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My apologies, see, I forgot my manners. I get on the mic ’cause it’s my life. You show off for girls and cameras. You a pop star, not a rapper. A Vanilla Ice or a Hammer. Y’all hear this crap he dumping out? Somebody get him a Pamper. And a crown for me. The best have heard about me. You can only spell “brilliant” by first spelling Bri. You see, naturally, I do my shit with perfection. Better call a bodyguard ’cause you gon’ need some protection, And on this here election, the people crown a new leader. You didn’t see this coming, and your ghostwriters didn’t either. I came here to ether. I’m sorry to do this to you. This is no longer a battle, it’s your funeral, boo. I’m murdering you. On my corner they call me coroner, I’m warning ya. Tell the truth, this dude is borin’ ya. You confused like a foreigner. I’ll explain with ease: You’re just a casualty in the reality of the madness of Bri. No fallacies, I spit maladies, causin’ fatalities, And do it casually, damaging rappers without bandaging. Imagining managing my own label, my own salary. And actually, factually, there’s no MC that’s as bad as me. Milez? That’s cute. But it don’t make me cower. I move at light speed, you stuck at per hour. You spit like a lisp. I spit like a high power. Bri’s the future, and you Today like Matt Lauer. You coward. But you’re a G? It ain’t convincing to me. You talk about your clothes, about your shopping sprees. You talk about your Glock, about your i-c-e. But in this here ring, they all talking ’bout me, Bri!
Angie Thomas (On the Come Up)
Maggie.” She put the pot down, her gaze meeting his. “Just say it, Mr. Hazlit. You’ve been suspiciously solicitous since I found you in my kitchen. You’re trying to spare me something.” The warmth in her gaze cooled as she spoke. She was manning the garrison, securing her cannon. “Is it such a bad thing that I’m trying to respect your sensibilities?” He wanted to grasp her hand, but she rose, taking the remains of their meal with her to the counter. “It is tiresome to always be accounted incapable of dealing with life’s realities. Bastardy is such a great, defining reality; it provides one a sort of fortitude.” She turned to rest her hips against the counter and crossed her arms over her chest. “I would rather know, Mr. Hazlit, than be pampered and cosseted and treated like a child. What did you find?” He rose, bringing the tea tray back to the counter, and kept advancing on her once he’d set it aside. “Benjamin.” He enunciated clearly and slowly for her. “Benjamin Braithwaite Holloway Portmaine… Hazlit is a name I’ve assumed to ensure my sisters are never associated with my present profession, but to you I would be myself: Benjamin Portmaine.” She swallowed as he came to a halt half a pace before her. “It’s my name. I ask you to use it.” “Speak the truth to me, and I will.” Ah, that pleased him. She hadn’t dithered or hesitated. She wanted to call him by name. He slid his arms around her waist and bent his mouth very near her ear. “Somebody has been trying to gain surreptitious access to your house, repeatedly, and they have succeeded.” He
Grace Burrowes (Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal (The Duke's Daughters, #2; Windham, #5))