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The important thing to understand about Six Sigma is that the goal is to have a very small number of defects — that is, improved quality — as a result of decreased process variation. You get there by measuring processes and using mathematical tools to improve consistency.
Daniel Stanton (Supply Chain Management For Dummies)
suppliers (ii) JIT layout: Employees arranged in work cells. (iii) Inventory reduction (iv) Scheduling: with a level schedule (small batches of constantly changing items so that production meets daily demand) and Kanban system. (v) Continuous job improvement b) Six Sigma: A methodology that furnished tools for the improvement of business processes. The intent is to decrease process variation and improve product quality. The objective is get as close as possible to “zero defects” with an outer limit of 3.4 defects per million. i) Elements of six sigma: (1) Customer: The definition of quality – the acceptable rate of defects – is in the mind of customer. (2) Process: When assessing a process, the company has to adopt the customer ’mindset. (3) Employee: Training 6 sigma tools (green belt, black belt and master black belt). ii) 6 sigma process and tools: (1) Phase 1: Define the nature of the problem. (2) Phase 2: Measure existing performance and start recording data and facts that provide information on the underlying causes of the problem (3) Phase 3: Analyze the information to determine the root cause to the problem (4) Phase 4: Improve the process by effecting solutions to the problem. (5) Phase 5: Control the process until the solutions become ingrained.
Logisitik (Master the CSCP Exam)