marketing budget, EzeeOnline. in suits your business needs. Being an cheap web design company, we help you carve your niche online without worrying about funds. Website Designing Company in Delhi NCR We, low cost web design company offer both dynamic as well as CMS enabled websites. Our diligent technical team provides various inquiry forms for lead capturing on the websites offered by us. We understand the fact that initially you would like to invest your money into daily operations. We also provide domain and hosting free for the first year. Web Development Company India Being an affordable web design company, we work closely with our customers to offer profitable web solutions including professional designs, call to action & carefully planned websites. Web Development Company India So, if you are planning to use your website as one of the major marketing strategies, then approach We make sure that we meet all the latest standards for projecting an enchanting image about your company. Web Development Services India Our Cheap Website Designing Company in Delhi does not interfere with the quality. The loading speed of the website is always great. Consequently the aesthetic look of the website remains enchanting. Guess what! All within economical prices! As your brand is a startup or belongs to the low budged enterprise, we understand your pain. Hence, we offer affordable web design in Delhi; this will help you save cash for investing into operations services.
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Are you missing that online presence of your business? Or your website design is not up to date according to the recent trend? Then we are the right company for you. Connect with us for web development services. NetMaxims Technologies is a 20 years old company, and our team has handled hundreds of web development projects in USA. We have a collective group of professionals, where everyone has 10 years of experience in working at a WebSite development company. E-mail: start@NETMAXIMS.COM Phone Number: 1-323-319-6134
The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs' Division for Sustainable Development is in charge of monitoring progress, nation by nation, towards the implementation of Agenda 21, and makes these reports available to the public on its website. They
J. Micha-el Thomas Hays (Rise of the New World Order: The Culling of Man)
Our affordable SEO packages in Delhi provide off page SEO web 2.0 and white hat technology services. Website that is optimized for search engines focuses mainly on the relevancy as well as organic ranking. The optimization is considered best using White Hat SEO practices. We have a specialized team that focuses on white hat SEO technologies for bringing better traffic to the website. The White hat technologies of SEO packages in Delhi include backlinking, link building, keyword analysis and improve link popularity. Off page SEO packages provides visibility of website in the search engine result pages. The goal of our SEO Packages in Delhi is to generate organic traffic and awareness for a website. We prefer using high quality content that meets the visitors’ needs and also solve their problems. Using SEO keyword research tools, we discover the most relevant keywords that is must for your site content. We try to follow best practices while creating meta descriptions for each and every page on the website. This helps search engines and users discover content appropriately. While offering SEO packages in Delhi based on white hat technologies, we make sure that the sites are easy to navigate by the users. Online SEO promotion is the vital part of marketing, introduce now, that too within economical prices. Reach more people and improve the higher chance of success. Optimizing your On-page SEO is imperative if you want to target leads. However, it does not mean that you would continue SEO on page optimization and neglect the other channels like the social media. In order to get the best results, one needs to target all the channels with the user landing up on your website. Having a great user-friendly website with all the relevant information is ultimately help you to reap benefits.
I joined Amazon in 2004 in the early days of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Once I joined, my boss explained the mission. Amazon was going to build enormous data centers and rent compute-power and storage capacity not as applications, but as building blocks that developers and other companies can use to build their apps. This would enable any developer and every company to leverage Amazon’s mastery of web-scale infrastructure. The service would be flexible, able to scale up and down on the fly. If your traffic surged for a few days, the “Elastic Compute Cloud” would simply throw extra computer horsepower at your website. When the surge ended, your virtual data center would shrink back down. You paid only for what you used. You paid a monthly bill, just like you do for your mobile phone and your electricity. The pay-for-what-you-use model was a huge breakthrough—maybe as significant as the technology itself.
Jeff Lawson (Ask Your Developer: How to Harness the Power of Software Developers and Win in the 21st Century)
These microservices were delivered not as a pile of code, nor as a website, but as a web-based API. APIs are well-defined interfaces that enable code to talk to other bits of code. Once a team builds and exposes an API to others, it’s important that they teach other teams how to use it via documentation that’s accurate and up to date.
Jeff Lawson (Ask Your Developer: How to Harness the Power of Software Developers and Win in the 21st Century)
Description As one of the high level programming languages, Python is considered a vital feature for data structuring and code readability. Developers need to learn python 1 ,2 & 3 to qualify as experts. It is object-oriented and taps the potential of dynamic semantics. As a scripting format it reduces the costs of maintenance and lesser coding lines due to syntax assembly. Job responsibilities Writing server side applications is one of the dedicated duties of expected from a skilled worker in this field. If you enjoy working backend, then this is an ideal job for you. It involves: · Connecting 3rd party apps · Integrating them with python · Implement low latency apps · Interchange of data between users and servers · Knowledge of front side technologies · Security and data protection and storage Requisites to learn There are several training courses for beginners and advanced sessions for experienced workers. But you need to choose a really good coaching center to get the skills. DVS Technologies is an enabled Python Training in Bangalore is considered as one of the best in India. You will need to be acquainted with: · Integrated management/ development environment to study · A website or coaching institute to gather the knowledge · Install a python on your computer · Code every day to master the process · Become interactive Course details/benefits First select a good Python Training institute in Bangalore which has reputed tutors to help you to grasp the language and scripting process. There are several courses and if you are beginner then you will need to opt for the basic course. Then move on to the next advanced level to gain expertise in the full python stack. As you follow best practices, it will help you to get challenging projects. Key features of certification course and modules · Introduction to (Python) programming · Industry relevant content · Analyze data · Experiment with different techniques · Data Structures Web data access with python · Using database with this program DVS Technology USP: · Hands-on expert instructors: 24-hour training · Self-study videos · Real time project execution · Certification and placements · Flexible schedules · Support and access · Corporate training
RAMESH (Studying Public Policy: Principles and Processes)
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systMD is a NJ web design agency that offers high quality custom rental websites. Allow systMD to tailor-make your website from the ground up. With longtime professional experience in custom web design, graphic design services, template-based websites, client-updatable sites, and online stores, we are sure to meet all of your web design and development needs! Work one-on-one with our small team at competitvely-priced websites.
