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It was women’s individual experiences of victimization that produced our widespread moral and political opposition to it. And at the same time, there was something about the hashtag itself—its design, and the ways of thinking that it affirms and solidifies—that both erased the variety of women’s experiences and made it seem as if the crux of feminism was this articulation of vulnerability itself. A hashtag is specifically designed to remove a statement from context and to position it as part of an enormous singular thought. A woman participating in one of these hashtags becomes visible at an inherently predictable moment of male aggression: the time her boss jumped her, or the night a stranger followed her home. The rest of her life, which is usually far less predictable, remains unseen. Even as women have attempted to use #YesAllWomen and #MeToo to regain control of a narrative, these hashtags have at least partially reified the thing they’re trying to eradicate: the way that womanhood can feel like a story of loss of control. They have made feminist solidarity and shared vulnerability seem inextricable, as if we were incapable of building solidarity around anything else. What we have in common is obviously essential, but it’s the differences between women’s stories—the factors that allow some to survive, and force others under—that illuminate the vectors that lead to a better world. And, because there is no room or requirement in a tweet to add a disclaimer about individual experience, and because hashtags subtly equate disconnected statements in a way that can’t be controlled by those speaking, it has been even easier for #MeToo critics to claim that women must themselves think that going on a bad date is the same as being violently raped.
Jia Tolentino (Trick Mirror)
...any concentrated mass is actually a local distortion of space itself, there happens to be exactly one surface, registered with the U.S. Patent Office, which, incorporated into a suitable hat design, will take the impact load of any known safe falling from any current altitude, transmitting to the wearer only the most trivial of resultant vectors.
Thomas Pynchon (Against the Day)
The entire world has benefited and prospered since the decisive defeat of Yellow Fever, an unconventional and far-reaching military victory derived from the field medical discoveries of U.S. Army Major Dr. Walter Reed, designed and carried out by U.S. Army Major Dr. William Gorgas with the overall support under the command of U.S. Army General Leonard Wood.
T.K. Naliaka
Another way is via genetic engineering. Here the germ is inserted into plasmid that has been manipulated by scientists. This type of plasmid is circular segments of DNA extracted from bacteria to serve as a vector. Scientists can add multiple genes and whatever genes they want into this plasmid. In case of vaccines, this includes a genetic piece of the vaccine germ and normally a gene for antibiotic resistance. This means that when the toxic gene is cultured inside the yeast, it has been designed with a new genetic code that makes it resistant to the antibiotic it’s coded for. The gene-plasmid combo is inserted into a yeast cell to be replicated. When the yeast replicates, the DNA from the plasmid is reproduced as a part of the yeast DNA. Once enough cells have been replicated, the genetic material in the new and improved yeast cell is extracted and put into the vaccine. Examples of this vaccine are the acellular pertussis and hepatitis B vaccines. One thing that doesn’t seem to concern scientists is the fact that the manmade genetic combination becomes the vaccine component. This mixture of intended and unintended genetic information may cause our immune system to overreact. This can be especially complicated for a child with compromised immune system. Another concern is that this new genetic code can become integrated with our own genetic material. Yeast, for instance, is very much like human DNA. It shares about one third of our proteins.
James Morcan (Vaccine Science Revisited: Are Childhood Immunizations As Safe As Claimed? (The Underground Knowledge Series, #8))
Designated substances drugs have been a serious problem for some time now but, they dont have to be. If you know someone with a designer drug problem contact Vector medical corporation in Canada now.
Vector Medical
Rabbit Illness I suggests recording the following possible signs when a rabbit has eaten a toxic plant: abdominal tenderness, hemorrhage, difficulty breathing, depression, diarrhea, anorexia, mouth irritation, pain, convulsions, vomiting, weakness, and death. If your rabbit likes to dig, I recommends removing dormant bulbs and filling your flower beds with rabbit-safe plants. How about a or a dedicated burrowing area or container full of plants and vegetables your rabbit can eat? For more rabbit enhancement tips, contact our pet lover team. Rabbit Safe Flowers and Plant Rabbit-safe plants include chickweed, clover, chamomile, dandelion, nasturtium, nettle, rose, pansy, marigold, and sunflower. Rabbit-safe garden vegetables include kale, romaine lettuce, bok choy, carrot greens (carrots themselves are high in sugar, so eat them in moderation), basil, and broccoli greens. Now you’re ready to start a sunny day by looking around your garden and plucking all the plants that could get your rabbit in trouble.
Cambridge Design Vector
If a designated substance regulation  implement  to your workplace, Any workplace in respect of which the Minister of Labor has ordered the employer to establish a committee. Regular inspections of the workplace by the designated member of the joint health and safety committee help to recognize hazards and serious workplace injuries.
Vector Medical
At Vector’s Medical Marijuana Work program in Canada is designed to help employers and deal with the difficulties of workers in safety-sensitive jobs who have medical permission to use marijuana.
Vector Medical
Have a sunny hello! Mate ! We are doing and providing design and Development Service that one the stranded and qualitative. we are believe Great design makes your brand marketing easier and enjoyable to get it. We will use our graphic design experience to create beautiful Brand identity that demonstrate your company’s uniqueness. We take pride in our work, making sure that every element is beautifully designed with color, proportion, type, shape and image in-mind. We can create nearly any kind of web and print design such as: Identity/Logo User Interface Design for Mobile Apps &Website. Web Marketing such as advertising Banner and Poster Business cards Info graphic etc We also provide Clipping Path services for your images: · Remove Background from your images or photos · Create Shadows · Masking Images · Retouching Photos to make it more vibrant · Glamour correction · Color correction · Brightness and contrast correction · Raster to vector · Digital image album creation etc.
al kafi
Public kiosks run an unfortunate risk of being a disease vector, so your first pass should try for noncontact inputs like voice, proximity switches, or non-contact gestural inputs. If
Alan Cooper (About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design)
Ať už jste návrhář nebo ilustrátor, očekává se od vás, že budete každý den vykazovat tvůrčí činnost. Nezáleží na tom, zda máte náladu na kreslení nebo ne. Zřídkakdy si můžete dopřát takový luxus, abyste mohli čekat na to, až vás něco inspiruje a vy se budete moci posunout v projektu dál.
Von Glitschka (Vector Basic Training: A Systematic Creative Process for Building Precision Vector Artwork)