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Intelligence comes from meditation, intelligence comes from rebellion, intelligence does not come from memory
Ugta sooraj dhalti shaam din or raat ko ek hi janta h ye neet h sab bhut khuj mangta h
Abhimanyu Kumawat (JEET ki Ranneeti जीत की रणनीति by Dr. Abhimanyu Kumawat)
Khud se jeetne ki zid h khudko hi hrana h , M bheed nhi hu duniya ki mere andar zamana h.
Abhimanyu Kumawat (JEET ki Ranneeti जीत की रणनीति by Dr. Abhimanyu Kumawat)
Struggle is a synonym for a successful life. Never give up on living a successful life
Harsh Suthar
Watch your thoughts, they become your words, Watch your words, they become your actions, Watch your actions, they become your habits, Watch your habits, they become your character, Watch your character, it becomes your destiny”.
Nishant Jain (All About UPSC Civil Services Exam-old)
q) Consultation with CVC or UPSC where necessary (r) Forward the inquiry report to the delinquent employee together with the reasons for disagreement, if any and the recommendations of the CVC where applicable - Rule 15(2) (s) Considering the response of the delinquent employee to the inquiry report and the reasons for disagreement and taking a view on the quantum of penalty or closure of the case. Rule 15(2)A (t) Pass final order in the matter – Rule 15(3) (u) On receipt of copy of the appeal from the penalized employee, prepare comments on the Appeal and forward the same to the Appellate Authority together with relevant records. - Rule 26(3) 9. What happens if any of the functions of the Disciplinary Authority has been performed by an authority subordinate to the disciplinary authority? Where a statutory function has been performed by an authority who has not been empowered to perfrom it, such action without jurisdiction would be rendered null and void. The Hon’ble Supreme Court in its Judgment dated 5 th September 2013, in Civil Appeal No. 7761 of 2013 (Union of India & Ors.Vsd. B V Gopinathan) has held that the statutory power under Rule 14(3) of the CCA rule has necessarily to be performed by the Disciplinary Authority. as under: “49. Although number of collateral issues had been raised by the learned counsel for the appellants as well the respondents, we deem it appropriate not to opine on the same in view of the conclusion that the charge sheet/charge memo having not been approved by the disciplinary authority was non est in the eye of law. ” 10. What knowledge is required for the efficient discharge of the duties in conducting disciplinary proceedings? Disciplinary Authority is required to be conversant with the following: � Constitutional provisions under Part III (Fundamental Rights) and Part XIV (Services Under the Union and the States) � Principles of Natural Justice 7
CCS(CCA) Rules 1965 or the relevant rules applicable to the organization � Government of India Instructions relating to disciplinary proceedings � Vigilance Manual � Instructions of CVC and UPSC relating to disciplinary proceedings � Case law relating to disciplinary proceedings
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Top 50 GK Questions with Answers set 02 MCQs General knowledge questions and answers for all competitive exams like UPSC, Bank PO, CDS, CMAT, SSC CGL etc. Exams of all states with MCQ test.
गुप्त वंश की राजधानी कौन सी थी – पाटलीपुत्र किस राजा की मृत्यु के बाद गुप्त वंश नष्ट हो गया था – शशांक गुप्ता
Abhishek Sharma (Gk tricks in hindi for all competitive exam: For upsc, psc, ssc and other exams (Hindi Edition))
इतिहासिक खुदाई से जो पूरे के पूरे शहर निकले उनके नाम क्या हैं – हडप्पा, ढोलावीरा, मोहन जोदडो, राखीगढी और कालीबगंन
Abhishek Sharma (Gk tricks in hindi for all competitive exam: For upsc, psc, ssc and other exams (Hindi Edition))
GK Trick : – ट्रिक : चिनी यात्री को “फा सी हु ई” फा – फाहीयान ( 399 ई. )
Abhishek Sharma (Gk tricks in hindi for all competitive exam: For upsc, psc, ssc and other exams (Hindi Edition))
A Soldier marches ahead, refusing to step back
The Egal IAS
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Major Kalshi Classes
घनश्याम दोनों शाम को 6 बजे से लेकर रात्रि 12 बजे तक
Nishant Jain (MUJHE BANANAA HAI UPSC TOPPER (Hindi Edition))
If I give up the service, I shall not be in want of work to keep my hands full. Teaching, social service, co-operative credit work, journalism, village organization work, these are so many things to keep thousands of energetic young men busy. Personally, I should like teaching and journalism at present
Subhas Chandra Bose (An Indian Pilgrim (unedited))