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Similar in difficulty to assessing developer support is assessing company support for a cryptoasset. Websites like SpendBitcoins.com16 inform visitors how many places accept a specific cryptoasset; a metric important for cryptocurrencies but not so much for cryptocommodities and cryptotokens.
Chris Burniske (Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor's Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond)
It's Not That We Use Technology, We Live Technology.
Godfrey Reggio
How to get rich fast of Robert Kiyosaki( Billionaire)? If you want to be rich, simply serve more people. — Robert Kiyosaki. All of us want to become rich best soon, but how? I think first we should know some things about money and answer what is money? Money is really just an idea. — Robert Kiyosaki. What you should think about rich person? 1. Getting rich begins with the right mindset, the right words and the right plan. — Robert Kiyosaki 2. If you want to be rich, you need to develop your vision. You must be standing on the edge of time gazing into the future. — Robert Kiyosaki Read more on my website
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4 Personal Year Number Effort, Building, Planning This year is all about building a solid foundation for your future by putting systems in place that will help you improve your quality of life. For example, if you’re thinking of selling your home, this is the year to make property improvements and repairs in preparation for the sale. Or, if you’d like to start a business, this is a year to search for a location, build your client base, and develop your website. Think of this year as laying the groundwork to set yourself up for life. This can be a year of hard work, as 4 indicates that extra physical, mental, and emotional effort is required to obtain your desired results. So prioritize your time and face your challenges head-on. Now, it may take longer than usual for things to come to fruition and to reap the rewards of your efforts; however, the lesson of the 4 is to be patient and persevere through obstacles and delays. No matter hard it gets, never, ever give up! Think of this year as a test of your dedication and commitment to yourself, where your attitude is the key to your success. Physical, mental, emotional, and financial stability are essential this year, so focus on your health, be optimistic, deal with issues from the past, avoid unnecessary drama and confrontation with others, and plan your finances carefully. With dedication, determination, and discipline, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.
Michelle Buchanan (The Numerology Guidebook: Uncover Your Destiny and the Blueprint of Your Life)
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Salespeople fail to develop new business because they are too patient and too slow to get into action. In company after company, I see salespeople waiting—waiting on the company. I hear excuses about waiting to call prospects until the new marketing materials are ready. Waiting for the new website to launch. Even waiting for warm leads. Please.
Mike Weinberg (New Sales. Simplified.: The Essential Handbook for Prospecting and New Business Development)
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Section One Summary Here’s what you should take away from this section about on-page optimization:         On-page optimization is what you do on your website to influence SERPs on Google.         Doing proper keyword research is the first step to a successful SEO campaign.         Having proper meta tags is essential. Always include your keyword phrase(s) in your meta tags.         The proper meta tags include your title tag, description tag, keywords tag, and robots tag.         Choose your URL carefully. Your URL doesn’t have to have your keyword included but it helps when other sites link to your site. Avoid exact match domains.         How you format your page is important for optimization purposes.         Make sure you design your web pages so Google is forced to read your on-page content first.         Verify that your code is W3C compliant.         Don’t forget to include your keyword phrase(s) in , , and header tags. This signifies the importance of your content to Google.         Label each graphic with an alt tag that includes your keyword phrase.         Place your keyword(s) in the first twenty-five words on your web page and the last twenty-five words on your web page.         Eliminate Flash if it’s the main presentation of your website. Google does not view this favorably.         If you’re going to use JavaScript to enhance the overall visitor experience of your website, place the code in an external file.         Include a sitemap that’s easily accessible by Google. Submit an XML version of your sitemap through Google Webmaster Tools.          Never underestimate the power of internal linking. A good internal linking structure can improve your SERPs.          Keyword development is one of the most important on-page optimization strategies.          Research keywords and competing websites to select ideal keywords.          Research the strength of competing websites before selecting your final keywords using Google PR and authority (ex: number of inbound links).          Page load speed is a significant factor in Google rankings. Ensure that your home page loads more quickly than those of competing
Michael H. Fleischner (SEO Made Simple: Search Engine Optimization Strategies: How to Dominate Google, the World's Largest Search Engine)
When you are going to plan your website anatomy, few things you need to make clear like you have to give a proper briefing of your product or product range on the landing page of your website, technically called ‘home page’. This home page should cover all the highlights of your products or services that you want to tell your visitors to grab their interest. Then you have to make a page that tells a description about your product or service; call it service page or product page. As much details you can give in this page – your visitors will get a more detailed idea about your business. Depending on your product you can develop specific product related pages. As example, if you are selling 20 books on your website and if you are trying to give all details in a single page then it will not be a user friendly page, say when the visitor is searching for a particular book and it comes at the bottom of the page with a serial of 20th.  So here you need to categorize your products based on some criteria. Now you have to develop a page telling about you or your company
Shirsendu Sengupta (Online Marketing Mantra - Open Secrets)
1. Decide on your product or service. 2. Set up a website, even a very basic one (you can get a free one from 3. Develop an offer (an offer is distinct from a product or service; see Chapter 7 for help). 4. Ensure you have a way to get paid (get a free PayPal account to start). 5. Announce your offer to the world (see Chapter 9 for more on this).
