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We didn't need sex. We had Tyrone Power.
Barbara Cartland
Wise is the one who flavors the future with some salt from the past. Becoming dust is no threat to the phoenix born from the ash.
Curtis Tyrone Jones
‪A wise man once said, 'Life is like breathing. If you try to hold it, you'll lose it. But let it come & go & you'll always be connected to it.'‬
Curtis Tyrone Jones
The head is bigger but the heart is infinitely more powerful.
Curtis Tyrone Jones (Guru In The Glass: A Mysterious Encounter While Dying To Live The Unlived Life)
‪You collide with destiny caught up in the mystery of walking the halls of a mind that's only inclined to recognize & expect victory.‬
Curtis Tyrone Jones
As you get comfortable revealing who you are, you help others stop fearing and concealing the magical feelings of who they are.
Curtis Tyrone Jones
Don’t let people who fuck with your mind enter into the door of your mind.
Curtis Tyrone Jones
I noticed Xander had subtly adjusted his posture. He slouched slightly to the side, let his head hang, and then looked up through his bangs to gaze at something in the middle distance. Uber James Dean. Xander managed to pull it off as if he was looking at nothing, just having deep thoughts about the far away adventures he would be having if he wasn’t stuck waiting for a flowered suitcase at Hopkins International. I casually let my eyes slide across the room. There had to be cute girls somewhere close at hand. Otherwise Xander wouldn’t have broken out his middle distance gazing Tyrone Power eyes.
Adrianne Ambrose (Fangs for Nothing (Vampire Hunting and Other Foolish Endeavors, #1))
Through persistence to a clear vision, the dreamer comes to understand that no matter how unlikely, taboo, or youthful these dreams may appear to be, the belly of the earth can and will still stretch with the conception of the new dream as sure as the belly of a woman can and will stretch with the conception of new life.
Curtis Tyrone Jones (Sleeping With Enormity: The Art Of Seducing Your Dreams & Living With Passion)
Brainstorm until your dreams roll in like thunder & your passion strikes with the love in your eyes.
Curtis Tyrone Jones (Sleeping With Enormity: The Art Of Seducing Your Dreams & Living With Passion)
Exercise your genius so often that you live in a perpetual state of runners high.
Curtis Tyrone Jones (Sleeping With Enormity: The Art Of Seducing Your Dreams & Living With Passion)
Sometimes people have no idea what drives you & the unlimited gears you’ve developed inside you, so they try to teach you how to steer.
Curtis Tyrone Jones (Sleeping With Enormity: The Art Of Seducing Your Dreams & Living With Passion)
Why do you think that?” she asked sharply. It was the kind of question Peter Viertel had warned me about. When they were making The Sun Also Rises, in which she played Hemingway’s Lady Brett Ashley, he told me: “I’d show her the script, she’d ask something innocuous like, ‘Would Lady Brett say that line?’ or ‘Does Lady Brett need to say anything here? Jake [Barnes, the narrator and hero of The Sun Also Rises, played by Tyrone Power] will understand from her look what she’s thinking. There will be no need to spell it out.’ “And suddenly she’s embroiled you in an almighty argument about the script, or about the book you’re trying to write for her. You can’t reason with her because she never approaches anything intellectually. She is the most intuitive woman I know.
Peter Evans (Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations)
When the artist leaves a painting on a wall with the full confidence that the mastery of his skill, soul and vision will draw others into its vortex long after he is gone, he is using the grip of seduction. When the musician’s performance, the manipulation of her instrument and the command of her talents are so raw and uninhibited that onlookers feel connected to the cosmos, bridged by the pure genius they are now experiencing, she is using the mystery of seduction. The unexplainable feeling fans get when the athlete ceases to be an athlete and rises to the level of the untouchable magician that can make anything happen, is nothing less than the power of seduction at work. The immense value of seduction is its ability to skillfully allure others into one’s world . . . .
Curtis Tyrone Jones (Sleeping With Enormity: The Art Of Seducing Your Dreams & Living With Passion)
Suffering, sin, and evil are no longer located in God's will, but are understood as arising within a finite, open, developmental, and future-oriented creation. They are dealt with by the power of God's love revealed in the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God's answer to the problem of woundedness and wickedness is not to show us now or in the eschaton how they fit into God's design or mosaic, but to show us how God overcomes the brokenness and maliciousness of the creation now and in the eschaton through the redemptive power of the cross and resurrection. Divine power is rethought as the suffering and transforming power of Jesus' cross and resurrection, not as the omnipotent power of the timeless will of God. Incarnation, instead of immutability, defines God's will and way. God is the suffering and transforming God.
Tyron Inbody (The Faith of the Christian Church: An Introduction to Theology)
Tyrone Power.
