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Only those that can see the invisible can do the impossible.
Tyrese Gibson (How to Get Out of Your Own Way)
God doesnt give you something, someone else is suppose to have.
Tyrese Gibson
So what are we watching, anyway?” “Fast six.” I realized the polite thing to do would have been to ask if he liked the Fast & Furious series, but if he didn’t, I couldn’t date him anyway. “And if I haven’t seen one through five?” “Then you’re basically un-American. Besides, what’s there to know? Fast cars, pretty girls, hot guys, stealin’ stuff in ways that could never happen… aaand you’re all caught up.” His beautifully chocolate brown eyes went skyward. “Let me guess, you’re a Rock fan?” “And Paul Walker, and Tyrese… the Asian guy, and a little Vin Diesel action doesn’t go amiss either. Any way you look, you win.” “I haven’t liked the Rock since SmackDown.” I pretended to clasp my hands in prayer and closed my eyes. “Let him keep his gay card, Lord, for he knows not what he says.” He grinned. “You’re lucky you’re fine.” “Am I?” I lifted my brows. A queen did need his compliments, after all.
S.E. Harmon (Stay with Me (The PI Guys, #1))
So I moved toward Tyrese. He gave me the ghetto glare. On the street, it fazed me; in here, it was like the big bad wolf blowing at the brick house. “Was your son born at this hospital?” I asked. Tyrese didn’t reply. “Was your son born here, yes or no?” He calmed down enough to say “Yeah.” “Is he circumcised?” Tyrese relit the glare. “You some kind of faggot?” “You mean there’s more than one kind?” I countered. “Was he circumcised here, yes or no?” Grudgingly, Tyrese said, “Yeah.” I
Harlan Coben (Tell No One)
You may want to know if Tyrese ever goes down to Florida and what happens to TJ and Latisha. You may be wondering if Shauna and Linda stay together and what that means to Mark. But I can’t tell any of that because I don’t know. This story ends now, four days after the death of Hoyt Parker and Griffin Scope. It is late. Very late. I am lying in bed with Elizabeth, watching her body rise and fall in sleep. I watch her all the time. I don’t close my eyes much. My dreams have perversely reversed themselves. It is in my dreams now that I lose her—where she is dead again and I am alone. So I hold her a lot. I am clingy and needy. So is she. But we’ll work that out. As
Harlan Coben (Tell No One)
When he stepped back to let me exit first, I looked at him. “Tyrese, how old are you?” He grinned, revealing his gleaming grill. “Twenty-two, shorty.” My jaw dropped. “You didn’t expect a youngin to put it down like that, huh?” he bragged. “Oh, my God!” “Yeah, your ass about to be a cougar. Get over that shit, ma, cuz you rocking with a nigga.
Elle Kayson (The Beauty of This Street Love 3: A Texas Tale)
If you lose them fifteen pounds from that ass or them big ol’ titties, you gon’ be single.” “Tyrese!” She looked shocked, but she was grinning. “Everybody ain’t meant to be skinny, shorty. You look good. I mean, ain’t nothing wrong with them model types but ain’t nothing wrong with your body.” I smiled at her.
Elle Kayson (The Beauty of This Street Love 3: A Texas Tale)