Chris Guillebeau (The $100 Startup: Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love and Work Better To Live More)
A third example of this was when we said, "Let's make some kind of coupon system"—because we had this idea that we would send people an automatic email when they visited our website that would tell them—and we had all these crazy ideas like, "Buy our software within the next 72 hours and get 25 percent off." (That thing was actually a bot that we wrote years ago, and it still runs. If you try CityDesk, which is our least popular product right now, you will get an automatic email with a 25 percent–off coupon that you have to use in the next 72 hours.) When we launched that, it did increase our sales a little bit. It gets people to evaluate the demo version right away—because they don't want to lose their 25 percent off coupon which is going to expire. These were all marginally good marketing ideas. Unfortunately we spent a lot of time chasing them. The one thing we learned over 5 years is that nothing works better than just improving your product. Every minute, every developer hour we spent on any one of these crazy things—although they had some marginal return on the work that we put into them—was nothing compared to just making a better version of the product and releasing it. If we had taken all the effort we put into these crazy schemes and put it into moving our software development schedule ahead by the equivalent amount, it would have paid off much more. That was probably the biggest mistake we made. And that's the advice I give everybody. All those little coupon schemes, this is what General Motors does. They figure out new rebate schemes because they forgot all about how to design cars people want to buy. But when you still remember how to make software people want, great, just improve it. Talk to your customers. Find out what they need. Don't pay any attention to the competition. They're not relevant to you. Only talk to your customers and your potential customers and see what it is that caused them not to buy your product or would cause them to buy more copies of it. And do that, and then ship it. That was something we really, really should have focused on, but, you know, we didn't know any better.
Jessica Livingston (Founders at Work: Stories of Startups' Early Days)
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access to Korean websites. 2) Internet Literacy Education To support the curriculum reformation initiated by the government, the KCC developed
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Quality control” is the correct role for parents and they can help provide that if they too have the assignment and instrument with which the product will be judged. All teachers should have links to project assignments and assessments on their classroom websites for easy parental access.
Douglas A. Johnson (Teaching Outside the Lines: Developing Creativity in Every Learner)
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For example, consider one of Intuit’s flagship products. Because TurboTax does most of its sales around tax season in the United States, it used to have an extremely conservative culture. Over the course of the year, the marketing and product teams would conceive one major initiative that would be rolled out just in time for tax season. Now they test over five hundred different changes in a two-and-a-half-month tax season. They’re running up to seventy different tests per week. The team can make a change live on its website on Thursday, run it over the weekend, read the results on Monday, and come to conclusions starting Tuesday; then they rebuild new tests on Thursday and launch the next set on Thursday night. As Scott put it, “Boy, the amount of learning they get is just immense now. And what it does is develop entrepreneurs, because when you have only one test, you don’t have entrepreneurs, you have politicians, because you have to sell. Out of a hundred good ideas, you’ve got to sell your idea. So you build up a society of politicians and salespeople. When you have five hundred tests you’re running, then everybody’s ideas can run. And then you create entrepreneurs who run and learn and can retest and relearn as opposed to a society of politicians. So we’re trying to drive that throughout our organization, using examples which have nothing to do with high tech, like the website example. Every business today has a website. You don’t have to be high tech to use fast-cycle testing.” This kind of change is hard. After all, the company has a significant number of existing customers who continue to demand exceptional service and investors who expect steady, growing returns. Scott says, It goes against the grain of what people have been taught in business and what leaders have been taught. The problem isn’t with the teams or the entrepreneurs. They love the chance to quickly get their baby out into the market. They love the chance to have the customer vote instead of the suits voting. The real issue is with the leaders and the middle managers. There are many business leaders who have been successful because of analysis. They think they’re analysts, and their job is to do great planning and analyzing and have a plan.
Eric Ries (The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses)
The campaign website was funded by Armistead, and he personally authored the content. He was determined that the campaign's values and goals would fit on one page. The website developer, who was experienced with political campaigns, was opposed to this. He lobbied for detailed policy statements and explanations, which was the conventional approach. But Armistead disagreed. The website developer thus learned that day that core principles were more important than thousands of words of speculative verbiage.