Robert J. Harris (A Study in Crimson (Sherlock Holmes in WWII #1))
John Huston chegou, vindo da Costa Oeste, para encenar a tradução [de Bowles] de Huis Clos [de Sartre]. O Oliver que estava a produzir a peça em colaboração com Herman Levine, tinha visto recentemente The Maltese Falcon [A Relíquia Macabra], e ficara convencido de que o Huston era o homem em cujas mãos queria pôr o trabalho. Como havia apenas três figuras no elenco, achara que poderíamos usar actores franceses para os papéis... (...) ...Entaladas entre os dois avassaladores sotaques franceses, as inconfundíveis entoações da beldade do sul Ruth Ford surgiam ainda mais chocantes na sua intensidade viperina. Isso preocupou-me, mas a noite de estreia provou que estava enganado: a assistência gostou da Ford. Só mais tarde percebi que ela havia representado parcialmente hipnotizada. Era um dos truques de Huston. Durante a Segunda Grande Guerra, ele tinha usado a hipnose como um tratamento psiquiátrico para casos de fadiga de combate. O documentário que fizera sobre cinco casos destes, Let There Be Light, era extraordinariamente comovente, mas o exército proibiu a sua distribuição, e acabou por ficar enterrado. Esta faceta da personalidade do John intrigava-me particularmente, e estava sempre a discuti-la com ele, até que por fim começou a incluir sessões hipnóticas nos ensaios. O que me fascinou nessas experiências era a forma como revelavam a extrema maleabilidade da psique humana. Certo dia, Tyrone Power veio ver-nos. O John tinha preparado um bom espectáculo para ele. Já tinha levado a Annabella e a Ruth Ford ao ponto de poder levá-las ao transe apenas estalando os dedos perto das suas caras. A Annabella tinha vestida uma camisa de mangas arregaçadas. O John estalou os dedos e segurou-a para que se mantivesse direita de pé. Depois, mostrou um lápis de metal e acendeu um cigarro. Em seguida, disse-lhe: «Isto vai fazer-te cócegas. Vou tocar-te com a ponta do meu lápis.» E pressionou o cigarro na pele do antebraço dela, com força suficiente para o apagar. A Annabella soltou um risinho e esfregou um pouco o braço. Então, o John disse: «Agora vou tocar-te com o meu cigarro.» Tocou levemente o outro braço com o lápis, e ela soltou um grito de dor. Depois de a fazer voltar a si, fez-nos examinar os braços dela: aquele onde tinha apagado o cigarro não tinha marca nenhuma, mas o que tinha sido tocado pelo lápis apresentava uma mancha vermelha bem visível. Isso deixou-me intrigado. Não parecia haver nada de extraordinário na falsa queimadura, mas o facto de que a pele do outro braço tinha resistido ao contacto do fogo sem qualquer marca era muito mais difícil de entender e conduzia inevitavelmente a um problema de gradação. Até que ponto pode a carne manter-se insensível?
Paul Bowles (Without Stopping)
Neither complained, because they liked going on dates — when they were allowed — and it was especially fun when they could double date. Dances and the malt shop, and occasional jaunts to see a Tyrone Power movie — both thought he was dreamy — filled up the moments when they weren’t playing tennis at Riverside Cove Country Club — Nancy only got in because Beverly’s father owned the club — or swimming.
Bobby Underwood (Dial Murder!)
To affirm the will of God in the midst of evil, therefore, is not to say that God wills everything that happens, but that God has a will within everything that happens. No moment, no occurrence, no creature, no person could come to be or continue to be without the providential power of God and the will of God for the best possibility for every event.
Tyron Inbody (The Faith of the Christian Church: An Introduction to Theology)
This rocky peninsula is truly a very wild and unworldlike little territory, jutting boldly out as it does into the mighty bay of Massachusetts, and commanding a view of its whole extent, from Cape Cod to Cape Anne, together with the many islands, towns, and villages scattered along the coast; whilst in front spreads out the Atlantic Ocean. To sit within the upper gallery of this house upon the cliff, and watch the rising moon fling her golden bridge from the far horizon's edge, until it seems to rest upon the beach below, is a sight which would be worth something in a poet or a painter's eyes. I never, either in the East or in the Mediterranean, beheld anything exceed in colour the glory of these evening skies, or their depth by night. Round about, near to the edge of the cliffs, are scattered a number of dwellings, built in the style of the southern cottage, having low projecting eaves covering a broad gallery which usually encircles the building: these are objects upon which the eye is pleased to rest when the moon deepens their shadows on the barren rock.
Tyrone Power (Impressions of America During The Years 1833, 1834, and 1835. In Two Volumes, Volume II.)
I cast my eyeball into the depths of space as bait, vision-casting to see the unreal catch life is reeling in for me.
Curtis Tyrone Jones (Sleeping With Enormity: The Art Of Seducing Your Dreams & Living With Passion)
Though the mature dreamer seems to whisper to himself repetitively of pursuing a dream that appears to be out of his league, in all actuality, these repetitive sweet nothings, whispered to the universe, will materialize into the jackhammer that will eventually penetrate the concrete reality of the earth and give birth to new worlds.
Curtis Tyrone Jones (Sleeping With Enormity: The Art Of Seducing Your Dreams & Living With Passion)
Tyron Lue
Clayton Geoffreys (Kevin Garnett: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball's Greatest Power Forwards (Basketball Biography Books))
If you'd ever shaken hands with an earthquake you'd understand I'm an entity of trembling infinities beneath everything you see.
Curtis Tyrone Jones
Millions for Defense was one of the first big Treasury Department shows of the war. It predated Pearl Harbor by six months and sounded a warning call for hard times ahead. Fred Allen was opening-night master of ceremonies. Typical of these war shows, it had all of Hollywood and New York at its beck and call, all free talent. Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Dorothy Lamour headlined the July 9 show. Bette Davis, Lily Pons, Abbott and Costello, Tyrone Power, and Claudette Colbert were on subsequent broadcasts. The show was quite popular in the waning months of summer, and when Fred Allen reclaimed his slot in the fall, Millions simply shifted networks and became The Treasury Hour.
John Dunning (On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio)
It is possible that one of the seven other major studios might have bought and made a movie from Everybody comes to Rick's, an unproduced play about a cynical American who owns a bar in Casablanca. (One producer at M-G-M, Sam Marx, did want to buy the play for $5.000, but his boss didn't think it was worth the money.) It wouldn't have been the same movie, not only because it would have starred Gary Cooper at Paramount, Clark Gable at M-G-M, or Tyrone Power at Fox but because another studio's style would have been more languid, less sardonic, or opulently Technicolored.
Aljean Harmetz (Round Up the Usual Suspects: The Making of Casablanca--Bogart, Bergman, and World War II)