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The sky's inclemency stirs up the angry winds; the watery clouds are soaking with ceaseless rain. The turbulent Vltava, swollen with rainy waves, Bursting, impetuous, breaks through its river banks.
Elizabeth Jane Weston
Alpha of the Vltava Pack. Been around since the Middle fucking Ages. Apparently a baker-of all the sodding things for a fearsome Alpha to be. We are glad we don't have to tell people our Alpha is a motherehumping baker.
Patricia Briggs (Silence Fallen (Mercy Thompson, #10))
Niemand würde glauben, wie schön Prag in der Nacht ist, im Glanz des Mondes. Die Menschen schlummern, die Steine sind lebendig geworden, auch in die Standbilder auf der Karlsbrücke kommt Leben. Der Hradčin, schon am Tage majestätisch erhaben, ist bei Nacht noch erhabener. Umflort von der Farbe der Finsternis, erhebt er sich hoch in den endlosen Himmel, und sein Turm, steil aufragend, reicht bis an die funkelnden Sterne. Die Moldau rauscht hymnisch, über ihrem Tal steht der Mond, der sich so manchmal von dem herrlichen Anblick nicht trennen kann; er schaut und schaut, bis ihn die eifersüchtige Sonne verscheucht.
Jan Neruda
(...) he loved when water dried on his face, when his eyelashes matted with water and dried off swiftly in the sun. So we'd do our daytrips, and Saturdays amd Sundays go swimming. During wuring weekdays (...) we went to Vltava, down to Maniny there, to its riverside, where poplars rose along the river, where the railway tracks passed and where the sun shone so sweetly in the afternoon. That's where I was at my happiest.
Bohumil Hrabal (In-House Weddings)
I met the gentlemen on Wenzel Square. Mary had come along with me. We admired the many beautiful bridges across the Vltava (Moldau) River. We saw the Hradczani Castle, situated across the river, on a high hill - but only from the outside. They told us that it was closed for the day. Later, we found out that on that particular day, in a communist "putsch" - conspiracy, they threw the foreign minister out of the window and declared to the world that he had committed suicide. The foreign minister was Massaryk, the son of the founder of the republic.
Pearl Fichman (Before Memories Fade)
The next day, Tee climbed over the railing in Vyšehrad and sat on the cliff above the Vltava. Sailboats struggled to tack against the wind. Back in the ruins, a little boy knelt in the prayer maze, eyes closed. When the boy left, Tee walked into the center. He found a tiny blue thimble, just big enough to catch a drop of rain.
Matthew Salesses (The Hundred-Year Flood)