Rodney Page (Powers Not Delegated)
One Stanford op-ed in particular was picked up by the national press and inspired a website, Stop the Brain Drain, which protested the flow of talent to Wall Street. The Stanford students wrote, The financial industry’s influence over higher education is deep and multifaceted, including student choice over majors and career tracks, career development resources, faculty and course offerings, and student culture and political activism. In 2010, even after the economic crisis, the financial services industry drew a full 20 percent of Harvard graduates and over 15 percent of Stanford and MIT graduates. This represented the highest portion of any industry except consulting, and about three times more than previous generations. As the financial industry’s profits have increasingly come from complex financial products, like the collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) that ignited the 2008 financial meltdown, its demand has steadily grown for graduates with technical degrees. In 2006, the securities and commodity exchange sector employed a larger portion of scientists and engineers than semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications. The result has been a major reallocation of top talent into financial sector jobs, many of which are “socially useless,” as the chairman of the United Kingdom’s Financial Services Authority put it. This over-allocation reduces the supply of productive entrepreneurs and researchers and damages entrepreneurial capitalism, according to a recent Kauffman Foundation report. Many of these finance jobs contribute to volatile and counter-productive financial speculation. Indeed, Wall Street’s activities are largely dominated by speculative security trading and arbitrage instead of investment in new businesses. In 2010, 63 percent of Goldman Sachs’ revenue came from trading, compared to only 13 percent from corporate finance. Why are graduates flocking to Wall Street? Beyond the simple allure of high salaries, investment banks and hedge funds have designed an aggressive, sophisticated, and well-funded recruitment system, which often takes advantage of [a] student’s job insecurity. Moreover, elite university culture somehow still upholds finance as a “prestigious” and “savvy” career track.6
Andrew Yang (Smart People Should Build Things: How to Restore Our Culture of Achievement, Build a Path for Entrepreneurs, and Create New Jobs in America)
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When President Obama addressed the country on January 5, 2016, about his latest push for gun control, Bloomberg-funded research provided the “facts” that Obama cited: •​“Congress actually voted to make it harder for public health experts to conduct research into gun violence; made it harder to collect data and facts and develop strategies to reduce gun violence.” •​“After Connecticut passed a law requiring background checks and gun safety courses, gun deaths decreased by 40%. Forty percent.” •​“Since Missouri repealed a law requiring comprehensive background checks and purchase permits, gun deaths have increased to almost 50% higher than the national average.” •​“A violent felon can buy the exact same weapon over the internet with no background check, no questions asked. A recent study found that about 1-in-30 people looking to buy guns on one website had criminal records—one out of 30 had a criminal record. We’re talking about individuals convicted of serious crimes—aggravated assault, domestic violence, robbery, illegal gun possession. People with lengthy criminal histories buying deadly weapons all too easily.
John R. Lott Jr. (The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies)
Soon after joining the agency, Marks set out to lessen the danger. His first step was to get rid of the codes that the agency had been using to communicate with its people in the field. They had come from MI6, which, for the first two years of SOE’s existence, had controlled its wireless circuits and provided its sets and coding. Marks was dismayed by the simplicity of the codes, which were based on classic English poems by Shakespeare and others that were “so familiar that an educated German was quite capable of recognizing them and guessing the cipher.” To replace them, he wrote poems of his own, ranging from ribald verses to tender love poems. He gave one of the latter, entitled “The Life That I Have,” to a twenty-one-year-old agent named Violette Szabo, who, after being parachuted into France in 1942, was eventually captured, tortured, and killed by the Gestapo. It read: The life that I have Is all that I have And the life that I have Is yours. The love that I have Of the life that I have Is yours and yours and yours. A sleep I shall have A rest I shall have Yet death will be but a pause For the peace of my years In the long green grass Will be yours and yours and yours. Since then, the poem has developed a life of its own. It has been used in a movie about Szabo’s life, found in poetry anthologies, reprinted on a 9/11 victims’ website, and recited by Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky at their wedding in 2010. “Every code,” Marks would later say, “has a human face.
Lynne Olson (Last Hope Island: Britain, Occupied Europe, and the Brotherhood That Helped Turn the Tide of War)
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Having studied both the possible risks and the likely rewards, the Guardian’s managers decided both to “open in” the website, by bringing in more data and applications from the outside, and to “open out” the site, by enabling partners to create products using Guardian content and services on other digital platforms. To work toward the “open out” goal, the Guardian created a set of APIs that made its content easily available to external parties. These interfaces include three different levels of access. The lowest access tier, which the paper calls Keyless, allows anyone to use Guardian headlines, metadata, and information architecture (that is, the software and design elements that structure Guardian data and make it easier to access, analyze, and use) without requesting permission and without any requirement to share revenues that might be generated. The second access tier, Approved, allows registered developers to reprint entire Guardian articles, with certain time and usage restrictions. Advertising revenues are shared between the newspaper and the developers. The third and highest access tier, Bespoke, is a customized support package that provides unlimited use of Guardian content—for a fee.
Geoffrey G. Parker (Platform Revolution: How Networked Markets Are Transforming the Economy--and How to Make Them Work for You)
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The way PayPal started was that it was a security and risk company that stumbled onto payments, which were really in need of development as the Internet was starting to grow. It was to find safe ways of facilitating payments between people who were buyers and sellers who couldn’t interact in person or were interacting online. What you had at the time, as the Internet boom started, was all these businesses that were forming and selling online, and they didn’t have any physical assets—they only had digital assets. If you had a small business that had just started a website, looking to sell something on eBay, for example, and you went to the bank and said, “Could you underwrite me, and allow me to accept electronic payments?,” there was simply no way that these financial institutions
Brett King (Breaking Banks: The Innovators, Rogues, and Strategists Rebooting Banking)
Content marketing serves a business purpose. It helps your website get found, it attracts prospects to your business, and it gives you a way to develop a trust-based relationship with them. But if you don’t ask your readers to take action, you might as well skip the whole exercise!
