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Panic has a salty taste. It’s like I’m standing in a small glass tank and the tank is filling up with water. I’m guessing the water is coming from the sea, because of the saltiness. The seawater rushes into the tank. It’s already at my mouth, and in a moment it will cover my face and I’ll drown. There’s no way out of the tank. All I can do is wait as the water surrounds me. I stretch my neck up for that last bit of air. I’m gasping. And then, when I can barely catch my breath, it stops. The water recedes, always. I never end up drowning, but it doesn’t matter. The feeling of almost drowning is even worse than actually drowning. Actually drowning is peace. Almost drowning is pure pain.
Val Emmich (Dear Evan Hansen)
he were in a shark tank and reached up to me for help, I’d throw chum in the water.
Richard Paul Evans (The Prisoner of Cell 25 (Michael Vey, #1))
Heinrich Himmler declared: ‘Whether 10,000 Russian women collapse with exhaustion in the construction of an anti-tank ditch for Germany only interests me insofar as the ditch gets dug for Germany.
Richard J. Evans (The Third Reich at War, 1939-1945)
I could feel Devon’s gaze on my face, reading my body language despite how hard I had tried to keep the irritation from showing. “They’d like you to move them to a tank they have set up. They’re going to trap them for this week and then let them go.” Of course they did. I managed to keep from rolling my eyes but between Devon’s presence and immediately being swarmed by otters the minute we got near the water, I end up wishing that I had. Otters are fast little mammals in the water; the fur keeps the water off their skin while making them slick and fast while in their preferred environment. The hard lesson I’d learned had been that they could scamper and bound pretty darn quickly on land. Nearly twenty of the brown friendly creatures swarmed up the banks of the tributary and made raucous sounds of greetings at me. Two vets stood nearby with nets and silly grins on their faces and a puny four otters ready to be transported to where ever in two tanks on trucks quietly humming with earth energy. Mags and Evan had backed up when I’d been swarmed but Devon had stuck by my side and seemed highly amused by the otters climbing over and around him to get to me. “They weren’t kidding about you and otters.” I shoot him a ‘no duh’ look and scoop up a pair to hand off to one of the Earth Elementals. We were saturating their habitat with majick, we’d been asked not to use majick on them, and so catching my willing victims by hand was the way I was going to do my task...
Sara Brackett (Elemental)
They are swatting us like flies,’ a Soviet infantryman on the Finnish front complained in December 1939. By the time the conflict was over, more than 126,000 Soviet troops had been killed and another 300,000 evacuated from the front because of injury, disease or frostbite. Finnish losses were also severe, indeed proportionately even more so, at 50,000 killed and 43,000 wounded. Nevertheless, there was no doubt that the Finns had given the Soviets a bloody nose. Their troops showed not only courage and determination, fuelled by strong nationalist commitment, but also ingenuity. Borrowing from the example of Franco’s forces in the Spanish Civil War, the Finns took empty bottles of spirits, filled them with kerosene and other chemicals, stuck a wick in each of them, then lit them and threw them at incoming Soviet tanks, covering them with flames. ‘I never knew a tank could burn for quite that long,’ said a Finnish veteran. They devised a new name for the projectile, too: in honour of the Soviet Foreign Minister they called them ‘Molotov cocktails’.
Richard J. Evans (The Third Reich at War, 1939-1945)
Oh, relax, Sarge.” Burke grinned, glancing over his shoulder. “These things are built like tanks, didn’t you know?
Evan Currie (Out of the Black (Odyssey One, #4))
to be discovered during the initial excavation of Knossos was the so-called Throne Room. It was a modestly-sized room, but what was so special about it was the gypsum throne built into the north wall. The throne had a high back and was surrounded by stone benches on either side. Opposite the throne were steps down to a recessed area, most likely a type of bathtub or water tank. Sir Arthur Evans, who oversaw the initial excavation, believed it was used for ritual purification, although a lack of drainage calls that interpretation into question. Some modern scholars believe it may have been an aquarium, water storage container, or even a menstrual pit. The walls behind the throne were decorated with what is known as the Griffin Fresco. It depicted two recumbent—lying down—griffins facing the throne with one on either side of it. Griffins were considered important mythological creatures, and they were often depicted attending a deity. Behind the griffins was a landscape in
Hourly History (Minoan Civilization: A History from Beginning to End (Ancient Civilizations))
CORPORAL BURKE GRINNED, no humor in his expression but plenty of satisfaction as he jammed the throttle of the M7 Abrams main battle tank, flattening the tiny import in front of him to a mashed pulp as he rumbled over it.
Evan Currie (Out of the Black (Odyssey One, #4))
What kind of heavy weapons do we have, Sergeant?” Conner asked. “Not much, ma’am. The mission profile called for rescuing the crew, not hammering them into a pulp.” “What I wouldn’t give for a couple of twenty-mil thermobarics right now.” “May as well wish for a tank, ma’am. Those were sure as HELL not on our load out for a rescue op.
Evan Currie (Odysseus Awakening (Odyssey One, #6))
When it became clear that Xi Jinping was placing his bet on fortifying the status quo, another Party aristocrat, Hu Dehua, the sixty-three-year-old son of a previous Party chief, Hu Yaobang, used the protection afforded by his family name and pedigree to openly criticize the president. The real reason the Soviets fell, Hu Dehua argued, was that they couldnt stop themselves from appropriating public property by graft and bribery. The Party, Hu said, was indeed facing a crisis. There are two options: to suppress the opposition or to reach reconciliation with the people, he said. It had faced this choice once before, in 1989; and in an astonishing acknowledgment of the bloodshed at Tiananmen, he asked, What does this mean: man enough? Is driving battle tanks against your own people man enough?
Evan Osnos
All told, there must have been more than a hundred people there, milling about between the makeshift tricycle track in the parking lot and the fraternity house. The freshmen had come sporting a variety of attire, from the East Coasters in polos to Southern Californians in tank tops, most trying too hard to look cool and casual at the same time. All the brothers were wearing yellow t-shirts for rush; the front depicted Curious George passed out next to a tipped-over bottle of ether. The lower right side of the back showed a small anchor with the fraternity’s letters, KΣ, on each side—it was Evan’s signature. The anchor was his way of saying, “This is an Evan Spiegel production.” Evan was born on June 4, 1990, to a pair of highly successful lawyers. His mother, Melissa Thomas, graduated from Harvard Law School and practiced tax law as a partner at a prominent Los Angeles firm before resigning to become a stay-at-home mother when Evan was young. His father, John Spiegel, graduated from Stanford and Yale Law School and became a partner at Munger, Tolles & Olson, an elite firm started by Berkshire Hathaway’s Charlie Munger. His clients included Warner Bros. and Sergey Brin.
Billy Gallagher (How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars: The Snapchat Story)
The Bible is the voice of God in print—the Spirit’s breath written down in such a way that we can take it in and live by it. Which is why whenever you separate the Word of God from a relationship with God, it may not have the life-giving effect of the Spirit on you that you hoped it would. You need a relationship with God for His words to take life in you. You want the living Word to be connected to the written Word so that the breath of God’s Spirit can bring life into your dryness, circumstances, situations, and environment (Ezekiel 37:1-14). The Spirit is the oxygen tank that secures our survival in the waters of a wicked world.
Tony Evans (The Power of the Holy Spirit's Names)