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Only the myopic magnifying lens of the television camera maintains the demonstration, march, and picketing as a modality of political expression; they have otherwise faded into meaninglessness since the end of the Vietnam War with the shift of urban form and activity. These acts and activities have been displaced over the past decade from the square and main street to the windswept emptiness of City Hall Mall or Federal Building Plaza. To encounter a ragtag mob of protesters in such places today renders them enve more pathetic, their marginality enforced by a physcial displacement into so unimportant, uninhabited, and unloved a civic location.
Trevor Boddy
Here Comes the Sun” – I like the version by Richie Havens “Be the Change” – MC Yogi “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” – Ray Charles “Internal Heights” – Trevor Hall “Bright Side of the Road” – Van Morrison “We Let it Be” – Rickie Byars Beckwith “Safe, Secure, Peaceful, Satisfied” – Bukeka Shoals “Get Together” – The Youngbloods “Born Free” – Kid Rock “Don’t Stop” – Fleetwood Mac “Firework” – Katy Perry “Hope” – Shaggy “I Feel Fine” – The Beatles “Take It Any Way You Want It” – The Outlaws “Hold On Tight” – ELO “Imagine the Impossible” – Zapped “Roll with It” – Steve Winwood “Walking on Sunshine” – Katrina & The Waves “Hold On” – Wilson Phillips “Accentuate the Positive” – The Sunnysiders “I Just Want to Celebrate” – Rare Earth
Will Bowen (Happy This Year!: The Secret to Getting Happy Once and for All)
Sir, I think you’d better come with me,” the guard said, grabbing James by the elbow. James wrenched it free and demanded Aaron’s room number again. And again. And again. The guard shouted, the receptionist shouted, James shouted; the emergency room crowd took a sudden interest in the latest celebrity gossip in their magazines. “Hey!” A woman’s bark from down the hall pierced the commotion. “Whoever’s disturbing my peaceful environment of calm and healing is gonna get popped in the nose! And I just got a manicure! Now who’s causing all . . . ?” The short woman with a black beehive of hair and flushed cheeks matching her scrubs spotted James over the top of her thick, silver-rimmed glasses. Her lips pursed. “Listen, Deena,” James said, “I don’t know where you found this candy striper, but she won’t tell me where Aaron is. And I’m trying to explain to the nice big officer here that—” “Save it,” Deena said, cutting him off. Her cheeks faded to the same color white as her lab coat. “They’re back here.” She flicked her head down the hall and held up a hand to the guard. “He’s fine, Trevor; I got him.” “You sure?” The guard inflated, ready to pounce if the head ER nurse gave the order. “Yes, I’m sure. But I’ll call you if there’s a problem.” Deena raised one black eyebrow and scowled at James as he approached. “Won’t I, Mr. McConnell?” His plastic cleats left a trail of baseball field dirt for the guard to follow. He was in no mood for a reprimand. “Just tell me where he is.
Jake Smith (Wish)
Sir Trevor Fitzwilliam, baronet, of Blackcliff Hall," he said, "at your service. And you would be?" "Unconvinced," Gwen said.
Regina Scott (An Honorable Gentleman (Love Inspired Historical))
To make the most of my time in the outdoors, sometimes I’ll treat walking through nature as more of a moving meditation. I’ll listen to something slow and positive like Rising Appalachia, Trevor Hall, Nahko, or East Forest (all worth checking out if you don’t know them), or simply put on a Pandora station for yoga workout music.
Danica Patrick (Pretty Intense: The 90-Day Mind, Body and Food Plan that will absolutely Change Your Life)
... her eyes smoldering in the charred silk of their brows and lashes, taking you in and giving you nothing back ...
Elleston Trevor (aka Adam Hall)