Pamela Wilson (Master Content Marketing: A Simple Strategy to Cure the Blank Page Blues and Attract a Profitable Audience)
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Increasingly, product developers roll out what’s known as a minimum viable product (MVP).6 An MVP accomplishes the goal of the customer—it tracks your exercise, cooks your food, or monitors your blood sugar—with services and some style, to support the higher price tag it carries. Companies that ship MVPs know that they will improve them and that ideas for those improvements will be generated from the people who first use the product. As Stefan Olander, vice president and general manager of digital sport at Nike, puts it “Get going. Then get better.”7 Software development for websites and applications is undergoing a revolution, from huge complex projects and infrequent releases to the continuous, agile development cycles happening now.
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jQuery is by far the most widely used library for JavaScript. It is used on more than 50% of websites. Many frameworks, such as Backbone and Twitter’s Bootstrap, are built on top of jQuery. Being able to extend and write plugins for jQuery can not only save lots of time, but also makes code much cleaner and easier to maintain.
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creating backbone networks by 2013; supporting IPv6 conversion by 100 websites; and promotion of IPv6 equipment development by
I was expecting to find a scooter company. One of those trendy, battery-powered skateboard or Segway-like rolling transporters used in place of walking. What I found was something entirely more audacious.  PPS was developing a jetpack. An actual jetpack. One of those James Bond, Buck Rogers, Rocket Man-style engines you strapped to your back and flew with. I supposed the Space Coast location should have been a tipoff, but I missed that clue. The PPS website was just a Work In Progress placeholder, but I did find a few other companies in the niche, and one had a very impressive video. It showed a man flying over rivers and lakes using a device that looked exactly like what the comic books predicted. At first I thought it was faked, but it proved to be real. USA Today confirmed it in a front page story on November 11, 2015 titled “Man on jetpack flies around Statue of Liberty.”  That meant the core Iron Man technology had existed for years. If a fatal flaw hadn’t been found, it would now be in the refinement and regulatory approval stage. It occurred to me that between jetpacks and drones and hover boards and self-driving cars, the Department of Transportation had to be hopelessly swamped. The world was evolving at an incredible pace. It was no wonder that so many people
Tim Tigner (Twist and Turn (Kyle Achilles, #4))
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Sales development is more than getting prospects on the phone, asking a series of rapid-fire questions, and documenting their responses. The job is about arousing curiosity and generating interest. Often, that requires getting at the answer behind the answer. Ask your candidates how they prepared for the interview. One might have done some reading on top blogs. Another might have viewed a recorded webinar on your prospects and your industry, while another might have downloaded every piece of content on your website.
Trish Bertuzzi (The Sales Development Playbook: Build Repeatable Pipeline and Accelerate Growth with Inside Sales)
map out all the activities in that group’s typical customer value chain. Decouplers often trip up on this step in two ways. First, they are overly generic in articulating the CVC. When mapping the process of buying a car, auto executives tend to describe it as: feel the need to buy car > become aware of a car brand > develop an interest in the brand > visit the dealer > purchase the car. This is a start, but it is not specific enough. Decouplers must ask: When do people actually need a new car? How exactly do people become aware of car brands? How do people become interested in a make or model? And so on. The generic process of awareness, interest, desire, and purchase isn’t specific enough to help. Decouplers also flounder by failing to identify all the relevant stages in the value chain. For the car-buying process, a better description of the CVC might be: become aware that your car lease will expire in one month > feel the need to purchase a new car > develop a heightened interest in car ads > visit car manufacturers’ websites > create a set of two or three brands of interest > visit third-party auto websites > compare options of cars in the same category > choose a model > shop online for the best price > visit the nearest dealer to see if they have the model in stock > see if they can beat the best online price > test-drive the cars > decide about financing, warranty, and other add-ons > negotiate a final price > sign the contract > pick up the car > use it > wait for the lease to expire again. With this far more detailed CVC, we can fully appreciate the complexity of the car-buying
Thales S. Teixeira (Unlocking the Customer Value Chain: How Decoupling Drives Consumer Disruption)
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Six Steps to Getting Started Right Now As we saw from the stories in Chapter 1, you don’t need a lot of money or special training to operate a business. You just need a product or service, a group of people who want to buy it, and a way to get paid. We’ll look at each of these things in more detail throughout the book, but you don’t have to wait to get started. Here are the six steps you need to take: 1. Decide on your product or service. 2. Set up a website, even a very basic one (you can get a free one from 3. Develop an offer (an offer is distinct from a product or service; see Chapter 7 for help). 4. Ensure you have a way to get paid (get a free PayPal account to start). 5. Announce your offer to the world (see Chapter 9 for more on this). 6. Learn from steps 1 through 5, then repeat. Almost all microbusiness building follows this sequence of events. Of course, we’ll be discussing specifics as we go along, but it’s always better to start from where you are than to wait for everything to be perfect. If you have an existing business and are thinking about how to apply the concepts from this book, focus on either getting money in the bank or developing new products or services. These are the most important tasks of your business-not administration, maintenance, or anything else that takes time without creating wealth or value. If you’re not sure what to do, think about any of these ideas: Can you contact your customer list with a special offer or incentive? Can you introduce a new product or service to complement your existing portfolio? If you’re a coach or consultant, can you offer a special deal for clients who prepay? Is there a new way you can attract subscribers, clients, or customers? But one way or another . . . just do something.
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The rich and interactive experiences we have come to expect on mobile apps have created new standards and expectations for all digital media including the web. The result is websites are evolving to become more app-like in their rich functionality.
