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Do you, Kelda, take Burt to be your lawfully wedded husband?” Marty, Burt’s best friend, asked. “I plan to love you until my va-jay-jay clunks out and the Viagra don’t work for you no more,” Kelda replied. “Even then, I’ll probably still love you as long as you keep rubbing my feet.” “I guess that means I do,” Marty grumped. “You should really stick with the script, Kelda.” “My wedding, my rules, you old coot. Now hurry up.” “Do you, Burt, take Kelda to be your lawfully wedded wife?” “I love you Kelda, even when you make me dress up in those damn cat shirts, live with your devil cats, and make me drink decaf coffee. I’ll rub your feet, even with all the bunions, and I promise to always find illegal Viagra on the internet until your va-jay-jay quits working.
Olivia Sherwood (Unlikely to Tell (A Parker Lake Novel Book 4))
See there?” Patty said. “Totally qualified to clean this little…” The color drained from her face as she looked at the abscess on Marty’s ass still oozing pus. “This little boil on your booty.” “Abscess,” Brant whispered. “It’s an abscess.” “Like I said,” Patty gulped. “Teeny little abscess.” Marty harrumphed. “I guess you can fix me up then, doc.” “It’s an honor,” Brant muttered under his breath. “Totally what I went to nursing school to do.” “What’s that you said?” Marty asked. “I said I totally learned how to do this in nursing school. I’m an abscess expert.
Olivia Sherwood (Unlikely to Stay (A Parker Lake Novel Book 3))