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Sell your art, crafts, or any handcrafted item on Develop a travel concierge service to help people when they miss their flights Offer online tutoring services in your field of expertise Host a networking event (charge a low ticket price and get sponsors to provide food) Create and sell a visitors’ guide to your town or city, or build a web resource for tourists, supported by advertisers Create an online (or offline) course in some quirky subject you happen to know a lot about Publish a blog with a new lesson on a specific topic every day Start a podcast and sell sponsorship Visit yard sales or thrift shops and buy items to resell Offer a simple freelance service—anything from fact-checking to tech support or something else entirely Become a home, office, or life organizer Manage P.R. or social media accounts for small businesses Buy and sell used textbooks to college students Sell your musings on business, art, or culture as a freelance writer Start a membership website, where people pay a monthly or annual fee to access useful information about a specific topic Write and publish a book (if I can do it, you can too!)
Chris Guillebeau (Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days)
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Simple Ways To Harness The Power Of Tiktok For Business Success In 2020, social media has been empowered in the world of digital marketing. TikTok is one of the traditional video-sharing platforms, for all the individual and business accounts use this platform to entertain people. TikTok gives you an amazing way to share your posts with your audience and get more visibility to your website. Make sure you can only post your video through reactions. TikTok allows you to share 15-second videos with a variety of topics. It gives different songs with filters to shoot your video directly from your mobile device. But many also struggle to exactly use TikTok for business purposes. Here are some simple ways to harness the power of TikTok for business success. TikTok On Business TikTok is a great opportunity to start your business, promote your brand, and create a connection with your audience and brand by using engaging videos. It is one of the most popular social media in the world because it connects with a wider audience. Under this updated world, everything is changed into online marketing and purchasing. This is the big advantage to start your business with this social media. TikTok is relative to a younger audience, so you should target teens and promote your brand relevant to their needs and interest to get better positive results. Create Engaging Contents TikTok is only a place to make fun and creativity. TikTok short-form videos easily capture the audience's attention because of the entertaining nature. It gives the big opportunity to create your content that focuses more on the fun and entertaining to connect the wider audience. So, you don’t need to feel the pressure of creating your content. You can simply make your video with an effective background and showing your product. But your main goal is to keep managing your product offers. Get More Influencers There are lots of ways to take advantage of the platform to promote your brand. One easy way to advertise your products on TikTok via influencers. You need to find the right influencer to develop your business. If you grow your TikTok likes, you can improve your brand identity and get more profit. Also, you can analyze which kind of products you offer to get the best and positive results. If you share more videos whether or not they are relevant to your industry, you can change to become a good influencer. But, you need to post your stories frequently. Promote Hashtag Challenges If you add your branded hashtag with your video, you can get more visibility in your audience. A hashtag challenge is one of the effective ways to reach your targeted audience to talk about your business. The main goal of the hashtag challenge is to encourage your audience and create a brand identity. Most of the users love to participate in these challenges. TikTok Growth TikTok is undoubtedly a powerful social media tool with billions of followers sharing their expressions every day. This is a new platform compared to other social media networks, but it contains large competitors. It is worth spending your time developing for the benefit of your business.
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If you have a list of numbers that you would like your fax marketing company to broadcast to, they will. It's that easy. Much of the time you can even do it throughemail, but either way, you all of them the ad and the list and they'll take care of it. The problem is, people can make a few mistakes when typing up long listsof numbers or possibly have a customer listed more than once, so their fax number should make it onto the list several times. Shredding cause some problemsonce the ad starts going out, especially when short term installment loan fax machine is overrun by multiple ads coming a person. Fortunately for businesstoday, the fax marketing industry has set up, in the majority of cases, a screening process that will guarantee that no number on your list gets more thanone fax, even in the event you listed it several times. Sure - you precisely how many leads (opt-ins) each promotion generates immediately the. you can precisely how much each lead spend you . an individual alsocan know -- generally -- simply how much your average lead will expend with you over the time. Faster Moolah: Unlike the U.S. Postal Service which takes two fax list marketing to 3 weeks to provide bulk mail, the Internet lets me deliver my sales messageand begin generating sales instantly. If to be able to pictures, or marketing plans written on a table napkin and do not want to have supply file for it, then you just take a picture associated with in yourdigital camera or phone camera that has it transferred to your computer. It is then ready for sending as an internet based fax list marketing. Now, since it's outright develop a call to action straight away, several to convince first, so lets buy fax marketing get started. Initially, you might need to pique yourprospect's interest. You'll be able to do this visually, a few eye catching design. You will do it literally start by making an appealing offer, or possibly by spellingout an edge of goods. Better still, you may make use of both approaches. is really a source that can announce publishing a paper, changes to your website, good books and articles, workshops that you could be offer, etc. Manyoffer free things like recordings, articles, etc. It's another strategy network with the other professionals. It's popularity is exploding. Most business people still consider direct mail to be one of the extremely credible methods in contact with them. This makes marketing your services and productswith a mailing list a choice. Be an important person - Show for ones customers that you're made of flesh and blood. Add your complete name, phone number, fax, email address contact infoand business address showing that you might be a real guy with the business!
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Web Application Development In this modern world of computer technology all people are using internet. In particular, to take advantage of this scenario the web provides a way for marketers to get to know the people visiting their sites and start communicating with them. One way of doing this is asking web visitors to subscribe to newsletters, to submit an application form when requesting information on products or provide details to customize their browsing experience when next visiting a particular website. In computing, a web application is a client–server software application in which the client runs in a web browser. HTML5 introduced explicit language support for making applications that are loaded as web pages, but can store data locally and continue to function while offline. Web Applications are dynamic web sites combined with server side programming which provide functionalities such as interacting with users, connecting to back-end databases, and generating results to browsers. Examples of Web Applications are Online Banking, Social Networking, Online Reservations, eCommerce / Shopping Cart Applications, Interactive Games, Online Training, Online Polls, Blogs, Online Forums, Content Management Systems, etc.. Applications are usually broken into logical chunks called “tiers”, where every tier is assigned a role. Traditional applications consist only of 1 tier, which resides on the client machine, but web applications lend themselves to an n-tiered approach by nature. Though many variations are possible, the most common structure is the three-tiered application. In its most common form, the three tiers are called presentation, application and storage, in this order. A web browser is the first tier (presentation), an engine using some dynamic Web content technology (such as ASP, CGI, ColdFusion, Dart, JSP/Java, Node.js, PHP, Python or Ruby on Rails) is the middle tier (application logic), and a database is the third tier (storage).The web browser sends requests to the middle tier, which services them by making queries and updates against the database and generates a user interface. Client Side Scripting / Coding – Client Side Scripting is the type of code that is executed or interpreted by browsers. Client Side Scripting is generally viewable by any visitor to a site (from the view menu click on “View Source” to view the source code). Below are some common Client Side Scripting technologies: HTML (HyperTextMarkup Language) CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) JavaScript Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) jQuery (JavaScript Framework Library – commonly used in Ajax development) MooTools (JavaScript Framework Library – commonly used in Ajax development) Dojo Toolkit (JavaScript Framework Library – commonly used in Ajax development) Server Side Scripting / Coding – Server Side Scripting is the type of code that is executed or interpreted by the web server. Server Side Scripting is not viewable or accessible by any visitor or general public. Below are the common Server Side Scripting technologies: PHP (very common Server Side Scripting language – Linux / Unix based Open Source – free redistribution, usually combines with MySQL database) Zend Framework (PHP’s Object Oriented Web Application Framework) ASP (Microsoft Web Server (IIS) Scripting language) ASP.NET (Microsoft’s Web Application Framework – successor of ASP) ColdFusion (Adobe’s Web Application Framework) Ruby on Rails (Ruby programming’s Web Application Framework – free redistribution) Perl (general purpose high-level programming language and Server Side Scripting Language – free redistribution – lost its popularity to PHP) Python (general purpose high-level programming language and Server Side Scripting language – free redistribution). We also provide Training in various Computer Languages. TRIRID provide quality Web Application Development Services. Call us @ 8980010210
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What is WordPress? WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. Many famous blogs, news outlets, music sites, Fortune 500 companies and celebrities are using WordPress. WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. There are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine. WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day. You can download and install a software script called WordPress from To do this you need a web host who meets the minimum requirements and a little time. WordPress is completely customizable and can be used for almost anything. There is also a servicecalled WordPress users may install and switch between different themes. Themes allow users to change the look and functionality of a WordPress website and they can be installed without altering the content or health of the site. Every WordPress website requires at least one theme to be present and every theme should be designed using WordPress standards with structured PHP, valid HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Themes: WordPress is definitely the world’s most popular CMS. The script is in its roots more of a blog than a typical CMS. For a while now it’s been modernized and it got thousands of plugins, what made it more CMS-like. WordPress does not require PHP nor HTML knowledge unlinke Drupal, Joomla or Typo3. A preinstalled plugin and template function allows them to be installed very easily. All you need to do is to choose a plugin or a template and click on it to install. It’s good choice for beginners. Plugins: WordPress’s plugin architecture allows users to extend the features and functionality of a website or blog. WordPress has over 40,501 plugins available. Each of which offers custom functions and features enabling users to tailor their sites to their specific needs. WordPress menu management has extended functionalities that can be modified to include categories, pages, etc. If you like this post then please share and like this post. To learn more About website design in wordpress You can visit @ Call us @ 8980010210
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physical sharing and exchange of computer tapes and disks on which the code was recorded. In current Internet days, rapid technological advances in computer hardware and software and networking technologies have made it much easier to create and sustain a communal development style on ever-larger scales. Also, implementing new projects is becoming progressively easier as effective project design becomes better understood, and as prepackaged infrastructural support for such projects becomes available on the Web. Today, an open source software development project is typically initiated by an individual or a small group seeking a solution to an individual's or a firm's need. Raymond (1999, p. 32) suggests that "every good work of software starts by scratching a developer's personal itch" and that "too often software developers spend their days grinding away for pay at programs they neither need nor love. But not in the (open source) world...." A project's initiators also generally become the project's "owners" or "maintainers" who take on responsibility for project management." Early on, this individual or group generally develops a first, rough version of the code that outlines the functionality envisioned. The source code for this initial version is then made freely available to all via downloading from an Internet website established by the project. The project founders also set up infrastructure for the project that those interested in using or further developing the code can use to seek help, provide information or provide new open source code for others to discuss and test. In the case of projects that are successful in attracting interest, others do download and use and "play with" the code-and some of these do go on to create new and modified code. Most then post what they have done on the project website for use and critique by any who are interested. New and modified code that is deemed to be of sufficient quality and of general interest by the project maintainers is then added to the authorized version of the code. In many projects the privilege of adding to the authorized code is restricted to only a few trusted developers. These few then serve as gatekeepers for code written by contributors who do not have such access (von Krogh and Spaeth 2002). Critical tools and infrastructure available to open source software project participants includes email lists for specialized purposes that are open to all. Thus, there is a list where code users can report software failures ("bugs") that they encounter during field use of the software. There is also a list where those developing the code can share ideas about what would be good next steps for the project, good features to add, etc. All of these lists are open to all and are also publicly archived,
Eric von Hippel (Democratizing Innovation)
Initially working out of our home in Northern California, with a garage-based lab, I wrote a one page letter introducing myself and what we had and posted it to the CEOs of twenty-two Fortune 500 companies. Within a couple of weeks, we had received seventeen responses, with invitations to meetings and referrals to heads of engineering departments. I met with those CEOs or their deputies and received an enthusiastic response from almost every individual. There was also strong interest from engineers given the task of interfacing with us. However, support from their senior engineering and product development managers was less forthcoming. We learned that many of the big companies we had approached were no longer manufacturers themselves but assemblers of components or were value-added reseller companies, who put their famous names on systems that other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) had built. That didn't daunt us, though when helpful VPs of engineering at top-of-the-food-chain companies referred us to their suppliers, we found that many had little or no R & D capacity, were unwilling to take a risk on outside ideas, or had no room in their already stripped-down budgets for innovation. Our designs found nowhere to land. It became clear that we needed to build actual products and create an apples-to-apples comparison before we could interest potential manufacturing customers. Where to start? We created a matrix of the product areas that we believed PAX could impact and identified more than five hundred distinct market sectors-with potentially hundreds of thousands of products that we could improve. We had to focus. After analysis that included the size of the addressable market, ease of access, the cost and time it would take to develop working prototypes, the certifications and metrics of the various industries, the need for energy efficiency in the sector, and so on, we prioritized the list to fans, mixers, pumps, and propellers. We began hand-making prototypes as comparisons to existing, leading products. By this time, we were raising working capital from angel investors. It's important to note that this was during the first half of the last decade. The tragedy of September 11, 2001, and ensuing military actions had the world's attention. Clean tech and green tech were just emerging as terms, and energy efficiency was still more of a slogan than a driver for industry. The dot-com boom had busted. We'd researched venture capital firms in the late 1990s and found only seven in the United States investing in mechanical engineering inventions. These tended to be expansion-stage investors that didn't match our phase of development. Still, we were close to the famous Silicon Valley and had a few comical conversations with venture capitalists who said they'd be interested in investing-if we could turn our technology into a website. Instead, every six months or so, we drew up a budget for the following six months. Via a growing network of forward-thinking private investors who could see the looming need for dramatic changes in energy efficiency and the performance results of our prototypes compared to currently marketed products, we funded the next phase of research and business development.
Jay Harman (The Shark's Paintbrush: Biomimicry and How Nature is Inspiring Innovation)
I’ve been in a rut going from doctor to doctor and from one website to the other, in that cycle of panic and anxiety, not really sticking to anything for a long enough time to develop confidence in that new habit. It was really important to me not to judge my progress from one day to the next. Realising first that I was in this for the long run and looking forward with confidence was a must. Setbacks will occur as you continue on to your path to full recovery, so take a second and take a longer look at your own cabinet if in fact you were addicted the way I was.
Dennis Simsek (Me VS Myself: The Anxiety Guy Tells All)
Dweck’s website,, teaches a step-by-step approach to developing “growth mindset.”15
Julie Lythcott-Haims (How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success)
I visited McBeth’s eleventh and twelfth grade classes, which were both working on prototypes for projects they had approached through design thinking. One was a revitalization scheme for Toronto’s waterfront, and the other was creating an indoor agriculture system. The students were producing all sorts of creative solutions, from elaborate models of their waterfront developments to fish farms where the fish’s own waste would fertilize the plants that cleaned the water. It was loud, messy work. At one point, three girls were hand-sawing a piece of lumber balanced between two desks, and sawdust quickly coated their preppy uniforms and hair. With a few exceptions, all the students said they preferred to work without computers on this type of project. They felt they had more creative freedom, were less distracted, could be more accurate to their vision, and gained a better understanding of the scale and materials involved. It also seemed more fun. The groups building models and contraptions around the room were laughing and joking as they glued and taped and cut and broke things. The only ones working on computers were two girls who gave up on a model and decided to make an app instead. They sat side by side, quietly checking out the pricing options on various app-building websites, flipping over to Facebook whenever McBeth was out
David Sax (The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter)
Looking back, I ask myself whether WikiLeaks itself during my last months there had developed into a kind of religious cult. It had become a system that admitted little internal criticism. Anything that went wrong had to be the fault of something on the outside. The guru was untouchable and beyond question. Any external danger encouraged internal cohesion. Anyone who offered too much criticism was punished by being withdrawn from communication or by being threatened with possible consequences. Moreover, WL participants were only allowed to know as much as was absolutely necessary for them to carry out their appointed tasks. In any case, this much can be said: From reading the Scientology documents, and the philosophy and teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, Julian learned only too well how a cult of personality functions.
Daniel Domscheit-Berg (Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World's Most Dangerous Website)
Julian had his own ideas about how WL should develop. He wanted to release one leak after another, as aggressively as possible, and generate a maximum of conflict. He seemed to have no interest in content or further technological development. Probably he was just not the sort of person who plans for the long-term future. The
Daniel Domscheit-Berg (Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World's Most Dangerous Website)
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